10 Best Solar Pool Skimmers Reviewed: A 2021 Guide!

The trend of having a swimming pool in a house is necessary nowadays.

Wanting a swim but the sea is not available around or near you, so build your own swimming pool and enjoy swimming in it. Swimming pools are built in different sizes and in different designs.

There is a drainage system also so that you can change the water and nowadays warm swimming pools which play the part for you to take a hot bath also.

So, clean water is necessary for the pool or else there will be garbage or leaves stuck to your body which might be hazardous.

Long handle nets are there to clean the swimming pool from leaves, wrappers, etc..

but this required a lot of hard work, to avoid this hard work automatic cleaners were introduced that would clean the pool within a few hours.

These cleaners worked well and powered through electricity. Solar-powered pool cleaners were made to save electricity and remove access bills.

These cleaners have been good but the main downfall for that is run by electricity.

Solar-powered pool cleaners are best advised to save your electricity and it also lightens the burden on your pocket. It is usually a one-time investment.



Best Solar Pool Skimmers of 2021:

Best Solar Pool Skimmers

The solar-powered pool cleaners are not only quick but are saving a lot of electricity also. They can clean a large size pool within 3 to 4 hours easily.

All they need is bright sunshine to work fluently.

The interesting part is that they don’t need to be controlled, they move by themselves towards the dirt or garbage with the help of sensors and small turbines that move them around the pool.

Solar panels are attached at top of it so it can charge itself and use the power and converts them into electricity to move its fans.

A tray of the net is there underneath the cleaner that catches the garbage.

No need to charge it also as it has a solar panel to power itself. Just pull out the tray underneath the cleaner and remove all the waste from it, put the tray back in it and use it again.

It’s that easy! So there are the top 10 products that are doing this workaround in many locations.

1- Solar Breeze – Automatic Pool Cleaner NX2 Cleaning Robot

Solar Breeze – Automatic Pool Cleaner NX2 Cleaning Robot

All pools catch debris from the surroundings which is quite harmful to the skin.

This automatic pool cleaner can wipe out the entire waste from the pool. NX2 can navigate the pool and moves along with it so that it can clean the pool from debris, dirt, and leaves.

It is durable as it has a long-lasting solar panel installed on it, hard light plastic so that it can float and a tray underneath to catch the dirt, leaves.

This product does all of your work in 2 to 3 hours max.

What We Like:

  • It can move by itself towards garbage
  • Remotely controlled
  • Upgradeable and can be customized with ease.
  • Can control this cleaner with a phone also

2- Floatron Solar Powered Pool Cleaner, Natural Mineral Copper Ionizer

Floatron Solar Powered Pool Cleaner, Natural Mineral Copper Ionizer

This solar power pool cleaner not only cleans your dirty pool but also balances the chemical inside the pool water. It controls the amount of chlorine in the pool.

This product is environmentally friendly and can also be maintained at a low cost without any problem. Cordless floating around the pool with ease.

This product safes your swimsuit from color fading and saves your skin from chemicals present in the pool.

Very astonishing product and can clean your pool from garbage also within a few hours.

What We Like:

  • Don’t need to be changed manually 
  • Recharges the battery by itself using solar power
  • Spreads copper to control chlorine
  • Can be maintained easily

3- SOLAR BREEZE NX Robotic Solar Pool Cleaner

SOLAR BREEZE NX Robotic Solar Pool Cleaner

This automatic pool cleaner removes 95% of debris from the pool. This model can store energy and use it after the sun goes down.

This solar pool cleaner can clean the surface very efficiently and intelligently.

This cleaner can move quickly and don’t even have any expensive filter in it and it costs less than nx2 but is stuffed with technology which is upgradeable.

White color uses 2 solar panels to power itself and uses no cords or cable to charge but it charges itself and moves with navigation.

What We Like:

  • Clears the surface within few hours 
  • Moves through navigation where waste is their
  • No cord or cables are there, totally cordless

4- SolaSkimmer – Automatic Pool Cleaner That’s Solar Powered

SolaSkimmer – Automatic Pool Cleaner That’s Solar Powered

Powered by solar energy. This cleaner is at 4th number due to its design which is quite good as compared to others. Moves a little slow but saves the electricity more.

