10 Best Solar Powered Radios in 2021 (Review)

Here we have shared the Top 10 Best Solar Radio of 2020!

In case of emergencies, you must always include a radio in your survival kit.

It is because it will always work if you are under a natural disaster situation and the communication networks are restricted or not active.

In this type of situation, a battery-based radio is not suitable because it will work as long as you’re having power.

But if you are out of power then you will need a replaceable battery for emergencies.

So in these cases, it is highly recommended that you must buy a solar radio.

Solar radio is a small radio which is powered by photovoltaic panels. This wireless radio is greatly useful in remote off-grid areas.

Solar-powered accessories have become very important nowadays as they help us in saving energy and to tackle the energy crisis.

These solar radios offer you many advantages as compared to the other radios. A few of these advantages are long life span power conservation and compact size.

It can easily replace your conventional radio as it provides many amazing features to its users.

The Solar radios also have the LED and or better in volume and size than the traditional radios.

With these radios, you can easily take your news, sports, music, political discussion, or educational programs wherever you want to go.

You need not worry about missing your favorite radio program while going on some holiday, a party, hiking, boating, hunting, fishing, swimming for some volleyball match.

You can easily take these portable solar radios anywhere. It is also a blessing during natural or man-made disasters because you will also be able to take emergency precautions in case of these disasters.

Best Solar Powered Radios Review!Best Solar Powered Radios

Let’s get started with the real stuff, shall we?

In this article, we will provide you detailed guidance on these solar radios. We will also describe all the features of the top 10 solar radios available in the market.

Everything will be described in an organized manner. After reading this article you will surely be able to pick the best solar radio for yourself.

So let’s get started with the detailed review of 10 best solo radios available.

1- Kaito KA500 Solar Radio
Kaito KA500 Solar Radio

This is one of the best solar radios available in the market. We have placed this product on the top of a list because of its amazing and wonderful features.

It offers you all the features which you require.

This solar radio is not only a perfect choice for disaster situations such as climatic disasters, or in a situation of a power outage, but this is an ideal choice for outdoor activities as well.

Solar radio has three AA batteries. You can charge these batteries but different methods.

The most amazing feature of this radio is that it can also act as an alert system because it is having an integrated high-quality AC brushless generator.

This AC brushless generator, allows you to recharge your solar radio using the hand crank methodology. In this hand, the crank methodology is used in a small lever which generates electricity.

So you can also charge this solar radio with the help of your hand very easily.

Moreover, you can also charge this solar radio with an AC power outlet, because it is having an AC/DC adapter port.

And finally, you can also charge it with the sunlight using the integrated solar cells as it is an inexhaustible source of energy on our planet.

You can adjust the tilt angle of your solar panel up to a range of 180 degrees.

So with this range of adjustability, you can easily adjust your solar panel to the optimum tilt angle to get the maximum and best performance.

It has 7 pre-programmed weather channels. Moreover, you can also get AM, FM, shortwave, and even NOAA weather stations on this solar radio.

All you have to do is to turn on the switch and listen to it.


  • Compatible with all stations
  • 3 charging methods
  • Flashlight included
  • 180 degrees angle range


  •   Some longevity issues.

2- RunningSnail Solar RadioRunningSnail Solar Radio

The next in our list of the best solar radios is the RunningSnail Solar Radio. It is a high quality solar powered radio which will act as your companion and many dangers and emergencies.

It is a beautiful green color and features three AAA batteries. This solar radio will keep you alerted in cases of tornadoes hurricanes and other severe weather conditions.

It’s most amazing feature is that you can also charge it by using an integrated dynamo, a direct USB. The other way of charging is solar power harvesting.

It has a battery with a massive capacity of 2000mAH which will provide you almost 12 hours of light and four to six hours of radio time when it is fully charged.

The other wonderful feature of this solar radio is that it has an SOS alarm with flashing red light. It’s flashing red light. It will help you to ask for help if you are under an emergency.

Moreover, with its micro USB cable, you can charge either your solar radio or your other devices as well, such as your smartphone.

In simple words, we can also say that you can use this portable solar radio as a Power Bank, which is quite a wonderful feature.

