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Best Solar Christmas Lights of 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. With the approach of the Christmas season, you’re probably looking for the best options to decorate your house.

The best solar Christmas lights will add a pop colour and lots of sparkles without adding an extra cost to your energy bill.

What are Solar Christmas Lights?

christmas solar lights

If it’s time to use strings of light for decoration, you might be interested in trying a new option.

Solar Christmas lights don’t use electricity, they’re powered by the energy of the sun so they’re environmentally friendly and won’t add an extra burden to your bills.

Solar Christmas lights don’t only work on the roof of the house. You can use them anywhere in the garden to create the right ambience for a family gathering.

They’re just like normal lights except that you don’t have to run a cord from a power source to operate them.

These lights have a solar panel that charges a battery to power them. Once the sun sets, the lights will switch on using a light sensor. Some lights can last for up to 16 hours.

Most solar Christmas lights are LEDs. They’re probably less bright than incandescent bulbs but they’re more energy-efficient. This means that they will last for long.

If you’re interested in these environmentally friendly lights, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll learn everything about the best solar Christmas lights and we’ll help you choose some to celebrate the Christmas spirit.

Best Solar Christmas Lights of 2020

After reviewing several light options, we found 5 of the best products that you need to add to your home this season. Check out our top choices.

1- Joomer Solar Christmas Lights

Joomer Solar Christmas Lights

These budget-friendly lights are suitable for all decoration options. They’re available in multiple colours so you can add the desired effect to your party.

These are the best indoor and outdoor lights, giving you much versatility so you can install them wherever you want.

Designed to withstand various weather conditions, these lights will work properly even if rains and snows. They come with 2 different switches so you can switch them when you like or choose the automatic function that powers them when it gets dark.

There are 8 different modes so you can pick the one that suits your taste. There’s a memory chip that saves your last setting so you don’t have to adjust them every time to switch them on.

You’ll receive 72 feet of lights with 200 LEDs. You can wrap the flexible wire around any object to create the perfect decoration theme.

There’s a 6-feet cable between the solar panel and the first LED, giving you more freedom to set them in your garden, patio, roof, deck, porch or inside the house.

The longer spike and the design of the solar panel will increase the amount of solar energy absorbed. They can be fully charged in 6 hours to work for 8 hours.

The internal wiring isn’t very durable so you’ll probably need to replace them after a while. They need strong sunlight to operate for the maximum time which might be a problem in winter.


  • Easy to install and adjust solar lights.
  • 8 different modes.
  • Memory chip to save your last setting.
  • Weather-resistant to last for long.
  • Efficient absorption of solar energy.


  • Work properly only in very bright sunlight.
  • The internal wiring isn’t very durable.

2- Bynhieo Led Solar String Lights Outdoor Waterproof Solar Fairy Lights

Bynhieo Led Solar String Lights Outdoor Waterproof Solar Fairy Lights

Create a starry effect in your garden, patio or porch. The wire is extremely flexible so you can bend it around any object for the best results. If you’re a big fan of small LEDs, then these are the right ones for you.

They feature a highly bendable copper wire that extends for 33 feet and comes in a pack of two. They’re shorter than most of the other solar Christmas lights on the market, but these are designed for people who like to make designs using fairy lights.

There are 8 different light modes so you can choose your favourite effect using 100 LEDs.

Moreover, there’s a memory chip that saves your last setting so you won’t have to worry about adjusting the lights every time you switch them on. They can work for up to 8 hours.

Don’t worry about your lights getting ruined as they’re designed to be heat and rain-resistant. They can be used indoors and outdoors to add a special effect for the holiday season.

Kids can help install these solar lights because they’re very easy to use. There’s no indicator that can help you know that the battery is fully charged.


  • Easy to install lights.
  • Bendable copper wire to create your custom design.
  • 8 different work modes.
  • Heat and rain-resistant.


  • The wire is shorter than other lights on the market.
  • It’s hard to tell that the battery is fully charged.

3- SKYFIRE Solar Powered Twinkle Fairy Lights

SKYFIRE Solar Powered Twinkle Fairy Lights

With a durable solar battery, these are 17% more efficient than other solar lights on the market. They come in various colour options to help you add the needed effect to your outdoor area.

No extension power is needed as you’ll receive 10 strands of solar lights that you can place anywhere you like.

