Top 10 Best Solar Panels for Camping Review in 2021: Top Pickups!

Camping with your friends or family can be the best day to get rid of boring routine. One can instantly feel all the burdens lifted off the shoulders.

The thrill and excitement of being away from the dull life sound quite striking. Now, the main problem here is the gear and stuff you need to carry along.

Apart from the necessities, there are other crucial items that you must have.

One such item is the source of energy we must carry along. Though generator or batteries are the optimal solutions in such cases.

But sometimes these can turn into a toll only and you need a rather efficient and reliable solution. Hence solar panels for camping are the ultimate fix to rely on.

With this one-time investment, you can get rid of any future hassle. You can charge devices, use electric appliances and whatnot. Apart from that, the list of uses can go on for a while.

To name a few of its applications; solar heating, ventilation, transportation. The solar water heating, even portable chargers, and whatnot.

So let’s get started!

Today we will share with you the top best solar panels for camping. Also, we have jotted down the answers to the most common questions relevant to solar panels. 

Best Solar Panels for Camping Reviewed:

These are some of the best and most viable solutions that you can find in the market.

They are the best solar panels for camping without a doubt. 

1- Acopower 120W Portable Camping Solar Panel

Acopower 120W Portable Camping Solar Panel

Acopower is the best solar panels for camping. It has a solar panel kit that is foldable. The folding size is 560 x 440 x 20 mm

The kit is light in weight and has a compact design.

For more conversion, monocrystalline cells are used. These cells are very efficient.  With the use of monocrystalline cells efficiency increase by up to 25%.

It has a suitcase with a weight of 8.4 lbs. All the components of the solar charger are placed in the suitcase.

You will see a big difference when you compare this solar panel with the other 21 lbs output module.

Acopower solar panels for camping are available in multiple sizes like 105W, 70W, and 50W.

There is a charge controller 10 A LCD that has two USB ports of 5V. To charge an external battery it uses MC4 connector cables. It charges the battery at 12V.

You can set up your solar panels in less than 10 secs. Because all the system is prewired. 

You can use multiple types of batteries to connect solar panels for camping. These batteries include sealed or GEL, AGM, and flooded.

You can also charge your appliances with Acopower because it has enough power. It is portable due to its lightweight suitcase that contains battery parts.

Acopower gives an output of 100W that increases its efficiency by up to 25%. 

2- Suaoki 60W Camping Solar Panel 

Suaoki 60W Camping Solar Panel

Suaoki solar panels for camping is developed by a Chinese company. It is also foldable and has the most amazing features. The folded size is 11.5 x 6.3 inches. It generates a power output of 60W that increases its efficiency by up to 20%.

Suaoki is a USB port of 5V and dual output of 18V DC. This output is enough to keep your batteries fully charged. For storing energy it also includes DC cables and SAE.

In case if your battery runs out, it has a car charger. Suaoki looks like a normal briefcase when you fold it. It makes it more portable. You can put these solar panels in cars, tent, or RV.

The most interesting feature of a solar charger is its built-in smart TIR-C technology. This component helps in more charging.

It is made for USB ports. You can measure the current of the device. Also, you can increase the charging process. You can speed up the charging process by providing overcurrent, Overspeed, and overload protection.

A laptop can also be connected to Suaoki solar panels for camping. Because it has a 10-N-1 connector.

3- Renogy 50 Watt Flexible Camping Solar Panel

Renogy 50 Watt Flexible Camping Solar Panel

It is the best solar panels for camping due to its monocrystalline and flexible panels. Because of its portability, it is a good choice for boats, camping, and RV.

You do not have any issues that you may face if you use fixed

structure solar panels. Renogy is flexible that you can easily fold it up. Its folding capability increases its portability.

It is made up of advanced materials of polymer that makes it lightweight. Almost 70% of the weight is reduced because of the polymer. Because it is easy to use lightweight products during traveling.

It has a waterproof junction box. You can use these panels in any weather. Because it can withstand 2400 Pa of heavy winds and 5400 Pa of snow. You will not find a single hot spot formation in its structure.