It also features a 180-degree angle range with which you can easily adjust your optimum angle.


  • SOS alarm feature
  • Used as Power Bank
  • 2000 mAH massive battery


  •   No statement of waterproof

3- FosPower Hand crank Solar RadioFosPower Hand crank Solar Radio

The next in our list is the FosPower Hand crank Solar Radio which is also one of the best solar radios available in the market.

Like the previous product, it can also act as a portable Power Bank for your smartphone or small tablet by providing emergency power to it.

This solar radio has many power sources from which it can be charged. So you can say that you will always get it charged no matter what the situation is.

Among these most valuable power sources, one of the most simple is a hand lever, which provides the power to a small dynamo which then charges the battery.

It also provides you 180 degrees of angle range with which you can easily adjust the optimum angle for having the best performance and as much sunlight as you want.

Finally, you can also charge it with an AC power source which in turn can also charge your electronic devices.

The other amazing feature is that it has a 1-watt flashlight on the front side. Moreover, it also provides you 4 LED reading lights with which you can easily read something in dark or these can also provide you light at the campsite.

This already will also alert you from weather forecasts and emergencies.


  • 3 modes of charging
  • SOS integrated
  • Four LED reading lights


  •   Quality control issues

4- Sangean Solar RadioSangean Solar Radio

The next in our list of the best solar radios is the Sangean Solar Radio. This simple device is developed to provide help under the power outage conditions.

The most amazing feature due to which we have added it into our list of the best solar radios is that it has a beautiful bright LCD screen display and also an AM/FM/WX tuner.

Moreover, it also has 19 preset channels which are mixed between AM and FM.

It also has the three modes of charging which are hand cranking, USB, and the final and absolute solar energy.

It has a small lithium-ion battery which has a capacity of 850 mAH. It has a solar panel that is integrated on the upper side of this Solar radio.

It also provides a sense of safety as it is the capital of receiving the public alert certified radio alerts.

These alerts make people aware of any harsh weather or natural disasters.

Moreover, this already also offers you a built-in LED flashlight. Most amazingly it also has emergency buzzers due to which you can make the people aware of any emergency or casualty.

With all these safety measures you should surely go for this product.


  • 3 charging options
  • 19 preset radio channels
  • Emergency buzzer


  • Doesn’t have an adjustable tilt angle

5- Safe-T-Proof Solar RadioSafe-T-Proof Solar Radio

The next in our list of the best solar radios is the Safe-T-Proof Solar Radio. This is an extremely portable solar radio which is a gift for outdoor lovers.

The most amazing feature of this radio is its unique structure and practical design.

It has the next level portability as it is having an integrated handle so you can easily carry it wherever you want very easily.

It is very helpful under natural disasters and always keeps you alert from bad situations.

It offers you many amazing features. These wonderful features are a flashlight, a cell phone charger, a blinker, and a siren alarm. This means that it has all the safety accessories with it.

Moreover, it also has three modes of charging. It can be charged by hand cranking by a DC source or by solar power.

With its USB port, you can easily use it as a power bank for your smartphones.

The most amazing feature of the Solar radio is that its solar panels are integrated inside the handle of this radio.

The solar panels have a transparent cover above them so this sunlight can easily approach them when you are holding them in the direction of the sunlight.

So all you need to charge them is to hold them in the direction of sunlight. This feature makes it much more amazing and reliable.


  • Extremely portable
  • Handle design
  • Solar panel inside the handle
  • Siren alarm and blinker integration


  • Control quality issues

6- Kozo NOAA Solar RadioKozo NOAA Solar Radio

The next product is Kozo NOAA Solar Radio which has been well known as one of the best solar radios.

This product has received many positive reviews because of its high quality and affordable price.

These are very lightweight and small radio which you can easily carry wherever you want.

This makes it a perfect choice for emergencies and bad weather conditions.

As it has been designed to be used outdoors so it also has all the three modes of charging so that you never run out of operation.

You can easily charge it in any condition or at any place. In simple words, you can easily charge it with the hand crank, USB, or by the absolute solar power.

