10 Best Solar Lamp Posts to Consider in 2021 – (Complete Guide)

Everyone desires to make his house as beautiful as he can. For this, he has to do several things such as buying good furniture and other decorative items.

But for the outer beauty, he tries his best to give a touch of sophistication to his garden front yard or pathway.

This touch of sophistication is given by the solar lamp posts. At night the solar lamp post illuminates your garden or your front yard.

These solar lamp posts are one of the most essential things that you must provide your garden so that it can give an amazing and mesmerizing appearance.

In this article, we will provide you a detailed description of the best solar lamp posts that will surely give you the required touch of sophistication in your garden. You just need to install them and you are done.

These are not like the traditional post lights which consume too much power, with the Solar light post you save your money without breaking the bank with electricity bills.

Solar lamp posts are available in many sizes and shapes, with different levels of power, features, and modes.

Do not worry, we will give you a detailed description of the features modes, size, and shapes of all the best solar lamp posts. Going through our list you will surely be overwhelmed.

So, let’s get started with our list of the best solar lamp posts.

Best Solar Lamp Post Reviews!

Best Solar Lamp Posts


The Top 10 solar lamp post that you must consider in 2020 are:

1- Gama sonic GS-98B-S-WB solar lamp post

Gama sonic GS-98B-S-WB solar lamp post

First of all let me tell you that since 2001, Gama sonic is one of the best companies known for the construction and design of the best solar lamp post.

So without any doubt, Gama sonic GS-106PL is one of the best models for your front yards and gardens.

The length of this best solar lamp is 77 inches. Its body is made up of aluminum which is covered with a powder-coated black. It has a rust-resistant body.

Now let’s talk about its durability. It has a reliable lithium-ion battery which gives you almost 3 years of stunning performance without creating any problem.

This solar lamp post consists of monocrystalline silicon solar cells on its top with which its battery gets charged with sunlight every day.

This sunlight is converted into the electrical energy with which you get the light in the night.

It provides you 18 lumens of light. This light is completely automatic, and turns on automatically at night and turns off automatically with the sunrise.

That’s the most wonderful feature is that it has a very beautiful planter base. With the help of this planter base, you can install it easily as compared to the other lamps.


  • Planter base
  • Rust-resistant cast aluminum construction
  • 10 to 12 hours of light


  • No warranty

2- Kemeco ST4311AHP 6 LED Cast Aluminum Solar Lamp Post Light

Kemeco solar lamp post

Another remarkable addition in the solar lamp post was made by kemeco. That is a simple but very decorative and beautiful lamp post.

Its components are the head, top, middle and bottom posts, base, and planter base. This simple composition makes a perfect and convenient for practical installation.

This solar lamp post has 6 efficient LED bulbs with fore monocrystalline solar cells for charging on its top.

These monocrystalline solar cells consist of three integrated Ni-MH batteries. The capacity of this battery is 2300 mAh which can give you a light for all night when fully charged.

But you must keep in mind that when you charge this then post for the first time then you must keep it in the sunlight for almost 24 hours.

Its 6 LED bulbs give you a sophisticated view of your yard and garden. Moreover, it is also having a classic cast aluminum design.


  • Plastic planter base
  • 2300 mAH battery
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • 6 solar LEDs


  • It doesn’t have a warranty

3- Sterno Home Solar lamp postsSterno Home Solar lamp posts

The next in the list of best solar lamp posts are the Sterno home solar lamp post which provides you with an innovative solution designed that lightens up your driveways yards and gardens.

It consists of four integrated amorphous solar panels. These panels when exposed to the sunlight, convert the sunlight into DC electricity.

This DC electricity then gives power to the three AA nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries.

Then finally these lamp posts provide you light from dusk to dawn.

It’s also having a rust-resistant cast aluminum construction with the black powder coating to give a sophisticated and elegant old-fashioned look.

It can also resist the harsh weather due to its plastic lenses.

It provides you 50 lemons of light which is fair enough to give remarkable ambiance to your driveways, garden sand yards.

It has 12 white LEDs which gives you a cool light for a long period without creating any problem.

The other wonderful thing is that they are very reliable and very easy to install.

They do not require any electrical wiring as all its parts are already integrated. You just need to place it in your required place.


  • Four amorphous solar panels
  • 12 LED lights
  • 1-year warranty
  • 50 lumen of light


  • Expensive

4- GIGALUMI Hanging Solar Lamp PostsGIGALUMI Hanging Solar Lamp Posts

This best solar light has a very beautiful vintage look. Its beautiful hanging design increases the beauty of your outdoor space. It comes in a set of 6.

These lights consist of a jar, fairy lights, and lids. You can easily install these lights on your deck patio or any other outdoor space. With its hanging design, you can easily move them anywhere.

It can provide you illumination for almost 8 hours if you have charged it fully.

Its waterproof design makes it very attractive. So if you want a decorative solar light then this is your best choice.


  • Decorative design
  • Hanging design
  • Can be installed easily


  • Expensive

 5- Gama sonic GS-106PL solar lamp post

Gama sonic GS-106PL solar lamp post

This is also one of the best solar lights available which can be installed within your garden or onto your home in three different ways.

