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The Best Solar Robotic Kits

Use the power of the best robotic kits to help your children's imagination flourish!

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The Best Solar Robotic Kits
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The best time to teach our children about renewable energy and solar power is always now.  Solar robotic kits allow kids to assemble their very own structure, making it a wonderful learning process that is both enticing and worthwhile.

Robotic kits built for kids most often involve the assembling of a panel that is made up of solar technology with circuits that would eventually power up the entire structure.  This is designed to help people learn not only about the benefits and utilities of solar power but also about the insides of the structure, which includes mechanics and circuits.

Along the way, children are exposed to STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, at an age when these fields are easily absorbed. We have prepared the following ten of the best solar robotic kits; we believe this will help not only children but also those new to this amazing and exciting field of the future.

Editor’s Picks

Here is a sneak peek at the top three solar robotic kits we are confident you will appreciate.

KIDWILL 13-in-1 Educational Solar Panel Robot Kit for Kids
Best Overall
KIDWILL 13-in-1 Educational Solar Panel Robot Kit for Kids

Kidwill tops our list for overall performance, quality, and value for money.  This solar robotic kit can be used to construct thirteen different robot designs, enough to keep your children busy for a long but productive time. Its versatility aids in getting the children accustomed to S.T.E.M – Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. Its multifunctionality makes it the ideal learning toy for your little one.

Sillbird STEM Projects 12 in 1 Solar Robot Toys for Kids
Best Performance
Sillbird STEM Projects 12 in 1 Solar Robot Toys for Kids

Sillbird Solar Robot Kit is a great way to teach the next generation how to build their own renewable energy-powered robot.  With this product, children learn about the mechanics of solar-powered devices by actually building their very own moving robot.  With no need for batteries, the robot is taught to do simple, everyday tasks.  We believe this makes a wonderful present as it packs a punch when it comes to top performance.

Mababa 12-in-1 Robot Building Kit for Kids
Best Price
Mababa 12-in-1 Robot Building Kit for Kids

With Mababa 12-in-1 Robot Building Kit, your children will be able to build twelve different kinds of robots using a whopping one-hundred-and-ninety-piece kit.  Furthermore, at this incredible price, the kit also comes with all the parts necessary to build a real functional robot utilizing shafts, gears, tires, pistons, and much more.

How Does A Solar Robotic Kit Work?

Let’s face it, the ages of children these kits are aimed at are the ages during which humans learn and process new information most efficiently. As such, whilst your child might understand how a solar robotic kit works just by looking at it, for those adults actually buying the thing, it can all be a little confusing. We’re here to talk you through exactly how a solar robotic kit works, so that you not only feel comfortable and confident in your purchase, but can also assist your child in the construction of the robot.

The intention of these kits is to provide an entertaining framework for home learning and education. All of these kits are geared toward improving your child’s understanding of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). They do so in several different ways.

The science part of the educational experience is taught through the introduction of solar power. A solar panel is provided in every kit, which is essentially the engine of the robot. These panels generate electricity through exposure to sunlight alone, and as the child discovers and learns this, they can improve their scientific understanding of the process. But what is the process? Well, it’s called the ‘photovoltaic effect’. Essentially, solar panels are comprised of many smaller solar cells. These cells are made of unique silicon crystalline films, stacked one on top of the other. When this silicon is exposed to sunlight, it undergoes the chemical and physical reaction known as the photovoltaic effect (which is why you also might see these cells referred to as photovoltaic cells). Essentially, sunlight forces the displacement of electrons from one layer of silicon to another, which in turn generates volts of electricity. This electricity is then fed into a battery, which powers the robot.

Which brings us to the technology and engineering side of this educational toy. The first step when building one of these solar robots is to first build the gearbox (which later becomes the robot’s body). In building the gearbox, your child will learn how various gears interact to create torque, which in turn can be used to move elements such as the legs, wheels, arms and head of the robot. The battery enclosed in the gearbox is the energy source which powers the movement of these gears. Thus, your child will successfully increase their understanding of the technology and how to engineer it.

