The Best Hanging Solar Lights In 2021

Light helps us to see things. Especially at night time when everything becomes dark. The main source of getting light is the sun during day time. But at night time we can only use electricity to light up things.

To use more light at night time, we need more electricity and this means electricity bill increases. Sometimes, the electricity bills cross our expected budget because the rates are increasing. To solve this budget problem, there are now solar lights.

You can charge these lights in the daytime and can use them at night time with zero increase in the electricity bill. In this article, some of the best hanging solar lights are discussed. Let’s have a look at them.

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Here are some of the hanging solar lights that we discuss in detail. We hope that this information will help you with selecting the one for you. So, let’s start.

1. MAGGIFT Hanging Solar LightsMAGGIFT Hanging Solar Lights

The MAGGIFT hanging solar light is the best product to use if you want to make your space cozy and look beautiful. These lights are durable and reliable.

You can easily find these lights at a low price and takes energy from the sun directly. Without increasing your electricity bills you can add many MAGGIFT lights.

These lights are chargeable. You just have to keep them in the right place so that they can easily get sunlight. You can leave them for the whole day so that they get charged.

For full charging, these lights required almost 6 to 8 hours if they are in a sunny place. After they get charged, you can use them for 10 hours continuously.

It is also very easy to install MAGGIFT lights. They have a hanging ring so that you can easily hang them anywhere you want. You can place these lights on tables or desks if you do not want to hang them.

The installation process becomes easy as there is no use of wire. For this reason, you can carry these lights everywhere. MAGGIFT hanging solar lights are made with quality material.

They are waterproof and can withstand any harsh weather situation. Also, these lights are certified, so you will not get any harm from them.

One of the best things about these lights is their retro design that attracts attention. You can add a stylish touch to your home decor. Moreover, they emit a warm light that makes the place cozy.


  • These lights are eco-friendly
  • Made up with a beautiful design
  • Quality material is used for construction
  • These lights are warm
  • It comes with a warranty of 180 days and gives complete satisfaction


  • Its charging depends upon weather condition

2. GIGALUMI Solar Mason Jar LightsGIGALUMI Solar Mason Jar Lights

GIGALUMI hanging solar lights are the best choice to use for outdoor decoration. It beautifies the night view of your home by giving reliable illumination.

You will get 6 mason jars, six hangers, and six lid fairy lights in 6-pack hanging solar lights. It is easy to install GIGALUMI hanging lights by using any of two ways.

You can put them on the desk, ground, or table. Also, if you want you can hang them using their handles. You can easily attach the solar lights handle to your porch.

To install these lights, you do not have to worry about the complex wiring connections. It is very easy to install these lights. You can add multiple lights without increasing the electricity cost.

Because they use sunlight to gets charged. You just need to place these lights in direct sunlight. So that GIGALUMI hanging solar lights gets charge in a short time.

To use these lights all night you have to charge them for 6 to 8 hours. If lights do not get to charge then you can not use them at night time.

Without harming the environment, these lights give amazing results. The glass of light jar has a good quality. It means that with a slight impact it will not break easily.

These lights can be used in every weather condition. Moreover, they come with a warranty of 90 days. If you feel any issue with the lights then you can get help from the customer support of the company.


  • These lights are best to use for decoration
  • You easily assemble these solar lights
  • These lights are weatherproof
  • They come with a warranty of 90 days
  • These lights are durable


  • The output of these lights gets affected by the harsh weather

3. YINOU MIRROR Solar LanternYINOU MIRROR Solar Lantern

For outdoor decoration, YINOU hanging solar lights are the other best option to use. It provides reliable lighting and at the same time increase the look of your place.

There are many good reasons to use these lights. First, they increase the outdoor beauty by giving the realistic effects of a dancing flame.

At parties or small gatherings, you can comfortably use these lights for decoration purposes. YINOU hanging lights emit yellow light. This light produces an ambiance to the place where you put it.

With this good-looking lantern, you can easily impress your guests or visitors. Also, good quality material is used in the construction that made this product durable.

To use in harsh weather like snow and rain these lights are certified IP65 waterproof. Also, due to the high durability YINOU mirror, solar lanterns do not get damaged with a slight stroke.

