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The Best Solar String Lights

Get innovative with these beautiful yet practical solar lights for your home or garden!

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The Best Solar String Lights
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There has never been a better way to light up your backyard haven, veranda, patio, or even condominium/apartment balcony, than now, with these amazing solar string lights. String lights bring a joyous addition to your enclaves, ideal for holiday decorations, backyard gatherings, romantic nighttime dinners, or just for show.  Older string lights required complicated sockets and wiring, adding to your monthly electricity bill while also not being environmentally friendly. 

On the other hand, solar string lights are powered by the sun’s rays and are practical for those who have no outdoor power sockets or outlets. With these handy accessories, one only needs to ensure that the solar charging panel is placed in a position with lots of sunshine.  As darkness sets in, your backyard, garden, or balcony will become illuminated by solar energy.

Editor’s Picks

The following are our editor’s top three solar string lights recommendations found in the marketplace.

Solar Star Shower Garden Art LED Light with Stake Firefly Bunch
Best Overall
Solar Star Shower Garden Art LED Light with Stake Firefly Bunch

Mmuses has come up with wonderfully creative and attractive solar string lights that, after extensively reviewing this product, we have concluded that it is indeed the best overall product.  This product imitates actual watering cans that are sprinkling your yard with a fairy light system.  Aside from being totally attractive and enticing, it is also practical with its solar-powered system and fair price.

JosMega Solar Fairy String Lights 2 Pack 72 ft 200 LED Outdoor
Best Performance
JosMega Solar Fairy String Lights 2 Pack 72 ft 200 LED Outdoor

JosMega’s latest solar string light product has made it to our list as the one that stands out for being the one with the best performance.  These string lights are not only weatherproof and heavy-duty but are made from materials that can withstand glaring hot sun, wind, snow, and damp conditions.  All the while, doing what it promises to do; providing attractive lighting with adjustable brightness.

Set of 2 DIY Flexible Solar Copper Wire String Lights, 100LED White Fairy Lights
Best Price
Set of 2 DIY Flexible Solar Copper Wire String Lights, 100LED White Fairy Lights

AMZNian is now offering us a well-built solar string light with affordability that just cannot be ignored.  They have built a solid product that comes at a wonderfully low price.  These string lights have a DIY or Do It Yourself design, making them flexible and capable of conforming to the shape of your desire.  It also has a fairly good running time when fully charged: eight to twelve hours.

How Do Solar String Lights Work?

We’re so used to new lighting requiring an electrician to carry out extensive rewiring, or pretty lights rendered ugly by an excess of cables, that it can be hard to wrap one’s head around the apparent simplicity of solar lights. That’s why we’re here to explain for you in layman’s terms exactly how solar-powered string lights work.

Whilst these string lights can differ greatly in length, warmth, style and mount, they are essentially all built the same. More or less, you have a length of plastic-covered wiring connecting many LED bulbs in a long row (or string). These lights require a power source to work, which in conventional lighting usually means a disposable battery pack, or a wall plug. With a solar string light, however, the power source is quite different. At one end of the string you’ll find the wiring continues out of the plastic tubing and into a small solar panel, usually mounted on a stake. (Note that for some of these lights, the solar panel is mounted internally – as with the attractive watering-can lights featured above.) These solar panels are to be staked into the ground, or mounted on a wall or roof, wherever they will be exposed to consistent direct sunlight during daylight hours. The panels generate electricity by converting sunlight into DC output, which is then stored in rechargeable solar batteries, housed in the panels. When you turn your string lights on (provided the panels have had time to fully charge their batteries), the batteries will then power your lights brightly for many hours.

But how do these solar panels actually make electricity? The process is surprisingly simple. Solar panels are made up of many smaller cells, called photovoltaic cells. These cells comprise a stack of thin layers of silicon, which undergo a chemical and physical reaction when exposed to sunlight. This process is called the ‘photovoltaic effect’. Essentially, sunlight forces the displacement of electrons from one thin silicon layer to another, which in turn generates volts of electricity. These volts are collected across the panel and transferred to the battery for storage. The photovoltaic effect is continual and occurs over and over again, continually generating electricity for as long as the panels are exposed to sunlight. The process cannot, however, occur properly if the panels are in shade, low light conditions, or darkness.

Pros and Cons of a Solar String Light

There are relatively few downsides to solar lighting, but we still think it’s worthwhile for you to take a moment to familiarise yourself with all of the essential pros and cons of solar energy and your solar string lighting.


