The Ultimate Guide About Choosing the Best Solar Attic Fan (2019)

best solar attic fan

Do you know that solar attic fans are beneficial for the environment and can help you save a lot of money?

What these solar vents do is that they remove the hot air that rises in your attic during the summer months and this is why your attic becomes cool.

It will not be wrong to say that the best solar vents are more like an exhaust fan. Let us explore solar attic fans in more details and figure out what they have to offer.

What are Solar Attic fans?

The solar attic fan utilizes solar energy for its operation. This is why you will not need to rely on the electricity for the operation of this fan. The benefit of these solar vents is that you will be able to cut down on your energy consumption.

However, you need to keep one important thing in mind, and that is when there is plenty of sunlight, then these solar attic fans will perform in an efficient way. When the sunlight is less, there might be a slight reduction in the efficiency level.

There are two types of solar vents that you will find in the market.

1: Roof Mount Solar Attic Fan

The Roof Mount Solar Attic Fans are installed on pitched or flat roofs. You can also install these fans in detached garages, lofts, sheds, barns, and workshops. The benefit of the roof hugging design is that it can stand up to the tornadoes and hurricanes without requiring any panel adjustment.

Even if the panel does get damaged due to a natural calamity, it can easily be replaced, and you will not need to replace the whole unit.

2: Gable Mount Solar Attic Fan

The Gable Mount Solar Attic Fan is mounted behind the existing static gable vent. The solar panel can be mounted to an exterior wall. The gable fans are larger in size in comparison to the roof mount fans. The gable mount fans receive less solar energy in comparison to the roof mount attic fans. What is important to understand here is that the installation of the gable mount attic fan is more technical if the gable vent is absent.

The good news is that you can get the best solar vents for both the categories.

Technical Things to Consider When Buying the best solar vents

If you are keen to buy a solar attic fan, then you need to be well aware of the technicalities so that you can make the best choice with ease.

The Solar Attic Fan Must Offer an Adjustable Solar Panel

When you are about to choose a solar vent, then the most important thing to keep in mind is that it should have an adjustable solar panel. The solar panel is not adjustable in some cases. Now, this can affect the performance of the fan especially if your roof is at an angle where it cannot get the maximum sun exposure.

Go for A Fan with More Blades to Reduce the Noise Level

Ideally, you should look for a fan that has a low noise level. For example, if a fan has more blades, then it will be quieter. Now, each blade will have to do less work in this situation, and this is why it can create a smooth sound.

The Construction Material Matters

What you need to remember is that the material used to make the fan has also got a role to play in the efficiency of the best solar attic fan. The solar vent should make use of marine grade material so that it can last for a long time to come.

It is also crucial that quality material should be used in the housing of the solar vent. For example, most of the manufacturers use aircraft grade aluminum hood for making the housing of the fan. This is why the fan will be able to bear the direct impact.

The solar vent should have a protective animal screen made up of stainless steel. The blades of the fan should also be constructed using non-corrosive aluminum. Additionally, the solar vent should make use of pure aluminum powder-coated flashing.

Go for A Quiet Motor

You should also check the motor specification to ensure that it can offer quiet and long-lasting performance.

It is essential that you should have a clear idea about the size of your attic when you have made up your mind to go for a solar attic fan. The reason is that if you have a large attic, then you may need two units in this situation.

Choosing the Right Size of The Fan

The size of the attic fan should match up with your attic. Choosing the right size can be confusing. Now, let us answer how you should go about choosing the size of the fan. Ideally, an active vent should be able to recirculate about ten volumes per hour.

This is why you will need to find the size of the attic in cubic feet. For example, the formula you should follow is length * breadth* height in feet. You have to multiply the result for the 10 air changes. This way you will be able to get the volume in cubic feet.

You can check out the solar attic fan specs. It will have the cubic feet per minute figure for indicating the size. Divide the volume in cubic feet that will be calculated by sixty-minute to determine the size of your fan.

How to Install A Solar Vent?

If you want to go ahead with the installation of a solar fan, then we will give you detailed guidelines in this regard.

Step 1: You will need to mark the location of the solar powered vent between the two roof rafters.

Step 2: Next, you need to drive the nails through the centre of the vent’s location.

Step 3: You should go for the roof bracket installation now and fall-arrest the system to the roof.

Step 4: Mark the outline of the vent’s flashing on your roof by making use of a homemade dowel compass.

Step 5: Use a utility knife so that you can easily cut the shingles along the circular outline.

