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The Best Solar Powered Security Cameras

Safeguard your outdoors with these solar-powered security cameras.

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Everyone wants security for their home, even more so if you have a family. Conventional cameras may rely on grid energy and have more models to choose from, but a solar-powered alternative can often be the best choice. This is because traditional cameras, apart from consuming more electricity, need additional accessories to work, such as running cables, power outlets, and fixtures that can be expensive especially on large properties. Enter solar-powered security cameras. Not only do these devices not binge on your power bill, their solar panel tech means that no additional cords or wires are needed. They are perfect to monitor multiple angles of a large property: a warehouse, barn, farm, construction site, or any off-the-grid property. They also possess all the features a regular camera delivers such as motion sensors, WiFi connection, real-time surveillance from your phone, and more. Pair a solar-powered security camera with solar security flood lights, and your house will be as safe as it can be.

Editor’s Picks

Before we take a deep dive into the list of the best products, let’s quickly take a look at what are the products that excel in various categories.

Ring Stick Up Cam Solar-Powered
Best Overall
Ring Stick Up Cam Solar-Powered

A product doesn’t simply become Amazon’s choice until it has all the ratings on top of all essential and extra features. Ring Stick-up camera is the best overall security camera on our list as it is packed with a ton of features. These include live-view with wifi connectivity, a Ring protection plan, easy installation, and most importantly compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa.

REOLINK Argus Wireless Solar Security Camera Systems
Best Premium Choice
REOLINK Argus Wireless Solar Security Camera Systems

REOLINK Argus has been chosen as the best premium product on our list. It doesn’t miss anything thing that other brands have to offer. In fact, it offers the same features in better build quality. Wireless connectivity, ring alarm, night vision, custom app, indoor and outdoor installation options, and most importantly a two-year warranty.

ieGeek Outdoor Solar Security Camera
Special Mention
ieGeek Outdoor Solar Security Camera

ieGeek has manufactured a product that is highly effective and efficient when it comes to safeguarding your home. It has stunning PIR detection sensors along with a night vision camera. It has a custom app as well that allows you to connect to the camera anywhere and anytime.

How Do Solar Cameras Work?

Instead of using traditional grid electricity, solar cameras harness the sun’s energy through high-grade solar panels (sometimes built directly into the camera’s exterior). The accumulated solar energy is converted into DC (Direct Current) by the solar panel’s solar cell, and then inverted into AC (Alternative Current), thus creating a viable power source that powers the solar camera.

Depending on the model and quality of the camera’s panel, solar cameras can generate power even in sub-optimal weather conditions (rain, sleet, cloudy weather and even snow in some cases). Obviously optimal conditions mean faster charging and better performance but all modern solar cameras (especially the models reviewed on this list) are durable gadgets built to perform in all kinds of unpredictable atmospheric conditions.

We should add that all latest models of solar cameras have alternate or backup power sources that include USB ports to recharge as you would your laptop and phone or eco-friendly rechargeable batteries that are also charged by the panel.

Do Solar Security Cameras Need WiFi?

The short answer is no as most solar security cameras do not necessarily need WiFi to function. With that said a ready connection to WiFi has four huge advantages:

  • A much easier installation and configuration through use of apps, as opposed to a more manual approach.
  • Instant alerts can be sent in real time to from the security camera to your person .
  • The possibility of remote live viewing from your smartphone.
  • Easily accessible and secure Cloud based storage .

A steady WiFi connection in this day and age is an obvious advantage but not having any internet connection at all is by all means not the end of the world. In fact, non-connected solar camera can actually present some advantages. Most solar cameras with an SD card can still record motion detection events and store them. Also a non-connected storage system is basically impossible to hack when compared to a Cloud-based storage system.

Top 5 Solar Powered Security Cameras In 2021

The Best Solar Powered Security Cameras Reviewed

Now that we’ve identified the best of the lot, let’s go through the descriptions of products on our list as well as their pros and cons.

#1 REOLINK Solar Powered Security Camera System

  • Brand: REOLINK
  • Alert Type: Motion Only
  • Wireless Communication Technology: 4G
REOLINK Solar Powered Security Camera System

REOLINK is one of the most popular brands that produce home security cameras. This solar-powered security camera is 100% wire-free and can work anywhere with 4G/LTE coverage. It can rotate 355° horizontally and 140° vertically for wide-range area monitoring. It has a rechargeable battery that charges with solar power using solar panels. It has a wide-angle PIR motion sensor that makes sure no movement will slip through without your notice. If anything passes through its vision, it’ll notify you promptly.


  • Un-tethered mobile security
  • Solar-powered rechargeable battery
  • IP camera with 4G LTE connectivity
  • 2-way audio
  • Advanced motion detection


  • Highly expensive
  • No warranty

#2 Ring Stick Up Cam Solar-Powered

  • Brand: Ring
  • Real Time Notifications
  • Works With Alexa
Ring Stick Up Cam Solar-Powered

Ring has manufactured some of the best solar security cameras and this stick-up cam is no exception. This solar-powered security camera allows you to see, hear and speak to people from your phone, and tablet. With live view, you can check in on your home any time through the Ring application. It comes with an optional Ring Protect Plan that records all your videos, reviews what you missed for up to 60 days, and shares the recorded content as well. This solar security camera can be easily set up and paired with Alexa for added security.