So whenever you are out of one of the sources you can use the other one to charge it.

It has a 500mAh lithium battery which will provide you enough run time of the radio.

By using the hand crank you can also have enough run time of the radio.

According to an estimate if you spin the liver for almost 1 minute it means that you have spin it almost 130 times.

And it will provide you almost 80 minutes of the radio time and almost thirty minutes of the flashlight time.

The most amazing feature of this radio is that it also features an integrated antenna which is 15 inches in length.

With this antenna, you can receive the radio frequencies in any mountainous or any rural area.

So I think this is your perfect choice as this product doesn’t lack in anything. You must surely give this product a thought.


  • 15-inch long antenna
  • Compact size
  • Effective hand cranking


  • No statement of waterproof

7- Midland Solar RadioMidland Solar Radio

If you are looking for a very massive battery capacity solar radio then this product will never disappoint you.

This radio features a 2600mAH lithium-ion battery which is one of the largest capacity in solar radios.

As it features a USB port so you can also use it as a power bank. So it can easily become one of the longest Power Banks available.

With this massive battery, this solar radio provides 32 hours of radio time. So you can very well imagine its operational time.

Moreover, it also has 6 AA batteries, So if you are looking for a long radio time without getting any power source then you must not miss this product.

Now coming towards its other wonderful features. It also has an SOS flashlight which will be of great help in emergency scenarios.

It also features a bright LED of 130 lumens output which has a low and high brightness setting. So you can easily use it as a signal for requesting help. So it is having all the safety accessories as well.

The next amazing feature is that this solar radio is pre- synchronized with 7 NOAA weather channels.

This means that you will surely be alerted if there is any severe weather condition or natural disaster.

Moreover, it’s also having an LCD screen that shows the current channel, the volume settings and the battery level indicator.

The other most amazing feature is also having an ultrasonic dog whistle that you can activate in cases of emergencies so that the rescue teams can easily locate you.

I think if you are a man who can afford this product then you should not even think about the other products.

You must buy it if you want the best solar radio with all the best features.


  • The largest battery capacity
  • 7 weather channels
  • Ultrasonic dog whistle
  • 32 hours of radio time


  • Some issues with the signal

8- Greadio Solar RadioGreadio Solar Radio

Coming towards our next best pick. The next in our list is Greadio Solar Radio which is known to be the most portable and simple solar radio that is available in the market.

This radio can easily fit in the palm of your hand so it becomes very reliable and portable.

It is also having a very massive battery capacity of 2000mAh, so you need not worry that it will run out of power.

It also has all the three modes of charging so that you never run out of operation. So it can become a very effective power bank for your smartphone as well.

It is also having an adjustable tilt angle capability with which you can easily tilt your solar panel up to an optimum angle to get the highest amount of sunlight for the best performances.

Its battery can provide you 10 to 12 hours of radio term and almost 15 hours of flashlight time when it is fully charged.

The other amazing feature of this solar radio is that it has a 1-watt flashlight with a reading lamp which gives you almost the same performance as of the Solar flashlights.

It also features an SOS lighting alarm due to which you can give the signal too far off areas when in case of emergency and disaster.


  • 2000mAH lithium battery
  • 2 hours of radio time
  • Portable


  • Its design can be improved

9- VMEI Solar RadioVMEI Solar Radio

The next in our list of the best solar radios is a VMEI Solar Radio which can surely be a valuable option if you are looking for an effective solar-powered radio.

It is also having a very massive battery capacity 2300 mAH. This means that it gives you a maximum radio time and can also charge your smartphone up to 50%.

It also features an SOS alarm and a flashlight, with which you can alert other people about your location as well as you can see the objects at night.

It features all three modes of charging. The other most amazing feature of this solar radio is that it has an integrated compass. With the help of this compass, you can easily locate yourself in the area if you are under an emergency.

Moreover, it also features a headphone jack with which you can easily and listen to the radio without any disturbance.