Lastly, mathematics. The third step in building the robot (and penultimate step before the really fun part – attaching all the body parts) is to attach the solar panel located in the robot’s head to the gearbox. To do this, the child needs to attach one of the solar panel’s two wires to the positive end of the battery, and the other to the negative end. Since this is basic physics, it requires and aids understanding of basic mathematics, and serves to teach your child how the flow of electrons and volts of electricity moves between a power source (the solar panel), and battery. With such knowledge, they’ll be wiring their very own off-grid solar system in no time at all!

Once all of the elements have been put together, and the solar panel has been exposed to enough sunlight to power the connected battery, your child can build many variations of robot (of varying degrees of difficulty) and enjoy hours of fun watching their construction move about your home or garden.

Pros and Cons of a Solar Robotic Kit

We think these kits are pretty wonderful, but still we would be remiss if we did not make you aware of all of the positives and negatives associated with them. Here’s a quick look at the fundamental pros and cons of a solar robotic kit.


  1. Educational and entertaining. How often does your child say that school was boring, or that they learned nothing in class? Our guess is: too often. Most likely, they’re simply not feeling entertained and/or stimulated enough to really pay attention. With a toy like this, which is not only fun, but engages your child in active learning, you can ensure that they have access to an additional, beneficial source of education outside school.
  2. Affordable. It’s pretty miraculous that solar technology has been paired down to something so small and simple a child can use it, but what’s even more miraculous is that these kits don’t cost hundreds of dollars. In fact, for less than $15-20 you can get your hands on one of these kits, and brighten up not just your child’s day, but their future.
  3. Varied age-range. Since the robots which these solar kits allow you to build range greatly in difficulty of build (and since all kits come with many variations to try), these robotic kits are suitable for kids from 8-12 years old.
  4. Green energy. The children of today are the adults of the future, and that means that some of them are the leaders of the future. Our world is already in the midst of climate crisis, and so we need now more than ever to foster a generation of children who are sympathetic toward, and understanding of the environment. Educating children about the benefits and inner-workings of renewable energy has never been more important.


  1. Not suitable for small children. This should be pretty self-obvious, since the kits are geared toward children of 8 years or older, but since the kits come with many small parts, there is an inherent choking hazard for small children.
  2. Sunlight dependent. This goes for anything powered by solar energy: solar panels need direct and consistent access to sunlight in order to function properly. If you live in an overcast or low-light area, you may experience some functionality issues with your finished robot. However, given that these robots need very little power (one AA battery) to function, you won’t need all that much sunlight to charge them fully. (Plus, many of these kits can be operated by battery power in addition to solar, should you need to swap out one for the other.)

Best Solar Robotics Kits Reviewed

The Best Solar Robotic Kits In 2021

The following are the top 10 solar robotics kits currently found in the marketplace. Browse through these great picks and choose the one that fits your requirements best.

#1. KIDWILL 13-in-1 Educational Solar Panel Robot Kit for Kids

  • Brand: KIDWILL
  • Color: White-blue
  • Build Your Own Robot
  • Powered By The Sun/ Battery
  • S.T.E.M. Learning & Educational
  • Create By Yourself
KIDWILL 13-in-1 Educational Solar Panel Robot Kit for Kids

Kidwill is offering this great new product that allows children, as well as, adults who are novices to design and build their very own solar-powered robotic device.  This product can be used to construct thirteen different robot designs, ranging from funny to highly functional.  Some examples include robots called Wagging-Tail, Walking Crab, Running Beetle, Speedster, or even Zombie Chaser.  But do not let the silly names fool you, these robotic structures all serve a purpose designed to help boost your child’s interest in the field of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics).

Kidwill’s product even has entry-level robots as well as more complicated ones.  This solar energy robot kit comes with a CE certification and makes an excellent gift for birthdays, Christmas, or any other similar occasion.


  • Well-designed
  • Multifunctional moving parts


  • Relatively complicated

#2. Sillbird STEM Projects 12 in 1 Solar Robot Toys for Kids

  • Brand: Sillbird
  • Upgrade 2 Power Modes
  • 12 Different Types of Robots
  • DIY for Creation
  • STEM Education Toys
Sillbird STEM Projects 12 in 1 Solar Robot Toys for Kids

Sillbird has come up with this remarkable robotics kit that allows kids interested in science and technology to exercise their creativity to the fullest.  Their product has the ability to be constructed into twelve varying types of robots that use the sun’s power to run without the need for batteries.  Both girls and boys alike will be invigorated by the fact that they can build a robot step by step all on their own.  The sheer creative process will boost their interests in the all-important fields of the future, namely STEM.


