Best Solar Driveway Lights for 2021 – Reviews & Guide

Let us have a look at the highly popular solar driveway lights options that we have written down and collected for you. These are solar garden lights and illuminate your driveways with the sweetest and warm atmosphere.

Moreover, these solar lights are the perfect choice for illuminating and lighting your walkways and also pathways.

You can use them as spotlights too. So, are you ready to install these driveway lights? You should be!

Their solar panels have got Poly-crystalline and high-efficiency nature and that is the best about these recommendations. In addition, their LED quality is supreme.

You can check out the reviews now:

Best Solar Driveway Lights Reviews:Solar Driveway Lights1

10. SUNPO Solar Driveway LightsSUNPO Solar Driveway Lights

Want to know the best part of these SUNPO solar driveway lights, here you go. They are energy-saving and also weather resistant.

You can use them either for decoration purposes or for illumination purposes. They are ideal to be used for decorating gardens, lawns, and also your driveway, walkway, and to your yard, patio, or yards.

No matter, your driveway is large or small enough, these lights are sufficient enough to lighten up that area or location. Besides, they give you a worry-free experience.

The after-sales service policy and friendly customer service offered by this brand are truly and genuinely remarkable. These driveway lights do not need any electricity.

You just have to feed them with solar energy and then they run and work on their own. Their charging span is up to 6 hours and they illuminate themselves for 8 hours.

Apart from that, these lights are wholly weather resistant. They have genuinely received this IP44 waterproof certification.

The other satisfactory point of these solar lights is that they are made of corrosion-resistant and high-end materials.

So, choose the driveway where you want to put up these solar lights and share your usage time and experience with us on this web page.

What We Like:

  • It can illuminate large pathways.
  • It comes with IP44 waterproof certification.
  • It is made by using corrosion-resistant materials.

9. IKSTAR Solar Deck Driveway LightsIKSTAR Solar Deck Driveway Lights

IKSTAR solar lights are the best of all solar powered driveway lights. They give large illumination coverage and that is the main USP of them.

You can keenly notice and see that these lights have a built-in PIR motion sensor inductor. These are highly efficient security lights and they turn on automatically and instantly in darkness.

And when these lights detect motion right within the range of 9.8ft-16.4ft (3m-5m), then these lights are turned on.

They come with 600 Lumen output as well as 270 degrees of wide-angle. You can pick up these solar driveway lights as they successfully and conveniently give super bright illumination and manage to turn the dark space all into a bright lighted one looking.

Their motion detection range is immense and exclusive. If your driveway is an installation with traditional electricity lights, then replace them with such solar lights.

What We Like:

  • They give super bright illumination.
  • These lights deliver a wider detection range.
  • They are packed with powerful motion sensitivity.

8. ANDYKEN Solar Driveway LightsANDYKEN Solar Driveway Lights

ANDYKEN solar lights are exclusively made and designed for your driveways and pathways. Most importantly, they give a long working life and are simple to use too.

This reviewed outdoor solar light comes with 8 pieces of LEDs. The brightness range of these solar driveway lights reaches up to 40lm.

Along with that, they have a built-in 600mAh rechargeable battery and you just have to charge this batter for 6 hours.

With the full charge, you can hassle-freely use these lights for full 10 hours, how great and amazing it is.

You can see that these disk lights do not need any wiring for their set up and installation. These driveway lights do not require electricity.

In addition, you only have to flood them with solar energy and activate them simply. So, do you want to decorate your driveways with these lights?

Try them out and share your feedback. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed and we are sure that you will become a happy customer after trying these lights.

What We Like:

  • They are easy to install.
  • They have an elegant design.
  • They have a long working life.

7. SOLMORE Solar Driveway Pathway LightsSOLMORE Solar Driveway Pathway Lights

Next, we have these SOLMORE driveway light options for you. They automatically charge and also show IP68 waterproof rating.

In addition, they charge them during the daytime. Their running and working process happens at night and then they turn off at day.

These driveway lights are super bright and remain to stay environmentally friendly. They look attractive and made by using high-quality aluminum alloy.

It is their construction material that does not allow these solar driveway lights to get rust or fade. They have tightly sealed batteries and their whole construction can withstand the situation of tough rain and snow times.

Apart from keeping them on your driveways, you can place these lights on any of your chosen walkways and pathways.

The wireless setting up process is present in these solar lights and you can mount them on your walls, stairs, pillars, and also on your fences and paths by just screwing them up.

There are two options to mount these lights. You can place them vertically or you can lay them in a flat position on the ground.

What We Like:

  • They have an aluminum alloy casting frame.
  • They can be mounted vertically.
  • They enhance your driveway look.