Moreover, the attractive thing about these lanterns is their working time. They have a long battery of 1500 mAh. You can use these solar lights for up to 15 hours at night.

To use them for a long time, you need to place them in direct sunlight for at least 6 hours. But, due to harsh weather, the charging of these lights get affected easily.

Also, it is easy to install these lights. They have circular rings so that you can easily hang them anywhere or if you want you can place them on the ground, or desk.

But make sure every place is sunny so that there is no charging issue. These solar lights are available at a low price. Also, you can install multiple lights without taking any professional help.


  • To resist any weather condition these lights are IP65 waterproof
  • The ABS plastic material that uses in the construction is durable
  • These lights have an attractive design
  • It is easy to install and assemble these lights
  • You get the realistic effects of a dancing flame


  • On weather conditions, the charging of these lights depends

4. TAKE ME Solar LanternTAKE ME Solar Lantern

TAKE ME hanging solar lights are becoming more and more popular these days due to their attractive design and sustainability. With a stylish design, it gives you the advantage of reliable lighting.

This light saves energy and is friendly with the environment.  You do not need any electrical connection with these lights because their only source is sunlight.

They get charged in direct sunlight and without harming the environment produce a mesmerizing green light. You do not have to do anything to charge these lights.

Just place them under direct light. Light will charge automatically on its own. To charge completely these lights at least need 8 hours of direct light exposure so that you can use them the whole night.

You can easily install and assemble these lights anywhere you want. It’s your choice whether you want to hang them or place them on a desk, or a table.

Due to its weatherproof facility, you can use these lights in harsh weather. This light can withstand snow and rain if you hang them outside. Because it is waterproof.

To protect it from external impact, good quality glass and plastic are used in the construction. This good quality material increases the lifetime of this hanging solar light.

Moreover, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. So, to increase your decoration and make space cozy with the flameless candlelight you can confidently buy this light.


  • These lights are weatherproof
  • Come with a lifetime guarantee
  • These lights are made with a durable material
  • Warm white light is produced
  • These solar lights have a classic design


  • Dim light is produced as compared to other solar lights

5. GIGALUMI Multi-Color Glass Hanging Ball LightsGIGALUMI Multi-Color Glass Hanging Ball Lights

GIGALUMI cracked glass hanging solar light is the best option for those people who do not have a high budget but still want the solar lights. Because you can buy them at an affordable price.

These are the luxury solar lights and you get the eight light pieces in one pack. GIGALUMI lights are environment-friendly. They produce white light and can be used to form a Christmas tree.

These lights are not cracked as the name depicts. The cracked design is used to throw the shadow when you turn on the light. These cracks are made up of a specific pattern.

They have an On and Off button so that you can easily use these lights. When you turn On the light, they can run all night, and in the morning, these lights turn off automatically.

You do not need a professional to install these lights as there is no use of complex wires. Also, the size of the light is small. You can easily place it anywhere.

The best thing about these lights is that it provides four different colors. These colors are purple, red, blue, and green. These colors switch automatically.

For this reason, you can hang them on trees. These lights are waterproof and rated at IP 44. Due to this feature, you can use them in any weather situation.


  • You can easily use these lights
  • The installation process is easy
  • These lights are waterproof
  • To brighten up your holidays these lights are perfect
  • These lights have four colors that switch automatically


  • The design is not so attractive

6. AMWGIMI Hanging Solar LightsAMWGIMI Hanging Solar Lights

The AMWGIMI hanging solar light is the best combination of light and sound. You can comfortably use this product for decoration purposes.

They have a light sensor that makes them different from the other hanging solar lights. These sensors detect the difference in external light levels.

To give light the colored chimes of hanging LED rotates. Also, these lights turn on automatically you do not have to manually turn them on.

The AMWGIMI solar lights have LED bulbs that have a color-changing feature. You can easily install these lights as there is no complex wire connection.

You just have to place them in direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours so that can charge completely. They are made with durable material to withstand harsh weather situations.

These lights can be used inside and outside because they are water-resistant. These lights will not work in daylight but at night time they will turn on automatically.

