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17 Best Solar Watches Review in 2021 – (Updated Guide)

In this new fast-paced digital era, time is precious.

However, with so many obligations we have on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that we often lose track of time despite our effort to keep things under control. Now during the worldwide pandemic we are even loosing track of what day it is!

That’s why having a good and multi-functional solar watch is a must.

While it serves its main and critical purpose to tell the time, it can also be an excellent fashion accessory both for a women’s and men dress watch.

However, most of the wristwatches run on conventional batteries. Although these batteries can last for a very long time, they also have to be replaced at some point.

This can be a real pain in the neck because you have to go to the jewelry shop and replace it every time.

Luckily, solar watches that use solar energy instead of traditional batteries have been introduced and are becoming increasingly popular.

The best thing about a solar wristwatch is that you do not have to worry about whether your wristwatch will stop working or not.

By using solar energy, these watches eliminate this problem.

Basically, every time solar watches are exposed to the sunlight, they keep working no matter what.

Plus, these watches look pretty trendy and appealing as most of them are made of durable stainless steel and are built to last regardless of the circumstances they are in.

It’s a lifetime guarantee and a true masterpiece that keeps attracting the attention of multitudes.

However, with such a wide selection of solar watches on today’s ever-increasing market, choosing the one that will suit our needs is not an easy task.

From appearance and functionalities to the brand and the price, there are so many things we need to consider to make the right choice.

To help you on this journey, we did thorough research on the best solar watches. This is the ultimate guide that will provide you with all the bits and pieces you need to make the right decision.

So, let’s dive right in!

Benefits of Solar Watches

Solar Watches

Solar watches are setting a new trend. These are not only durable but also eco-friendly. But that is not it, as these have a lot more plus points listed below.

Sustainable Power

First, the most beneficial aspect of solar watch is that it has sustainable power. It won’t need any batteries every now and then. Changing batteries can be expensive though.

These watches tend to be a more reliable and long-lasting option.


The biggest plus point of all the solar power products is low-maintenance. As for these solar watches too, you won’t have to worry about their maintenance.

Those usual, winding watches can be boring after some time, needing constant wind.

But in the case of solar watches, no extra efforts are required. You only need to provide them with proper light and voila!


Solar watches are without a doubt the most convenient option for you. Especially if you tend to stay often like on sites, etc. At such places, not only these are easy to carry.

But as there won’t be any buttons or screen for unlocking. So you can use these with a lot more comfort and facility.

Durable Design

Another aspect or plus point of having a solar watch is the rugged design. Unlike other watches, these are not fragile and can withstand harsh conditions.

People who are hikers, trekkers or into other such activities can rely on these watches. As solar watches have a sturdy design that can bear the tough outdoor conditions.

They have a quartz lens for retaining scratches and also are water-resistant.

Saves Money

You might think that these watches are not at all cheap or anything. Though it may not be an obvious thing if you look from a different perspective.  These watches are actually money-saver.

As they need to extra maintenance or battery replacements. Or any sort of charging every few hours.

So, that saves you money and power too. Also, a lot of your time that might get wasted on charging.

In a hurry? Check our Top 3 Best Solar Watches!

1- Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Solar Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Solar Watch

This is an exquisite solar watch particularly for the people who are not so much into large sport watches. It charges efficiently by using both natural light and indoor light.

It looks classy with an analogue display and with three hands and a black background. Also, the window is made from scratch-resistant mineral crystal. Besides the watch, you will get a nice band which is very comfortable to wear.

The hands are luminous which allows you to easily tell the time both during the day and at night. Apart from that, the numerals are Arabic and quite visible and it also has a power-saving mode which enables it to preserve energy and work longer until you expose it to sunlight again.

Finally, this watch is water-resistant which makes it even more practical because you can wear it even when you are taking a shower or when you accidentally get wet.

All in all, this is an amazing, good-looking and reliable product which will most definitely last for a longer time.

Key features:

  • Luminous hands
  • Amazing and simple design
  • Canvas band
  • Analogue display

2- Casio Pro Trek PRW-3500-1CR Solar Watch

Casio Pro Trek PRW-3500-1CR Solar Watch

This is most definitely one of the most popular solar wristwatches and it’s still gaining in popularity. It has digital movement which is packed with handy features.