The most useful is that it can capture sunlight from every angle with its transparent dots. It takes double energy from the sun when it causes refraction from the distributed dots.

These features are enough that can make it the best solar panels for camping.

4- Dokio 80 Watts Foldable Camping Solar Panel

Dokio 80 Watts Foldable Camping Solar Panel

Dokio is a monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panel for camping. It generates a power output of almost 300W per panel.

For camping. it gives you a foldable solar panel of 80W. It weighs only 3 lbs that makes it portable for traveling.

The dimensions of Dokio are 21.6 x 21.3 x 0.2 inches that give it a perfect look. 

You can charge enough devices from the power that these solar panels generate. This power is generated by direct sunlight and can charge electrical devices at 12V.

It includes clamps in a solar charge controller that has a warranty of 1 year.

It works as a carry-on briefcase because of its practical handle. Dokio is covered with red color fabric swan which is thick.

Some solar panels get heat up due to partial shading but you can not find any hot spot formation in Dokio.

It is one of the useful solar panels for camping because of all its outstanding features and waterproof ability.

5- Instapark Mercury 27 Foldable Solar-powered Battery Charger

Instapark Mercury 27 Foldable Solar-powered Battery Charger

Instapark Mercury 27 is the best foldable solar panel for camping. Camping, it provides extra power by using multiple energy sources. The weight of this product is almost 3 lbs or less than this.

It has high-efficiency solar panels of polycrystalline and has two USB ports. Its four solar panels are foldable. You can give it a compact look and decrease weight by just folding panels. The measurements of Instapark mercury are 11.5 x 8 x 2 inches.

By using, these panels you can charge two devices at the same time with the help of dual USB ports. These electronic devices are smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads, etc.

It generates the power output of 12V DC and able to charge devices at 12V without any additional charger. The unique fact about this product is that it uses a cigarette lighter as its sola charger part.

It is best for outdoor shoots because it has a weather-resistant fabric. To charge your electronic devices, you can use a solar panel of 27-watt so that you get enough power output.

6- TCXW 100W Solar panel

TCXW 100W Solar panel

It is the ultimate best solar panels for camping. TCXW has a simple design suitcase. Panels can be easily opened or closed and you place them in front of the other. The dimensions of TCXW are 47.6 x 21.1 x 0.2.

They also use monocrystalline solar cells. These cells help in achieving an efficiency of 20.5% to 22.5%. It generates a power output of 100W.

It has two ports. One is a 5V USB port and the other is a DC port of 18V. You can attach solar panels to the charge controller with the help of an MC4 connector.

It has the strength of PET polymer on the front side and on the other side, it has polyester canvas. It offers durability during bad weather that’s why it the best solar panels for camping

7- Ryno Tuff 21W Solar Charger

Ryno Tuff 21W Solar Charger

It is an extraordinary solar panel for camping. It works on a fast charging technology. Ryno tuff is capable of locating a USB device so that it can charge at a fast speed.

It keeps the current speed proper so that it can do stable and reliable charging. It uses the best brand of solar panels to keep efficiency high. It can increase the efficiency rate by up to 22% to 25% by giving excellent performance.

It gives durability and reliability because of its waterproof PVC canvas. Waterproof canvas saves solar panels from water, corrosion, and dust. Each of its USB port delivers 2.4 Amps.

 However, the USB ports are not protected from water so be careful. 

Due to its folds of 6 × 12 inches its portability increases. The weight of Ryno Tuff is just a pound. For this reason, you can take it anywhere you want. Because of its carabiner hooks, you can hang it with your bags. So that you can charge your electrical devices while walking. 

8- Nekteck 21W

Nekteck 21W

There are a lot of solar panels in the market but Nekteck is simply the best solar panels for camping. Other solar panels do not start charging until there is no full brightness or sunlight. 

Also, the amount of output charge is very low that it might take 2 or more weeks to completely charge any device. But Nekteck is different from other solar panels. 