6. T-SUNUS Solar Driveway LightsT-SUNUS Solar Driveway Lights

T-SUNUS solar lights are completely and wholly resistant to pressure and that is the USP of this recommendation. Regarding their automatic charging process, these driveway lights charge during the span of daytime!

Furthermore, they auto turn on right at night and turn off completely at sunrise. If you are wondering that how many LED bulbs are present in these driveway lights, then we can tell you that there are 6 LEDs.

These LEDs give out super immense and massive bright light. Moreover, they give 12 hours of light and we think that is a pretty sufficient working time frame offered by any solar-powered lights.

You can keep in mind that this driveway light version is resistant to pressure and it can withstand the pressure range that is up to 20 tons.

The best part is that these lights are not going to get ever damaged no matter any truck or car moves over them.

What We Like:

  • These lights have top quality LED Bulbs.
  • They show IP65 waterproof rating.
  • They are resistant to pressure.

5. ZUCKEO Solar Driveway LightsZUCKEO Solar Driveway Lights

Besides, we have these ZUCKEO solar driveway lights that are marked as highly decorative piece for your pathways and driveways.

They have a beautiful pattern design inducted and flooded on them and it is present in the form of mapping pattern too.

These driveway lights give 300 lumens per light and you can toss them to beautify and boost the look of your garden, yard or your walkway, driveway or your deck and lawn.

Furthermore, these are Water-resistant and special of all Outdoor Garden Landscape solar powered lights.

They are made of stainless steel materials and show the genuine, tested and proven waterproof rating.

What We Like:

  • These lights have an appealing Mapping Pattern Design.
  • They are Water-resistant Outdoor.
  • They are easy to Install.

4. ROOPURE Solar Deck Driveway LightsROOPURE Solar Deck Driveway Lights

ROOPURE solar light recommendation offers you a multiple number of ways to install it. These suggested solar driveway lights give warm light and enhance your driveway look and ambiance in a second.

Each solar light is featured with these 8 LEDs and they deliver ultra-bright and super amazing light quality.

These driveway lights are designed in a way and manner to bring more value to your driveway look.

Their catchy part is that they have automatic working mode all installed in them. It means that these solar lights are pre-instructed to turn on at night and turn off during the day.

Lastly, they are IP65 Water-resistant and they are packed with two layers as well as a tightly-sealed loops so that they can withstand years of tough usage time.

So, do you wish to try these solar lights? You can buy them and share your comments at the same time.

What We Like:

  • These are gentle warm lights.
  • They run on automatic working mode.
  • These lights are packed with a high waterproof rating.

3. BOUNDERY Solar Pathway Driveway LightsBOUNDERY Solar Pathway Driveway Lights

The third recommendation that you can try is these BOUNDERY solar driveway lights.

These are practical solar-powered lights and charge them ideally during day time. Moreover, these lights absorb solar energy for a total duration of 8-10 hours and then run for 12-15 hours at night.

You need to know that with which material these lights are made of and you can note that their main construction composition is sturdy aluminum.

They are further covered with a sturdy aluminum frame and their proven point is that these solar driveway lights withstand pressure right up to 20 tons.

What We Like:

  • They give brilliant outdoor illumination.
  • They have got a sturdy aluminum frame.
  • This is an ideal year-round lighting solution.

2. JSOT Solar Driveway LightsJSOT Solar Driveway Lights

JSOT solar powered driveway lights are the next on our top recommended list. You can have these solar in-ground lights as they are installed with a high conversion and large-sized solar panel.

They contain a 2200mAh lithium battery and these solar driveway lights turn on for a constant and continuous basis for 10 hours.

If you do not have an idea of how many LEDs there are in them, then remember that this recommendation has built-in and18 high lumens LED beads.

They are multi angle adjustable and ensure supreme and top quality always. You can adjust these solar light heads up to 120 degrees.

If you want to adjust their panels horizontally, then they can be adjusted up to 150 degrees and even 360 degrees horizontally.

Thus, it is because of their diverse design that you may like these solar lights. They are suitable and ideal for different environments, weather times and needs.

What We Like:

  • They run for 10 hours.
  • They have 18 high lumens LED beads.
  • They continuously give brighter illumination.

1. OSORD Solar Driveway LightsOSORD Solar Driveway Lights2

The last amazing suggestion that is linked to this list of top solar powered driveway lights, we have these OSORD brand for you.

You can have their solar lights as they are super brighter. Most importantly, these solar driveway lights have a unique and mesmerizing design.

They can be mounted on any kind and style of driveways, pathways and all kinds of sidewalks, lawn, gardens.

Individuals are crazy after these solar lights and they love putting them on their poolsides, yards and porch and pathway sides.

Regarding the color modes, these solar-powered lights have 12 high-brightness and top-notch LED lamp beads in them.

To turn on their lighting mode, you just have to press and hit at their power button. These lights give cool as well as soft warm light always.

