How to Build A DIY Solar Oven (Easy Steps to Follow!)

In today’s article, we are sharing a step by ste[ guide on how to build a DIY solar oven.

I’m sure that you’re gonna like it. Let’s get started.

In today’s world luckily everyone has now started to think twice about wasting energy and are being encouraged to use and consume solar energy instead.

For countless reasons of course. Not only they are affordable and they pay a huge contribution to the environment and society by saving a huge amount of resource and money.

Today we will talk about a solar oven, a device that is completely run by solar energy. Solar ovens are getting popular these days because of its super-efficient nature.

It is cheap to own, saves a lot of money because it literally does not cost a single penny to utilise it, saves a lot of energy as there is no fuel required and what is more amazing, is that it is portable.

That is why these solar ovens are more popular with students because they can use it without any hassle when they are living away from home or when they are out for camping.

So, without further ado, let us know a bit more about these devices and also how you can actually build your own solar oven.

How to Build a Solar Oven?

Build a Solar Oven

There are a few things that you have to take into account before trying out your hands on building a solar oven.

We shall now see a DIY solar oven right here that can reach up to 200°F. It will take about two hours and the total cost spent is going to be approximately 30 Dollars ONLY! It is not difficult at all, but rather quite easy.

What You’ll Need:

The suppliers and kits that will be needed in order to build this device would be as follows:

  • Cardboard box (Two, to be exact).
  • A Box cutter machine.
  • Silicon adhesive.
  • Foam insulation (Needs to one inch thick for smoother operation).
  • A gaffer tape (The colour black is preferable).
  • Scissors.
  • Bamboo skewers (Needs to be eight in number and also the skewers need to be one foot long).
  • Aluminium tape.
  • Plastic (Sheets of glass will do as well).
  • Oven mitts.

These are the basic materials needed to build your own DIY solar oven. Now that we know and have what we need, let’s move on to execution.

The process is broken down into a few steps, which should be easy enough to operate and is also quite time-efficient.

Successful of following and executing the processes will lead you to have your functioning solar oven.

Step #1:

Take one cardboard box and line it with both adhesive and the foam insulation. After you’ve lined it accurately, take the gaffer tape and wrap or cover the insulation with it.

Make sure that it is properly covered and lined because the further process will not be accurate if the initial setting is not done in a proper manner.

Step #2:

In the next step, find out the duplicates of the first cardboard box’s flaps from the second cardboard box that you have and cut them.

After cutting them, collect the duplicates as well as the originals and tape the duplicate ones to the corners or edges of the real ones.

The idea is to put an extra layer to the surface of the box so that it is more secured. Because the surface is doubled, it will be stronger.

Step #3:

Now it is time to open the flaps. To open the flaps, adjust the two skewers that you have on each side of the box.

Make sure that the angles are faced in a way through which maximum sunlight will get it, or it could absorb the maximum amount of sunlight.

It is a very important part of building your solar oven, most of the result will depend on the angles facing the sunlight so be sure that you have positioned it in the right way.

Step #4:

Take the cupboards and cut triangle-shaped parts from it so that they can be used to fill out the space between the flaps that you had from earlier.

After getting the triangles, attach them using the gaffer tape and finally again wrap or cover the flaps using the aluminium tape that you had.

Do not confuse the aluminium tape with the gaffer tape because both of the tapes are very different from each other and are used for very different reasons as well.

Step #5:

This is the final step and has done with this you are ready to go. This is actually an essential process because it will guide you to cook with your newly made solar oven!

So, in order to start the cooking, first off, take the insulation and put the glass on top of it and adjust the oven in a way that would directly be exposed to the sun.

Gradually you will discover that the temperature will rise and it will become hot, and when that happens you should know that you have yourself a functioning solar oven.

However, it is important to operate the oven with mitts whilst cooking because it can and will get very hot. So you need to be safe with that as well.

So, basically that was your DIY solar oven. As simple as it gets!

The popularity or usage of these solar ovens is only rising with each passing day because everybody now knows about how it can make your life easier.

It will save up energy, money, it is portable, time-efficient what else could you want?

However, there are many solar ovens in the market which can cost a lot, sometimes even the same as a real stove.

In that case, you need to figure out yourself that what kind of solar oven would suffice and you could buy accordingly.

Regardless of that fact, these solar ovens will serve you for the better and for all the right reasons, so you just might as well get one for yourself and enjoy the hassle-free cooking spree!

Robert Laswell
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