You can install it as an outdoor wall bracket or on a lamp post and also on flat surfaces.

This is the reason we have added to the list of best solar lights because of its reliability.

It can give you a light for almost 10 hours with the full battery charge.

It has a photocell sensor that will automatically turn it off at dusk. It is also economically the best choice.

It provides you 130 lumens of bright light. The other wonderful thing about this light is that it requires very little maintenance.

Once you install it, leave it to the sun.


  • Versatile mounting
  • Low maintenance
  • Attractive and unique design
  • Automatic operation


  • None too specific.

 6- Kanstar Street Vintage Solar lamp postKanstar Street Vintage Solar lamp post

The next recommendation list of best solar lamps is the Kanstar 65 street Vintage. It is a simple but very beautiful solar lamp post for your garden.

For the people who want a functional and aesthetic solar light for their yard and garden, it is a perfect choice.

It has a rechargeable AA nickel-cadmium battery installed on its top. Its capacity is 800 mAH.

This battery gets charged with 4 installed solar cells when you expose them in the sunlight.

It has three LED bulbs that provide you cool and bright light. The solar lamp post operates automatically.

It turns on dusk and automatically turns off at dawn.

The other wonderful feature which this light provides is that you can easily adjust it according to your wish. So, this solar lamp post can be a perfect choice for all lighting purposes.

Moreover, you can also adjust the direction and the intensity of the light which makes it more perfect as compared to the other solar lamp posts.

The pole of this lamp is made up of aluminum with stainless steel finish on it.

Whereas the top of the lamp is made up of plastic.


  • Stainless steel finish
  • Adjustable direction and light intensity
  • Adjustable height
  • Nickel-cadmium battery


  • No warranty

 7- iGlow Solar lamp post

iGlow Solar lamp post

Coming towards the next best solar lamp post. The next on the list is the iGlow outdoor solar lamp post for your garden.

It is famous for its stylish design and ultra-bright light up to 100 lumens. It provides this ultra-bright light with the two SMD LEDs.

These wonderful LED light bulbs can give you almost 100,000 hours of light. It is estimated that it can last for 15 years without any fault.

The solar lamp post comes with an automatic sensor that detects the absence of light and turns on these 2 LEDs automatically, which provides you the 100 lumens of bright light.

Another addition is that it has a crystalline solar panel which is much better in technology than the other ones, providing you a much better conversion rate.

Now talking about its construction. It is made up of rust-resistant cast aluminum which can resist almost any type of harsh weather.

It makes it durable and reliable. It comes with the grounds spikes with which you can very easily install it by burying it into the ground. It doesn’t require any electrical wiring as well.

You must surely consider it’s wonderful features and go for it.


  • Crystalline solar panel technology
  • Automatic sensor
  • 100 lumen of bright light
  • 15 years of operation


  • None too specific

8- TruePower Solar lamp postTruePower Solar lamp post

The other affordable and recommended solar lamp post is the TruePower solar lamp post. It comes with various adjustable height options which can be 3 feet, 4 feet, and 5 feet.

The solar lamp post also uses the crystalline solar panels which are much better in technology.

These solar panels use 3 nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries.

Its battery capacity is also massive with 1800 mAh of energy capacity. With this message capacity, this solar lamp post provides you bright light for almost complete night.

It consists of 6 LED lights. Coming towards its construction, it has a wonderful rust-resistant and UV aluminum design that can resist any harsh weather.

It also automatically turns on the light in the absence of light with the help of automatic sensors. Moreover, it also has an on/off switch for manual use as well.

The other thing which you must keep in mind is that when you charge it for the first time, you must keep it in the sunlight for almost 2 days to ensure full charging of the battery.


  • Adjustable height
  • 1800 mAH massive battery capacity
  • UV and weatherproof aluminum body.
  • 6 LED light bulbs


  • No warranty

9- Aloveco Solar LightsAloveco Solar Lights

The next on our list is a decorative, as well as security, featured solar lamp post.

First of all, discussing its design, they have a retro look and a super sleek design.

They are a perfect choice for your front porch or entrance of your house.

They are available in two colors and both are worth considering.

Talking about its functionality, it has a very advanced way of operating.

When no one is under these lights then they will be a flickering flame, and we’ll turn into white lights as soon as someone comes under it and turns off automatically after 30 seconds.

It offers your coverage of 120 degrees with a distance range of 3 to 5 meters.

These solar powered motion security lights have three solar panels with a battery of 2200 mAH capacity.

They are completely automatic and will turn on at sunset and turn off, during the day automatically.

It has a total of 87 LED bulbs which provides you with the super 6000k brightness.

The most amazing part is that it comes with a massive 2 years’ manufacturer warranty and 30 days of the money-back guarantee.

So, go for it without thinking anything.


  • Decorative design
  • Automatic 2 in 1 sensor motions
  • 6000k brightness
  • 2 years’ massive manufactures warranty


  • None too specific

10- Solar Smart Creations solar lamp postSolar Smart Creations solar lamp post

Solar smart creations have provided us with the wonderful model of the solar lamp post.