These solar lights are IP65-rated so they’re weather-resistant. They can withstand rain and stormy weather so they’re perfect for the winter season.

There are 2 different switches to control the mode so you can customize your light to suit the mood.

There are 200 LEDs and they’re not connected to each other. If one of them stops working, the others will stay on. Each strand you receive is 6.5 feet with 20 LEDs, that’s a total of 65 feet of light.

The automatic setting will switch them on when the sun is down. You can also keep them on if you choose to install them inside the house.

Because you’ll receive 10 separate strands, these lights are more customizable. You can connect them to each other, create a cascading design, leave them hanging or wrap them around any object.

There are only two light options; steady and flashing. The light isn’t very bright but they will add a nice effect to your outdoor or indoor area.


  • 10 strands of light.
  • Customizable design.
  • Easy installation.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Enable you to customize the decoration.


  • The light isn’t very bright.
  • Only 2 operation modes are available.

4- GIGALUMI 23 Feet 50 LED Flower Solar Fairy Lights

GIGALUMI 23 Feet 50 LED Flower Solar Fairy Lights

Enjoy the mystical effect of flower LEDs. These are bright flowers and will add extra magic to your outdoor area. You’ll receive 2 packs of light, each measuring 23 feet.

They might not be long enough for some people, but they will definitely look unique.

Compared to the length of the cable, you’ll receive plenty of light. There are 50 LEDs on each cable so they’re brighter than most of the other options on the market.

The different-coloured flowers are closely placed near each other to add an exceptional pop of colour.

Even if you choose to switch them off, they will still look thanks to their unique design. They can be kept inside and outside the house throughout the year.

They’re IP65-rated so they’re heat and rain-resistant. They can even withstand the snow so they will last for long.

Although you can’t really tell that these look like flowers from a distance, once you approach them you’ll be able to see their unique shape.

They feature 2 operating modes, but they will last longer when you’re using the flashing mode. Unless the solar panel is exposed to very bright sunlight, they won’t last, except for a few hours.


  • LEDs are closely placed for a bright effect.
  • Unique flower shape for indoor and outdoor decoration.
  • Various colours and 2 operating modes.
  • Heat and weather-resistant so they will last for long.


  • The light cord isn’t very long.
  • They last longer when you’re using the flashing mode.

5- KeShi 40FT 100LED Solar Star String Lights, 8 Modes Solar Powered Twinkle Fairy Lights

KeShi 40FT 100LED Solar Star String Lights, 8 Modes Solar Powered Twinkle Fairy Lights

These are long-lasting lights that will work for 8 to 12 hours to add the right effect to your outdoor and indoor area. They will automatically charge and then switch on when the sun is down.

The lights are 34 feet long so they can be customized and bent around trees to add a special effect.

They feature 100 LEDs and have 8 different operating modes to create the desired ambience to your outdoor or indoor area. They can last a total of 3000 hours so they’re good value for money.

They’re heat and waterproof so they can withstand all weather conditions.

Create the perfect starry night in your patio or garden thanks to their unique design. They look special so you can add more of them depending on your decoration.

With this warm white colour, you can enjoy the best outdoor dinners in your garden or patio.

The length of the cord is only 40 feet with the lights installed on 34 feet. This means that the cord is a bit too short. You’ll probably need to buy more of this light to create a special effect.

You’ll need to add another recharged battery to keep the lights on if the sun isn’t shining properly.

Although these are affordable lights, they start to dim gradually. They’re not designed to be extremely bright but they will add a cool effect to your home during a special event.


  • 100 LEDs on 34 feet of cord.
  • Starry design.
  • 8 different operating modes.
  • Can last up to 12 hours.


  • The lights aren’t very bright.
  • The cable is short so you’ll need to buy more of these lights to create the desired effect.

6- Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights

Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights

 This outdoor chain light can operate for 10 hours or more if fully charged; it will also automatically operate on the dark during daylight and charges sunlight with 8 ways, from stable up to various blowing widespread applications.

Easy to use And Store-2 Buttons: Power ON / OFF (car on at dawn, auto-off by day), so it is lightweight and can then wrap it up until the next time using Eco-Friendly Christmas lights.

Solar-powered string lights are powerful and eco-friendly, trade fairy lights durable and safe to use.


