How Much Energy Does the Sun Produce – The Potential of Solar Power

You might be wondering how much energy does the sun produce, here is an explanation for you. We are going to talk on the overall future prospect and potential of solar power as well. 

No doubt, we have this unlimited source of energy. People are getting dependent on it. This is the kind of energy source that comes virtually unlimited.

We all know about this fact that the sun will not die or disappear. Even more, generating electricity from the sun is a clean energy source.

Among the renewable energy sources, apart from this solar energy, we also have wind energy, hydropower energy and biomass energy as well as geothermal energy.

These renewable and clean energy sources account and make for 13% of the total. Rest of the details you can check out below:

How Much Energy Does the Sun Produce?Sun Produce

It is estimated and researched that solar energy comes with a global potential of around and about 1,600 to 49,800 exajoules per year. This energy type is renewable power.

Furthermore, it is in a single hour that the actual amount of power coming from the sun striking and hitting the Earth is more than as compared to the entire world that consumes in a single year. Moreover, it is in a single hour that 430 quintillion Joules of energy coming from the sun hits and targets the Earth.

On comparative notes, you need to keep in mind that the total amount of energy that we all as humans make use of in a single year, it is 410 quintillion Joules.

The Trend of Using This Renewable Solar Energy SourceSolar Energy Source

We are seeing a huge and immense push in using this renewable solar power energy. It is for an obvious number of reasons that individuals prefer this energy mode.

Most importantly, solar energy does not increase or boost any of the carbon footprints and emissions.

This concept does exacerbate and amplify the process of global warming. Electricity generated from fossil fuels, it creates a lot of pollution and global warming.

But solar energy is a clean and pollution-free energy source. It is recommended not to use these coal and fuel resources for a long time.

By doing so, you are taking your earth planet to a destruction level. Using coal and other fuel modes are one of the dumbest experiments that have been ever made in history.

If you want to positively change your Earth’s atmosphere, then you can utilize solar power in order to see the best and productive consequences.

Why Solar Energy Is Used so Little?Solar Energy

There is this common question that if solar energy possesses such huge power and potential, then why we are utilizing it on such a small scale!

No doubt, this is a powerful, durable and strongest energy source. Furthermore, this is the technology that is used and availed to harness the sun’s energy.

And then to make it useable. So, far, this technology has only produced and generated less than one-tenth out of one per cent with respect to global energy demand.

Many of you might be familiar with the concept of so-called photovoltaic cells. They are at times called as solar panels. You may have seen and often spotted them on the spacecraft, rooftops and also on the handheld calculators.

These solar cells are made using semiconductor materials. This same material is found and presents in computer chips. As soon the sunlight hits and targets the cells, then it eventually and gradually knocks down electrons. The flow of electrons through the cell creates and generate electricity.

If we talk about the larger and big scale, then it is seen that solar-thermal power plants manage to employ and make use of a large number of techniques.

They do so to concentrate and focus the sun’s energy in the form of a heat source. In addition, you can then use this heat source to boil water.

This whole process drives and accelerates the steam turbine. And then that turbine generates and make electricity. We can say that solar-thermal power plants work in the same way as we have these coal and nuclear power plants.

Harnessing Solar Power- Technique and Detail Method for You

Let us talk about the process of harnessing solar power. You can check out this guide for your convenience.

There is this technique where long troughs of these U-shaped mirrors concentrate on sunlight. Water is boiled up for the sake of the electricity generation process.

There is another technique that makes use of moveable mirrors. These mirrors focus their whole and entire attention on the sun’s rays that are present on a collector tower.

Then the molten salt flows seamlessly through the receiver. It is heated up to operate and run a generator.

Other Solar Harnessing Techniques

Rest of the solar technologies have turned out to be passive. Like, you may have seen big windows mounted and placed right on the sunny side of any kind of building.

This process and overall practice allow sunlight to hit on the heat-absorbent materials.

As an example, we are talking about the walls and floor. These kinds of surfaces release the whole amount of heat during the night phase so that the building can remain warm enough.

In the same way and manner, you can use absorbent plates present on a roof to heat up or warm-up liquid in tubes. This way, you can supply your house with enough quantity of hot water.

What Can be the Pitfalls of Solar Power?Pitfalls of Solar Power

We all know that solar energy is praised and acclaimed as one of the inexhaustible fuel sources. Most probably, it is marked as pollution-free and noise-free.

The kind of technology used in it, it is pure, genuine and versatile. With the help of these solar cells, you can create and generate energy for all kinds of far-out places.

Like, you can generate power for satellites in Earth orbit. This energy can be used for cabins that are present deep in the body of the Rocky Mountains. Using this energy can even power all kinds of downtown buildings as well as futuristic cars.

But solar power does accompany a few of the pitfalls with it. This energy does not work, run and operate at night. It fails to operate efficiently during cloudy weather times.

If it is a cloudy, windy or rainy weather during a day, then this solar power technology may turn out to be unreliable and not so trustworthy.

In addition, these solar technologies are also costly and expensive. They need extensive and a lot of land area where they can conveniently collect the sun’s energy.