Step 6: Ensure that you pull the nails and also remove the shingles from within the respective circle.

Step 7: Try using a compass so that it becomes easy for you to mark a hole for the vent on to the roof sheathing.

Step 8: Get hold of a reciprocating saw so that you can cut a hole in your roof.

Step 9: Make it a point to remove the shingles from around the opening of the vent.

Step 10: Use tri-polymer roofing cement and apply it around the hole.

Step 11: Next, you should set the roof vent over the hole. Now, you can screw the fan’s flashing to the roof.

Step 12: Make sure that you apply plenty of chalking around the flashing.

Step 13: In the end start replacing all the roof shingles that are around the vent fan with the help of 1 ½ roofing nails.

Follow these steps, and you can install your best solar attic fan without a problem after the installation tests and the function for some time. This way you can ensure that there are no flaws in the installation process.

Installation Tips for Solar Vents

Now, before installing the solar vent, you need to be aware of some of the top installation tips to get the results you want.

Consult A Professional Before Installation

The most important thing is that you should consult an HVAC Professional before installing a solar vent.

Check the Communication Between the Controller Box and The Remote

When you are about to go ahead with the installation of the solar vent, then it is essential that you should check the communication of the remote and controller box.

Go Through the Instructions Before the Installation

When you open up the packaging of the solar vent, then in most of the cases, the solar controller is bundled with your attic fan. Whether you go for a do it yourself installation or a professional manages the installation, it is mandatory to read the instructions first.

Follow A Step-Wise Procedure for Installation

You should go step-wise and install the fan first. Next, you should go for the installation of the solar controller.

At the time of installation, you should ensure that you monitor the working conditions of the fan and the solar panel. When you keep these basics in mind, then your best solar attic fan will give the top performance.

Solar Attic Fan Product Reviews

Natural Light Solar Attic Fan -36 watt

Solar Attic Fan 36-watt - Black - with 25-year Warranty - Florida Rated by Natural Light
  • Industry Leading 25-year limited warranty on entire unit.
  • Highest quality materials in any Solar Attic Fan on the market.
  • Easily installed with No wiring required.
  • Optional snap-on thermostat for use in colder climates (sold separately).
  • All necessary installation hardware included.

The Natural Light solar attic fans are top-rated by most of the builders. These fans are available with a 36-watt solar panel, and this solar panel provides power to the DC motor. The best part is that you can adjust the solar panel as well without an issue. You can either set up the solar panel at an angle of 45 degrees, or you can even have a flat arrangement for the solar panel.

Ideally, you should go for one fan for 2625 square feet space. What you will love about this solar vent is that it takes less than an hour to install. Another aspect worth mentioning is that you get a 25-year warranty with this fan. If you encounter any issues with the fan’s operation during this period, then you can get them fixed at the earliest.


The solar panel helps to generate the needed voltage

When you install the fan, then the output of the solar panel is about 20 Volts DC. If there is full sunlight, then the motor can draw about 1.8 amp.

Quiet operation

The Natural Light fan is the best solar attic fan because it has a quiet operation.

When you open up the packaging, then you will notice the fact that this attic fan has a sealant as well. The primary purpose of the sealant is to seal and waterproof the fan from the shingles.


  • This solar attic fan has a perfect packing.

  • The installation instructions are also quite clear.


  • This attic fan is slightly bulky.


What you will love about the fan is that it is not difficult to introduce add-on. For example, you can buy a thermostat whenever you feel the need. Secondly, this attic fan has a durable look and makes use of quality materials for its construction. This is why you will not have to worry about a lot of wear and tear as well so you should not be reluctant to go for this attic fan.

GBGS Solar Attic Fan

GBGS Solar Attic Fan 1750 CFM, Adjustable Polycrystalline Solar Panel, Rust Free Roof Mounted, Easy Installation, Noise Less Than 45db, 14in Air Duct For Garage, Hot, Environment
  • Ventilates up to 1750 CFM. Solar ventilation fan cools your house and also lower electricity bills dramatically
  • Limited 10 Year Warranty on Motor - 20 Year Warranty on Solar Panel
  • Quite brushless motor and easily installation, no wiring needed
  • Adjustable solar panel (0°/15°/30°/45°) and solar bracket(90°horizontally) to take advantage of late afternoon sun to run longer
  • Thermally protected motor helps prevent overheating. Motor will start to work once the temperature reaches 77℉ (25℃), and auto shut off at 65℉ (18℃) (NOTE: This solar fan may qualify for the federal solar tax credit) Great for green house/residential house/garage/basement/industrial workshop/animal breeding house/livestock feeding shed/home/bathroom/barns/boat

The GBS solar attic fan lives up to the expectation of the users. It has a polycrystalline solar panel that is adjustable. The best thing about this solar panel is that the noise is less than 45db. You get an exclusive 20-year warranty on the solar panel and 10-year warranty on the motor.

