10 Best Solar Robotic Kits In 2021 – (Complete Guide)

Solar Robotic kits a perfect gift for young children especially for those who love to learn and explore new things.

This gift is a perfect choice for them, not only it is fun but they get to learn and discover solar power and robotics.

They enjoy the freedom of making and creating their own solar robot. The solar robotic kits that I am going to review in this list are all certified as STEM learning items.

What is STEM learning item you may ask yourself, it is a discipline where they combine education of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Also, they demonstrate how all of these works when combined together in places like school, offices, economically, community, and mostly the workplace.

These toys are great for fun or for a classroom project and are also very safe for kids to handle.

It also provides an interesting way to teach young kids about technology.

With these kits, young children can get great lessons about solar power, engineering, and technology.

The kits are of for different ages, so when you are haunting for perfect one make sure you have the correct age in your mind.

Don’t pick up the kit that might turn out to be hard according to your ages. Pick up which is best suitable for you and a challenging one too.

I have come up with the lists of the solar robot children who have an age of 10 and older. So check out the appropriate one and the best model from it.

Best Solar Robotic Kits Review!

These kits have made on the top of my list according to their quality, durability, and versatility.

Also, we checked out the price tag for each individual kits to be affordable by all while having the best quality.

So with that being said let’s look at the 10 best solar robotic kits for all ages.

1- Discovery Kids 12-in-1 Solar Robot Kit

This kit is ideal for children who are at the age of 8 and above, this kit is a 12-in-1 solar-powered robot.

You can make up to 12 different designs of robots whether by yourselves or just by looking at the blueprints which they have already suggested for you. Accessories involved in it are plates, tires, gears, and shafts.

This kit is flexible and versatile and gives your children a great opportunity to build the robot of there dreams.

The great thing and probably the best part of it is that it gives kids to make a functional solar power engine robot, mini engineer.

The kit contains 190 pieces and with that kids can get creative, also older kids can get involved as well.

You need to be careful with these pieces by keeping it away from small children as the pieces could be swallowed due to its tiny size.

This kit is placed on the top of our list due to its versatility and suitability for all ages of kids.

The variety of the model allows kids to make the different design of the solar robot. Also, it has two float piece by which you can run them on water.

2- Robotime DIY Solar Power Robot Kit – BEST FOR AGES 14+

This robot kit is best for children who are under the age of 14 and above. This is a mini version of the real-life space rover.

This I an excellent kit and a project and spend the time with your kids and help them learn about space rover.

The full detailed instruction and pictures are provided in a blueprint. It is easy to quick and very easy to assemble.

How this robot work is by the solar panel when attached to it. You no need the use of power bank all it requires is a sun and its energy to power it up.

Unlike the previous, this model is unique due to its material. The whole parts of this particular kit are made up of wood and wood only.

The best thing about it is that once your children have lost interest you can recycle it. 

3- 4M Rover Solar Robot Kit

This robot kit is recommended for children age 8 and above. This kit has won a Design Award in 2016. You might be thinking why this one?

Why not the 12-in-1? Well, the answer to it is quite simple, it is due to the concept as it is made to recycle things.

This is more just a toy, with these kids can learn the way of recycling and science in making a functional robot.

This kit is entirely made up of recycled soda can, and it is very ideal for children who are gaining interest in mechanics.

Moreover, it is a good way to teach the young generation about alternating energy.

Once you have to build your car and connected it with a solar panel take it outside can place it in direct sunlight and watch the happen.

With this recycling process, you can come up with your own unique ideas and designs.

All you need is a soda can and a solar panel to make the amazing robot like this one. Go on! Be creative in your art.

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4- OWI 14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot

This kit is ideal for children who are at the age of 10 and above, this kit is a 14-in-1 solar-powered robot.

You can make up to 14 different designs of robots whether by yourselves or just by looking at the blueprints which they have already suggested for you.

Accessories involved in it are plates, tires, gears, and shafts. This specific model is two in one function as it can work in land and water.

Like others, this one is also powered and sponsored by a solar panel and solar energy. Kids can learn about solar energy and not only that elder can also engage in it.

5- Pica Toys Wooden Solar Power Robot Kit

This kit is also for children who are under the age of 8 and above. Like the Robotime this kit is also made up of wood so it is recyclable once your children are through it.