It can start charging even in moderate light. It can charge up to two devices at a time when it is combined with a battery bank. One device charge up using 1 amp and the other with 2 amps with ease.

It is covered in fabric flaps. It is not a good idea to fold its panel. It is useful and durable in a way that was developed by the manufacturer. You can store anything that needs to charge a device in a pocket placed on the back of the product.

You can even put a battery bank in a big size double zippered pocket. There are two USB ports inside its porch. Also, you can see that unit is receiving energy through its LED light. 

Nekteck 21W is water-resistant and available at affordable prices. Also, it is more powerful than other solar panels.

9- Rockpals 100W

Rockpals 100W

Rockpals 100W is a portable solar panel for camping. When you unfold it, you can see its four independent components. To collect the natural light from the sun large PV cells are used. It generates a power output of 100W that makes it more powerful.

To generate such a high power output, ideal conditions are required. Usually, these conditions are difficult to achieve. Because it all depends on the atmosphere. You need direct sunlight and a perfect angle. Also, it is a water-resistant ability that protects it from corrosion and water. 

If there are some clouds in the sky then the charging will start at a low rate. It produces high power output when there is a sunny day and you can also charge many other devices from this power.

The weight of Rockpals is 11 pounds that makes it heavier than other portable devices. Its folded directions are 20.5×14.2×2.6 inches. Due to its weight, you can not put these solar panels in your bag.

You can use these solar panels for camping but it is not a good idea to carry them with yourself. The best feature of Rockpals is that it has 3 standards built-in USB ports. It gives one 3.0 quick charge port.

10- Ravpower 24W

Ravpower 24W

Ravpower is a portable and lightweight charging unit solar panel for camping. It is easy to fold the solar panels so that you can put it in your bags. The material used in the product protects it from all the damages.

The main purpose of Ravpower is to generate high-quality power. It uses solar cells. These cells can convert up to 23.5% of the solar power into electricity. For this reason, they are labeled as the best in the market. 

Almost 2.4 amps of energy are delivered so that you can charge your power bank, phone, and tablet. If you use an external battery then there are more chances that you get the best results.

You can connect up to three devices at a time because of its 3 USB ports. To charge your devices solar panels do not require a bright sunny day. Even in a little cloudy weather, it can convert sunlight into power. 

This power is enough to charge up multiple devices at a time. You just need to plug your device and it starts charging. With the help of Ravpower, all your efforts are reduced.

Solar Panels for Camping – Buyer’s Guide:Solar Panels for Camping

Solar panels are the best option to get electricity in woody areas or where there is no electricity. Usually while traveling, you need power so that you can charge electrical devices. 

In remote locations, there are many situations that you should keep in mind before buying solar panels for camping. Many brands are available that sell solar panels in multiple shapes and sizes.

All the solar panels for camping are available at reasonable prices and have different functionalities.

Before buying a solar panel for camping you first know about types of solar panels. So that you can decide with ease.

Solar Charges:

Usually, the best solar panels for camping available in the market. They have small sizes specially designed for charging electronic devices. These devices include a laptop, smartphones, iPods, etc. They can be folded up in the form of a suitcase. 

It reduces the size and weight of solar panels so that you can place them in your bags while traveling. The most important thing that attracts user attraction is its portability.

Portable Solar Panels:

The size of portable solar panels is much larger than the size of solar charges. They are used to charge large appliances that require 12V of energy. They give you the facility that you can fold them up or install easily.

You just need an external battery to store the power that solar panels generate. It is better to use for long trips.

Fixed Mounted Solar Panels:

The next choice is fixed mounted solar panels for camping. These solar panels are usually large and fixed on the rooftops to generate power. They also take an external battery to store power. You do not have to carry power kits every time you go for an outing. 

Flexible Solar Panels:

Their functionality is similar to fixed mounted solar panels for camping. But they are light weighted and compact so that you can carry them. You can even charge your devices during walking if you place the solar panel in your bag. 

What Devices Can You Charge?