This thing can maneuver in tight spots. Tough built quality seems more like a printer.

The great thing about this product is that it can go to inground pools and above ground pools without any problem. Can be maintained easily.

Saves your money as compared to those ionizers and robots and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

What We Like:

  • Saves money as compare to ionizers
  • Can move inground pool and above ground pool easily
  • Tough built quality solar panels

5- No more green technologies Original Solar Pool Ionizer

No more green technologies Original Solar Pool Ionizer

The product has a filter underneath itself that catches the dirt, leaves, garbage and waste. This product solar panel is the most reliable and durable than the other competitors.

It uses no such chemical for cleaning the pool and no such difficult maintenance is required for it.

The cleaner releases copper which kills the algae present in the pool and never disturbs your pool vinyl. It can cover a larger pool, spreads copper to balance pH and work quickly.

Its copper electrode will last 2 years for efficient work.

What We Like:

  • No such toxic chemicals are used in it
  • Balance the chemicals in water by itself
  • Smart technology used for efficient work

6- Pool Ecologix Solar Pool Ionizer

Pool Ecologix Solar Pool Ionizer

No hassle at all! This pool ecologic solar pool cleaner cuts 80% of chlorine from the pool by using nature’s power, that is the sun rays.

An anode is underneath the water that spreads copper used to kill algae straight from the pool. No more costly filter to buy anymore as this one uses microbial ions of copper to clean the pool.

Heavy-duty solar panels are used to absorb sunlight and bring power to itself and work freely. 

What We Like:

  • Kills algae by anode underneath it that releases copper
  • Heavy-duty solar panels to power itself
  • Filterless no need to clean it after it does the work

7- BLUE WORKS Solar Ionizer Powered Natural Pool Clear Purifier 

BLUE WORKS Solar Ionizer Powered Natural Pool Clear Purifier 

This brand is one of the most reliable and trusted brands in the market of solar pool cleaner.

It requires little maintenance and is durable as it is built with tough materials and uses solar power to operate itself.

This one stops algae from growing and removes the leaves and wastage from the pool. Spreads copper as it is an ionizer and reduces the level of copper and prevents from eyes burning and skin problems.

leave it alone for a while and see the magic of what it does.

What We Like:

  •  Solar panels charge the anode so it can release copper for reducing chlorine 
  • Ionizer technology is fast and reliable
  • Doesn’t release any toxic chemicals
  • Can clean the pool within few hours

8- Skimdevil – Robotic Pool Surface Cleaner

Skimdevil - Robotic Pool Surface Cleaner

This one uses 2 solar powers to power itself. It floats like a boat around the whole pool and cleans everything which comes in its way.

This one uses a lot of technology, it can be controlled by phone and can be operated while sitting in the next room.

Customizable and upgradeable this product is top of the line model in cleaning a pool. No hoses or cables needed it can move around.

Leaves nothing behind its stylish body can take it anywhere and can remove algae, pollen, leaves etc.. in minutes.

What We Like:

  • Upgradeable technology 
  • Cordless and no hose are used 
  • Clears the pool from algae
  • Stylish unique shape with two solar panels

9- Remington Solar Chlorine-Free Sun Shock Water Purifier

Remington Solar Chlorine-Free Sun Shock Water Purifier

One of the best pool cleaners from the market. It can clean and purify the water. No toxic chemical is used for cleaning.

This round shape purifier saves clothes from fading and saves your time from those sipping electric pool cleaners. This cleaner has a solar panel on top of it and is waterproof.

It is easy to maintain also. Just leave it on its own and you’ll find your pool clean after you came from work. Algae resistant can also remove dirt from corners. 

What We Like:

  • It saves clothes from colour fading
  • Saves electricity as it powers from solar panels
  • Can fit in corners and can remove dirt 
  • Self-powered can clean the pool without any hesitation

10- DR Global Solar Pool Ionizer

DR Global Solar Pool Ionizer

Cleans the water quickly and removes the algae from the bottom and corners of the pool.

