10 Best Solar Powered Calculators In 2021 – Review & Guide

Math is everywhere but in different forms. Some are limited to basic math but some are solving complex math problems.

It depends upon your position. If you are a student then you are familiar with standard math.

Also, if you are a businessman or working in a finance department, you need financial math to create business plans.

In short, no matter what you are doing, if your work is related to math then you need a calculator. Having a simple calculator is easy but it lasts for a short time.

You need to buy the new one in a period of 4 to 5 months. It also depends upon your use.

To resolve this problem, manufacturers introduce solar-powered calculators.

These calculators are available at a reasonable price and have a long life as normal calculators.

In this article, some best solar-powered calculators are discussed.

Also, at the article end, we give you the guide to buying the appropriate calculator for you. Let’s start our discussion.

Best Solar Powered Calculators Review:

Following are the top ten solar-powered calculators. Each calculator has different functionalities.

But all are available at a reasonable price range. Let’s take a look at them to make it easy for you to choose one.

1. Helect Solar Desk Calculator with Standard Function

Helect Solar Desk Calculator with Standard Function

In a finance department, a calculator is the most essential item. It helps both the accountant and professionals to perform calculations.

This Helect calculator is one of the best calculators that work with solar power. It is made with all the important functions to make sure all people can use it. Anyone can use it easily to get efficient results.

By using this calculator, daily math general problems can be solved easily.

If we talk about the balance sheet, then this calculator will give you accurate results of tax, and profit margin.

Also, you can perform all other functions of currency conversion.

The size of this best solar-powered calculator is so accurate that you can put it in your bag or place it on the desk.

Its dual power battery allows it to run for a very long time. When you place the calculator in the direct sunlight.

Its batteries get charged and in the dark with the help of charged batteries this calculator will work efficiently.

The numeric and function keys have an appropriate size.

Moreover, it has a large display that shows 12 digits in the answer. It is available in three different colors like orange, blue and black.


  • The calculator has designed according to the human ergonomics
  • Its power mechanism is two way
  • It has a large display and big keys
  • The mat is anti-slip


  • For small hands, big buttons are not appropriate

2. Casio Basic Folding Compact Solar

Casio Basic Folding Compact Solar

If you want a calculator the gets fit into your pocket. Then Casio folding solar-powered calculator is the best option for you. It has all the functions to fulfill your requirements.

The size of the calculator is equal to the other solar-powered calculator but by folding you can reduce its size. When its size reduces you can put it in your pocket.

The display of this calculator shows 8 digits and the key size is larger than other folding calculators. If someone has weak sight, he can easily see numbers on these calculators.

This calculator has all the basic functions. The batteries of this calculator are solar-powered. To charge the batteries place the calculator under direct sunlight.

The batteries will charge automatically so that you can this calculator in dim light. When you do not use the calculator for 8 minutes, to save the power it will automatically go to sleep.

All the features of this Casio’s calculator do not have any effect on memory.

Moreover, after every 3 digits, there is a comma marker. This calculator also includes a square root and percentage key.

This calculator has a small size but it gives accurate results without any mistake. Due to this reason, it is better than other solar-powered calculators.


  • It has a compact design
  • Keys are large so that everyone can read easily
  • All the keys are made of rubber
  • You can fold the calculator to put in the pocket


  • It does not have a backlit

3. EastPin Basic Solar

EastPin Basic Solar

For desk use, EastPin solar-powered calculator is best to use. Because it has a large display that shows 12 digits. Also, it has the power of 2-way.

You can perform any basic calculation by using this calculator easily. The manufacturer of this calculator has a good reputation in the market.

It means the calculator has a good quality and is free from every type of error. You can run this calculator by using both solar energy or battery.

To charge the battery, place the calculator under direct sunlight. When batteries get charged, you can use the calculator at night. When you do not use the calculator, to save power it will automatically go to sleep.

The auto turns off feature helps to save the battery of the calculator so that you can use it for a long time.

With a 12-digit display, it becomes the best option for a student, teacher, businessman, or any person who wants to solve a math problem.

It is easy to use the calculator because everything is written on the keys. Users can easily enter the input and get the desired output.