  • Solar-powered with high efficiency
  • String lights are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, they work automatically at night when enough sunlight is charged plus waterproof


  • The lights need to be reset every night

7- Binval Solar Fairy Christmas String Lights

Binval Solar Fairy Christmas String Lights

We offer a 1-year warranty with this IP65 waterproof solar string lights and 200LED heat resistant warm white. These are round and polar warm white lights.

They give you a soft, lovely light that helps create a calm, peaceful atmosphere. These lights are waterproof, making them ideal for decoration both outside and inside.

You can either put them at the border with your garden, in Trees, Bushes or Hedges. Camp, Camp, Fairy Lights, String lights patio, Weather, Wedding, Holiday, Yard, Lawn, Fence, Porch, Roof, Deck.

These lovely warm lights add to every place a festive lustre. There are long wires around which the trees, the escalators can be wrapped or wherever you want them to be!

One pack has approximately 200 lights, good enough to illuminate a whole area, both inside and inside. Because of their superior quality and function, most people who were using these lights recommended them, especially because of their usability.


  • These illuminations are easy to use and convenient to install daily.
  • The fairy string lights can stand all kinds of weather and conditions. Save your last modes and you don’t need to reset mode each day by building in Memory Chip.


  • The blink or the fade or the light running.

8- BHC LIGHT Solar String Lights

BHC LIGHT Solar String Lights

200 Super Bright 66 ft copper wire LED bulbs with 6.6 ft to lead wire. The wire can conform to any shape you want, with high quality and flexible cooperation.

Wrap about trunks of trees or gazebos; the wire fades into the darkness, leaving light only. Solar power charging is not necessary for electric power supply lights, and there is no need for battery replacement.

These solar string lights are loaded throughout the day and switched on automatically in the dusk, rotating angle at one 20 °, adjust the loading direction by the sun exposure angle and operate for 6 hours.

The route, yard, window, shops, hall and stage is widely used, in particular as a Christmas tree decorated with lights to make for a warm, romantic holiday.


  • The On / Off button and the mode button for these solar string lights. The built-in memory chip saves your last mode setting so there is no need to reset again. You can choose 8 modes to meet your varying needs with the mode button.
  • They are used extensively in the streets, courts, windows, shops, lobby and stage, especially as a Christmas tree with lights that give rise to a romantic and warm vacation.


  • These lights are not charged at the time of arrival.
  • The battery can not be substituted.

9- woo haha Solar Fairy String Lights

woo haha Solar Fairy String Lights

light up the hall, enrich the warm and sweet feeling with this 100LED. The idea of this perfect festival decoration.

Coloured string 36 ft DARK GREEN near trees camouflage well around trees, perfect even for stairs, railings and walls. Environmentally friendly solar and USB recharge at home.

Do not worry about harmful weather, like cloudy, rainy and snow-capped days or indoor furnishings. IP65’s strings are waterproof, high-grade and durable and have over 100000-hour working life.

The ideal decor for a happy holiday in your house.Power-saving timer function: after 6-hour lighting, the lights automatically switch off (press “on/off” to relight it).

When fully charged, outdoor solar string lights can run for 16-20 hours. 2 Modes: Light / Light flashing.LED lights, Cosplay theme parties and special occasions, perfect for decoration of Halloween, it is very commonly used for Homes, Windows, Bathrooms, festivals, Holidays, exhibitions, restaurants, restaurants, yards, garden, patios.


  • The perfect light to add to your courtyard, patio, gazebo, lawn or celebrate your wedding, birthing, graduate style with a great atmosphere. Impress your ambience guests at the bistro, café or party.
  • The string lights are automatically lit at dusk and automatically switched off at dawn when the sensor technology is built into. All you have to do is set it up and the lights will work.


  • Battery and cell charge is bitten off

10- Vmanoo Solar Christmas Lights

Vmanoo Solar Christmas Lights

LED solar lights use efficient solar panels that can convert the solar to electrical power and allow the lights to light up through the built-in battery.

Power Switch (Keep the power switch on “ON” all the time, the lights can maintain charged during the day and come on at darkness), Mode Switch (Flashing mode convert switch)8 modes in combination, on waves, sequential, slow glow, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkling/flash, and stable on.

The perfect interior and outside decoration. LED lights, theme festivals and celebrations perfectly decorated in Halloween Cosplay, it’s widely used for homes, windows, bathrooms, festivals, holiday events, restaurant, hotels, yards, garage, terraces, shopping centres.