  • Unique designs
  • Versatile


  • Too many small pieces
  • Mostly for older children

#3. Mababa 12-in-1 Robot Building Kit for Kids

  • Brand: Mababa
  • 12-In-1 Solar Robot Kits
  • DIY Your Robot
  • Powered By The Sun
  • Ideal Gift For Kids
  • More Fun And Challenging
  • Teaming & Collaboration Ability
Mababa 12-in-1 Robot Building Kit for Kids

Mababa, a company known for its interesting products, is now offering us a unique robotics kit.  One is able to construct twelve different types of robotics using its extensive one hundred and ninety piece kit.  Children may now use their never-ending imagination to create a unique robot, all of their own design.  This will reinforce, if not imbed, a strong foundation for them to use throughout their lives, within the context of STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  After completing the construction, they are able to deconstruct and completely rebuild a brand new creation.  Mababa provides easy-to-use instructions to build default robots but also encourages their imagination by offering them tools to build their own from scratch.


  • Affordable Price
  • Easy-to-use instructions
  • Encourages creativity


  • Choking hazard (over 3-year-olds only)

#4. Lucky Doug 12-in-1 STEM Solar Robot Kit

  • Brand: Lucky Doug
  • 12-in-1 Solar Robot Kits
  • Environment-friendly Powered by Solar
  • Clear Instructions Make it Simpler
  • Safety First
  • Create Your Own Robot
Lucky Doug 12-in-1 STEM Solar Robot Kit

Lucky Doug is a company that strives to help you shape your child into a future scientist or engineer.  With this product, they have been able to create a robotics kit that offers endless opportunities.  STEM fields being at its core, Lucky Doug’s product offers eight to twelve-year-olds all the necessary parts needed to construct a working robot.  Another point that stands out, is their focus on safety, with all their pieces being made from BPA-free, skin-safe ABS plastic that is non-toxic.


  • BPA-free, ABS plastic
  • Versatile


  • Expensive

#5. GARUNK Solar Robot Kit for Kids

  • Brand: Garunk
  • 12-in-1 Solar Robot Kit
  • Simple To Do for Aged 8+
  • Powered By The Sun
  • STEM Educational Toys
  • Super After-sale Service
GARUNK Solar Robot Kit for Kids

Garunk has built a marvelous solar-powered 12-in-1 robot STEM kit perfect for children to develop their thirst for tech and science.  The product is well designed and carefully put together.  It can also be powered by using any bright light source.  Garunk is a company that focuses on engineering toys over a wide range of products with an emphasis on developing young minds through robotic knowledge, technology, and crafts.  This product is great for teacher/parent-child engagement schemes.


  • Very affordable price
  • 90-day free return policy
  • Powered by any bright light


  • Complicated instructions

#6. Stem Toys, 12 in 1 Solar Robot Kit

  • Brand: TLPUHU
  • Built 12 Unique Robots from 1 Kit
  • DIY Building Toys for Kids with No Batteries Needed
  • Science Kits for Kid 8-12 with 100% Safe Material
  • Ideal Gifts for Kids / Adults
  • Easy to Assemble
Stem Toys, 12 in 1 Solar Robot Kit

TLPUHU guarantees all the pieces in their Robot Kit Toy are made from 100% safe material.  The 190 pieces are made from top-of-the-line BPA-free, non-toxic plastic materials.  The product is also innovative in that one is able to build up to twelve distinct robots with quirky names such as Surf-bot, Zombie-bot, Row-bot, and Dog-bot.  In addition to the previously stated features, TLPUHU’s Solar Robot Kit Toy can not only be powered by the sun but also by simple 50-watt lamps.

This is definitely a great product to provide to a child interested in robotics and renewable energy sources.  It is very easy to assemble, and unlike the other products, children as young as six years old can have a go at it.  With detailed and easy-to-comprehend instructions, this kit will not discourage the young scientist but instead give them a head start to a bright future.