It is time to bring a magical spark to your driveway or pathway and this can be possibly done if you buy these solar lights.

They withstand all tough external environment times and give the required experience to the user.

What We Like:

  • They are super brighter.
  • They have a unique appearance design.
  • They carry a Built-in Light Sensor.

What Is A Solar Driveway Light And Who This Is For?

These solar driveway lights are generally and massively seen on the street sides, driveways, pathways, and walkways. They give out enough light so that your driveways can remain safe and secure.

You can easily install these lights in your lawns and gardens and they do not damage your gardens at all.

For a driveway light, they get their energy and power from the sun and work in the same way as we have other solar-powered light versions.

If you have got a driveway or any nearby pathway and you want to illuminate it at night, then get these lights as they do not need any electricity and wiring for their activation.

This is the sustainable energy source on which these solar lights run and they are massively energy efficient as well.

As long as these lights have the sun on them, they will remain charged and automatically turn on at night or dark times.

Hence, these lights give a unique look and ambiance to your driveways. In addition, they ensure safety for your driveways.

How Do Solar Driveway Lights Work?

The working of a solar driveway light is the simplest of all. You can say that their working mechanism is based on the operations of solar-powered lights.

In addition, these solar driveway lights are given the name of mini satellites. They are made in a way to absorb, generate, as well as store their own power so that they can light up themselves at night.

These lights are attached and connected to the photovoltaic solar panel and then they are further connected to some rechargeable battery.

Moreover, it is this solar panel that gathers and collects the sunlight and converts it into 100% electricity.

If you want to see the longer and prolonged use of these lights, then make sure that they are set up in an area where they can receive sunlight constantly and continuously.

Beyond, your battery charging process may get affected when the weather is not so sunny and in fact cloudy enough.

Hence, this is how these solar lights work and operate.

How We Picked And Tested?

You might be wondering how we picked and tested these solar powered driveway lights, below you can check out the buying guide. One has to invest a lot of time and effort so that he can buy the best solar lights for his home or office use.

This is a challenging and time-consuming process but we hope that these below-mentioned details can ease your task:

Premium Materials:

You should only pick and test that solar driveway light that is made of premium materials. If it is made of rubber and plastics, then avoid buying those lights.

Furthermore, have those solar lights that are made of weatherproof materials. This way, those pathway lights will be able to withstand all tough outdoor weather conditions at times.

Or you can grab those solar lights that are though made of plastics but that material is tested and proven.

High-Quality Construction And Rechargeable Materials:

Moreover, your chosen solar driveway lights should be showing a high-end construction element. Do not ever buy and shop for the solar light that degrades on the faster and quick notes.

On the other hand, select the version of the solar pathway and driveway light that is packed with rechargeable batteries.

If your product is powered and operated by heavy-duty batteries, then that is great. It is these heavy-duty batteries that make sure that you do not have to replace your solar lights again.

Induction of Top-Notch Solar Panels:

High-end solar lights have durable solar panels present on them and it is on this main factor that you should be picking and selecting your future solar lights.

Your solar lighting experience can only be enhanced if it has top-end solar panels on it. If your solar powered lights do not have panels, then your batteries will fail to get charged.

Easy to Connect And Install:

It is paramount for you to consider the fact that your picked one solar driveway lights should be easy to connect and install.

Furthermore, it should not get encompassed with any complicated and tough wire set up processes.

Offer a Secure Fitting Job:

Lastly, try to pick, test, and select your solar pathway light on the fact whether it offers a secure fitting job or not.

If it allows you to fix it securely and firmly, then you can choose those solar lights any time for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can my car drive over the lights?

No, you should not at all drive your car over lights. Like, if you have installed and mounted driveway lights, then avoid driving your car over them.

By doing so, you may end up damaging your solar lights. It does not matter how heavy-duty your lights are, you should not move any car or other vehicle on them.

Do these lights automatically turn on at dark?

These solar driveway lights automatically turn on themselves in the dark.

It is all because of their hassle-free use that individuals prefer using these solar lights. You can understand that these lights automatically turn off during the day and turn on at dark.

Where to mount?

Most of the solar lights are mounted and set up at the outdoor premises of homes. Like, if you have solar driveway lights, then they are generally mounted at driveways and outdoor pathways.

Furthermore, they are at times installed in the dock and fence.

What are the best places to buy?

It is from the home supplies stores and solar products stores that you can buy these solar lights.

You can even head yourself to online stores like Amazon that have always high-end solar driveway lights models in their stores.


So, which of these solar driveway lights you want to purchase and immediately order for your gardens, pathways, walkways, and outdoor premises of your home, do let us know!

Apart from that, if you have installed some other driveway light in your home sweet home, then share with us your feedback about it.

Keep tuned and connected with us.