  • Button design is long
  • LCD shows 12 digits clearly
  • Easily available
  • Work on both battery and solar energy


  • After some time, keys will start to stuck

4. Casio ms-80b Standard Function Solar

Casio ms-80b Standard Function Solar

The other best solar-powered calculator for desk use is the Casio ms-80b calculator. It comes with a finish of silver-metallic. For official use, like in offices, finance students, and in the bank, this calculator is designed.

Most people prefer using a scientific calculator because excel is not a user-friendly software. You need proper knowledge to use excel easily.

The keys are made soft so that the user can comfortably use them and do not press any wrong key. Also, the size of this solar-powered calculator is appropriate.

This calculator gives precise results. The keys are made of plastic and produce a little sound when you press any key. In this way, you will know whether you press the key or not.

Moreover, from the key sound, you can check that if the key is pressed twice or you press the wrong key.

Along with basic calculation, you can perform high perform calculations on this calculator.

The display of this calculator shows 8 digits. It means you will not have a single problem while using it. To read easily, the display is kept curved with a 25° angle.

The calculator size is not very large. You can easily keep it in your bag. You can run this calculator on both battery and solar power.

There is no specific shutdown button, to turn off the calculator. When you do not use the calculator, to save power it will automatically go to sleep.


  • Have a finish of silver-metallic
  • Keys are soft and create a sound on pressing
  • It is easy to read the result from the curved display
  • It is memory independent


  • It does not have a backlit

5. Sharp electronics 8-digit twin powered calculator

Sharp electronics 8-digit twin powered calculator

To keep in a bag or pocket, sharp electronics manufacture the best solar-powered calculators. This calculator has an 8-digit display and it runs on both solar energy and battery.

The design of the calculator is user friendly and have a good finish.

It works best for both students and office professionals. This best solar-powered calculator can perform all the basic functions.

Moreover, this calculator comes with a hard protective case to protect the calculator. Due to the cover, this calculator looks like a small book.

Also, in your pockets, you can keep this calculator due to the small size. With the 8-digit display, you can see the results. There is no OFF button.

After some time, when you do not use the calculator it will power off, to save the calculator’s battery. Due to this feature battery will not end in a short time.

All the keys of this calculator are made of plastic and give a nice feeling when the user touches it. This calculator has a 3-key memory. One is clear or recalls the memory.

The other two are memory + and memory -. This calculator has enough features to fulfill all your requirements.


  • It has an 8-digit and 0.5″ LCD
  • Comes with a protective power
  • It runs on both solar power and battery
  • It has a 3-key memory


  • For large hands, this calculator is not the best option

6. Canon LS-82Z Handheld Calculator

Canon LS-82Z Handheld Calculator

To solve the higher-level math problems, you can use the Canon LS-82Z solar-powered calculator. This calculator is multipurpose. To solve the business math problems, it is the best option.

When you are calculating something and the customer is standing at your head. Then this moment becomes frustrating for you. You may make mistakes in the calculations.

To solve this frustrating issue, this calculator calculates problems in the short possible time. You can easily enter the input to get fast and accurate results.

You can also show the output to your customer. This calculator has all the functions that you may require. It brings ease to your life. Moreover, it has a unique feature in the % key.

This feature is +/-. It means you can directly add or subtract the percentage. The size of this calculator is portable, you can easily carry it.

It works on both battery and solar power. By keeping the calculator under direct sunlight, you can charge the battery. To save the battery, the calculator will automatically shut down.

There is no specific button to power the solar-powered calculator. When you do not use it for 7 minutes, it will do to sleep. The design of this calculator is made according to human ergonomics.

With the facility, you can perform all of your daily life calculations easily and in a short time. It is available in attractive color combinations.


  • The display is upright and large
  • It works on battery and solar power
  • Have advanced functions to solve a high-level math problem
  • Keyboard design is comfortable


  • The size of the calculator is small

7. Casio Inc.HS8VA Standard Function Calculator

Casio Inc.HS8VA Standard Function Calculator

To solve the basic math operations Casio Inc. HS8VA solar-powered calculator is the best option. It has a simple design so that everyone can use it without any problem.