The unique thing about this is that it comes with remote control. This machine is versatile designed and it surely develops IQ and hands-on ability.

With the complete instruction and guide, this work of art is very simple to build. Your parents can get involved in making and have fun with it.

By this young children can learn about solar energy. Moreover, the wood is not treated with any sort of chemical so it is completely safe for children to use.

This kit is a Pica Toy and it comes in handcraft box which is completely recycled.

6- Thames And Kosmos Solar Mechanics Science Experiment Kit

With this kit, you can make more than you ever imagined. This kit offers you 20 models of cars, trucks, and even planes.

How cool is that, making 20 different models just from one kit.

This great for those young children you get bore with their toys quickly, because with this kit they can swap to other new models just by using the part and construction manual provided by this brand.

There are over 60 pages of manual from which your kids can easily build and construct all the models available.

Another great thing about this particular brand is the parts as they can fit other to other products of the same brand. 

7- TEDCO Tedcotoys Kids Activity 50-Foot Solar Ballon

This product is basically a huge balloon that you can easily inflate without any need for an inflation device.

All you need to do is go outside open up the balloon and let the breeze do its job pump the balloon up. 

Of course, the breeze will be warm due to sun heats and thus makes a balloon buoyant meaning letting it float like a kit.

This is a great experiment to teach your kids about atmospheric pressure, Pascal,s principle, and Bernoulli’s principle.

Let the children be amazed when teach them about these principles while inflating the gigantic balloon.

This truly a fun summer activity for children and even parents can join them.

8- OWI – Dodeca 12-In-1 Solar Hydraulic Robot Kit

This kit is ideal for children who are at the age of 8 and above, this kit is a 12-in-1 solar-powered robot.

You can make up to 12 different designs of robots whether by yourselves or just by looking at the blueprints which they have already suggested for you. Accessories involved in it are plates, tires, gears, and shafts.

You can make twelve different combinations of a Forklift or a T-Rex or even a Dodeca. The gearbox that comes in every kit offers a smooth movement.

The parts are easy to assemble and you can make all possible robots or perhaps can create one of your own.

There will be hydraulics introduced to kids and can learn its mechanism. All an all this is a fun gift for your young once.

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9- Thames And Kosmos Solar Car Set Science Kit

This is a fun gift if your kids are into car racing. It is a solar-powered racing car set by Thames and Kosmos.

The good about this product is that it is powered by solar and battery, so if you want to use indoor no problem at all switch to battery mode and you are all set.

You can build this masterpiece inside your apartment when it is chilling outside or you can build it outside during a sunny day and test its solar ability. Either way, it is a fun kit for indoor and outdoor.

10- ROKR Assemble Solar Energy Powered Cars-Moveable 3D Wooden Puzzle Toys

This kit is made out of the wooden jigsaw puzzle, where the wood is laser cut into pieces.

Since the material is wood you can do art and craft on it by painting or creating a unique design.

A white glue comes with a kit as it requires to attach the part with each other.

This kit is an echo friendly as it powered by solar energy and since the tool is static it doesn’t require a screw to join the parts

Best Solar Robotic Kits – Buyer’s Guide


Many of the kits come in different designs and blueprints so the builders, in which our kids have multiple choice of what type of robot they want to make.

There are many kits which comes in 4,6,12, or even 14 completely different design to construct their personal robot.

Children often get tired from playing with one specific toy so he or she has a great opportunity to turn her old ones into new just by removing all the parts and with it make a new model.

Now he or she can use his or her imagination and come up with an entirely new design or they can just look at the blueprints which they provided you. 

Rechargeable Models or Direct-Sun Only:

Most of these kits come with a solar panel making it a solar-powered robot kits.

You will need to keep it in the sunlight to make your robot to work.

But in some kits, they give an AA battery so what it does that the batteries can be recharged and make the solar robot work when the sun goes down.


The solar robot is an excellent choice as a lesson to teach young children about solar energy and its mechanism, but some brands have taken one step further in making their product as environmentally friendly as possible.

So they come up with a concept to make all of there parts in wood because sometime in the future your children will get tired and show less interest in it.

Hence you can recycle it in many different ways and reduce plastic waste.


These robotic kits are an ideal choice for your kit because not only they are fun to use but they can much educational stuff.

I seriously and personally prefer these toys as a gift for your child

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