10 Best Solar Roof Vents In 2021 (Complete Review)

It is a common practice to set up a separate corner in the attics. Some people use this space for study, work from home, or for storage. Almost every house has an attic that plays a role to keep the temp controlled.

What people don’t know about attics is that the air moving slowly through them does the job. All the hot air from other portions of the house rise and tents up in the attic.

Hence the result is a blazing hot attic where you can’t sit without drenching in your sweat.

But the best part is you can get rid of this problem thanks to solar roof vents. So in simpler terms, the roof vents work by pushing out all the hot air.

It results in a lower temp in the attic with humidity ultimately making the house cooler.

Today we are to list down the best solar roof vents that you can buy. Compared to passive air vents, solar roof vents are far more efficient.

They tend to circulate more air in less time making the temp drop sooner.

Now that you know the importance of solar roof vents you might want to have one for your attic.

So we will help you today by providing a thorough review of the best solar roof vents. There some helpful tips as well as answers to various queries.

Let’s get started without further wasting any time!

Best Solar Roof Vents Review:

 Below we jotted down the top 10 best solar roof vents for you to pick from.

1. Amtrak Solar Roof Vent

Amtrak Solar Roof Vent

Here we have the first solar roof vent that you can buy to ward off the warm air. In summer the rooms on top floors are the ones that suffer the most. And the attic is so suffocated impact the atmosphere of the whole house.

But this was a thing in the past when people didn’t use roof vents or attic fans.

Thanks to this innovation, now your AC will work just fine and the house will remain cool.

Made with premium-quality material the fan has larger blades. So these 10″ high blades offer efficiency and almost no sound.

The size of this vent is around 14″ and creates no extra installation mess. Thanks to the quick-connect wires you can install it without a hassle.

It works by pushing the air out and pulling fresh air in, so even during winters, you can rely on the vent.

Moreover, the use of this product is not limited to the attic only. You can use it for the garage, gable vent, cabin, shed, etc. The kit comes along with an extra 15″ wire and brackets.

Then it supports a high torque motor with a sealed ball bearing. So you get to enjoy larger blades and lower noise, unlike other vents.

One of the prime aspects of this solar vent is the warranty offered by the company. It gives a straight 25 years warranty that can be hard to find with other brands.


  • easy installation
  • 50-watt panel
  • larger blades


  • size of fan

2. Broan-NuTone


Next on the list of solar roof vents, we have a product that is a hot-seller in the market. If have any concerns about the quality of vents and need a reliable product. Well, you are at the right place making the best decisions.

This one here comes with a whole lot of features that you ever wanted in an attic fan. It can be a real pain to bear the hot climate and the hefty electricity bills. Even the air conditioners seem to do nothing on such days.

Coming with a 28-watt panel this ventilator converts max sunlight and uses it. Hence the result is up to 537 CFM throughout the year that also saves you money.

Made with sturdy ABS plastic and tempered glass the panel offers durability. It has UV-stabilized and color-dyed material used to endure the harsh summer sun. Even during a chilly night or a hail storm, the vent can withstand with ease. The design is robust enough to offer resistance over time.

Moreover, it has a 12″ diameter and a fan with 5 blades made of aluminum. Hence the blades ensure to remove all the hot air and make the temp drop in lesser time.

With its compact base design, the space taken for installation will also decrease. This also saves you time that otherwise would have taken hours.


  • DC motor
  • efficient
  • weather resistant


  • no warranty



If you want a product that offers efficiency along with durability then here is the best one. So the next one on our list is a smart exhaust roof vent. From its design to features, you can opt for this vent for complete satisfaction.

It offers a smart thermostat control that supports enable/disable the feature. Despite the smaller size, its functionality is far more than satisfactory.

As for the features, it even has an Ip68 waterproof, brushless motor. So you get the best performance throughout the year in any season.

As for the warranty, it comes with 15 years of warranty so you can be at ease. Simply install the vent and voila, no replacement is required now and then.

This set has a single ventilation fan that would suffice any normal attic. Coming with adjustable solar it can shift from 0° to 45 so you can set it as required. The roof vent supports 20 watts of power, and 1750 CFM so the room cools in no time.


  • waterproof
  • compact design
  • efficient


  • non-affordable

4. Broan 355BK

Broan 355BK

This one is the next product on our list of best solar roof vents jam-packed with quality features. In fact, Broan has always provided users with reliable products. And this roof vent is no exception when it comes to being top-grade.