  • Integrated compass
  • Headphone jackpot
  • 2300mAH massive battery


  • No statement on waterproof

10- CrazyFire Solar Hand Crank RadioCrazyFire Solar Hand Crank Radio

Finally coming towards our lost product. The last on our list is the amazing CrazyFire Solar Hand Crank Radio.

It’s number 10 on the list doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have that many features.

But on the other side, it will provide you all the features which we have mentioned in the other solar radios.

It features all three charging modes. With the hand cracking of 1 minute, you can get the energy for almost 10 minutes. It means you can easily get 15 to 20 minutes of radio time with it.

It also features 1 watt LED flashlight which gives 120 lumens of bright light so you can easily use it and dark conditions such as camping and hiking.

You can also use it as a power bank for your cell phones. Moreover, it also features an alarm in emergency scenarios which will be turned on if you keep the flashlight button pressed for 5 seconds.

It can access any channels within a frequency of 520 to 1710 kHz for AM and 87 to 108 MHz for FM.

Moreover, it also keeps you alert with all the bad weather conditions as it is connected directly to the nearest national weather service office.

The amazing feature is that it is also waterproof and its waterproof level is IP X3.

Moreover, it is also very economical so do not miss this product. Go and buy it.


  • 3-way charging
  • Waterproof
  • Alarm system


  • Cannot Multi-function while charging

How to Choose a Solar Powered Radio – 3 Features to Look For:Solar Powered Radio

We have described our 10 best solar powered radios in detail. With these reviews, you can easily select the best solar radios according to your own choice and requirements.

But you have to keep in mind that there are some factors which you must consider before buying these solar radios.

In this article, we will also provide you with complete guidance on the factors which are necessary to consider before buying the Solar radios.

Considering these important factors will cause a great buy according to your needs and requirements.

These necessary factors are:

1- Available Power Sources:

This is the most important factor which you have to consider before buying a radio.

As we know that the purpose of solar radios is to make us connected and alerted in case of emergency and disaster situations.

So in these emergency and disaster situations, we cannot afford to run out of battery or power.

So your solar radio must have multiple power sources so that pretentious its long performance and durability and extreme situations.

If one of the sources is not available at that time you can use the other source to charge. In this way, you can have your solo radio working in all conditions.

Most commonly sold reduce can be charged by using three ways.

These are the hand-cranking method, USB connections, and finally the absolute solar energy.

In the hand cracking method, you can get the power by simply spinning a lever.

This is the most effective and reliable source which you can use when you don’t have electricity or sunlight.

It must also be kept in mind that your product should have the solar panel with an adjustable tilt angle so that you can easily adjust it according to the optimum angle to get the highest performance.

Moreover, some of the products also offer you two types of batteries which are either AAA tech batteries or lithium-ion batteries.

This is also a very useful feature in case of a power outage. If one of your batteries runs out of power then you can easily use the other one without having to recharge it via a solar or AC source.

So these are very important factors which you must consider. Always go for our solar radio which has all of these charging battery sources.

Ensure that your solo radio can be charged in all the three ways which are mentioned above. Also, make sure that it must be having an adjustable tilt angle and both types of batteries for much better performance.

2- Working Time:

The next important factor which is very necessary to consider is the working time of your solar radio.

On a single charge, the solar-powered radio is designed to operate for as many hours as possible.

Some of the Solar radios provide four to six hours of the run time. These are the medium category of solar radios.

While some also provide you 10 to 12 hours of radio time. These are the best products available in the market.

So you must prefer these as they will give you the maximum radio time without running out of power in emergencies.

You must also keep in mind that you should not confuse yourself with the flashlight working time and the radio time.

The flashlight time is generally more than that of the radio time because it requires less power.

Use the flashlight only in the emergencies in which you cannot afford without the flashlight to save as much power as you can for your radio.

So before buying solar radio for yourself you must have complete knowledge of its working time and decide the Solar radio that matches your required radio time.

If you are a man who wants to use the radio for a lot of time and you buy a medium category radio time, then you will have many problems in charging it again and again and you will not feel comfortable with it.

In this case, buy a radio with the highest radio time available in the market.

3- Additional Features:

You must also keep in mind additional features that solar radio provides. Different people want different features.