These feature a built-in triple sensor that can measure direction, atmospheric pressure and altitude. It is incredibly accurate, and a big plus is its ability to sync with atomic clocks worldwide so you don’t have to worry if your time is set according to the specific time zone you are in.

When it comes to appearance, this solar watch is simply breathtaking. The massive case of the timepiece has a contrasting silver bezel with cool complex indexes. The watch also has a cool silicone strap.

Also, it is a low temperature resistant and it features Tough Solar Power, Triple Sensor Version 3, multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping, low-temperature resistance, digital compass with bearing memory, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, sunrise and sunset data, world time, backlight with after-glow, four daily alarms with snooze, 1/10-second stopwatch, countdown timer, 12/24-hour formats, and power-saving function.

Key features:

  • It has both water resistance up to 200 meters and Triple Sensor Version 3
  • It brings highly precise readings of compass bearing, barometric pressure and altitude, and also temperature for snorkeling and a dive watch

3- Casio ProTrek PRW- 3000- 1CR Watch

Casio ProTrek PRW- 3000- 1CR Watch

If you are a traveller and like to keep things under control and have a track of time no matter where you are, this is an ideal wristwatch for you.

It is especially helpful in various circumstances like various weather conditions, high humidity and temperature. It provides detailed time accuracy with multi-band radio-atomic timekeeping.

It comes with a barometer, altimeter, compass, and it has a detailed display which holds a wide range of features including a stopwatch, a calendar, a timer, a stopwatch. It is also ideal for swimming activities and resistant to low temperatures, as low as -10 degrees Celsius.

This watch will help you keep track of time as you go about your daily activities throughout the day.

It also includes Hourly Time Signal, 1/10 Second Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, Countdown range: 24 hours, Full Auto Calendar (Pre-programmed until the year 2099), 12/24 Hour Formats, Button operation tone on/off, Storage Battery: Solar Rechargeable Battery, Battery Level Indicator, Power Saving Function, Approx. Battery Life: 7 months on full charge (without further exposure to light), Module 3414

Just think about it. Even the best smartwatches do not have all these amazing features which make it an excellent investment.

Maybe the best part of this watch is its unique design – it has a rather small case and a thin strap that looks good on the wrist. Its beautiful design makes this watch suitable for most outfits, even the formal ones.

Key features:

  • Triple sensor with altimeter, barometer, and digital compass
  • 330 ft. / 100 m water resistance
  • 12/24 hour format
  • Full Auto Calendar
  • Multiple bands atomic timekeeping
  • Self-solar power charging
  • Sunrise/Sunset Data
  • 1/10 Second Stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • World Time with 31 time zones
  • Good illumination made by the LED Backlight with Afterglow

4- Seiko Prospex Analog SSC017 Solar Watch

Seiko Prospex Analog SSC017 Solar Watch

Seiko is one of the most popular and well-known manufacturers of solar wristwatches in today’s market. This one is particularly appealing because it is suitable for many occasions and it is made of stainless steel which makes it more durable.

The quartz movement is powered by a rechargeable battery inside and it has a solar panel built into the dial. There are so many reasons why you should choose this solar panel. Here are some of them.

This watch has an analogue display, with a black dial and three hands. The hands and hour markers are easily visible, especially in night conditions. The dial window is made of Hurdles, a material Seiko uses on their watches.

The best thing about this material is that it is resistant to shattering. Another thing that makes this watch stand out from the rest solar watches on the market is a rotating bezel with numeral markings on the outer edge of the case.

The case is 43 mm in diameter, so it should be suitable for almost any wrist.

Moreover, this watch has three small sub-dials on the main dial which allows precise measuring. You can literally wear it anywhere and in any kind of conditions, including snow, rain, fog, etc.

You can even take part in some serious water activities as it has 660 ft water resistance. It’s not light, but it is very comfortable to wear.