  • Custom privacy features
  • Live view
  • Comes with a versatile mounting bracket
  • Easy installation
  • 2-way talk


  • No customer service

#3 REOLINK Argus Wireless Solar Security Camera Systems

  • Brand: REOLINK
  • Starlight Night Vision
  • Two-way Audio
REOLINK Argus Wireless Solar Security Camera Systems

REOLINK never disappoints with its diverse variety of solar-powered security cameras. This particular security camera doesn’t need multiple power options as it uses solar panels to charge its batteries to take care of your security needs. It uses WiFi technology to connect with your devices and comes with a night vision camera with great image quality. It is easy to install and comes with a two-year warranty.


  • IP cameras with WiFi connectivity
  • Night vision camera
  • Easy to install
  • 2-year warranty
  • Records 1080p HD video


  • Highly expensive

#4 ieGeek Outdoor Solar Security Camera

  • Brand: ieGeek
  • Wireless Communication Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
ieGeek Outdoor Solar Security Camera

ieGeek solar-powered security cameras come with upgraded 15000 mAh batteries. They are 100% wireless meaning they use wifi to connect with your devices and share the 1080p HD recorded videos with you. This solar-powered security camera comes with a highly sensitive SPM detection sensor that provides you real-time alerts. It uses solar panels to obtain solar power to charge up the batteries. It comes with two-way audio and thus, you can talk with someone through the cameras even when you are not near it.


  • 15000 mAh batteries
  • IP camera with WiFi connectivity
  • Motion detection sensors
  • Highly durable


  • No warranty

#5 REOLINK Solar-Powered Security Camera System

  • Brand: REOLINK
  • Alert Type: Motion Only
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Rolling 7-day Cloud Storage
REOLINK Solar-Powered Security Camera System

REOLINK solar-powered security cameras come with a two-year warranty so that you don’t have to worry about defective products. This solar-powered security camera smartly works with Google Assistant. It uses WiFi to connect with your devices as well as for saving your data into cloud storage. It comes with a free cloud plan that provides 1 GB of cloud storage to safeguard your recorded data. This home security camera has starlight sensors for night vision as well as PIR motion detection sensors to detect movement near your home.


  • Compatible with Google Assistant app
  • IP cameras with WiFi connectivity
  • Smart motion detection camera
  • Free rolling cloud storage for 7 days
  • 2-year warranty


  • Low durability

#6 REOLINK Outdoor Solar Security Camera System

  • Brand: REOLINK
  • Starlight Night Vision and Wide Angle
  • 1080p Full HD with 110° wide
REOLINK Outdoor Solar Security Camera System

REOLINK has manufactured some of the best solar-powered security cameras for the safety and security of their customer’s homes. As you may have noticed, this particular security camera is not the first REOLINK product on the list. But it is just as effective as other models in its family. In fact, it is an updated version of REOLINK Argus 2 as well as REOLINK Go. Like all other security cameras on our list, it comes with various common features including WiFi connectivity, solar-powered batteries, night vision, remote access, and a two-year warranty.


  • Wifi, 4G-LTE, and 3G GSM network connectivity
  • 7800 mAh battery capacity
  • Night vision camera
  • 2-year warranty
  • Upgraded version of REOLINK Argus 2
  • Remote access


  • Expensive

#7 SOLIOM Solar-Powered Security Camera

  • Brand: SOLIOM
  • Water Resistant
  • Auto Focus
  • 1:3 Zoom Ratio
SOLIOM Solar-Powered Security Camera

SOLIOM outdoor security camera is a modern home surveillance camera that is the first line of defense for your home. This security camera comes with a night vision camera as well as an accurate PIR motion detector sensor. You can save many videos to cloud storage as well as a microSD card that’s connected with the WiFi. It is easy to install as well.


  • Night vision solar-powered security camera
  • WiFi and microSD card connectivity
  • Easy installation
  • Full 1080p HD videos
  • 2-way talk


  • No warranty

#8 ZUMIMALL Wireless Solar-Powered Security Camera

  • Brand: ZUMIMALL
  • 1080p Resolution
  • Two-way Audio
ZUMIMALL Wireless Solar-Powered Security Camera

ZUMIMALL solar-powered security cameras have made it onto our list because they have all the features you look for when buying a home surveillance camera. The rechargeable battery charges on solar power while a PIR motion detection sensor safeguards your home. This solar-powered surveillance camera comes with 4 sharp LEDs that help in recording sharp videos at night.


