How To Build A Solar Generator: (Easy Steps to Follow)

Here you can catch up with some of the most basic and easy steps on How to Build a Solar Generator.

Make sure to read all details of this post. We all are aware of this fact that the electricity cost is rising day by day.

These days, it is getting tough for individuals to afford this much higher price of electricity. That is why they are now switching to this trend of using solar generators.

Furthermore, this is an alternative energy source that you can go for.  With the use of solar panels and solar generators, you get a low electricity bill.

So, let us check out the guide that tells and explains to you about How to Build a Solar Generator?

Things You Need To Build A DIY Solar Generator:Build a Solar Generator

You might be wondering which things are needed and required to build and make a DIY solar generator, here you can know all about that!

If you want to build and develop a top-notch solar generator, then make sure you need to make a big investment in this category.

Moreover, you should always be buying high and premium quality parts for your solar generator.

The guide on How to Build a Solar Generator, it tells you that one should invest a lot of time, effort, money, and research to make a solar generator on his own.

Solar Panel:

First of all, you have to get the right solar panel for yourself. It is the key and main component of this job.

This subject guide on How to Build a Solar Generator explains to us that you have to be careful while choosing a solar panel.

If it is a high and premium quality kind of solar panel, then it can easily and instantly absorb more amount of energy from the sun.

Premium sort of solar panels makes it easy for the user to generate maximum usable electricity.

Furthermore, the most exposed component and part of any solar generator is this solar panel.

Your selected solar panel has to be water-resistant. It needs to ensure and guarantee the longest lifespan.

Moreover, you can have those solar panels that are corrosion-resistant and composed of an aluminum frame.

Ideal and top-notch solar panels remain to stay ideal for extended and prolonged outdoor use!

Battery:Battery Box

Next, you are in need of a good quality battery to make your DIY solar generator. It is in this battery that your solar energy is going to be stored.

In addition, solar batteries are available in all kinds of sizes and shapes.

You need to choose and buy that solar battery that matches your energy storage needs. Like, if you want to store more energy, power, and electricity, then you need a big battery.

It is observed that lithium-ion batteries work in the best way whenever someone wants to make his solar generator.

Below we have mentioned more of the important details that tell you on How to Build a Solar Generator.

Battery Box:

If you are involved in the phase of building and making a solar generator, then you have to determine whether you need and require a battery box or not.

With the help of this box, your battery shall stay secured and protected. This box makes sure that your solar battery does not get exposed and affected because of harsh weather times.

In addition, this box maximizes and extends the life of your solar battery. It does not allow your battery to get damaged.

Most noteworthy, these battery boxes are made with the help of hard camera case material. Or it is seen that these boxes come in the form of locking plastic cases.

Now, you know How to Build a Solar Generator and which important things are needed for building it up.

Charge Controller:

The next important and crucial element for building a solar generator is this charge controller.

Through this device, your solar panel is not going to overcharge itself.

Moreover, this charge controller makes sure that your panel or generator does not experience any kind of prematurely wearing situations.

It is because of the presence of a charge controller that you can easily prevent overcharging. This same device manages to increase your battery life.

For safety reasons, it is important for you to inject a charge controller with your solar generator. 

Hence, this is the most important aspect whenever you look for the guide on How to Build a Solar Generator.


Besides, you need to purchase a good-quality inverter for building this kind of solar generator. This is the last important component that you are in need of!

Most importantly, the main function performed by an inverter is to convert the generated power all into AC power. 

You can use this same inverter for the sake of charging for the rest of your electrical appliances.

One needs to note down that this inverter converts any of the DC power all into the mode of AC power.

So, these are the important items that you need to make a solar generator. Rest you can see some more details on How to Build a Solar Generator.

We have put up and collected step by step instructions in this regard, so do have a look at them:

Step By Step Instructions:Build A Solar Generator

The minute you gather and collect all of the necessary parts and components to make a solar generator, next you have to take out enough time to transform this DIY idea into reality!

Now, you can see the complete guide and detailed instructions on How to Build a Solar Generator, hopefully, you are going to find this guide easy:


The very first step on How to Build a Solar Generator, you need to determine and finalize regarding where you want to place your DC meter and also your outlets.

This is an important consideration that you have to keep in mind. In addition, you have to plan out regarding how you want your battery box to be positioned.

You need to place and mount your DC meter in the area where it is easy to read. Place and mount it on the spot where you see no hassle and difficulty while reading from it.

While you enter the mode of installing and positioning your outlets, then you have to consider and professionally determine how your plugs and chargers will be connected with each other.

As soon as you determine and plan out about this positioning, then we are sure that you can move onto the next step on How to Build a Solar Generator.


The second step is to start connecting and linking the electrical components. Once you have correctly and properly positioned your DC meter and also our outlets, now it is the time to place your battery right into your battery box case.

What you can do is to make use of insulated wires for the sake of connecting this DC meter right to the terminals present on your battery.

This step on How to Build a Solar Generator, it tells us that we need to ensure whether we connect the negatives with positives or not.