This product is small and round in shape and can easily move in tight corners without any problem. Burning eyes and itching issues are also resolved by this little solar pool ionizer.

Lowers the number of chemicals present in the pool makes it look crystal clear. This product is durable and reliable and is built for long life.  

What We Like:

  • Lowers the number of chemicals present in the pool
  • Stops chemicals for making skin problems
  • Durable and reliable built for long life.

A Complete Buying Guide for Solar Pool Skimmers:

Best Solar Pool Skimmers

These solar-charged robots are protecting the environment and are saving electricity. New models are introduced after the success of the previous one or new upgraded version is made.

There are models that work by themselves and remove all the hurdles easily. Built-in a unique design and with the latest technology installed in it.

These products are helpful in places where there is a problem with electricity. People are moving towards them fast as they have many good reasons in them, some of them are;

Built & Design:

The pool cleaners are equipped with the latest technologies and with great tough light material which helps them to float along with the pool while cleaning it.

Digital display for a battery. A filter installed underneath which catches all the garbage and waste in a pool. Some are round in shape while some are in rectangle and square.

Solar panels with the same shape are installed in them for a better look. Lightweight solar panels are used so that it can float easily.

Solar panels absorbing raw sunlight, making it recharge and making it store more charge for extra late work in the dark if necessary. 

Technology Upgrade:

Each solar pool cleaner has its own technology used by its company in it. They are much smarter than the cleaner and move according to it.

These solar panels are not much costly and can be remotely controlled as well and are upgradeable easily as new navigation sensors are installed in them.

Each one has its own display and tells you about the battery and charge left in it. But you don’t need to charge them they are self-controlled and can charge themselves whenever they are low on battery.

Solar panels charge the battery and then the current is passed down to its system from there it navigates the pool. There are small fans or you can say little turbines which makes the solar pool cleaner move.

Skimmers VS Ionizers

So the major difference is that ionizers use power from solar panels to release copper and silver particles into the pool with a metal strip.

This ionizer process kills the bacteria inside the pool water for clean swimming.

When metal stips are powered with current they do their job by releasing copper and silver and removing chlorine.

While skimmers are on the top and bottom of a pool which works by capturing debris and algae.

The skimmer basically sucks the pool water from the bottom and throws it from the top one so that any debris may not stick to the bottom of the pool.

How Do Solar Pool Skimmers Work?

It moves around the pool with the help of navigation installed in it.

The skimmers used nowadays are remotely functioned and can be operated by your phone also.

It catches debris, leaves, pollen with an open space in it where all the garbage goes and sticks inside it. It can clean the pool within a few hours and can also be upgraded and customized.

The solar panel installed on it is the latest one and is waterproof also. The skimmers are designed to do hard work.

Advantages of Solar Pool Skimmers:

A solar-powered pool cleaner is a new addition to pool technology which consists of an automatic machine to sweep any smudges or spots from the surface of the pool. 

  • It saves you money.
  • This skimmer also saves you time.
  • It does not leave any debris in the pool.
  • It makes you free from manual labor for cleaning the pool.
  • After the initial investment, you are almost free to use it as it is a solar-based skimmer.
  • It reduces the maintenance budget of pipes.
  • These products are extremely safe to use as these are harmless for kids or pets.
  • It uses the latest technologies and cleans your pool in a more effective way.

Summing Up!

Long handle nets are being replaced by solar robotic pool cleaners.

They are efficient and are great at looking after them by themselves.

Most of the people are admiring the new technology and have also moved to it.

They have replaced their electricity sipping robots with solar-powered pool cleaners, they are cordless and are not heavy, durable and reliable.

They are not so costly either and are self-sufficient. Low maintenance and can store charge in it if you are cleaning at night they can work with you without any hesitations.

Digital display and can fit in tight corners for removing algae. Their filter can be cleaned easily. Waterproof solar panels are not heavy but light so that they can float easily on the surface.

These solar-charged pool cleaners are the future and are coming with new models and upgrades.

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