  • Easy to assembly
  • 100% safe materials
  • Free shipping and returns


  • Expensive

#7. 4M Green Science Solar Energy Robot Kit – Green Energy Robotics, Eco-Engineering

  • Brand: 4M
  • Explore the World of Green Energy
  • Science of a Toy
  • Better Together
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up
  • Requires one Phillips head screwdriver and adult supervision
4M Green Science Solar Energy Robot Kit - Green Energy Robotics, Eco-Engineering

4M Green Science has invented an innovative way of providing our children with a fascinating way of learning about green energy through a fun and hands-on method.  What better way to create a young scientist than to offer them a method of learning about solar power by building a live movable robot that is ultimately powered by the sun.  Like a scientist in a laboratory, with this product, kids can build a mechanical monster or even a dinosaur that walks, all using the power of solar energy for movement!


  • Builds robots as well as dinosaurs
  • Household recycled materials can be adapted
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some balance issues

#8. CIRO STEM Projects Solar Power Robot Toys

  • Brand: CIRO
  • 12-in-1 Robotics Kit
  • Working by Solar Power Engine
  • Ideal STEM Gift for Kids 7-12
  • Easy to Assemble
CIRO STEM Projects Solar Power Robot Toys

CIRO is a company involved in the creation of products targeting the robotics kits industry.  Their items are environmentally friendly and provide kids with invaluable learning tools.  These tools will foster an interest in the all-important science and tech fields.  We all know solar energy is the way of the future, and what better way to teach the young than with products such as these.

CIRO’s kits are also known for having more sophisticated solar panels than the norm in the industry, thereby creating a more powerful source for movement by the finished robot.  This solar-powered robotic kit can be used to build eleven wholly different varieties of solar robots.  Kids are provided with the power to let their imagination run free by creating anything with the help of movable parts such as pistons, gears, etc.


  • Sophisticated solar panels
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Choking hazard

#9. Pokonboy 13-in-1 Solar Robot Creation Kit

  • Brand: Pokonboy
  • Powered by the Sun
  • 13 Pre-Designed Characters
  • Make Idea a Reality
  • Learning Through Play
  • Ideal Gift for Kids
Pokonboy 13-in-1 Solar Robot Creation Kit

Pokonboy has manufactured this magnificent solar-powered robotic kit that comes with a solar panel that collects heat energy for powering its electric drive motor.  The kit comes with a step-by-step manual that helps children or even novices with this technology to build thirteen alternating types of robots.  The variety of robots designed will remarkably be able to move through water or on land.  Pokonboy has created this product with children’s best interests in mind.  It teaches easy as well as complex levels of design, all the while helping children grow their hands-on abilities and problem-solving capabilities.

With this exceptional product, you not only get a device that is powered by the sun, but it comes with thirteen predefined characters, a whopping 261 pieces to create your own reality, and a STEM learning through play system that comes packaged ready for gift giving.


  • High quality
  • ABS plastic, non-toxic and BPA-FREE
  • Versatile


  • Complicated

#10. ASPPOPO STEM Projects for Kids

  • Brand: ASPPOPO
  • Color: Blue
  • Solar Robots Powered By Solar Panels
  • Excellent addition to a home-school curriculum
  • DIY complex assemble toy, suitable for children above 8 years old to play
  • Dinosaur robot toy should be used under strong sunlight condition, please use 50 watt lamp for indoor playing
  • Amazing Toys for Children ,not only just make Child happy and fun , but also let them learn more about solar power
ASPPOPO STEM Projects for Kids

ASPPOPO is a company that cannot be left out of this list, due to its systematic focus on making robotic kits interesting to younger audiences.  Alternative sources of energy are sure to be a main part of life in the future and, with this in mind, what better time than now to educate your children about this growing phenomenon with entertaining, yet educational toys.  With ASPPOPO STEM educational robotic toy kit, children of all ages can enjoy educational fun while fostering a sense of confidence in them, all along creating an abundance of infinite imagination. It comes with an easy-to-follow guide to help kids build the robots all by themselves.


  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Exceptional detail
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Limited to 3 main designs

Buyers Guide

Solar robotic kits are designed and built for children of varying ages, so one must always keep in mind when shopping for the perfect kit, that they keep the age of the receiver in consideration.  Choosing a robotic kit that ends up being too complicated for the child in question, will not only discourage the child but will also cause you undue distress. 