So you must know which features you require the most. And then select the radio which provides all of your required features.

It is designed for both outdoor activities and emergencies, so you can easily combine it with your solar rucksacks or the attachment device.

There are many other additional features that solar radio offers. One of these features is a compass which helps you to locate yourself if you are lost somewhere and in emergencies.

The other is a dog whistle is also very helpful if you are lost or in some disastrous situation. With the help of a dog-whistle, the emergency teams can easily locate you.

The next edition feature is the SOS red light which will allow you to make the other people aware of the emergencies as it gives a red alert.

Headphone jackpots are also worth considering additional features as they provide you great ease in listening to your radio without any disturbance.

If you are a person who is addicted to headphones, then you must buy the Solar radio having this feature because you will not feel comfortable without it.

The other additional feature is the IP rating protection which also makes a great difference.

With this waterproof and weatherproof protection, you can easily use your radio in harsh rains and you can accompany it in disaster situations just like hurricanes and tsunamis.

If it is not waterproof, then you cannot say that it will work in harsh weather conditions so this is also very important if you want it for emergencies.

These all additional features must be kept in mind and you should make your buy according to your required features.

It is useless to buy a solar radio if you do not get your decision to feature. So go through our review in detail and select the product which offers all of your decision requirements.

How do Solar Hand Crank Radios Work?

Now coming towards the illustration of the working of a solar hand crank radios.

Usually, a solar hand crank radio works by using two mechanisms.

The first one is solar energy conversion and the second one is the dynamo.

First discussing the first mechanism which is solar energy conversion.

The working of solar energy conversion is the same as any other solar-based device. It is very simple.

All you have to do is to place your integrated solar panel under the adequate sunlight.

The solar cells inside your solar panel will receive the sunlight and will convert the solar energy into DC electricity which will provide the power to the batteries inside your solar radio.

When these batteries are fully charged they will provide power to your solar radio. That’s it.

The more intensity of sunlight, the solar cells get, the quicker will its battery charge and the longer you can use your radio.

Now discussing the second mechanism is based on a dynamo. Dynamo is an electrical machine.

When you spin the rotor of this machine with your hands by using mechanical force it generates DC electricity which provides the power to your battery.

This is a very wonderful feature in which you can get the energy by using your mechanical force.

This is very helpful and the emergencies where you do not have any DC electricity or the sunlight.

This dynamo is placed inside the structure of your solar radio and it’s spinning rotor is easily accessible to your hands. Generally, the rotor of The dynamo is connected with the small lever.

All you have to do is to spin this small liver which will spin the rotor and at the same time, it will generate DC electricity which provides power to your batteries.

This is the complete and simple mechanism of a hand crank.

How to get Weather Updates Using a Solar Radio?

As we know that the Solar radios are designed to make you alert from all the bad weather conditions and emergencies.

So you must be able to get all the weather updates on your solar radio. Most of the radios have pre-set channels that provide you all the weather alerts.

All you have to do is to tune your radio to those frequencies and you are updated with all the weather conditions.

But if you do not have these pre-set channels then you have to make yourself connected and tuned with the National Weather Service.

The national weather service sends the updates under the following frequencies which are

  •       16 2.400 MHZ
  •       162.425 MHZ
  •       162.450 MHZ
  •       162.475 MHZ
  •       162.500 MHZ
  •       162.525 MHZ
  •       162.550 MHZ

All the weather updates and emergencies are given on these frequencies.

You must keep yourself updated and must listen to one of these to protect yourself from all the harsh weather and emergencies.


I hope that you will be having a clear insight into buying the best solar radio for yourself after going through this detailed article.

We have tried our best to cover all the aspects in detail.

All the products which we have mentioned are the most reliable and perfect according to your needs.

Do not put a lot of emphasis on the price if you want to have the best solar radio for yourself. We have also given a detailed buyers guide.

Please consider those factors as well before buying a solar-powered radio as it will help you to buy the product which will exactly meet your needs.

All the information is authentic and thoroughly researched. All you have to do is to go through the article.

Yet if any query still remains then do ask. It will be a pleasure to clear all your queries.

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