Key features:

  • Date display
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Unidirectional bezel
  • Three chronograph sub-dials

5- Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Nighthawk Dual Time Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Nighthawk Dual Time Watch

Citizen is well-known for its series of amazing sports watches. They are equipped with amazing functionality and rugged construction that allows you to take adventures in the air, sea and on the mountain.

This watch has a sleek design with fine details on its black dial and it is made of stainless steel and scratch-resistant mineral crystal. Another great thing about this watch is that it has 6 months of power reserve.

It has an outstanding design – it has a pilot’s slide rule inner chapter ring that’s operated by the crown at 8 o’clock position. Generally, it is designed to cater to pilots, but it also has 200-meter water resistance which makes it an ideal watch for various activities in the water.

The watch is both rugged and elegant making it an excellent accessory for most outfits, including a formal outfit. It also comes with Eco-drive technology to provide function and wearability in most circumstances.

Here are some of the specifications:

  • Band MaterialStainless Steel
  • StyleSport
  • Case FinishBrushed
  • Watch ShapeRound
  • DisplayAnalog
  • Case MaterialStainless Steel
  • MovementQuartz (Solar Powered)
  • Band ColorSilver
  • GenderMen’s
  • Case Size 42mm
  • Face ColorBlack
  • Age GroupAdult
  • Case ColorSilver

Key features:

  • Water-resistant
  • A display in analogue style
  • Large and luminous hands
  • Dual time function
  • A stylish and functional piece of jewelry
  • Equipped with Eco-Drive technology which provides function and wearability in different conditions

6- Casio Rangeman G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch

Casio Rangeman G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch

If you are crazy about hiking, this watch is an excellent choice for you. It is equipped with nature-related features and rugged construction. It has a thermometer, compass, sunrise and sunset time to suit a hiker’s needs.

It’s water-resistant and you can engage in under-water activities like snorkeling and swimming. You can wear you watch almost 200 m underwater.

Another reason why this watch is so special is its design. It’s designed with resin and scratch-resistant mineral crystal along with reinforcement of G-Shock’s trademark shock resistance to withstand extreme conditions.

Also, this watch has multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping which means it will never fail to provide accurate time. Plus, it offers other amazing features like hourly time signal, full auto-calendar, countdown timer, world time and 1/100-second stopwatch.

Finally, it helps you read in the dark because it has a backlight with Afterglow for readability in the dark. This watch is an excellent accessory and a perfect gift for both male and female friends for almost every occasion.

Key features:

  • Nature-related features
  • Perfect design
  • Amazing features
  • Water-resistant

7- Tissot T-Touch Expert Analog-Digital Display Watch

Tissot T-Touch Expert Analog-Digital Display Watch

This kind of watch will suit different kinds of people and horologists. Not only does it look good on your wrist, but it also does a good job.

Its functions include day and date, multiple time zones, day and date, stopwatch, and barometer for maximum efficiency.

It is large enough for you to easily read the time regardless of where you are. Also, when the sun goes down, you can rely on your watch because it has luminescent hands and numbers to help you find the time.

This watch is easy to handle and easy to charge.

Basic characteristics:

  • -water-resistant to 330 ft
  • -made in the USA or imported
  • -Case Diameter is 45 mm
  • -T-touch expert solar black dial titanium men’s watch

Key features:

  • Swiss-quartz movement
  • Water-resistant
  • Uses both analogue and digital display
  • Simple design with excellent results
  • Built-in light for night time
  • Stylish

8- Casio G-SHOCK G-Steel

Casio G-SHOCK G-Steel

This amazing watch is primarily men’s watch fitted with 3-fold stainless steel that acts as a shock absorber and protects the watch on the owner’s hand. It has a double LED lighting that ensures optimal absorption of solar energy.

Once this watch is fully charged, it can last for a full 19 months away from any light source. Also, you can choose from a variety of colors and match it to your outfit.

However, probably the biggest benefit of this watch is the fact that it combines two worlds analogue and digital.

This watch can withstand a lot of physical disturbance which is another reason why you should choose this watch. You can carry it while doing any kind of outdoor sports activities because its bands and a strap are well-fitted.