It supports a mesh bird screen, so the chances of such incidents are minimal. You can be at ease about the safety of the product as well as its functionalities.

The whole kit comes along with an installation template included in it. The hassle of installation/mounting is thus reduced to half so set it between the rafters.

This attic fan works like magic and pulls all the hot air in no time resulting in dropped temp. Moreover, the design includes 1400 CFM and space up to 1000 sq. ft.

Moving forward the manufacturing involves a 23-gage galvanized steel ribbed. The result is strength level enhanced manifold for efficiency and lasting use.

Its steel blades size to 14″ in diameter to suck in all the fresh, cool air. Hence the 2-way air movement never comes to a halt, keeping the house cooler.

Apart from that this product ensures thermal protection, permanent lubrication to the motor. So you are safe from having to lubricate it now and then.


  • included installation template
  • lubricated motor
  • thermal protection


  • a bit noisy


If you are also in dire need of a solar roof vent then look no more. We have just the right product for you even if you have a tight budget. The list of features it offers are actually surprising compared to such a low cost.

This vent is completely automatic when it comes to operation and works on solar energy only. So you can get a cooler attic, dropped temp throughout the house. And the brownie point is cut down in electricity bills.

It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that is built-in. Thus you can use it in your garage, greenhouse, RV, and even a boat. The stunning design makes it efficient even in low light conditions.

As soon the sunlight hits the panels, it gets working and the fan turns on. The speed of the fans is 11.6 CFP so the whole house gets cooler in less time.

Furthermore, it has self-tapping screws, pre-drilled mounting holes making the installation easier. There is no need for extra wiring or any additional work to be done.

Thanks to the stainless steel used in manufacturing this vent can last longer. This aspect makes it durable along with anti-rustic property.


  • on/off switch
  • spare fan blade
  • adjustable


  • too small

6. Natural Light

Natural Light1

Here is another product that will blow your mind from a reliable band. Natural Light is in fact a famous name when it comes to ventilating fans. They have served the users will high-grade products for a long time.

It comes with a steady 36-watt power to push out all the air trapped indoors. Then the capacity offered is up to 1628 CFM for an attic of 2625 sq. ft area.

This vent comes in a unique design with a bronze tone and a powder coat finishing. Hence the durability is quite reliable and it can face harsh climatic conditions.

Made with commercial-grade material it comes with up to 25 years of warranty. The solar panel, fan motor, and fan tend to offer powerful performance.


  • aluminum fan
  • powder coat finish
  • affordable


  • not durable



The next on the list of solar roof vents we have the GBGS attic fan jam-packed with features. This ventilation fan serves up to 1750 CFM to cover 2000 sq. ft of area. So even if your attic is spacious, a single vent would be more than enough.

With this fan installed you can enjoy a cooler indoor environment despite sunny days. So this will also help you with cutting down the electricity bills to great extent.

Then the design also supports an Ip68 waterproof brushless motor. Made with premium-grade nylon fiber aluminum the blades are sturdy. This galvanization steel makes the installation further facile while ensuring quality.

There are no extra wires involved making the mess almost nil. With the adjustable feature, you can set it from 0° to 45° as required. So as long as the sun remains out, the fans would work.


  • angle adjustment
  • shroud cover
  • low noise


  • installation limits

8. Rand Solar

Rand Solar

Next on the list is also a top-notch solar roof vent that works like magic. As long as the sunrays hit the panels, your house will remain cool as a cucumber.

The strong fan blades push to put all the hot air in no time. Hence the inner temp starts decreasing and the AC gets to work better. This feature is a major plus point in terms of cutting down power expenses.

Apart from that it over an area of 700 sq. ft with its 435 CFM capacity. If you have a larger attic space, you can rather buy 2-3 such fans.

All you need to do is mount the unit as it is self-contained. Then the adjustable aspect makes it easier to set up the vent as requires. Even during low light conditions, the brushless motor can work like magic.


  • easy installation
  • brushless motor
  • sufficient size


  • might leak

9. Remington Solar

Remington Solar1

Here is a stunning product from Remington that will surely be your new favorite. Remington is a name that people know for its quality products. So the brand came forth with a new series of solar roof vents.

If you want to save your power consumption but also get a cooler environment. Then nothing can beat this roof vent loaded with the best features.

The smooth airflow through the fan blades does the job in minimal duration. Not only it reduces the burden from the AC but also the furnace and HVAC.

