10 Best Solar Curtains – Top Reviews of 2021

Here we have shared the Top 10 Best Solar Curtains of 2020!

In the market, there are a number of companies manufacturing solar systems and every company has different features in their product some are good in the percentage of energy-saving and some are good in looks as well as energy saving. 

Different Types of Solar Curtains:

There are mainly two types of products available in the market and each of them has different features from one another.

The first type of solar curtains is made up of reflective material that prevents solar rays and doesn’t allow heat entering your home. 

The material which is used in making these curtains is similar to you because it is also used in the making of solar blinds and filters which are common to you.

The second type of solar curtain is made up of tin foil or other material like that.

But the look of the curtain is not so good and maybe people will not refer it but it will save your money and it will also reduce the heat entering in your home and it also has a good feature in winter it will allow heat to get in your home and will not allow getting back and your home will get warm.

These curtains are not good in looks but there are also so that it is available in the market which will not only save your electricity bill but also can provide some power.

Yes these blinds have solar panels in it which will get charged by the sunlight and then you can use that electricity in running your home appliances.

But the solar curtains which have these features are a bit expensive in the market but again think they can save your energy and will also provide you energy we think this idea is awesome.

Best Solar Curtains Reviewed!!

Here we will discuss the best solar curtains available in the market.

We will guide you a little more so that you can have the best knowledge about this product and which company or which product is best for you.

This guide will help you decide which solar curtain is best in quality efficiency design and cost.

We hope that this review will help you to find the best solar system curtains and all the features you are willing to produce.

1) WalterDrake Window Curtain Panel

This is one of the best options in the market. These solar curtains are easily available at a low price with many features.

This Walter Drake has reflective material that is made of polythene. These curtains are available in the market in 2 sizes.

These curtains have both the qualities they are easy to purchase and also reduces your home temperature by almost 10 degrees. These curtains are light in weight.

They are good in saving your home from the sunlight and keep the heat outside your home and if you reverse your solar curtains in winter they will keep your home warm the curtains are made from a transparent material.

Which makes you able to look outside from your window no but the person who is standing outside your home will not able to see what’s going inside. You just have to take good care of it.

When sunlight starts getting inside directly that means the material of the curtain starts getting damage.

This curtain is light in weight and cheap in price can keep your home cool. Reduce the temperature up to 10 degrees and we’ll also keep the home warm in winter after reversing the blinds.

But there are some disadvantages with this product: the quality of the material by which it is designed is not that much pleasing and its curtains might get warm and maybe melted by the high sunlight.

2) MySmartBlinds Solar CurtainsMySmartBlinds Solar Curtains

If you are looking for high tech solar curtains. Then that will be the best option for you. These blinds are completely solar-powered and you can easily operate them efficiently.

With this blind, you will get an application for your smartphone through which you can control the blinds.

With the help of this application, you can automate the product and it will also show you the battery level of the curtains and level of solar consumption as well.

You can also control these solar curtains with the help of Google or Alexa and you can also do scheduling with the help of an application on a daily basis or weekly.

You can also adjust the blinds when you are not at home and that will save your energy.

These solar curtains also have an energy-saving mode which will stop heating the room when the environment it off the home is already warm.

3) Chicology Continuous Loop Beaded Chain Roller ShadesChicology Continuous Loop Beaded Chain Roller Shades

Many people have the issue that solar curtains are not good looking. And they are shiny and not attractive. But this solar curtain is very good in looks.

And it has been introduced in the market in various sizes from 24 inches to 60 inches.

This curtain is mounted from both sides and it contains a metal beaded chain that will help you to operate the curtains very easily.

These blinds are made by focusing on solar efficiency as well as stylish designs. It is made up of such material which will have a good time with you.

This solar curtain is made to protect from UV rays and make your home cool. It is available in the market in different sizes and designs and it is one of the unique modern solar curtains.

This solar curtain is a helping hand in reducing your bill with a unique stylish design.

4) Chicology Free-Stop Cordless Roller Shades

This is the second product from Chicology in our solar curtain list. Have you ever thought that you just lift your finger and the solar curtain starts working?

Yes in this solar curtain you can operate without lifting the shades with the help of a string.

The solar curtains are very easy to install and also light in weight. The solar curtains are child and pet friendly which is a unique feature not found in any other curtains.

These curtains are easily available in the market in various sizes and three different colors.