Finally, its sporty look allows you to match it with any type of clothing.

Key features:

  • Tough solar powered
  • Quartz Movement
  • Water-resistant 200 m
  • Suitable for professional marine activity
  • Case Diameter: 59.1 mm

9- Casio Pathfinder PAG240-CR

Casio Pathfinder PAG240-CR

This wristwatch is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to always keep track of the environmental and weather conditions. It has various weather instruments including the altimeter, barometer, thermometer and others.

This watch also gives information about the sunrise and the sunset and it covers 30 different time zones. Also, it is fitted with alarms that increase time accuracy for the user.

It is both water and temperature resistant and can be carried in different temperatures, including as low as -10 degrees Celsius. Plus, it has a triple sensor that allows you to adjust it to various terrains with their different flashes of lightning.

Casio Pathfinder is an ideal watch for anyone who is into active sports and lifestyle.

Its solar quartz will hold a charge for six months before it needs to be exposed to the sunlight again. It is water-resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Key features:

  • Temperature resistant
  • Working at different temperatures
  • It has a triple sensor
  • It can withstand extreme weather conditions

10- Seiko Beige Nylon Strap Sport Dress Solar Watch

Seiko Beige Nylon Strap Sport Dress Solar Watch

This incredible sports wristwatch has a casual but appealing design that will withstand different conditions including dirt or bad weather conditions and is also appropriate for more formal events.

It is lightweight and has a very strong battery. The battery can last up to 10 months so you don’t have to maintain it or worry about whether it will stop working. The only thing you need to care about is the strap which can be changed if nylon isn’t your thing.

Key features:

  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters underwater
  • 10-month power reserve fully charged
  • It has stencil-like numerals and a day-date window
  • Excellent accessory for various occasions

11- Seiko SSCO81 Adventure-Solar Classic Watch

Seiko SSCO81 Adventure-Solar Classic Watch

Seiko is well-known for the development and production of reliable, stylish and performant watches, and it is one of the best solar watches on the market today. This watch is simply breathtaking because it has an elegant dial and a genuine leather band.

Also, it has a smooth black dial and various exquisite details. Although this watch may look pretty classic, it is actually a true masterpiece.

Under the hood, you can discover the high-tech solar power ability to convert the light into energy for its battery.

The case is made of stainless steel. When it comes to dialing, this watch is very stylish and elegant and is a perfect accessory for an everyday outfit.

For instance, certain key positions like 6,9 and 12 o’clock are Arabic numerals, and at the 3 o’clock position you can see a tiny date display.

There is also a compass scale. These amazing elements are supported and protected by a strong Hardlex crystal that makes the watch resistant to scratches.

Plus, the digital scheduler calendar allows you to keep track of time easily.

Overall, this outstanding solar wrist watch is stylish, water-resistant, highly functional and, most importantly, durable.

Another reason why this watch should be your pick is that it can be a perfect accessory to a casual dress style. Taking all these things into consideration, it’s easy to make the right decision and invest in this beautiful solar watch.

Key features:

  • Chronograph sub-dials
  • Dual crowns
  • 42 mm stainless steel case
  • Genuine leather band
  • Hardlex dial window

12- Casio Edifice EQS500DB-1A1

Casio Edifice EQS500DB-1A1

If you enjoy being stylish all the time regardless of the occasion, then this watch is just what you need. Casio Edifice belongs to the line of elegant watches and it features Tough Solar Power, auto calendar, world time and 1/100 chronograph.

It has a very solid stainless case and it is combined with the mineral crystal dial window. It is also very durable and can withstand the wear over the years. It is water-resistant up to 330 feet maximum.

It has a large case measuring 48.5 mm and a black stationary bezel that creates a very pleasing appearance. There are also the crown and the pushers on the side of the case which are used to operate the watch.

The manufacturer gave this watch a professional and clean look which is also what makes it so appealing. Apart from UTC, a total of 29 time zones are present. Plus, there are chronograph sub dials and a full auto-calendar available.

Besides the impressive looks, this watch is also very intelligent and quite simple when compared to solar watches with more advanced features.