All your concerns about mold and mildew will now ward off with this vent. It ensures a clean, safe atmosphere inside the attic that keeps the house also clean.


  • noiseless
  • brushless motor
  • DC motor


  • noisy at night

10. Solar Attic Fan

Solar Attic Fan1

This is the last product we have on our list of top 10 solar roof vents. Pretty much like the other vents from Natural Light, this one also surprises the users.

The kit includes all the necessary equipment/hardware for easy installation. It has every feature that makes it a top-selling product in the market.

Coming with a straight 25 years warranty the vent is here to last forever. Hence it saves you the extra money spent on AC along with replacement hassle.

This warranty is not bound to a single part as a fan or panels but covers the whole unit. As for the installation, there won’t be any need for wires or such. If you want you can even get a thermostat to make it functional in winter.


  • efficient 
  • affordable
  • warranty included


  • not for flat roofs

Best Solar Roof Vents – Buyer’s Guide:Best Solar Roof Vents

Solar roof vents or attic fans are the best solutions for roof ventilation. These tend to be not only efficient but also friendly to nature posing no threat to the ecosystem.

The roof vents work by replacing the warm air present inside the attic with cold air from outside. Hence the chances of heated internal atmosphere, mold, or mildew from growing.

This ultimately reduced the chances of damage to the roof. Also, the solar power feature saves you some money by cutting down the electricity bills.

With the tremendous increase in the demand for solar roof vents, more people are buying them.

Hence the availability is to be made convenient, as the item has several major plus points to it.

Now, with the product available almost everywhere, it becomes a real challenge. The market has hundreds of solar roof vents in several types and sizes.

This results in a major dilemma as people can’t make a decision, they get overwhelmed.

But you can sit down and relax as we are here to help you out. Here we jotted down the things you must consider before buying solar roof vents.

With the help of these tips, you will be able to pick out the best product from the lot.

Adjustable Solar Panel:

If you want to buy solar roof vents that serve you with the best results. Then the rule of thumb here is to look for the solar panels.

It is the panels that are responsible for storing all that energy you later need.

Here the optimal choice should be adjustable solar panels to give you a free hand. With this option available you can make necessary/desired adjustments.

It allows you to set the panel to certain angles that absorb more solar energy.

By chance, if your attic can’t get enough sunlight, the adjustability can save up the day. You can ensure that your solar roof vents get all the sunlight to save it up.


Any solar roof vent or attic fan is incomplete without the fan and its blades. In fact, the whole process of ventilation depends solely on the fan.

Hence the more the blades, the higher would be ventilation rate and efficiency.

Then the size of these blades plays an equal role as the number.

If your fan has a smaller size, lesser blade, it would create more noise and give less output.

Whereas if the blades are larger and excessive in number, this cuts down the noise.

Due to the workload being equally distributed in more parts, the sound reduces to nil.

Apart from that, the fan would always be in a working stage so it needs to be sturdy. Try to opt for a solar room vent that has robust, anti-rustic aluminum used in manufacturing.

Quiet Motor:

Not only do the blades need to be quiet but also the motor installed in the system.

If your attic is smaller, you might need only 1 motor to get the job done.

But for larger, spacious attics the minimal requirements can reach up to 2 of these motors.


You are about to invest that hard-earned money in some new product. The least you can do is to ensure its quality and durability. Especially with solar roof vents, you need something sturdy and robust.

Hence go for a product that is reliable enough so the system works well. The best option would be aircraft aluminum to manufacture the solar roof vents.

Try to avoid any vent made up of plastic or other such materials. It must offer rust-resistance, should have a powder-coat finishing. Only then the product can function with efficiency and last longer in the run.


The working and efficiency of solar roof vents can only prevail to a certain limit. If you have a large attic then the vents should be also big enough.

Usually, the size/capacity of solar roof vents is either written in meters or cubic feet.


Now the mounting also offers you a few options depending upon the attic, roof, etc.

You can either mount it in the gables, curbs, roof or where it fits well.

It is suitable to do some research beforehand and find the best type that would be ideal for your attic.


If you buy solar roof vents that offer enhanced protection. The lifespan of these can also increase manifold. Some models come along with a cover so they remain safe. It averts the possible chances of bacterial growth, bugs, and more such threats.