  1. Attractive designs. We too often think of solar energy as fit for utility purposes only, but the truth is that it can be used in an extensive range of truly attractive, modern, aesthetically-pleasing product designs, such as these solar string lights.
  2. Versatile. While string lights may appeal to you for their aesthetic beauty alone, they can have a range of useful functions: such as pathway lighting, pool lighting, porch lighting, feature lighting, and more.
  3. Affordable. There are solar-powered string lights to suit just about every budget, especially affordable once you take into consideration the free electricity your new solar panels will generate.
  4. Free electricity. As we’ve just mentioned, one of the most attractive aspects of any renewable technology is the fact that the energy it generates is free! With solar string lighting you’ll never have to pay a single cent in energy bills to light your garden, Christmas tree, porch or driveway.
  5. Green energy. It may not be the first thing that pops to mind, but it’s arguably the most important: our world is in the midst of a climate crisis right now, with temperatures rising and catastrophes occurring daily. Making the switch to renewable electricity for your home and garden lighting is one affordable means of giving the planet a helping hand.
  6. Easy to install. With no additional wiring, or any fussy mounting (just a few hooks and off you go), solar lighting can be installed straight out the box. It’s so simple you could even get your kid to do it for you as a household chore!


  1. Variable durability. As with any products made so affordable, one of the first things manufacturers tend to compromise on is the quality of the materials they use. Unfortunately, this can affect both the durability and longevity of a product like a solar string light. Be sure to read customer reviews, and don’t just opt for the cheapest product without first checking out market competitors.
  2. Sunlight dependency. This goes for any solar powered product: solar power requires sun power. If your lights’ solar panels don’t get sufficient exposure to sunlight on a daily basis, they won’t have the raw energy they need to fully-charge their batteries, and the brightness and duration of your string lights operation will be impaired.

Best Solar String Lights Reviewed

The Best Solar String Lights In 2021

The following are the top 10 solar string lights currently found in the marketplace. Browse through these amazing picks and select one or more that suits your needs best.

#1. Solar Star Shower Garden Art LED Light with Stake Firefly Bunch

  • Brand: Mmuses
  • Color: With Bracket
  • This light outdoor decor is molded with high quality material
  • Innovation Design, Easy Set up & Storage
  • Watering can with lights
  • Star shower garden art watering can with lights
Solar Star Shower Garden Art LED Light with Stake Firefly Bunch

Mmuses is a company that is more and more recognized for its ability to stand out from the crowd. With this Shower Garden Art string light, they have definitely made a name for themselves as unique and a worthy adversary to their competition in the solar string lights market. Their current product is considered one of the best in the market and has been proclaimed by many satisfied customers.  The innovative design, which showcases a watering can pour sparkling lights instead of water.  Choose this product if you want a great artistic product at a fair price.


  • Innovative design
  • Fair price
  • Durable


  • No warranty

#2. JosMega Solar Fairy String Lights 2 Pack 72 ft 200 LED Outdoor Waterproof

  • Brand: JosMega
  • Color: Yellow
  • 8 light modes
  • Weather Resistant
  • Runs on Solar Power, Never Needs Battery
JosMega Solar Fairy String Lights 2 Pack 72 ft 200 LED Outdoor Waterproof

JosMega, a company that focuses on solar string lights, brings us their latest product largely praised for its strong durability, heavy-duty design, and weatherproof abilities.  Overall, we believe these string lights are one of the best in regards to performance.  Whether it is the glaringly hot sun, wind, snow, rain, JosMega’s product regularly places on the top as one of the string lights in the marketplace that can withstand harsh conditions.


  • Durability
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Weatherproof


  • Lacks innovative design

#3. Set of 2 DIY Flexible Solar Copper Wire String Lights

  • Brand: AMZNian
  • Color: White
  • Copper Wire is very flexible
  • Solar powered
  • 8 lighting modes
  • IP44 waterproof
Set of 2 DIY Flexible Solar Copper Wire String Lights

With these solar string lights, AMZNian has built a product that is amazingly priced.  But do not think just because the price is low, you will get a low-grade product.  We have chosen this string light as one of the best simply since it has a great price for an equally good product.

Furthermore, it gives you the option of bending and adjusting the setup to meet your design needs.


  • Low price
  • Adjustable design


  • Average design

#4. Brightech Ambience Pro Solar – 27 Ft Edison Bulb Outdoor String Lights

  • Brand: Brightech
  • Color: Soft White
  • Long lasting LED light source
  • Weatherproof Bistro Lights With Shatterproof S14 Bulbs
Brightech Ambience Pro Solar - 27 Ft Edison Bulb Outdoor String Lights

Brightech is on the best solar lights list simply because they have designed and manufactured a great product.  These solar lights are made up of 2-watt strands but do not exceed over 1200 watts when they are all strung up together.  Setting up these solar lights is also extremely easy.