The product is waterproof to maintain a life needed to prevent the severe storm/water from attacking solar panels.


  • Solar string light automatically works at night after sufficient sunlight is charged during the day
  • Solar LEDs use solar panels highly efficient


  • Improvement of the battery is required

Where to Place the Solar Panel

Most of the time, the solar panel comes attached to a long stake to gain access to the sunlight. This stake holds it away from the ground and guarantees maximum exposure to sunlight.

You should make sure that the solar panel is placed where it’s directly exposed to the sunlight for maximum energy absorption.

If the weather is cloudy or there are any obstacles, your solar lights might not last for long. You might need to replace the battery with another one that has been fully-charged to keep the lights on.

Why Should You Choose the Best Solar Christmas Lights?

Solar Christmas lights can be used inside and outside the house. They come with several benefits, so you should think about their advantages over traditional lights.

  • They’re eco-friendly. Today, everyone is concerned about saving the planet and choosing environmentally-friendly products that don’t mess with the ecosystem. Using renewable energy doesn’t cause an adverse effect that can last for long.
  • They’re cost-efficient. When you buy solar lights, you’re paying their cost for once. You won’t be paying every time you use them, which is the case if you’re using electric-powered lights. There will be no effect on your energy bill which makes them suitable for people on a tight budget.
  • These lights are versatile and practical. You don’t have to look for a power source to use your solar Christmas lights. Just make sure that the solar battery is kept somewhere to absorb the sunlight and the lights will turn on.
  • They’re very easy to use. Using the wires, you can hang the lights anywhere and in any fashion to match the decoration of your house. You can use the automatic switch that will turn them on when the sun is down or use it whenever you want to.
  • Solar lights are customizable. You can add more of them, use a different operation mode or combine several colours and designs to create the best effect.

How to Choose the Best Solar Christmas Lights?

Solar Christmas lights are designed to help you celebrate special occasions with your loved ones. There are a few factors that you need to think about before making a purchase.


The number of LEDs determines how powerful the light will be. This means that you can use more or less light depending on the ambience you want to create.

You should also think about how the LEDs are placed along the length of the string or cord. If they’re closely placed, the effect will be stronger.

Moreover, you should think about the shape of the LEDs. In addition to the original round shape, you can find solar lights in the shape of stars and flowers that will add a special effect to your home.


A longer string that features a large number of LEDs is your best option because it will add the desired effect of light without the extra cost.

Longer strings are also customizable because you can bend them around different objects and structures inside and outside the house.

Nevertheless, some people prefer shorter and separate strands. These can be installed at multiple locations and in different designs to create the best effect.

The string should be bendable and durable so your lights will last for long. It should allow you to place your lights easily wherever you want to install them for the best effect.

Runtime and Charge Time

The best lights that you can buy should have a short charge time with long runtime. The charge time refers to the time the solar battery will spend to absorb solar energy.

Lights should be charged for at least 6 or 8 hours so they can last all night long. These are especially desirable when the sun isn’t shining all the time.

Most lights feature a switch that can be automatically set to switch on when the sun goes down. However, sometimes you want to have more control over your solar lights.

You can easily keep them on whenever you want to so this is a good option if you choose to install your lights inside the house.


When you’re shopping for solar Christmas lights, you need to choose something that can withstand the weather conditions. Your lights should be heat and rain-resistant so they can last for long.

Moreover, they must be designed to withstand a little snow so they keep on functioning during the winter.

Operating Modes

More operating modes mean that you’ll have more control over how the lights operate. Steady light creates the maximum effect but will affect the runtime of the lights.

If you want your solar lights to last for long, you can opt for the flashing option as it’s more energy-saving.

Wrapping It Up!

Finding an eco-friendly option is a smart decision because you’re using clean energy to add the desired effect to your home. The best solar Christmas lights will add the desired effect to your outdoor and indoor area.

We chose the Joomer Solar Christmas Lights as our top choice because they’re extremely versatile so you can use them inside and outside the house.

They’re easy to install and will help you create the effect you want without breaking the bank.

These lights are extremely customizable so you can use them anywhere you like. You should think about the features of the lights before choosing one to add the desired effect to your home.

There are several good options on this list, so you’ll definitely find the right one for you.

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