When you go for GBS solar attic fan, then you will not have to worry about the overheating of the motor as well. The reason is that the motor is thermally protected. When the temperature reaches about 77-degree Fahrenheit, then the motor will start to work right away. Plus, the motor has an auto shut-off function as well when the temperature reaches 65-degree Fahrenheit.

You can install this attic fan on slate or tile roofs. It goes well with wood shake roofs as well.


Efficient air deflector

You will find an air deflector in the fan’s shroud. The benefit of the deflector is that it improves the performance of the fan and makes the airflow smooth.

The solar panel is adjustable

This solar panel has a 90-degree regulation. You can adjust it to four different angles. For example, you can go for an angle of 15, 45, 30 or 0 degree.

Another thing worth mentioning about the motor of this attic fan is that it is waterproof and this is why it can perform well in humid environments as well.


  • This GBS fan is available with a mounting and installation guide.


  • Screwing the bottom plate is difficult because the top plate hinders the screwing process.


If you have made up your mind to invest in the GBS solar vent, then you will contend with the results. This fan is durable and will stand the test of the time. Setup is also quite and simple, and you will not need additional wiring so go for it.

Rand Solar Powered Attic Fan

Rand Solar Powered Attic Fan-8 Watt-W Roof Top Ventilator NEW!!
  • Always runs on free solar power. If the Sun is shining on the solar panel, the fan will be spinning.
  • Drastically cuts your cooling bill. Pays for itself in a VERY short time, good for the environment.
  • Ventilates up to 700 square feet of attic space with its 435 CFM capacity. For installations with larger space or higher heat load, you can install more fans or use one of our larger 30W or 40W rooftop fans.
  • High Efficiency long life brushless motor starts up even in lower light and overcast conditions. If you are looking for a fan that will run at night, check out our 10W and 30W fans with battery backup.
  • No wiring to perform. Unit is self-contained. Just mount it to the roof and it works automatically. If you are looking for a fan that will allow you to adust the solar panel angle, check out our larger 30W and 40W rooftop fans.

When you decide to go for the Rand solar vent, then it will help to cut down on your cooling costs in summer. The reason is that this attic fan takes very little time to cool the entire attic. Once you get this solar vent installed, then you can cool your attic to a temperature of about 50 degrees.

The best thing about the Rand fan is that it is compact so this is why it works incredibly well for small places also. Once you install the Rand solar vent, then you will notice the fact that it will provide the needed ventilation to the attic. The water vapor in the attic also gets reduced once the Rand fan is operational. This attic fan is perfect for greenhouses and covered patios.


High-quality housing

This solar vent has a high-impact ABS plastic housing. This housing plays a crucial role to reduce the corrosion. This is why your attic fan will last for long. The housing can withstand the UV rays and heat as well.

Efficient motor

The Rand attic fan has an efficient brushless motor. It starts in the low light and has a low noise level as well.

Reasonable CFM capacity

The good news is that Rand fan has a CFM capacity of about 435 and this is why it can cool 700 square feet of the attic space.


  • This solar vent has an attractive design.


  • The fan should have an insect guard as well.


Rand Attic Fan is a recommended product and can be graded as the best solar attic fan. You can also customize this attic fan as per your needs. For example, you can add a foam pipe insulation around the specific edges if you feel the need. You will also notice the fact that the Rand solar vent ensures that there is no odor in your attic as well. This fan does not require a lot of maintenance as well so choose it with confidence.

Amtrak Solar Attic Fan

Amtrak Solar's Powerful 40-Watt Galvanized Steel New Upgraded14" Solar Attic Fan Quietly Cools and Ventilates your house, garage or RV and protects against moisture build-up.
  • New 14 inch Fan Housing. Powerful enough to open louver. Easy to install with quick-connect wires.
  • For Gabel vent, greenhouse, garage or RV. Includes 25' of extra wire and brackets.
  • Thermal protected fan motor with high efficiency fan blades. For areas up to 2250 Sq. Ft.
  • Includes Free Thermostat, 40 watt Solar Panel
  • 25-year warranty-the industry's best. Made in USA

Amtrak Solar Fan is one of the top attic fans available in the market today. We all know quite well that the solar panel has a critical role to play in the performance of the fan. The Amtrak solar vent has a 40-watt solar panel. It is a high-quality crystalline panel that can be installed with ease in the gable vent.