Finally, this watch is an excellent addition to your everyday outfit regardless of the occasion and can be a perfect gift.

Taking into account all of its amazing features including solar power charging ability, this watch provides unparalleled value for money.

Key features:

  • Solid Stainless Steel Case
  • Power Saving Function
  • Tough Solar Power
  • World Time for 29 cities
  • 1/100 second chronograph

13- Casio G-Shock Frogman

Casio G-Shock Frogman

This is another outstanding Casio watch in a line. It is a perfect choice for anyone who is crazy about water sports or any other activity that is around water. It helps a lot to those who like spending time in water and keeping track of the time and other necessary parameters and measures.

The watch features the signature G-Shock resin body and has a band which offers excellent protection from scratches and shocks. It is water-resistant and has also been rated for depths of 200 meters or about 660 feet.

There is also a tide and moon information on the top of the face above the digital time readout and there are several timers in the watch whose purpose is to time dives but can also be used for anything else.

Another thing that makes this watch so interesting is that it has GPS and radio technology meaning that it can set itself when changing time zones so you never have to set the time yourself.

Key features:

  • It has excellent protection from shocks
  • Water-resistant
  • It has several timers
  • Adaptable to different time zones
  • Perfect for every occasion

14- G-Shock GW6900-1 Men’s Tough Solar Black Resin Sport Watch

G-Shock GW6900-1 Men’s Tough Solar Black Resin Sport Watch

Like with the previous watch, if you are into water activities, this watch is just what you need. It is water-resistant up to 200 meters, or 660 feet.

It can be used not only in various water sports but also for some marine recreations except for scuba diving.

Besides being water-resistant, it is also very durable and has a shock-resistant design. It has a black-resin build and a silicone band which closes with an adjustable buckle.

You can wear the watch in many exciting adventures. In addition, there is an EL backlight that ensures that your watch will automatically adjust its display which enables you to see it in different viewing conditions.

What sets this watch apart from the rest of the solar watches on the market is its large number of amazing functionalities.

These features include a daily alarm function, snooze capacity, five separate alarms and the date that can be displayed in 12 and 24-hour formats.

The watch is running on Japanese quartz movement and showing your own location and the world time (31 time zones). There are some additional features as well such as a stopwatch and a countdown timer.

Key features:

  • water-resistant up to 200 m
  • Silicone band with a buckle
  • 12-hour and 24-hour formats available
  • Shock-resistant

15- G-Shock MTGM900DA-8CR Men’s Tough Solar Atomic Stainless Steel Sport Watch

G-Shock MTGM900DA-8CR Men’s Tough Solar Atomic Stainless Steel Sport Watch

If you have a busy life this watch will provide you with numerous great functionalities that will make your life easier and help you handle your daily activities and duties more efficiently.

This watch includes four daily alarms, snooze alarm, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, a full auto-calendar.

Also, it allows you to track time and always know what time it is. It updates time and date by communicating with a radio transmitter in China which allows you to track time in different time zones as well.

Great design is another important characteristic of this watch. The watch is comfortable, stylish and elegant. It has a bracelet that doesn’t pull at the hairs of your arms.

The bracelet is very convenient because there is no tail which makes it more uniform and comfortable.

Key features:

  • 5 alarms: four daily, one snooze
  • Water-resistant up to 200 meters
  • Shock-resistant
  • EL backlight is full auto, and there’s an afterglow

16- Casio G-Rescue Solar Atomic Classic Color Solar Watch

Casio G-Rescue Solar Atomic Classic Color Solar Watch

Casio G-Rescue Solar Atomic Classic Color Solar Watch has a full black design and the inverted display colors that contribute to the entire look. The watch is very comfortable on your wrist and has a buckle closure.

A pair of wings underneath the band is very comfortable and they create a better grip.

The watch is water-resistant, rated at 660 ft and has a very efficient solar charging. It has a digital display and uses Japanese quartz movement.

When it comes to all Casio G-Shock watches, there are many excellent extra functions. However, with this watch, there is one extra feature.

