How Long Do Solar Panels Last? Explained

You might be wondering regarding how long do solar panels last, here we have put up this in-detail explanation for you.

We know that solar panels offer a great and ideal way to reduce and bring down carbon footprints.

Furthermore, they produce cheap energy and come out as a great and best return on your investment.

If you have got a photovoltaic solar panel, then it may last for around and about 25 years.

After this time frame, all kinds of solar panels start to get degraded.

Moreover, it is seen that a large number of solar panel companies offer 25 year warranty time and this is the average and expected life expectancy scale of a solar panel.

Now, you can check out the further details on how long do solar panels last:

Solar Panel Degradation Rate:

Solar Panel Degradation Rate

Talking about this solar panel degradation rate, here is the required explanation for you.

Most importantly, it is generally seen that old solar panels slowly and gradually lose their ability to absorb sunlight.

It is all because of their reduced chemical potency that their performance starts to get low.

In addition, this is the whole process is given the name of the degradation rate.

You need to keep in mind this rule that the lower the degradation rate is going to be; the better the performance of the solar panel will come out to be.

A lower degradation rate tells us that your solar panel has the capacity to show better and improved performance.

Most noteworthy, these degradation rates and scales vary from one solar panel brand to another.

Moving to more of the details on how long do solar panels last, all kinds of higher and premium quality panels show a lower and reduced degradation rate.

According to proven and extensive studies, solar panels manufactured by brands like that of LG and Panasonic have a low degradation rate and it is as low as 0.30% on a yearly basis.

You have to remember that the worst of all degradation rate of 0.80% on a yearly basis.

On an average basis, you can expect the degradation rate around and about 0.50% on a yearly average basis.

If any of you have got a Tier 1 solar panel, then you can note down that its degradation rate is approximately 0.30%.

Moreover, if you decide to invest in some Tier 2 solar panel, then their average degradation rate is 0.50% each year.

We are sure that now you have got the exact idea concerning how long do solar panels last!

Do Solar Panels Go Bad?Do Solar Panels Go Bad

It is seen that solar panels do not come with any kind of expiration date. So far, there is no technical explanation that when solar panels expire.

But it is commonly seen that panels reduce their efficiency and performance rate as time passes.

In addition, a few of the solar panels become break or gets damaged because of extreme weather conditions.

Like, when a hail storm comes or when cold weather time comes, then there is a chance that your solar panel gets severely damaged.

On the other hand, falling debris may emboss and inject physical damage onto your solar panel.

It is due to this falling debris that your panel may start to develop some micro-cracks on it.

Fluctuation in temperature settings and extreme contrasts in your weather and temperature ranges, these causes deteriorate your solar panel performance as well.

This piece of writing that is on how long do solar panels last, it tells us that solar panels quality, condition, and performance is subject to water damage too.

If your panels are not water-resistant, then they may get damaged quickly. So, whenever you plan out to get a solar panel, make sure that it offers standard warranty time,

There are different warranty times that are offered by varied numbers of solar panel manufacturers.

So, carefully choose the brand whenever you want to buy this kind of product.

Below we have penned-down more of the details on how long do solar panels last, so do carefully read them and sort out your ambiguities.

When To Replace Panels:Replace Panels

When you see that your solar panel does not function properly and your energy bills are getting increased, then that is a big sign that you need to replace your panel as soon as possible.

During this event and specific situation, you have to invest in a high-quality solar panel instantly.

Most importantly, there are lots of solar companies out there that offer physical trackers so that the person can monitor and keeps an eye on the electricity generation capacity.

You can make use of these physical trackers and apps and get the correct estimation of how long do solar panels last.

Moreover, if you start to notice that your solar panel electricity generation potential reduces from 35 Kwh to 32 Kwh, then this is a big indication that your panel will get degrade in the near time.

Hence, when your panels no longer generate and produce electricity, then that is the right and correct time to replace them.

If you still have any query on how long do solar panels last, you can ask us.

Other Parts To Replace:Other Parts To Replace

There are other parts of a solar panel that needs replacement as well and here we are going to talk about them:

There may come a time when you are asked to replace the racking of your solar panel. This racking is usually and generally more exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Even more, racking gets affected by rain and snow and also sun and extreme temperatures. That is why you have to keep a closer eye on your panel racking condition.

To know how long do solar panels last, it depends on your inverter condition too.

As an example, lots of inverters injected in solar panels demand replacement after a time frame of 10 to 15 years.

Besides, if your solar battery is not working properly, then you need to replace it for sure.

The purpose of using these solar batteries is to store excess and additional solar power.

We have noticed that solar batteries come with a 10-year warranty. And after the expiration of this warranty time, they start to get degraded.

So, to maintain and retain the peak performance of your solar batteries, you should keep a closer check regarding when to replace them.

Lastly, the question of how long do solar panels last, it depends on your roof condition at the same.

Like, you can replace and maintain your panel whenever you carry out a maintenance and replacement job on your roof. 

Can You Extend Their Lifetime?Can You Extend Their Lifetime

A large number of individuals have this question concerning is it possible to extend the lifespan of their solar panels, here you can get an answer about it:

Upon maintain a panel carefully and dedicatedly, you can prolong their life span.

Furthermore, the query on how long do solar panels last, it depends on the fact whether you are properly clean and maintain your panels or not.

It is advised to wash them regularly with water and no dirt should be present on them. Besides, no dust and sand residue should be seen on your solar panel.

Such dirt and sand presence bring micro-cracks and also scratches. 

If there are any fallen tree branches on your panel, then remove them. There have to be no snow loads on it.

The presence of hail as well as fallen branches brings more intense damage to your solar panel.

Beyond, the presence of any snow on your panels let them develop micro-cracks. You need to take all possible efforts to take care of your solar panel.

These are the only ways to make them last for years and years. Now, you know how long do solar panels last!

Should You Replace Panels After 25 Years?Should You Replace Panels After 25 Years

The last piece of this discussion highlights this fact regarding whether it is necessary and important to replace solar panels or not after 25 years.

If your panel is well maintained and properly taken care of, then it can keep on producing electricity even after the expiry of its warranty time.

There is no need to replace your solar panels if they are producing and generating enough energy after 25 years.

Furthermore, if your panel is not damaged and broken, then avoid replacing it.

However, this task of replacement becomes a need when your solar panel generates a little amount of electricity.

If your installed panel no longer gives enough power to your home, then this is a sign to get a new panel for your home.

There is this bonus tip for you that is linked with how long do solar panels last!

If you have chosen a reputable solar panel installer, then there is a massive chance that your panel will make a long way.


So, what’s the bottom line? We have shared the exact stats and figures with you on the discussion regarding how long do solar panels last and if you have questions or any queries, ask from us.

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