It has a wonderful triple head design which makes it a perfect choice for any public and residential purposes.

The other wonderful feature which it offers is the double nickel-cadmium battery of 800 mAH battery capacity.

It means that the total of 1600 mAH battery capacity is given by it providing a full light from dusk to dawn.

Talking about its construction, the heads of this lamp is made up of UV powder coated plastic which makes it water-resistant and protects it from the rainy season as well as any solar radiation.

It also provides you an adjustable height feature. The height can be adjusted by adding a removing the sectional poles.

Doing this you can have any height between 26 inches, 37 inches, 48 inches, and 17 inches.

You can also adjust the direction of the light by either pointing it up or down.


  • Two nickel-cadmium batteries
  • Adjustable heights
  • Triple head design
  • Adjustable light direction


  • No warranty

Choosing a Solar Powered Lamp Post – 5 Things to Look For

Solar Powered Lamp Post

Before choosing a solar lamp post for the garden, you must look for these things:

Battery Lifespan:

This is one of the most important features that you must consider before buying a solar lamp post. You must look for a structure that you have to purchase only once in a lifetime.

The LEDs usually last for 7 to 15 years. The solar cells last for almost 20 to 25 years. Whereas the battery lasts between two to three years.

Battery Capacity:

The other thing which you must consider is the charging and discharging time of a battery which is directly related to the capacity of the battery.

If you live in an area of high sun exposure then you must have a higher capacity battery.

But if you live in an area of bad solar resources then low capacity batteries would be your best choice.

Lumen Output:

Lumen output must also be considered as these are the outdoor lighting sources.

Lumen is the intensity of light that comes out from a single source.

In simple words, lumen tells you about how bright, the light will be.

If you want to buy the best solar lamp post then its lumen value must be between 50 and 300 lumens.

Things to Consider When Installing the Outdoor Solar Lamp Post:

Solar Lamp Posts

Now if you have bought the solar lamppost of your choice. We will also guide you about the things which you must consider before installing it.

These are things to consider:


As we know that these lamp posts used solar light as the source of energy. So you must place them according to your solar resources.

You must place your lamppost in a place where it receives the maximum amount of sunlight in the daytime.

You must not locate it in a place where there is a shade of trees, your neighbor’s house, or your house.

If you place it in a shady area then it won’t be able to charge and work.

Desired Height:

If your solar lamp post has the adjustability feature.

Then you must choose the highest pot for your solar lamp post as it will provide your advantage against the shading of the trees and the nearby objects.

Mounting System:

In solar lamp posts, there are two types of mounting systems. The first one is the planter base and the other is the anchor system.

The planter base acts as the support of your light post with which you can install it either on the ground or on concrete. So to make it’s stable you can feel it with thick dirt or rocks.

In the anchor system, you bury your lamp post into the ground using the large stakes.

The difference between both is that using the planter base you can install your solar lamp post very fastly whereas the anchor system requires time but it is more secure and can resist the strongest winds.

So you can use any of the mounting systems as per your desire.

Lighting Capacity

First of all, you must keep in mind that the purpose of this lamp post is to add a touch of sophistication to your garden and not to provide the maximum lighting performance.

So when you install your solar lamp post you must keep in mind the effective lighting capacity of your area.

Activating Manual Switch:

For the first use, you must activate this switch early in the morning and turn it off the first night to give it a full charge.

Then turn on the automatic operation on the second night.

How Many Lumens Are Required?

As discussed before that lumen is the intensity of the light that comes out from one source. It determines the brightness of the light.

Usually, for residential purposes, the amount of lumens required is below 200 lumens.

You must keep in mind that the lamp post is not made to give you the maximum amount of light just light the security lights which usually have the lumens values above 1000 lumens.

But they are made to add a remarkable ambiance and a touch of sophistication to your patio, front yard, or garden.

So fewer lemons are required. If you require soft light for your garden, then lumen values up to 100 are good enough.

But for a brighter light, you require human values between 150 to 200 lumen. Triple headed models give you even high lumen value up to 300 lumens.

How to Safely Change the Lamps Battery?

The battery of a solar lamp post requires replacement after two or three years of operation.

We will also tell you the procedure of changing your battery and a very simple way.

You just have to follow these steps:

  •   The manual switch of your lamp post must be turned off
  •     Remove pole sections and the lamp head of your lamp post.
  • Then remove the top of the LED light fixture by unscrewing the screw caps.
  •   The battery will be located on the backside of the cap, unscrew it
  •     Then remove the battery gently.
  •     Then place the new battery.
  •     You must make sure that the new battery which you are installing must be of the same type, having the same capacity and voltage as of the previous.
  •   Then attach the light fixtures the lamp had and the pole sections on its place.

You are done with replacing your battery with the new battery.


I hope that I have made myself clear in all aspects. Every bit of information is authentic, thoroughly researched, and described in the simplest manner.

Yet, if something is left unclear, ask us. And we will try our best to make it clear.