Besides regular common functions and features including an alarm with snooze, a 1/100 second stopwatch and the world time with 31 time zones, there is also a tide/moon graph which can be very helpful when going on a fishing trip or some other water activities including kayaking and surfing.

This Casio watch is an excellent value for money because it is a reliable product with proven quality and a bunch of amazing features that allow you to track time with ease.

This is a super-powerful watch ideal for all outdoor activities both on land and in water.

The watch has excellent protection against shock and scratches and will handle the impact really well. You no longer have to worry about whether your watch will get damaged or not.

Also, it is super-light and a great addition to your equipment and a daily outfit, and most importantly it is pretty affordable for the value it offers.

Key features:

  • Double wings for grip
  • Tide and moon graph
  • Atomic timekeeping
  • Negative digital display

17- Casio Men’s AWGM100B-1ACR “G-Shock” Solar Watch

Casio Men’s AWGM100B-1ACR “G-Shock” Solar Watch

This watch has atomic timekeeping which is why it always provides a precise and accurate reading of the time and it covers 28 time zones including cities in US, Germany, Japan, and the UK.

It also has Japanese quartz movement and it has a number of functionalities like daily alarm and snooze, the countdown timer, the stopwatch, a calendar functionality, all via the digital display. This watch also reads the time in a 12 or 24-hour format.

This is another watch in a row that has a beautiful and fully functional design. It has a beautiful dial which is protected by a tough durable crystal and with a honeycomb pattern.

A band is made out of a stainless steel and black resin.

Also, it has the full auto LED light, including the afterglow allowing you to easily see what the time is in the dark. The watch also has an EL backlight which brings additional value to this watch and makes it more appealing to an average customer.

This watch is water-resistant for up to 660 feet, and unlike some other solar watches, it is adaptable to recreation scuba-diving.

Key features:

  • The band is made out of stainless steel and resin
  • Water-resistant up to 200 meters
  • Full light audio LED light, including afterglow
  • Atomic timekeeping

18- Citizen Men’s Promaster Professional Diver Watch

Citizen Men’s Promaster Professional Diver Watch

This is a perfect watch for all the passionate divers and those who would like to explore the underwater world.

It’s water-resistant up to 666 feet, which gives you the ability to safely dive, go snorkeling or have a shower without worrying about whether your watch will stop working or not.

Also, the watch display lights up when you are underwater which allows you to see the time at night.

The reason why this watch is so popular is that it keeps accurate time and tracks the date while looking stylish, elegant and, above all, comfortable.

It has a navy blue band that is made of moulded polyurethane and can any size of a wrist.

There is even a small depth and time chart on the band which enables you to see how long you can safely remain underwater at certain depths without causing damage to the watch and its components.

Also, the watch is backed up by a five-year guarantee in case you run into an issue (which is not likely because this watch is an excellent value for money).

Key features:

  • Excellent for divers
  • Elegant, stylish and comfortable
  • Water-resistant

19- Casio Slim Solar Multi-Function Analog-Digital Solar Watch

Casio Slim Solar Multi-Function Analog-Digital Solar Watch

This amazingly beautiful watch has a dual display and the same Casio highly reliable technology which can go for even 10 months without being charged.

One important thing that makes this watch one of the best solar watches in today’s market is its affordable price.

This watch is a perfect match of black and orange color which most users find very attractive. Both the band and the case of the watch are made of the same material – resin.

While all the parts of the watch are black, only numerals and button indicators are orange which adds to an elegant and sophisticated look.

The case is 41.5 mm in diameter, and it weighs only 1.12 oz. Like other solar watches, this watch uses quartz movement.

One thing you really need to pay attention to is a dual display – it is both analogue and digital. The hands of the analogue display are luminous in the dark, and there are a rectangular digital display and a battery indicator underneath them.

You can see the date and the day on the display, but it can also be used for some other functions. The additional functionalities include a countdown timer, world time function, alarms and a stopwatch.

Once you choose the time zone you’re in, your watch adjusts the hands automatically. Also, the watch has a backlight which means that it is easily visible in low light conditions.

Overall, this watch is comfortable and flexible at the same time, and it is definitely worth the investment.