You can charge many devices by using a solar panel. To stay in touch with the world during camping some devices need to be charged almost all the time.

These devices are:

  • Smart Phones
  • Led lights
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Coolers
  • Speakers
  • Fans
  • Lantern etc.

What Devices Can You Power or Charge?What devices can you charge

On a long trip, you never know what sort of scenarios can occur. So it is best to carry your own source of power.

Apart from mobiles, laptops, there are other electric equipments we carry.

These needs charging and solar panels can be of great help. But the question arises here which devices you can charge?

As solar panels produce energy that we use throughout the day and even at night. So this energy lets us charge almost every normal device that electricity can charge.

From mobiles to laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and all electronic devices to name. In fact, the market has portable charges to offer only to allow easy charging of such devices.

And how can we miss the prime use of solar panels that is to charge batteries? These batteries will charge during the day time and provide power at night.

Even if you have any solar lights installed outside, they work on the same principle. Charging during the day and use the saved power at night.

What Is a Good Number of Solar Panels For a Camping Trailer?What Is a Good Number of Solar Panels For a Camping Trailer

Every camping trailer has its own energy requirements. Often these depend on the devices, tools, or equipment your trailer carries. But you also need to know that solar panels can store enough energy to last for a specific time span.

So if you are also thinking to load the camping trailer will solar panel, it is a serious mistake. Before buying solar panels, it is important to get a beforehand estimation.

Any extra solar panels won’t be able to use the stored energy and it would be a total waste. Whereas having a lesser number can also be a setback. As your energy requirements won’t get fulfilled and you may run out of power soon.

Another common issue that arises is the short battery life. If your battery also dies sooner then add a battery bank to increase its capacity. Then the camping trailer size and weight also alter the required number of solar panels. For bigger trailers, you will need to add more batteries.

Now coming towards the number of solar panels or batteries required. You will need to first calculate the energy consumption in a day. Also, you need to know how much power a single panel produces.

Once you know about the power and capacity of a single solar panel. Only then you can calculate the power produced and then decide the number.

Here we have the best method you can use to determine the energy requirements.

The Camping Test:

Doing the maths can be a real pain especially to figure out the power consumption. Then add the watts and so on is quite hard to do. Even with the available sheets on the internet people don’t prefer maths.

So follow a few basic steps to determine how many solar panels you may need. Also, after 1 or 2 trips you will know the exact number and get that for your trailer.

  • You can settle in the wild for a few days only with an RV. Camp like a normal person would without any extra conserved power.
  • Don’t try conserving power that you otherwise would try to do. Also, avoid using the generators.
  • Now, you will need a battery monitor to keep an eye on the battery levels. A pro tip is to never let the lead-acid batteries discharge below 50%. As below this limit, the lifespan of batteries starts to shorten.
  • Calculate the basic power consumed within a day. For instance, a 200 amp-hour lead-acid batteries reached 50% after 2 days.
  • So your daily usage should be 50 amp-hours per day. And 100 amp-hours for 2 days.
  • Consider adding an RV battery bank if the power consumption can’t be cut down.

What Size Panels Should You Buy?How to Set Up the Solar Panels When Camping

When it comes to the size of solar panels, it depends mostly on the trailer. For instance, if the roof of your trailer is small or shaped, the size can vary. You will need more panels with higher efficiency.

But if you have a larger roof, you can rather opt for larger solar panels. Here the compromise on efficiency is pretty normal but you can get them at a low cost.

Usually, the ideal dimensions are around 5.4ft by 3.25 ft or 69″ by 39″. But these are the most common sizes sold out and fit almost any roof.

How to Make Sure Your Solar Panels Don’t Get Stolen:

As the world is changing at a surprising pace, there are new advancements to witness every day. Similar is the case with solar panels and how they impact our lives.

In minimal time a large chunk of the population switched to solar panels. Not only are solar panels valuable and reliable yet people show unethical behavior.