It sports 15 S14 LED bulbs with heated coils giving off a soft dim white glow.  But remember, these are also adjustable, and if you want your outdoor string lights to be more powerful, that is possible with these LED bulbs.


  • Simple setup
  • 2-watt solar strands


  • Average design

#5. PUHONG Solar American Flag Lights,420 LED Solar String Lights

  • Brand: PUHONG
  • Solar American Flag Light & Auto On/Off
  • Made To Long Lasting & Safety & Memory Function
  • Upgraded Version about Flag string Lights
  • 2 switches, Easy to set up
  • Classic Design, Display Patriotic Spirit& Widely Used
PUHONG Solar American Flag Lights,420 LED Solar String Lights

PUHONG has introduced its version of solar lights to the outdoor string lights marketplace.  This product is unique in that it comes in the form of an American flag.  Safety is assured for your family and yourself with these plastic solar lights designed to be used year-round.

PUHONG made sure their outdoor string lights are stylish, as well as energy-saving compared to regular light bulbs. These fairy lights are perfect for weekends such as Memorial Day or just to show your patriotic spirit.


  • Powerful solar panel
  • Built for year-round use
  • Unique design


  • One flag design

#6. Solar Bee String Lights Outdoor 31 Feet 50 LED Honeybee Fairy Lights with 8 Lighting Modes

  • Brand: Brightown
  • Color: Warm White
  • Efficient solar bee string lights
  • Lovely and realistic bee shape
  • Function of waterproof
  • Various lighting modes
  • Auto on off
Solar Bee String Lights Outdoor 31 Feet 50 LED Honeybee Fairy Lights with 8 Lighting Modes

Brightown introduces their wonderfully designed solar bee outdoor string lights.  These fairy lights are created to emulate honey bees that are found in backyards and gardens.  Furthermore, the design has a sophisticated 180 degree rotating powerful solar panel, along with an 800 mAh rechargeable battery. It comes with 8 lighting modes which give you complete control of the lighting.


  • Unique outdoor string lights
  • Powerful solar panel
  • Interesting design
  • 8 Lighting modes


  • No warranty

#7. 2-Pack Each 72ft 200LED Solar String Lights Outdoor, Super Bright Solar Lights

  • Brand: YIQU
  • Color: Warm White
  • Super Larger Capacity 1800MAH Built-in Battery
  • Energy-Saving & High Efficiency & IP65 Waterproof Performance
  • 8 Modes & Auto On/Off & Memory Function
  • Widely Used Solar Fairy Lights
2-Pack Each 72ft 200LED Solar String Lights Outdoor, Super Bright Solar Lights

YIQU is now giving us outdoor string lights that come with a super powerful solar panel.  We believe YIQU deserves a spot as one of the best solar fairy lights in the marketplace with this product.

The solar panel on this model has been upgraded with larger panel size, making it better able to convert the sun’s rays into performance-offering power.  Additionally, this product comes with a larger capacity battery than what is the norm in this industry, with a whopping 1800mAh capacity.


  • Multiple lighting modes
  • Larger LED bulbs
  • Large solar panels
  • Good battery capacity


  • Simple design

#8. Solar Mason Jar Lights,8 Pack 30 Led Hanging String Fairy Jar Solar Lantern Lights

  • Brand: Yitee
  • Newfangled All In One Design
  • Popular & Easy Operate
  • Eco-Friendly & Energy Saving
  • Waterproof Seal & Anti-Rust Mason Jar Lids & Hangers
Solar Mason Jar Lights,8 Pack 30 Led Hanging String Fairy Jar Solar Lantern Lights

Yitee has done it again!  They have now introduced a uniquely amazing design for your outdoor space with one of the best fairy lights on the market.  This product comes with eight hanging glass mason jars that look simply great in your outdoor space.

Furthermore, they are waterproof and rustproof. Another reason for buying these lights is they also come with a worry-free twelve-month warranty.


  • Amazing design
  • Durable
  • 12-month warranty


  • Only eight lights

#9. Solar Outdoor String Lights with 16pcs Shatterproof Bulbs

  • Brand: Baxstel
  • Color: Warm White
  • Large & High Efficient Solar Panel
  • Perfect shatterproof Led Bulbs
  • Auto Turn on/off
  • IP65 Waterproof
Solar Outdoor String Lights with 16pcs Shatterproof Bulbs

Baxstel is a company that is relatively new in the solar LED bulb industry, which is mostly designed for outdoor space use.  But due to some remarkable features, we are confident to put Baxstel’s product on the best fairy lights list.