You can use them as a decoration piece or can give them to your loved ones as a present. They have very lightweight and come in a size of 25cm in height and 15cm in diameter.


  • Installation of these lights is very easy
  • These lights use solar energy
  • High-quality material is used in construction
  • You can easily use these lights
  • These lights are waterproof


  • The colors of these lights are not suitable for everyone

7. AceList Decorative Outdoor Garden Solar LightsAceList Decorative Outdoor Garden Solar Lights

The AceList solar hanging lights are the best choice for outdoor decoration. It has a chandelier design that makes it attractive. You get a ball that can produce 6 different colors.

These colors have a specific transition in which they change and creates an amazing light effect. Without thinking about the increase in the electricity bill you can have multiple AceList lights. Because they need direct sunlight for charging purposes.

Also, you can easily install these wires as there is no use for the wire. You can easily hang them outside because they are water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather.

Moreover, at night these lights turn on automatically and turn off in the morning. When fully charged, you can use these lights for almost 3 to 5 hours.

You can change the location of the lights because it is portable. But make sure the place where you keep the light is sunny. Keep the panel clean to increase the lifetime of a solar light.

Also, it comes with a money-back guarantee. If you face any issue with the light then you can contact the customer support service. So that they can help you.


  • You can easily use these lights
  • They have the waterproof feature
  • Installation of these lights is very easy
  • These lights produce 6 different lights
  • They come with a money-back guarantee


  • The working time of these lights is very short

8. TomCare Metal Flickering Flame Solar LightsTomCare Metal Flickering Flame Solar Lights

TomCare solar torch lights produce waterproof flames by using sunlight. This product is made up of durable material and due to this, you do not have any need to maintain them.

To enjoy the ambiance, you just have to stick them with the ground. You get these lights in a set of four. You can easily make your place attractive by using these lights as decoration.

Torch lights give a realistic look about 20 feet or maybe greater than that. These lights are alternative to the real flame torches and are considered safe.

To charge the battery from sunlight, each light has a separate solar panel. Also, there is no use of electric wires so you can easily install them.

You can easily assemble these lights and there is no need to replace their batteries. All you have to do is to put them in direct sunlight so that they can charge completely.


  • These lights produce flames that give a realistic look
  • You can easily use these lights
  • They have the waterproof feature
  • Installation of these lights is very easy
  • You can safely use these lights


  • During winters, these lights only work for 5 hours

9. Gigalumi Solar Hanging Lantern LightGigalumi Solar Hanging Lantern Light

Gigalumi hanging solar lights helps you to make your space attractive at night time. These lights have an elegant and unique appearance that makes them different from others.

These lights produce the warm white candle effect. You can have multiple Gigalumi solar lights as they take power from the sunlight and no electricity is used.

To charge their batteries you have to place them in a sunny area so that they get charged completely. These solar lights can work up to 8 hours.

These lights are waterproof so that you do not have to worry about them in rainy weather. They are made with a durable material that can stand every weather situation and increase the lifetime of lights.

Gigalumi hanging solar lights comes with a 90 days warranty. If you feel any issue you can return the lights to get your money back.


  • These lights produce a mesmerizing soft candle effect
  • They have the water-resistant feature
  • Installation of these lights is very easy
  • Comes with a warranty of 90 days
  • These lights have a feature of a turn on and off


  • When worn-out these batteries need a replacement

10. Maggift Hanging Solar LightsMaggift Hanging Solar Lights1

Maggift hanging solar lights are the best due to their affordable prices and classic look. Also, there are many other benefits of using these lights that win people’s hearts.

Firstly, they bring old fashion back into the market. On a black stake, each piece has a traditional light. It enhances the hanging solar lights’ quality.

With the help of their lights, you can add security to pathways. These lights are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Moreover, you can have multiple Maggift as they will not increase your electricity bill.

These lights charge batteries from the sunlight. You just have to place them under direct sunlight. These lights require 8 to 10 hours to charge their batteries.

So that they work for 8 to 10 hours at night. These lights are made with a durable material that increases their lifetime. Also, you can easily install them without any professional help.