Plus, you get a free thermostat with the attic fan it. You can use the thermostat with the solar panel if you feel the need. This solar fan is perfect for use in garages and helps to cool down the temperature in no time.

The fan starts its operation as soon as the sunlight hits the solar panel. The best part is that you will not feel the need to make any holes in the roof.


Special housing offered

Amtrak offers a 12-volt dc fan, and it is available with a 14-inch housing.

Large blades available

This solar vent has a large fan blade.

Four mounting brackets available

You will be able to get about four mounting brackets with the solar panel.


  • The wiring of Amtrak solar vent is super easy.


  • The manufacturer should work on reducing the noise of the fan.


You can opt for Amtrak attic fan without any hesitance. You will get detailed instructions with the fan kit that gives you in-depth insight into how you should go about the installation of the fan. What you will appreciate the most is that the solar panel is also pre-drilled so it becomes simple to install the solar panel.

The manufacturer is reputed so it will not be a problem for you to get the replacement parts as well. So, invest in this fan with confidence. You will be happy with the results.

Natural Light Solar Attic Fan- 24 watt

Solar Attic Fan 24-watt - Black - with 25-year warranty - Florida Rated
  • Industry Leading 25-year limited warranty on entire unit
  • Highest quality materials in any Solar Attic Fan on the market
  • Optional snap-on thermostat for use in colder climates
  • No wiring required
  • All necessary installation hardware included

Are you looking for the best solar attic fan that requires no intricate wiring? Well, in that case, you should opt for the fan. This 24-watt solar vent is made from quality aluminum, glass, and stainless steel.

What you will appreciate the most about this solar vent is that you can get three different models. You can go for the model that best suits your needs. This fan can increase the CFM to about 1339.


Perfect thermostat available

You will be able to get a snap on the thermostat with this attic fan. When the temperature is less than 70 degrees, then the fan shuts off. When the temperature is over 80 degrees, then the fan turns on. Even if you do not have a temperature switch, the fan will remain on as long as it receives the sunlight.

Quality blades available

This solar vent has got about five blades.

Suitable CFMS output

The CFM output of this fan is about 1339 cfms.

Another aspect worth discussing this fan is that it is customizable. For example, you can buy a fire switch separately as well.

When you buy the fan, then you will not require any additional hardware as well.


  • Natural Light solar attic fan is available in attractive black color.


  • This solar vent is expensive.


The Natural Light 24-watt solar attic fan does not make a lot of noise. The installation is secure, and you will not have to worry about the fact that insects will enter the house via the attic fan. The worth appreciating factor is that this unit works well with a solar controller also. This is why you should not have any doubts in your mind when you go for this attic fan.

ECO-WORTHY 25W Solar Powered Attic

ECO-WORTHY 25W Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Gable Roof Vent Fan with 30W Foldable Solar Panel
  • Solar powered gable attic vent has high efficiency brushless motor to keep you a quiet environment.
  • Fully vents up to 2,200 square feet area, and provides up to 1960 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of ventilation.
  • 30 watt poly foldable solar panel comes with adjustable angle mounting brackets and 1pc 16 feet soalr cable, you can adjust the optimal angle to get the best efficiency.
  • The fan can work automatically at low voltage, so you also get great ventilation even in cloudy days. Solar vent cools your roof and also reduces the load on your air conditioning system, it will cut your cooling costs dramatically.
  • Package includes: 1pc 25W Solar Gable Attic Vent & 1pc 30W Poly Foldable Solar Panel with 1 set Mounting Brackets

The Eco-Worthy attic fan setup completes in about one hour. The minute the sun hits the solar panel, it spins the fan fast. When the sun goes behind the clouds, then this fan slows down, but it can still work at a low voltage. When you buy this solar vent, then you will be able to get a fully-equipped kit.

You will get a set of mounting brackets and foldable solar panel with this attic fan. The 30-watt solar panel is adjustable. When you have to install the solar panel, then you need to fold up the panel, and the solar surface should directly face the sun.

Additionally, you get a 16 feet cable as well with the solar vent. Next, you will need to connect the connector of the attic fan with the solar panel’s wire.


High-quality, efficient motor

This gable vent has a brushless motor, and this is why you will not have to dread any noise.

Offers adequate CFM

The biggest quality about the Eco-Worthy fan is that it can fully vent an area of about 2, 200 square feet. It has a maximum capacity of about 1960 CFM.