5) Grandekor Window Blinds Cordless Roller Shade 

This is the fifth solar curtain on my list. This curtain is popular in the market because of the feature that it can blackout a hundred percent in your home.

The fabric of the curtain is very special which does not allow the light to get inside the home.

The main purpose of this curtain is to maintain privacy in the room and do not allow light to get in. This solar curtain can protect your home from UV effects.

You can find this product in the market in 3 colors grey white and black. 

This curtain blocks sunlight and UV rays to get inside your home. This curtain is coated with silver material which blocks all these rays.

You will find a spring-loaded mechanism which will help you to control the curtains. This curtain does not have any cord to control. There will be a spring system that will help you to operate.

6) Thermalogic Ultimate Thermal Energy Saving Blackout Window Curtain

These are very popular solar curtains which can block a hundred percent sunlight and make complete blackouts in your home which will help you sleep without light and you will not get disturbed.

It also reduces your electricity bill and keeps your home cooler than outside. It is made up of polyester and it also has a feature for stopping noise coming inside.

These curtains are available in the market in different sizes and also have different colors available. These curtains are very friendly and easy to control and operate.

If you want a complete blackout with a cool environment you must buy this curtain and make your life easier.

7) AMAZING Sleep Well Blackout Curtains Toxic Free Energy Smart Thermal Insulated

These solar curtains are easily available on Amazon for customers who want to purchase. These solar curtains have different sizes and colors.

It has very good features in it especially it can blackout your room completely and also save your electricity bill and make your room cool.

This curtain is made of a material that will not allow sunlight to get in and do not make your room warm. It is very efficient and saves your energy e by not using cooling and warming machines. 

There are many other curtains available in the market with these features but this curtain is very good because it does not allow sound to pass through it. And it also maintains your privacy with all these efficient features.

8) Radiance 2310012 Patio Curtain

This is one of the best solar curtains on my list. This curtain has the best features among all. It is made up of such material that will not allow sunlight to get in and also protect your room from UV harmful rays up to 85%.

These curtains are available in the market in different sizes and are very friendly in operating.

These curtains are easily available on Amazon and you can order them by shipment. 

The purpose of solar curtains is to save energy and make your room or house cooler than outside.

And do not allow sunlight and noise to get in and if all the features are available in any product then you must purchase that and do not think anymore this is the curtain that you are looking for stop searching anymore and just buy it.

This is one of the best curtains on my list.

9) Utopia Bedding Blackout Room Darkening and Thermal Insulating Window Curtains

These solar curtains are made for complete blackouts in your room and also so make your room noise proof with the quality which will make your room safe from sunlight almost a hundred percent.

When it will not allow sunlight to come in it will also reduce the temperature of your room and keep the room cool. It is available in different colors and sizes on Amazon and other E-Commerce sites. 

It is easy to install in your house and it is made of such thermal material which will reduce your bills as well as the temperature of the house.

This curtain is very popular on Amazon and a large number of customers are buying it. You can also visit Amazon for purchasing.

10) RYB HOME 2 Layers 100% Blackout Curtains

This is the last solar curtain on my list. It is also one of the best solar curtains available in the market with reasonable price and best features.

This curtain makes your room safe from UV rays and sunlight and makes the room complete blackout and they ensure 100% blackout because of the material the curtain is made of.

It protects your house from UV rays which are harmful to your house.

This container is made of double layers that protect your room in summers as well as in winter. In summer it will keep your room cool and not allow the warm sunlight inside and in winter it will keep the environment warm.

This curtain is easy to install in your house and has the best features like saving from sunlight UV rays and is also cost-effective.

It will save your bills and also keep the environment cool and will also reduce the temperature.

How to Choose the Best Solar Curtains for Your Home?

Decide how far above the window you want the curtains to rise before you take out the tape measure.

You have to select the best solar curtains for your home with the help of this article because we suggest you with the best solar curtains for your homes that look attractive and beautiful.

They all have different features and designs which gives an elegant look to your room.

You can select these curtains according to the season like if you want to purchase it for winters so it comes with the features that warm your room.  


In this guide, we have covered 10 best solar curtains with the best features. That will make your room cool and reduce your temperature and electricity bills.

Some of the curtains are beautiful and designed, some are cost-effective and efficient.

Some curtains are technologically very sound and it can also get connected with mobile applications and you can operate them from mobile phones and Google.

We hope that this will guide you for the best solar curtain and you can easily buy them from Amazon and other e-commerce sites on the internet.