It is also an amazing gift for all the hiking enthusiasts because it offers a variety of options and is the most affordable solar watch on the market.

Key features:

  • Lightweight
  • Luminous hands
  • Chronograph functions
  • Dual display

20- Citizen Nighthawk BJ7000-52E

Citizen Nighthawk BJ7000-52E

What distinguishes this watch as one of the best and most interesting solar power watches on the market is that it is made for both new and professional pilots.

This watch has a pilot’s slide rule dial ring function which shows dual time and date with non-reflective crystal.

It is made of stainless steel with a 42 mm screw-back case. It will never need a battery. It has a Japanese quartz movement with analogue display and it is water-resistant.

Key features:

  • It has a low-charge warning function
  • It comes with a water-resistance up to 200 meters
  • It has a Japanese quartz movement with analogue display

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Solar Watches

Before you find out which are the best solar watches on today’s ever-increasing market, you need to have an insight into a few essential criteria you need to pay attention to.

hen choosing the watch that will suit your needs.

There are a few factors you need to consider:

  • Technology – a solar watch has a small solar panel installed which collects light, creates energy and stores it in a battery. Most of the solar watches have quartz movement which requires a battery to work. So, this battery powers the machine and keeps the watch working. Your battery can last from several months to a couple of years.
  • DesignSolar watches come in various colors and designs that will match different tastes and preferences. If you decide to go with this technology, you can choose the watch that matches your everyday outfit or your lifestyle. Some of them are elegant and sleek, while others are more casual or ideal for outdoor and sports activities.
  • Fit – Apart from the technology and design you also need to think about how comfortable your wristwatch is. Since you will be wearing your watch almost every day, it is very important that it is comfortable and that it is made of a material that won’t cause any discomfort. Steel bracelets allow adjustments and corrections. Also, if the bracelet is too tight and uncomfortable to wear, you can take it to jewelry to remove it, change it or adjust. Unlike steel bracelets, leather or fabric don’t have this option. Though, in most cases, they come with a buckle, which means you can adjust the tightness.
  • Features – Different solar watches have different features. The more features your solar watch has, the more efficient it is. These features include a stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm or even several of them, etc. Besides these features, some solar watches may have some extra features like special sensors that detect environmental conditions outside such as an altimeter, barometer, thermometer, etc.
  • Materials – Material your watch is made of is very important because it determines the durability and the overall performance of your watch. The bands can be made of leather or canvas or steel. Which of these materials will you choose depends mostly on your preferences.
  • Water-resistance – one of the advantages of most solar watches is that they can be worn underwater or when doing some water activities. Most of the watches can endure various water activities except for maybe scuba diving or long swimming sessions. If you plan to take part in this kind of activities, there is something you need to take into account.

FAQ’s about Best Solar Watches

Best Solar Watch

What is Solar Powered Watch?

A solar powered watch works like other solar-powered products. It depends on solar power or cells only. The source of power for these watches is the sunlight or any artificial light.

There is a crystal in the design behind which is a solar panel. And the light is absorbed by that panel. As for the dial you see, it is either on the panel itself or above it.

The solar watch works by converting the sunlight into electrical energy or power. So the watch stores energy in the cell and keeps itself powered up when there is low light.

Some watches use lithium-ion batteries so more energy gets a store. In such cases, the watch can last even years without light by using the stored energy.

This is like being on hibernation mode and the watch won’t use its second’s hand. Some watches don’t have this feature but can still store energy for at least 6 months.

What are the Differences between a Solar Watch and an Atomic Solar Watch?

A solar watch works on solar panels or solar cells and sunlight. It converts solar energy into an electric one. Also, it saves this power for later usage or while there is no light.

An atomic watch depends on radio signals. These are radio-controlled and provide accurate time.

You won’t ever have to set the date or adjust the time. A low-frequency signal broadcasted from Colorado is received every night. This radio signal keeps the watch synchronized.

How does It Charge Itself?

We know that solar watches do not need batteries replacement or recharging. But it does need to be charged up and that needs sunlight.

As the watch has solar panels or solar cells that store energy and convert it into electric energy.