All in all, we can say that this solar power does have some drawbacks. But it has a promising future prospect too. Its overall use has managed to surge and increase at about the rate of 20 per cent a year since the time of 15 years. Besides, solar energy is getting efficient day by day.

Its falling price aspect and gain in terms of efficiency is making it a reliable option for all of us. For solar cell markets, we have seen that Japan, Germany, the United States are marked and identified as one of the major markets for manufacturing solar cells.

Future of Solar Power – Real Picture for You!Future of Solar Power

Solar Energy Is Useless If Good Batteries are Not Developed:

Many people are still confused about this fact regarding what is the future of solar power. There is a need to make this technology more advance.

This whole problem and the main issue ends down to batteries. If sufficient and advanced kind of batteries is not developed, then what is the point of using this solar energy.

We need to develop those batteries that can easily and hassle-free store enough amount of the energy produced by solar panels. Only then, a solar panel will be able to give us reliable power.

On essential notes and terms, we are in need of such batteries that can make this concept of solar power more efficient.

High-quality and top-notch batteries, they always tend to stay good enough so that they can store and hold the incredible amount and quantity of solar energy.

Energy from the sun is constantly hitting and targeting the Earth. The only issue is to develop batteries that can retain this energy.

We Fail to Capture All Sun Energy Consistently:

There is another problem that may make the future prospect of solar energy weak enough. We have failed to capture the solar energy on consistent and regular notes. If we are not grabbing a maximum amount of solar energy, then utilizing this energy is useless for you.

It is seen that professional and expert researchers all around the world, they are making efforts to develop and make durable and better solar panels.

High-quality solar panels convert immense sun energy into electricity in less time. Furthermore, we are seeing an increased number of lab tests so that regular research can be conducted to improve the efficiency of solar panels. Experts are of this view that proper and complete use of solar power will take a bit longer time.

To see perfection in its performance, it will likely be taking more years to translate and transform its average use into actual market use.

How Much Solar Energy Is Collected?Solar Energy Is Collected

Next, we have the process and details for you for collecting solar energy.

It depends on the overall orientation of collector that how much solar energy will be able to get captured. It also depends on the angle and direction of the Sun.

Talking about the optimum conditions, you can acquire fluxes up to the range and as high as 2000 Watts per square meter.

Besides, in the winter season, if your house is located at 40 degrees latitude and the sun is simply lower, then note down that the average flux that is going to be received by you is around and about 300 Watts per square meter.

It is in winters that a typical and average looking household makes use of 2000-3000 KWHs per month. Or you can say that they use roughly and approximately 70-100 kWh per day.

If your rooftop area is around 100 square meters, then during the winter and also on a sunny day, your roof will be able to receive and get 6 hours of sunlight or illumination. Moreover, if your panel shows 5% efficiency then it can produce a power of 9 kWh per day.

For 10% efficiency, it can produce up to 18 kWh per day. And for 20% efficiency, a solar panel can generate electricity up to 36 kWh per day

If you make an effort to go for and prefer sensible energy conservation mode during winters, then you can allow your solar panels work in the best manner. What you can do is to lower and bring down your daily energy use by a factor of 2.

This way, your solar shingles or solar panels will become almost 20% efficient and they will get in a position to meet 50 per cent to 75 per cent of your energy needs.

The Potential of Solar Power!Potential of Solar Power

Below we have illustrated for you the real and genuine potential of solar power. No doubt, it has got enriching potential and massive future prospects.

To utilize this concept in an ideal way, there is a heavy and big need to develop and make novel kind of solar power technologies. This marks one of the key and critical solutions to fulfil the worldwide demand for solar energy.

It is generally observed that the rapid and massive growth of solar power is facing some of the serious technical barriers. Like, we are witnessing and experiencing low solar cell efficiencies.

In this zone, we are facing low performing balance-of-systems and also lots of economic hindrances.

To use solar power, it needs and require high upfront costs. The manufacturing industry is seeing a lack and heavy absence of financing mechanisms.

It is because of the institutional obstacles that we are not utilizing solar power on full notes.

Furthermore, to make solar panels or to set up solar power plants, we have inadequate infrastructure. Moreover, we have a shortage of experienced and skilled manpower.

Hence, we can say that there are a number of technical issues and problems that are extensively affecting this renewable energy source. We need to do more and more research in this area. Even more, we need to look at the beneficial interactions and regulation policy frameworks to make the best use of solar power.

Apart from that, there is a high need to open up and launch novel routes so that productive solar energy research can be carried out. If a strong future roadmap is designed, the field and area of solar research can gain a high momentum.

How the Potential of Solar Power Can be Enhanced?Solar Power

The future and general prospect of solar power are bright enough. If you want to outpace current and present solar cells, then there is a requirement and need to come up with a new design.

This new design and development will let and allow you to capture more of the sunlight.

Moreover, this new design will make it easy for the unit to transform and convert light energy into electricity in a more precise, efficient and accurate manner.