It might be hard to believe but around the globe, solar panel theft has risen. In fact, people have endured losses worth thousands of dollars. Even if the solar panels were under insurance still one undergoes real trauma.

Instead, the theft will only boost insurance premiums. So ensure that your solar panels are also covered by the policy. But for the sake of security, you won’t need to go overboard.

A few tips and the use of common sense can be more than enough to avert such scenarios.

Let’s take a look at these tricks that will do the work:

  • First of all stop with the show-off (if any). This the major blunder people make by telling every other person. It only results in gaining unwanted attention and evil eyes.
  • Anti-theft fixtures can be the best option to avoid such cases.
  • Movement detector lights can also keep thieves away so install them on the roof.
  • Panel frames can be a suitable spot to engrave your identification. So the criminals won’t even bother themselves.
  • The use of lock with security cables is another trick that will save you and the solar panels.
  • Leaving out any ladder or another item that can help climbing is a big mistake. Always double-check that there is no such gear left out.
  • Use heavy gauge nylon coated wires and locks to chain the solar panels together.

How to Set Up the Solar Panels When Camping:

At first glance, one may consider solar panels quite daunting. But the truth is, you can install them without any hassle. The process is pretty facile and convenient.

Usually, there is an instruction manual with all solar panels. This manual has a detailed, step-by-step process to guide you through the set-up.

Though each solar panel differs from the other and has varying setup methods. If in any case, you can’t understand the instruction manual, contact the manufacturer. They can surely provide you with enough guidance throughout the process.

Set up your solar panel in a sunny area so it can start conversion soon. After connecting the cords to the camper, RV, or other devices you are all set. Then you need to adjust the watts required and voila!

Apart from manual and manufacturer, you can follow the basic 4 steps to set up solar panels for camping.

1- Engineering Site Visit:

You need to sign a solar contract beforehand. No matter what sort of agreement it is, you should expect a site visit. Now, an engineer will check out the area where you want to set up the solar panels.

If you are getting solar panels for your home then the electric status is evaluated. Or in the case of solar panels for camping, the trailer and its condition will get checked.

2- Permits and Documents:

The choice of getting solar panels for a camping trailer or home or any other purpose. It is a major change that you are about to make and a big financial decision.

Even though it’s considered as a one-time investment yet it involves paperwork. Also, you need to ensure that these solar panels got covered by the insurance policy. As mentioned earlier, to save the solar panels from theft, you need to do this.

Hence all these sorts of processes bring along some paperwork and documents to read. So take some time to read out all the papers and then get it done.

3- Ordering Equipment:

Though you can set up the solar panels by yourself yet it is better to let the installer do it. They have proper equipment and tools to install the gear.

With places like a camping trailer, it can be especially hard to fit the parts and set things up. The decision like the choice of inverters, panels that you made beforehand is used here.

4- Solar Installation:

On the final day when you are all set to install the solar panel. Start with preparing the roof of the trailer. Then ensure the tiles/shingles are properly attached to the surface.

Next, comes the part to put in the wiring that will the main job. These electrical wires are connected to the general power system and electrical panel.

Once you are all done with the wiring part, next comes the racks. These racks will support the solar panels and are attached to the roof.

After the safe attachment of racks, you can place the panels on top. At last, you need to connect the panels and inverters. These will convert the DC energy source into an AC source.

Once you are through these 4 steps of set up you can start using the solar panels. With these same steps, you can also set up solar panels at your home, workplace, etc.


The mere idea of camping seems to boost our moods and fill us with energy. After a hectic week at work, we would all love to get a break. And camping in your own trailer is the ultimate escape we need.

We hope after reading this article you will be able to enjoy camping. With the vast stretching uses of solar panels, lives have become pretty easier.

Imagine being able to change your phones and using other electrical devices. And that too in the middle of nowhere, wilderness. This has been only possible due to solar panels.

Not only we listed the best picks of 2020, but also answered the major questions. Even if you follow the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can set up solar panels on your own.

In case of further queries or guidance, feel free to contact us. We will help you with every detail with proper diligence. 

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