The size of this calculator is small which means you can carry it anywhere. It contains all the important function to solve your basic math problem.

This calculator comes with a large display of 8-digits. It is efficient in storing the data. Unlike other solar-powered calculators, this calculator shows the previous results.

Even when you turn off the calculator, you still see the previous answers.

There is not Power off button. When you do not use the calculator for 8 minutes, it will power off.

You can keep it in your jeans pocket due to the small size. After unboxing the calculator, you can use it with the battery.

Also, you can recharge the battery by placing the calculator in solar light. If your calculator has a charged battery then you can use it at night time.

The style of this calculator is not fancy but it can solve all your mathematical problems. The buttons are made of plastic to make you feel comfortable.


  • It is easy to use
  • You can easily read the output
  • The design is simple
  • Works efficiently


  • For big hands, this calculator is not suitable.

8. Casio FX 260 Solar II scientific calculator

Casio FX 260 Solar II scientific calculator

The first solar-powered calculator is the Casio FX 260 solar II scientific calculator. It is the best calculator that can perform multiple math functions.

These functions include basic, fraction, and trigonometric functions. The design of this calculator is old but it can solve all the latest problems.

But the design is so satisfying. Students can easily use it in the exams. It has all the advanced features to solve high-level math problems.

This calculator has a 2-line and 10-digit display. To solve multiple problems this calculator has 2 additional digits. Moreover, this calculator comes with a hard case.

Due to this case, your calculator screen remains protected. So, if accidentally, you drop your calculator it will not get damaged. Before you use the calculator, read the manual.

It comes with solar cells. Due to solar cells, you can use the calculator for a long time. To run this calculator, no additional battery is needed.

This calculator comes in two colors pink and black. So that both girls and boys use it. If you can not afford the extra money to buy the solar-powered calculator then you can get this one.


  • Available at a reasonable price with multiple functionalities
  • It has up to 140 functions
  • Comes in two colors, pink and black
  • The design of the calculator is classic


  • Under low light, solar cells do not work efficiently

9. Casio Scientific Calculator

Casio Scientific Calculator

To solve the scientific math problems, you can use the Casio scientific calculator. It comes in black color and has more than 140 features.

It can solve logarithms, trigonometric, and other functions along with basic math. The buttons are sensitive and soft. It gives you the facility to edit your input.

So that you can see whether your input is correct or not before calculating it. To deal with complex math problems this calculator is the best choice.

It comes with a 10-digit display. Two numbers are default in this calculator. In reading the output, you will not have a single problem if you use this calculator.

Moreover, you can solve multiple formulas and math equations in it, which makes it the best solar-powered calculator. In a short time, you can have accurate results.

Because it takes time to write the equation every time you solve the same type of question. You can just enter the values and calculate them. Unlike other solar-powered calculators, this calculator works well in weak light.

The size of this calculator is compact. You can carry it anywhere due to its manageable size by keeping it in a bag or a pocket. This calculator is mostly used by students and professionals at the office.

The calculator comes with a hard case to protect the calculator screen. So, if accidentally you drop the calculator, the screen will not get a break or even get a scratch.


  • It has a 12-digit display
  • Keys are soft and sensitive
  • It has more than 140 functions
  • The design is thin and compact


  • Works efficiently in direct sunlight

10. Casio SL-300SV Standard Function Calculator

Casio SL-300SV Standard Function Calculator

If you do not have the budget to buy the costly solar-powered calculator. Then Casio SL-300SV calculator is a valuable option for you.

It can perform all the standard math functions. Also, it is available in the appropriate size so that you can keep it anywhere. Even you can carry it by putting it in a bag or a pocket.

The display is so good that you will have no complaints about it. By seeing its multiple functions, you will surely love it. As a worker in the finance department, you should have this.

Because it can calculate profit margins, square roots, or every other function that is used in the financial calculation. Students can easily use this calculator during their exams to solve a complex problem.

The keys of the other calculators start to stuck when you use them for a long time. But the keys of this calculator made soft.

By using an adhesive strip, a cover is joined with the calculator. So that the solar-powered calculator remains safe from external or internal damages.