Now, many factors will influence the performance of this attic fan. If you want the air to blow out, then it is essential that the blade should face away from you. Secondly, if you want the air to blow inwards, then it is essential that the blade should face you.


  • The quality of Eco-Worthy fan is up to the mark.


  • This attic fan kit does not have the complete instruction set.


Trust Eco-Worthy fan and purchase this vent without any doubts. What you will appreciate about this vent is that it has a reliable construction so you will not have to worry about any damage as well.

HQST Solar Powered Roof Mount

HQST Solar Powered Roof Mount Adjustable Attic Fan with 30W Solar Panel
  • The HQST Solar Attic Fan is an all-in-one unit that is designed to lower your attic temperatures and stop damage from moisture.
  • The built-in, adjustable 30watt panel maintains a strong air flow that makes this a great product for proper attic ventilation.
  • With a one-time installation, this unit becomes effortless and is easily installed on pitched fiberglass asphalt shingle roofs.
  • You can adjust the panel up to a 45 degree angle or detached it and mount remotely for maximum exposure to the sun.
  • Durable rust-free aluminum ensures long life & no maintenance. Optional snap-on thermostat for use in colder climates.

Are you in search of the best solar attic fan that will give the best performance? Well, HQST fan is a real winner. This is a perfect all-in-one unit that can lower the temperature of the attic in no time. It requires a one-time installation effort. You should use one solar vent for every 2625 square feet.


Quality solar panel

The HQST fan is available with a 30-watt panel, and this panel maintains a strong air flow. You can adjust the angle of the panel to about 45 degrees. If you feel the need, then you can even detach the panel and mount the panel remotely. This way it can get the maximum sun exposure.

Constructed with the best material

HQST fan is constructed using quality material. It makes use of rust-free aluminum, and this contributes to the durability of the fan.

Flawless thermostat available

You will get access to an efficient Snap-On thermostat with this attic fan kit.

HQST fan is large in comparison to its counterparts and has a diameter of about 14 inches.


  • This attic fan is light to handle.


  • Pre-drilled holes are not present in the solar panels.

HQST fan is a reliable choice and offers smooth operation. This is why it will be a wise move on your part to go for this solar vent.

Remington Solar Attic Fan

Remington Solar vent is quiet, and it can suck the air out of the attic without a problem. When the temperature is below 80 degrees, then the thermostat can turn off the fan. This 25-watt attic fan offers a lifetime warranty, and the installation will not take ages as well.


Durable motor

Remington fan has a 24v motor that works without creating a lot of noise.

Has a durable steel coating

What makes this fan stand out is that it is coated with quality steel material.

Adequate ventilation available

It can ventilate about 2, 200 square feet of the attic space.


  • Remington solar vent has a nice design.


  • The manufacturers need to provide an installation DVD as well.


If you are looking for an affordable solar vent that will not require a lot of maintenance, then you should go for Remington vent.

9-Solar Blaster Attic Fan

Solar Attic Fan for Ridge Vents - Solar Roof Vent Solution - Solar RIDGEblaster
  • Solar-powered roof and attic ventilation fan for ridge vents
  • Panel: 10W solar panel
  • 3 Fans specs: 2 ball bearing; 2700rpm; 39cfm each fan (total of 117cfm); rated for 50,000hr
  • No wiring required
  • No attic access required to install

The Solar Blaster Attic is ideal for ridge vents. You will not require any additional wiring as well when you have made up your mind to set up this attic fan. What you will love about this solar vent is that it offers a maintenance free flashing system.

You will get a detailed instruction guide with this attic fan as well so if you get stuck up at any point you can go through the instructions in detail. The installation accessories are also available with this solar vent.

For example, you get clips, plumbing tape and all the necessary screws with this attic fan.


3 fan configurations offered

You will get a 3-fan configuration with this attic fan.

Quality solar blaster brackets provided with the fan kit

The fan is attached to the solar blaster brackets, and these brackets need to be installed inside the ridge vent opening.


  • You will not have to spend a lot of money on the wear and tear of this fan.


  • Instruction DVD is missing.

Solar Blaster Attic has a stylish design and delivers the best performance so go for it.

General Verdict

Each of the solar vents discussed above are a class apart and will fulfill your requirements, so you need not to be apprehensive about them. Whenever you make up your mind to buy a solar vent, try to gather the maximum information first so that you can technically evaluate if the product meets your needs. This way you will end up making the best choice.