How to Charge Solar Lights Without Sun? – (GUIDE)

You might be wondering how to charge solar lights without sun, here we will tell you.

We all know that the solar power source is awesome and amazing for us all. It helps us to reduce and bring down carbon footprints. Furthermore, this energy source saves money.

But how to charge solar lights without the sun or when the sun is down?

You can follow the below-mentioned methods. When the clouds are cozy and the sun is about to get down, then you can still charge these lights by following these tricks.

Let us have a look at that how of all of this possible:

Ways of Charging Solar Lights without Sun:

Charging Solar Lights without Sun

No doubt, there are a large number of ways and approaches that you can help you in defining as to how to charge solar lights without sun or if the sun is down!

To charge up these solar-powered appliances, there are effective ways that you can follow.

Moreover, these ways can charge your solar-powered electronics fast and quickly.

First of all, we are going to discuss the method of charging these solar lights indoors, so let us go through these details first of all:

Charging Solar Lights Indoors:Charging Solar Lights Indoors

To charge these lights indoors, what you can do is to charge up your solar batteries with the help of regular light bulbs.

This is how to charge solar batteries! Do you know that this is an easy method that you can go for!

You can power these solar batteries by using any of the regular incandescent light bulbs.

If you do not have a clear idea that how much amount of sun is going to be available right before 4:00 am, then follow this method and smart tip.

This is how to charge solar lights without the sun! It will take around and about two hours to charge your solar lights indoors.

It is observed that these solar cells respond in a far better and effective manner to all kinds of incandescent lights like the way they are responding to solar power.

This happens because solar and also incandescent bulbs, they manage to put off and place light waves that help out the solar cells to collect energy.

Most importantly, to charge these solar lightsyour incandescent lights have to be well and extremely bright enough.

Also, their light wavelengths should be similar and somewhat enough in the potential to the sun’s Ultraviolet waves.

This way, it will be easy for solar cells to convert and transform solar energy into some kind of useable power.

This is how to charge solar lights without the sun. For more guidance, keep tuned and in touch with us.

What Kind of Bulbs You Can Use to Charge Solar Lights?

Moving to more of the details as to how to charge solar lights without the sun!

You can make use of any type and sort of bulb to charge and power these solar lights

The only thing that you have to consider that your bulb needs to fall in the correct and exact light wave spectrum range!

Besides, you can utilize light sources like that of LED and incandescent bulbs. Or you can use these halogen lights as well as household lights.

This is basically how to charge solar lights without the sun.

Hence, we can say that to produce solar light and to charge up these solar lights, this option of using LED light is great for you.

Most noteworthy, it is this LED that has been designed in a way to produce a spread and range of light wavelengths.

This light option is composed of visible light and too long infrared waves. Now, if you had this ambiguity that can fluorescent light charge solar cells, then the answer is yes!

Tips to Charge these Solar Lights on Any Cloudy Day:Solar Lights

Now, on cloudy days, you are free to charge your solar lights. This is an obvious fact that solar panels do collect and gather some charges during cloudy days.

Keep in mind that this charge will not be that strong and bright enough.

But this charge will be somewhat sufficient enough to run and operate your solar-powered lights. 

For this job, you can make use of an amorphous solar panel to charge your solar-powered lights.  Now you know how to charge solar lights without the sun.

This specific job cannot be done and processed by using any of the popular polycrystalline panels or monocrystalline panels.

Indeed, amorphous panels are not that much great and efficient likewise we have these poly and monocrystalline panels.

However, they manage to gather and collect more amount of light energy all from cloudy skies.

This is the specific and particular nature that makes them perform this job!

Is it Possible to Charge Your Solar-Powered Lights in the Winter Season?

It is completely possible to charge your solar lights during the time of winter season.

You only have to remember that the overall and whole charging process will not be that much quicker.

Most probably, it is this ultraviolet light coming from the sun that manages to successfully penetrate deeper into the clouds. And this process hit and target those solar panels.

Now, you know you know how to charge solar lights without sun during the time of wintery and cloud-covered months.

To carry out this process, first of all, you have to clear all of the snow all from your respective solar panel.

Position it in the direction where it can receive maximum light. You can use a brush for this snow removal job.

That brush should be having soft bristles. Furthermore, take off the snow from your solar panel by rubbing it gently and slowly with a cotton cloth.

Besides, during winter months, you need to relocate and reposition your solar panels. Avoid placing them in the location where there are shadows.

What you can do is to position the solar panels all in the direction of the south to collect and gather the most light.

This is how to charge solar lights without the sun. And if your solar panels tilt or swivel, then you need to reposition them all and completely throughout the day.

More Ways of Charging Solar Lights:Charging Solar Lights

If you are looking for ways and more tips as to how to charge solar lights without sun, then we are sure that this guide will help you:

It is with the help of standard electricity that you can charge your solar-powered objects.

In other words, you can make use of this alternative power source to charge your solar-powered appliance.

This is generally and usually how to charge solar lights without the sun. If you have any queries, do let us know.

According to some of the experts, what they have advised and give this suggestion to plug your solar light directly into the wall sockets.

Or you can charge and power your solar light by plugging them into the DC charger installer in your car.

These are the standard and basic means of charging methods that you can go for!

So, if the sun is down and you want to charge your solar light in an emergency, then follow this tip.

This method is specifically made to have opted for unusual circumstances and also for emergencies.

This is how to charge solar lights without sun while you are hiking or camping.

You can follow this simple tip while you are backpacking or opting for lengthy travel times.

Charging Solar Lights and other Kinds of Solar-Powered Items Through the Use of Windows:

If you are struggling to look for the ways regarding how to charge solar lights without sun, then you can complete this charging process through windows.

Be it any kind of solar-powered electronic, you can use this charging method by using your windows.

To carry out this charging process, you need to place and position your solar cell portion directly in the window.

This is the fastest and most effective charging option that one can pursue!

Can a Tinted Window Charge Your Solar Lights?

Here we have come down to the last piece of discussion regarding how to charge solar lights without the sun:

The last ambiguity of yours that we can solve for you! It is with the help of a tinted window that you can easily charge and power your solar objects.

Here is the deal for you!

If you have got tinted windows at home, then charge your solar-powered objects because solar light does strike with the surface of these tinted windows.

Moreover, there are different kinds of tinted windows that you can go for. Prefer buying that tinted window that allows more amount of sunlight to pass through it!

Hence, this is how to charge solar lights without the sun! You can share with us your own devised tips.

You can convey to us how you charge these solar-powered objects apart from using solar energy.


This is how to charge solar lights without the sun! If you plan to follow any one of these methods, then share your experience too.

We hope that these methods will work for you. It is not necessary that solar energy can only charge your solar objects.

You can charge these solar-powered appliances through other mediums as well.

So, if you are charging solar lights the first time, then this above-written guide can make your job easy, Keep in touch with us, more guide on solar lights and ways of charging them is coming sooner.

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