Using direct sunlight, this product can store power through a larger and more efficient solar panel built using tempered glass. Baxstel has also innovatively included a built-in light sensor that controls the lighting system automatically by turning it on when it gets dark and turning it off with the arrival of dawn.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Best energy savings
  • Automated operation


  • Uninspired design
  • Expensive

#10. VSDUKMC Solar String Lights, [2 Pack] 33FT 100 LED Solar Fairy String Lights

  • Brand: VSDUKMC
  • Color: Warm White
  • Automatic Switch – Energy Saving
  • 8 Lighting Modes – Easy Operation
  • Multi-application Scenarios
  • Waterproof – High Performance
VSDUKMC Solar String Lights, [2 Pack] 33FT 100 LED Solar Fairy String Lights

We decided to slide VSDUKMC into the last slot for the best solar lighting strings for many reasons.  For one, this product comes in a two-pack consisting of a long 33 ft string holding 100 micro LED lamp bulbs.  To add to this, VSDUKMC uses high-quality monocrystalline silicon cells geared for maximum solar power.


  • Long string lights
  • High-quality product


  • No warranty

Buyers Guide

Solar lighting strings come in various shapes, sizes, designs, power modifications, etc.; therefore, when considering purchasing an item of such diversity, it is wise to consult guides and do one’s own detailed research.


As a general rule of thumb, most string light prices remain constant between the ranges of as low as $10 to highs reaching about $90.  Most high-end devices come equipped with remote controls and various other features not commonly found in the marketplace.


When it comes to string lights, their durability is often easy to ascertain.  Some manufacturers opt for shatterproof plastic bulb casings, while others believe using tempered glass for the solar panel increases productivity while balancing durability.  It might just boil down to aesthetics and what you believe makes you feel more comfortable using these products both indoors and out.


These solar-powered string light devices are more decorative than functional.  Keeping this in mind, choosing the right design could affect the type of product you choose.  Some might choose string lighting that features their country’s flag to show patriotism, while others might want something fancier, like water cans pouring out flickering lights.  Have fun with the choices you make, as there is a plethora to choose from.


Durable as these lights may be, let us not kid ourselves; these products will have to stand the test of all outdoor conditions.  There is harsh weather to contend with, and there are mischievous animals in the backyard, and so on.  Therefore it is wise to opt for companies that offer a warranty, if anything, for your peace of mind.

Power Source

The power source for these devices is mostly solar, but some have batteries that you may charge independently.  If one cannot find continuous sunlight, then opting for a dual battery and solar charger will be the optimum choice.  Also, keep in mind that the power these devices hold will affect its lighting from softer glow, steadily glow, cool white, warm white, slow fade, and so on.


Choosing from the many different types of string lights is sure to leave one in a state of confusion, but rest assured that you are sure to find your best match from some research.  Always remember these lights are decorative, fun, and in some cases serve dual functional purposes, as well.  Keep a light heart when selecting the design that speaks to you.  These could be small functions that play a large role for you, such as a steady glow, slow flash, or various light modes.

Final Verdict

We definitely believe the Solar Star Shower Garden Art LED Light with Stake Firefly Bunch Lights packs the most punch, as far as pricing, durability, design, and quality is concerned. Our research has led us to the final verdict that Mmuses has given us an amazing product fulfilling several aspects.  Unique and interesting design, great price, durability, functionality are just some of the qualities we found in this product that makes it stand out against the rest.  When it comes to these outdoor lights, Mmuses has outdone itself.

Pinterest Board

Check out our updated Pinterest board with the best solar string lights:


How do solar string lights work?

Essentially, one places the solar panel under direct sunlight to charge the devices, and as the sun sets, the charged energy is used. These lights will provide an aesthetic and a functional system for brightening up your outdoor, and in some cases, indoor spaces.

How long does it take to set the string lights up?

They are extremely easy to set up.  You place the strings in the location you want to light up, then set the panel for charging, and that is it. Your decorative imagination will determine the amount of time used to set up these lights, as you can be as creative as you like.

How long do the solar string lights have to stay in the sun?

It largely depends on the device model and type of solar panel. Some of the products require a mere couple of hours, while others might have you charge them all day.

Are solar string lights only decorative?

Absolutely not. They can also serve as lighting for your driveway or patio. Past being only decorative, they can be used for security reasons and provide a further lighting source during the night.

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