Behind the cell or panel is a crystal and the solar panel saves the power. This power is later used to charge or utilized when you wear it in low light.

Can I Charge the Watch Under Fluorescent Light?

For people who wonder whether they can charge the watch by fluorescent lights. The answer is yes you can charge them. You can use the incandescent lamps or fluorescent lights to charge the solar watch.

But there is a downfall of using them. Unlike sunlight, these lights will take a lot more time to charge up the cells. The process is slow and not so efficient.

Does Recharging Time Vary with the Seasons?

Yes, the recharging time varies from season to season. As we see that in summers, days are long and this affects the charging too. The strength and angle of the sun are different in every season.

In summers, solar panels tend to absorb more energy and store more. So as a result, the recharging time is minimal.

Whereas in winter the days are quite short and the sun stays out for little time. The strength being less cannot fulfill the required energy level. And we see that recharging takes a lot more time and becomes slow.

Does a Solar Watch Stop Keeping Time In the Dark?

Solar watches have this great feature that they last longer than regular watches. As for the dark, most of us have this same question in our minds. But to your comfort, it does work even in dark.

Want to know the best part?

As the solar watch has a solar panel/cell. So all the absorbed light that’s converted into electrical energy goes in here. This energy not only provides power to the watch but is also stored for later.

There are even some watches out in the market which can keep enough energy for even years. Hence this same energy is later utilized in dark places or at night time.

What Should I do for better Accuracy?

One of the major things which makes the watch a better and efficient asset is its accuracy of keeping time. This quality makes the watches more reliable and efficient in every manner.

The solar watches are an amazing example of watches which are reliable and accurate at the same time. The whole thing is because of the charging ability of the watch.

Solar watches are more reliable because they start charging whenever they come in contact with light. This allows them the ability to never stopping.

This amazing ability makes these solar watches more accurate than the other watches around them. If you are looking for a watch that provides you with proper reliability and accuracy then choosing a solar watch would be a nice choice for you.

The best part is that these watches are affordable in term of their features an accuracy. You just need to keep them in light and make sure they never stop.

It will increase the accuracy factor of these watches.

How Should I Care for My Watch Band?

It is common to see the watch band all dirty. The reason is simple; as it remains in contact with the skin, perspiration or dust can damage it.

But no need to worry can you can take care of the band either it is metal or leather.

  • The metal, stainless steel bands can also get rusty and corrode due to sweat. This corrosion can also damage the clothes with its yellow discoloration.
  • The easy way to avoid this is to wipe off any excess moisture or sweat from your hands. You can use some light detergent to wash the band along with a toothbrush. So all the gaps are free from dirt or rust. Later dry it properly with a towel or tissue.
  • Leather bands are more often seen to undergo discoloration and damage. They absorb moisture from sweat and the sun rays. These factors can cause serious wear and tear and fading of color.

The best way to take care of the leather band is to avoid wearing it near water/moisture. Also, keep is away from long term exposure to direct sunlight.

Or opt for synthetic leather which can offer more resistance to moisture.

 How Can I Adjust My Watch Strap?

Although most of the watches have adjustable straps like leather or plastic ones. But if you have a metal band, it might need the removal of extra links.

So the watch can actually fit your wrist.

Follow these steps to remove the metal links.

  • Firstly, you need to note down the size of the watch. If it’s loose or tight, you will have to remove or add links.
  • Next, pinch the band and try to get equal links on both sides of the clasp.
  • Then count how many links you want to remove and use the push pin to remove the links.
  • Next, you can detach the clasp from where the pins are removed. And then attach back the clasp with last link.
  • Check the size if it fits you or not.


We hope you will find this all information helpful about solar watches. Though all possible aspects are covered from our side. Yet in case of any confusion or further query, you can contact us. As we always feel obliged to help out the readers.

When you are choosing your wristwatch, you expect it to last for a long period of time without having to worry whether it will get damaged.

To choose the one that will perfectly suit your needs you need to take a few criteria into account.

Here we have listed 20 of the best solar watches on today’s market and we hope this article will help you make up your mind and select the right one.

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