If there is no warranty, what even is the guarantee of the quality? A warranty ensures that the product you bought is legitimate, trustworthy. Also, it refers that the brand/company puts in their confidence in the products.

The minimal duration of warranty has to be 3 to 5 years at least. Some products might over a lesser warranty span, hence avoid those.

Within a year or so you will have to replace them and it can be a hassle.

But once the product promise to last for some 5 years, it is there for a longer run. Also, you can be somewhat relaxed about the performance and durability.


It is the most advisable aspect not only for solar roof vents but any product in general. This one is a major mistake that people make and end up going over the board.

But the best solution to the problem is by setting up a budget beforehand. Hence you will have a limit and can opt for an item within the range.

If your attic is small and can suffice with a single vent. Then there is no need to go fancy and mount several solar roof vents. But in case the attic is spacious, go for a larger unit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 Here are the most commonly asked questions about solar roof vents/attic fans.

Are Solar Roof Vents Worth It?

 With the proper installation of vents, the attic can get better air circulation. If you tend to use these on daily basis, the results are drastic.

There is an instant drop of temp in the attic and then the remaining portions of the house.

So yes these vents are worth it, the results provided are reliable. Also, these tend to be like a long term investment, as once mounted they can last 3-5 years at least.

So you never have to worry about replacing these now and then.

Do Solar Powered Roof Vents Work?

Of course, solar roof vents work and they are in fact a necessity if your house has an attic. With roof ventilation, you can maintain the tempo of your whole house. The warm air in your attic gets replaced with cool air and this decreases temp in all stories.

Roof ventilation has proven to be an efficient and effective method. The trapped, warm air in the attics can cause mildew and other fungal growth.

But when the fresh air enters the room, chances of such a scenario are little to none.

When the temp inside is cold, it replaces the cool air with the fresh warm air outside.

Whereas for summer, the whole house can feel suffocated without vents. Hence again the difference of temp inside out gets replaced thanks to the vents.

Solar roof vents work by taking in the fresher air, upon entering the cavity on vents. The fan turbine extracts the air inside and pushes it outside.

How Many Solar Roof Vents Do I Need?

This is a question that you can answer only after analyzing your attic. Yes, you need them but exactly how many roof vents will be enough?

For every 300 sq. ft of ceiling space, you will need 1 sq. ft of the solar roof vent. This is in case there is a vapor barrier on your roof or 1:300. But if you don’t have any barriers then the number changes. For every 150 sq. ft you need 1 sq. ft or 1:150.

Next, the roof vents have to be split into 2 halves, one dedicated for air exhaust whereas the other for air intake. This means there is a need for 8 sq. ft of roof vent if a 2400 sq. ft home with a roof has a barrier.

But then again the climatic conditions are varying almost everywhere. Hence it is better to check out your roof’s dimensions and then make a decision.

What is the Best Roof Venting System?

Though there are several sorts of solar roof venting systems there is one that beats the rest. The ridge vents are without any doubt the best roof venting system out there. These are efficient, effective, and affordable.

Even the roofing experts seem to trust these for ventilation. But there have to be baffled or else they don’t create any ventilation. Baffles are the blinders that avert outer air from crossing over the vents.

As for the other types, gable vents offer a small percentage of ventilation. Then the static, roof-line vents are somewhat reliable but to an extent. Even they are not recommended by experts due to leakage issues. The soffit vent on the other side leaves air trapped on the top.

Hence the best roof venting system is a ridge and soffit continuous ventilation system.


 On hot, blazing sunny days the poor AC can’t standalone and decrease the temp. So with the best solar roof vents, you can cut down the electricity costs.

When the vents are present, even the AC can function well. Also, the hot air from the attic is continuously removed/exhausted.

Apart from the drop in high temperatures, these solar roof vents serve for other causes. The chances of growth of mildew, mold, etc. are also minimal.

Hence those who have a sensitivity to these bacteria can be at ease. You are also saved from the hassle of cleaning the mess created by mold.

With optimal temp, the health of your family is also well-protected. As you will never have to face the suffocating hot air anymore.

These vents come in various large sizes so you will only have to install one. Or depending upon the space and size, it might need 2 at most.

Ultimately, the solar roof vents are the most reliable, durable product you can get. The list of benefits is far longer than this so we would wrap it up.

We hope you can find suitable solar roof vents for your house. Though we jotted down the top 10 products that you can opt from.

Also, the buying tips will help make a smart decision. In case you have any further queries, feel free to reach out.