  • Keys are leveled and color-coded
  • The calculator performs multiple functions
  • A back cover is attached with it
  • Durable material is used in the construction


  • Numbers in this calculator are narrow

Best Solar Powered Calculators – Buyer’s Guide:Best Solar Powered Calculators

Many best brands are available in the market that produces the best solar-powered calculators. If you have a feeling that all solar-powered calculators working are similar then it is not true.

Each calculator is made with different functionalities and has a different price range. It is not an easy job to buy the right calculator for you. From the market, you buy a simple calculator for yourself.

While you want to solve complex math problems. In this case, your choice is wrong and also you waste your time and money.

Before selecting anything, it is convenient to write down all your needs. It will help you to select what features you want in a product. Then get that product from the market.

Here will tell you some factors that you should keep in mind before buying a solar-powered calculator. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Math Functionality:

The basic purpose of a calculator is to solve math problems. But some are limited to the standard functions while some can perform complex problems.

It depends upon your requirements. Have a calculator that can solve both simple and complex math problems including finance calculations. Like tax calculation, square root, etc.

Always go for the scientific calculators. Because they have more than 140 functions. You can solve any type of complex problem by using a scientific calculator.

Moreover, you can store the math formulas and equations in it. So that you do not have to write the equation every time you solve the same kind of problem.

2. Portability:

Portability depends upon your use. Whether you want to use a calculator on a desk or you want to carry it from one place to another.

As an office going person, you required a desktop calculator. You can easily place a calculator on a table and perform all your calculations.

Without carrying the calculator, you can do your work efficiently. But if you want to carry it.

Then prefer a foldable calculator. Because by folding the size of the calculator reduces.

Also, you can put the folded- calculator in your pocket to carry it with you.

3. Power Source:

Many people want to get solar-powered calculators. But these calculators do not have a battery. You can only use these calculators under direct sunlight or all day.

But at night time you can not use these calculators. The reason is that there is no light source through which the calculator gets the power.

To solve this problem many calculators, have dual power systems. They can run under sunlight or in a dark light. During the daylight, you can charge the batteries.

So that in the night, the calculator will run perfectly on a battery. Some calculators have an automatic turn-off option. Due to which their batteries remain safe for a long time.

4. Price:

The other most important thing that you should consider while purchasing a solar-powered calculator is your budget. If you do not afford to have a costly calculator then choose the cheap one.

But the cheap calculator should fulfill your requirements. First, know about your requirements. What you want in a calculator. Because there are also some low price calculators are available that perform all type of functions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Following are the most asked questions about the solar-powered calculators. These are the general questions. Have a look at them if you have any confusion.

Are calculators solar powered?

Yes, calculators are solar-powered. They use solar cells to work efficiently. These calculators have LCD to show the output of the calculation.

The reason to use to LCD is that it takes less energy. Moreover, you can not properly use a solar-powered calculator in dim light as there is no energy source.

Do solar-powered calculators last forever?

It depends upon your use. The maximum time limit of the solar-powered calculator is 10 years. The main purpose of a solar calculator is that it can last for a long time.

Also, users have other issues rather than a battery issue. But like every other thing, solar-powered calculators have a time limit. After that, they stop working or keys start sticking with each other.

Can solar calculators die?

Yes, solar-powered calculators also die. When the energy of solar cells ends, then the calculator stops working. But you can place the calculator in direct sunlight to provide energy to it.

What is the most accurate calculator?

The accurate calculator should solve all the complex problems in a short time.

For this requirement, we suggest Casio scientific calculator. It has more than 140 functions and available at the appropriate price.


Having a calculator is necessary for a busy life. It helps us to solve complex math problems in a short time. We can use the calculator anytime and it is easily available.

Selecting the right calculator is not a difficult task. You should remember all your major requirements before buying. Due to this, you can select the right calculator that fulfills all your requirements.

A scientific calculator is a good choice in all cases. The reason is that it is from the most trusted brand and has 140+ functionalities. The chance of error is almost zero and you can use it comfortably.

The design is classic that takes you in the old time. But it can solve all the new math problems. Anyone related to the math field can use this calculator without having any problem.