  • Wireless security cameras
  • Wifi connectivity
  • PIR motion detection sensor
  • Night vision camera


  • Low build quality

#9 SOLIOM Wireless Solar-Powered Security Camera

  • Brand: SOLIOM
  • 1080p
SOLIOM Wireless Solar-Powered Security Camera

SOLIOM solar-powered security system has a battery capacity of 8700 mAh. Its camera is highly effective and efficient during the day as well as night thanks to the PIR motion detection sensors as well as night vision capability. This product is one of a kind in the market as it offers almost all standard features while being sold at a lower price. This allows SOLIOM to rack up the orders and thus, it’s difficult to find this great product on its online store. Also, there are no delivery charges in the US.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Cloud storage for recording duration videos
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Night vision cameras


  • No warranty

#10 FUVISION Solar-Powered Wireless Security Camera

  • Brand: FUVISION
  • 1080p
  • 2.4G WiFi
FUVISION Solar-Powered Wireless Security Camera

Lastly, on our list, the spotlight has been taken by the FUVIOSION security camera. It is yet another great camera with a 12000 mAh battery capacity. It comes packed with all essential features including a night vision camera, motion detection sensor, IP65 certification, and WiFi connectivity. It is listed at a very affordable price on the market. All-in-all, it’s one of the great solar security cameras, worthy to be mentioned on our list.


  • PTZ home security camera
  • IP65 resistant
  • Strong night vision
  • 12000 mah battery capacity


  • Less durable
  • No warranty

Solar Powered Security Cameras: Buyer’s Guide

Solar-powered security cameras have way too many benefits to list in one article. Not only are they powered by the sun (meaning no grid connection), they are also easy to install in a DIY fashion, can be placed virtually anywhere sunlight reaches, and rival regular cameras in video performance. There are some factors (we’ve broken them down to four) to consider before making a solar camera an integral part of your security system.

Video and audio recording features

Video and audio recording features such as quality, range, and video recording length are obviously of paramount importance for solar security cameras. Most next-gen solar cameras operate at very a high definition rate around 1080p full HD. Different models will have slightly better or worse quality and additional features such as watermarks with the date and hour. The range and angle of the field capture are just as important with most solar security cameras (such as the options on this list) spanning between 33 and 50ft and 110° and 160°.

Adding secondary solar lights such as a spotlight or floodlight can also help improve feed quality at night time. Night vision and infrared led lighting are features present in all cameras reviewed so making the right choice is somewhat simplified in that respect, though some models obviously have better capabilities than others.

Motion security detection

The defining feature of a solar security camera or any security camera is its motion sensor technology. We have seen how different models approach this factor. The most comprehensive models use infrared vision at night to scope out potential intruders and are connected by Wi-Fi and/or roaming (3g, 4g, and increasingly 5g) send prompt alerts directly to your phone in real-time.


What good is a security camera system if you can’t access what it has filmed? All current models of solar security cameras retain advanced storage systems that can be accessed manually through USB or Micro SD slots or the brand’s cloud storage reachable by your account or company app. Storage memory is often a defining feature to consider before purchasing your first or next solar-powered security camera.

Durability and Design

By durability we mean the robustness of the materials used to make the actual camera and any optional item that comes with it. Look for devices made in ABS polymers (very resistant thermo-plastic outer case) and with a high IP rating (used to define external threat resistance such as water and dust). Generally speaking, solar panel products are designed to last a long time, even in poor weather conditions. The design of a solar camera is also much more important than just appearance. Depending on what use you need for a camera, an inconspicuous camera is great for capturing footage of intruders without even letting them know they’re on camera. A more bulky build will be more visible but might deter unwanted guests on sight alone.

Final Verdict

The bottom line is that solar-powered security cameras are the future with their technology improving constantly. Ring’ Stickup Solar Security Cameras are wireless and offer easier installation (no wiring, drilling, or technician help needed). These wireless solar security cameras can be easily hidden, unhindered by visible cables and wires. Remote properties can be easily checked on through Wi-Fi and apps. As a bonus for security, solar security cameras are almost impossible to hack, while the wires that power conventional security cameras can be cut or trimmed. These cameras have night vision as well as a motion sensor. Finally, these solar cameras give an added aesthetic value and are part of the green alternative that is pervading all aspects of life, including security systems.

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How easy is it really to install a solar powered security camera?

The answer is incredibly easy. Wireless solar powered security cameras can be easily installed without the help of technicians. Most come with either magnet or screw fixtures to be easily placed virtually in any spot of your home. Connect the camera to the internet and app and your good to go.

How resistant and durable are solar cameras?

More than conventional ones for sure. Being unhindered by traditional circuitry and being built with resistant polymers makes most high-end cameras extremely resistant to outside elements, with specific models even being built for use in winter and colder regions.

Is there any advantage a regular camera system has over a solar camera system?

A short answer would be no, a realistic answer would still be no with one caveat. Wi Fi signal between home and solar security camera can worsen with bad weather, incorrect placement or wall thickness. That is why it is very important to choose carefully where to place your camera. Then again as all solar security cameras are movable, the issue can be quite easily resolved.

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