People are often led to believe that the more expensive a product, the better the quality. Often times this is true, but one must be diligent in their research; it is not a guaranteed rule that you can follow, especially when shopping for the perfect robotic kit. So find that perfect balance between the features available and your budget.


It does not matter if we are discussing robotic kits or any other product in the marketplace, durability is and will always be a crucial factor and concern.  Durability is one aspect of the entire manufacturing process that all products inevitably flow through, yet still, it has a wide array of serious implications.  These implications of durability not only concern the obvious practical advantages but also the underlying financial and environmental benefits, as well.  When considering robotic kits, it is important to note, that several of the companies and products we chose above take environmental concerns very seriously.  Most of them are made up of pieces that are built with non-toxic ABS materials and certified by European and American Toy safety standards.


Since these robotic kits are not only just toys but also a venue for creating an educational yet fun experience, age is of the utmost importance.  There are a plethora of kits in this industry; therefore some careful planning has to be conducted when choosing the right age-appropriate robotic kit.  For example, buying a kit that has very detailed and difficult to understand instructions will not only cause undue stress to the receiver but the buyer as well.  Another example is buying a robotic kit that has too many small pieces, causing a safety hazard for smaller children.  Therefore before purchasing the kit, one has to consider the age of the receiver and compare that with the product in question.


When purchasing a robotic kit, it is always good to keep in mind if the company offers a warranty of sorts.  This will ensure your peace of mind, in the case that the product does not function as it was supposed or expected to.  The warranty you receive will act as a quasi promise of its effectiveness.  Be sure to remember that not all warranties are the same; some cover a product for its entire lifetime, while some manufacturers only provide warranties for a few days.  There are also specific guidelines that stipulate when the warranty may be activated.  For instance, certain actions such as the product being misused can and will render the deal void.

Power Source

The power source for a robotic kit is obviously something very important to consider.  The size of the solar panel is one aspect.  The larger the size of the solar panels the more power the device will have to function properly.  Some manufacturers of robotic kits also provide solar panels that can actually be activated by bright light sources, such as lamps, just like solar watches can also be powered by artificial lighting.


Batteries are usually not a part of the design of robotic kits, but there are some products that offer the robots to be powered by both solar power and battery power. Some go as far as to provide users with a remote control.


Often times when considering purchasing a solar robotic kit of your own, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of products on the marketplace.  But reviews such as ours can help you break through all the chaos.  Carefully reviewing content such as this, as well as, reading reviews about these solar-powered robotic kits, can help you differentiate the bad from the good products.  Happy hunting!

Final Verdict

We strongly believe that the best overall solar robot kit is the amazing KIDWILL 13-in-1 Educational Solar Panel Robot Kit for Kids. This lovely product is a wonderful learning and experimental toy.  Additionally, it comes with a great price for a product of such excellence, this item is definitely on our list of one of the best robotic kits on the marketplace today.  The product also comes with a plethora of configurations and accessories, whilst not being too difficult to set up with the help of at least one adult.

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How Do The Robotic Kits Work?

Robotic kits come with highly detailed instruction manuals, that help you build the robot.  The plastic materials included in the package are sheets for punch-out parts, solar panels, tires, wires, gears, and decal sticker sheets, among others. The builder will then use the instruction manual to build some default robots, then move on to start using their creativity to build any type of robot they can fathom in their little minds. Once built, they shall then power the item up, either by using the sun’s rays or bright sources of light, such as a lamp.  The robot should then begin to move on both or either land and water.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Robotics Kit?

Depending on the specific type of robotic kit it could take from minutes to hours.  Aspects to take into consideration are how many pieces are included in the kit, for what age group was the kit designed, and/or will a teacher or parent help.

Can the Solar Robotics Kit be Considered as a Toy?

They may look like toys, but they serve a higher function as an educational tool. But of course, since the kids have a ton of fun while building the robots, they can be considered as toys.

How long Do They Have to Stay in the Sun to Charge Up?

This depends on the design and type of robotic kit and the solar panels it comes with.  Some take less than an hour, while others take longer.

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