These lights come with a warranty of 180 days. So that if you feel any issue you can return them.


  • This product is weather-proof and durable due to high-quality material
  • Comes with four bright lumens
  • To assemble these lights are very convenient
  • For valued customers, these lights have a warranty of 180 days
  • They use appropriate energy and are eco-friendly


  • They produce soft light that is not very bright

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By using solar energy products, we believe that we can improve the quality of air and reduce the footprint of carbon. To trust us, you have to buy our solar lighting solutions.

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We give the guide to use our products with their pros and cons. Also, we make sure to set a reasonable price range with a money-back guarantee so that you can easily buy them.

What Are Hanging Solar Lights And Who This Is For?

Hanging solar lights use sunlight as an energy source. These lights are environmentally friendly. They are available at affordable prices and save energy as no electricity is used in the process.

These lights come with a solar panel from which they can take energy to charge their batteries. You just need a good location to place these lights.

They take almost 8 hours to completely charge the batteries. They take sunlight and convert it into electricity to charge the batteries. At night these lights turn on automatically and in sunlight turn off automatically.

There are multiple lights are available and according to your requirement, you can select the one. So that you can easily decor your space.

What Are The Different Types Of Hanging Solar Lights?

Solar lights are environment-friendly, cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and energy saving. Due to this reason, their demands are increasing in the market.

That’s why manufacturers produce different types of solar light. So that people can use them for multiple purposes. Depending upon the type you can hang these products and can place them on the floor.

There are two main types of these solar lights. The first one is with a flat bottom and the other one does not have flat bottoms. You can install the one with a flat bottom in two ways.

One is to place them on the floor and the second one with the hook can be hung anywhere. The second type that does have a flat bottom can only be hung with the help of a hook.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hanging Solar Lights:

Nowadays solar lights have become a trend. Everyone wants to get a solar light for their place.

Because they are cost-effective, environment-friendly, and energy saving. Moreover. they have many advantages and disadvantages.


Hanging solar lights take energy from the sun and convert it into electricity to charge their batteries. In this way, a lot of energy gets saved.

As there is no extra electricity used so you can use any many hanging solar lights as you want to light up the place. As there is no use of wires, you can easily install these lights.

You just have to place them in the shiny area so that they can easily charge their batteries. Also, you can change their location according to the requirements.

Moreover, these lights are easy to use. They automatically get switch on the lights at the night and switch off the lights in the daylight. To increase the working time, you can clean the panels so that lights get charged completely.

The best thing about these lights is their durable material. They do not need maintenance because they are weatherproof.


The biggest disadvantage of hanging solar lights is that they only get energy from the sun. It means they are dependent on the weather.

You only have to place them under the sunny area so that they can easily charge their batteries. But during cloudy weather, these solar lights are useless.

They somehow manage to get charged, but the result they produce will be abysmal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

These are some of the most amazing frequently asked questions that will help you greatly.

What are the most trusted hanging solar light brands?

On amazon and many other online stores, you can find the best brands for hanging solar lights. But it is not necessary that all of them can bear harsh weather situations.

Here are some brands like TAKE ME, MAGGIFT, YINOU, and GIGALUMI provide you the best light that can withstand any weather situation.

What is the warranty?

For this question, there is no specific answer. Different companies set different warranties for their products. Like some give a one-year warranty and some give 90 days warranty.

Warranty changes from product to product. It is made to benefit the customer. If the customer does not like the product, he can get all his money back by returning the product.

What are the best places to buy?

There are many online stores but still, Amazon remains the best marketplace to buy products. Amazon provides you a wide range of good quality products at affordable price ranges.

How to install and use?

There are no specific instructions to use these solar lights as there is no use of electric wires. You just need a good place to keep these solar lights. So that they can charge their batteries.


These are some of the best hanging solar lights. After reading the article, you can conclude that whether these solar lights are best for you or not. But in our opinion, you should buy these hanging lights.

They will surely increase your home look and gives you multiple benefits. They are available at affordable prices. So, if you want to experiment, buy the one that gives a warranty of 180 days.

In case, if you do not like these solar lights you can return them and take your money back. In this way, you experience these lights and can decide easily.

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