Lots of Energy producers and a large number of consumers are more likely to be adopting and making use of this energy if it meets their every single requirement.

Add Hardware so that Solar Cells Can Trap More Sunlight:Solar Cells Can Trap More Sunlight

The first option for you to boost the potential of solar power is to add some kind of hardware. In this way, your solar panel will be able to trap more sunlight in it.

The current and present solar cell design does not meet this requirement.

If a new design is installed with such hardware, then we can see a great improvement in solar power potential. In additions, electronics can be embossed in the solar cells. This way, solar cells will be able to track the sun as it starts to gradually move through the daytime phase.

However, it is an ongoing and one of the biggest challenges to design such kind of electronics that can track the exact and accurate position of the sun at a reasonable cost. But we are hoping to see innovation in this area.

Target the Efficiency of Solar Cells to Improve their Potential:

The second option for you is to target the efficiency of solar cells. This manner, you can amplify the potential of the solar power unit. This is an easy way to improve and enhance the performance of solar power plants and their cells.

Most importantly, upon targeting their efficiency, you will be able to better see the conversion and transformation phase of solar energy into electricity.

Solar Cells to Improve their Potential

If your solar panel has more than one layer and a section of light-capturing material, then it can easily capture more number of photons as compared to solar panels who are composed of only a single layer.

It is studied and proved that those solar cells that have four layers, they can conveniently capture 46% of the incoming sunlight energy. But these solar cells are way too costly and expensive. In addition, they are difficult to make.

Verdict On the Potential of Solar Power!

We can say that with the assurance that the potential of the future of the solar power industry, it is clear and starry enough. It is in the immediate future times that we hope and expect to see more solar panels and the installation of solar power plants.

This is a cheap energy source. And there is no harm in using it. You can start on with the residential scale. And then move and forward this project to the commercial scale.

We need to try for once to check the potential of solar energy. It can for sure make your environment cleaner and reduce your electricity bills.

This energy gives no emissions. So, further strong and budget-friendly plans should be devised to make this solar power option feasible.

If solar panels are going to be installed in massive and heavy numbers, then their installation cost may get decrease and low. It is only their high installation cost that makes a person a  little reluctant to pursue this option.

Research is going on to come up with more alternative designs. This way, the solar panel unit can turn out to be more efficient as well as less expensive.

If you are using this clean and renewable energy source, then share your feedback on this webpage. How it has benefited you, feel free to tell us. And what improvements you expect to see in this industry!

It is completely possible that increasing the overall bulk manufacturing of solar panels and the introduction of new technologies may make this unit cheaper and highly efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much energy can the sun provide in a year?

The total amount of energy that a sun produces and generates in a year, it is approximately 2.2 billion times the 170,000 TW right at Earth. You need to keep in mind that a year is around and about 31 million seconds.

In this way, the output given by the sun in a second time frame, it is 2200/31, equals to 71 times the TSI reaching and accessing to Earth. And then it turns out to be 340 times for the sake of warming the globe.

How do we get more energy from the sun?

To get more energy from the sun, a specific and particular process is carried out and it is given the name of nuclear fusion. During the process, one can see that a high-pressure range, as well as a high-temperature range right in the core of the sun, causes nuclei to get separated from each other.

Furthermore, Hydrogen nuclei tend to fuse and amalgamate with each other in order to form one and sole helium atom. It is while during this processing of fusion method that more and more amount of radiant energy gets to be released and generated. This is how we get and acquire more energy from the sun.

Does the sun make noise?

There is this common question that does the sun make noise. You need to understand and get this basic concept that the sun produces and generates sound waves. This happens because the sun surface is usually and generally convecting.

This kind of surface produces a large number of pressure waves that manage to travel all into the inner corona zone. So, sun does make sound waves.

However, they are possessed with very low wavelengths that measure and fall in hundreds of miles range. Furthermore, these pressure waves are created all because of the huge pockets and traces of hot gas that manage to rise completely and wholly from the deep section of the sun.

How much energy from the sun hits the earth?

It is observed that in every single hour, around and about 430 quintillion Joules of sun energy hits and targets the Earth.

It all makes approximately 430 with 18 zeroes. On the other hand, the total amount of energy that is mainly and usually used by humans in a single year time frame, it is 410 quintillion, Joule


So, this is the answer to your question regarding how much energy does the sun produce. And you have clearly understood the power of solar energy.

Though, it is comparatively costly to implement. At the same time, it does offer a clean and renewable source of energy for the individuals.

It is in coming years that solar energy will see real advancements and improvements in its field. It is a preferable option as this energy is readily available. Furthermore, it is renewable. It claims to be an attractive source and option of energy.

But we are making less use of it, Since 2018, only 2% of the world’s energy has been captured from solar. More ways and techniques of harnessing and harvesting solar energy should be devised. Though it is is an expensive process, still, efforts can be made.

So, fingers are crossed as we are hoping to see more technological advances in this field. In the past years, we have witnessed an increased and massive reliance on solar.

Individuals have favored this technological development as it has decreased their electricity bill costs. Keep connected with us, more details are coming up.