While connecting the battery, all connections have to be tight as well as secure. Only then that battery is going to give you proper and accurate readings.

Moreover, in this same stage on How to Build a Solar Generator, you have to connect your solar panel completely to the battery.

That you can do by making a temporary connection or permanent connection. 

Now, for making and initiating a temporary connection, you have to make use of quick-connect plugs. This way, you can easily and conveniently plug them into your solar panel.

On the other hand, for making a permanent connection, it is recommended to connect and link the solar panel straight and completely to the battery.

Now, your solar panel is wired up completely and wholly. You can do the testing phase to ensure whether you have connected the solar panel components correctly or not.

When all sounds good, then you can proceed to the third step.


Besides, in this third step, you are going to test your solar generator. This is the phase of this process on How to Build a Solar Generator and after that, you are done with this job.

Place your solar generator in a location where your solar panel can receive enough and maximum solar energy.

Moreover, if you have got a solar panel that comes with longer power wires, then you can keep that panel completely out in the sun.

Furthermore, try keeping your solar panel in the zone of direct sunlight. You have to keep on checking your DC meter as well.

Through this DC meter, you can read the voltage that is being drawn and coming into your solar generator.

If your DC meter manages to read the voltage all correctly, then it is recommended to leave your solar panel outside so that it can charge itself.

Hence, this is the basic guide on How to Build a Solar Generator, we are somewhat confident that you might have found this guide easy to apply.


You have now entered the mode and phase of using your DIY solar generator.

In addition, you can take this solar generator anywhere you want to. You just have to disconnect it from the battery box.

Now, you have understood the guide on How to Build a Solar Generator, if you have ever build your own solar generator, then share your experience with us.

Why Build Your Own DIY Solar Generator:DIY Solar Generator

The trend and demand for making DIY solar generators, it is constantly getting increased day by day.

You can now start making your solar generator and experience the best use of it.

Most certainly, this guide on How to Build a Solar Generator may have given you a clear idea about this respective job.

Now, below you can see a list of benefits that are offered by DIY solar generators:

These Generators are Greener as Compared to Fuel Generators:

It is seen that DIY solar generators are comparatively greener than that of fuel generators. They give out zero-emission and remain to stay environmentally friendly.

These subjected generators are far more acceptable as compared to using generators that run and operate on fossil fuels.

They are Safe to Use:

Apart from that, these solar generators are safer and secure to use than those of gas generators. You can freely use them in your indoor and outdoor premises.

As they do not run on fossil fuels, for the reason they are safe to be utilized by home-owners.

These generators do not leak and they do not cause a fire.

They are Budget-Friendly:

The plus point of using these generators is that they are budget-friendly. Their running costs are way far budget-friendly.

This guide on How to Build a Solar Generator explains to us that these generators need a little investment from your side.

If you purchase high-quality components to make this kind of generator, then they show a lifespan of around and about 20 years.

They are Easy to Repair

It is observed that these DIY solar generators are immensely easy to repair. As they are not installed with any sort of tough nature internal combustion engines, that is why these generators are easy to be taken care of!

If you see any glitches in your DIY solar generator, then you can easily repair that issue and glitch in less time.

They are Comparatively More Powerful

Instead of buying ready-made solar generators, it is advised to go on making your own DIY solar generators.

You can check out this guide on How to Build a Solar Generator for your ease. These DIY generators are more powerful and you feel a sense of accomplishment while you build them. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

As we are finished with the guide and details on How to Build a Solar Generator,

now you can this list of FAQs:

Can A Solar Generator Power A House?

It is not possible for a solar generator to power your whole and the entire house. You need to know that these solar generators are not packed and injected with enough wattage capacity.

What you can do is to use these solar generators to power any boat or RV or install it on any kind of campsite. It is better to use such a generator for emergency purposes.

And if you are making a plan to make your solar generator, then check out this guide on How to Build a Solar Generator, it will be of great help for you.

What Size Of Solar Generator Do I Need?

It depends and based on your power needs what size range you need for your solar generator.

To determine the size range, it is recommended to check out the power rating of your appliance and then buy the solar generator accordingly.

How Long Do Solar-powered Generators Last?

On an average basis, solar-powered generators last in between the time frame of 20 to 30 years. And if you have made and built a DIY solar generator, then you are going to get two decades of warranty time frame.

Do I Need A Generator If I Have Solar Panels?

Yes, if you have got a solar panel, then you need a solar generator as well. But it is not important to use them together.

If your solar panel does not work, then you can use a solar generator as an alternative in case of an emergency.

Are Solar Generators Quiet?

All solar generators offer quiet operations. They are not noisy at all.

These generators only give out a buzzing noise unlike that of fossil fuel generators.

You must have experienced these fossil fuel generators are extremely noisy.

For outdoor activities, DIY solar generators are an ideal choice and you can even check out the guide on How to Build a Solar Generator that is packed with step by step instructions.

What Can A Solar Generator Power?

It is observed that solar generators can power all kinds of electronic devices.

You can charge and power your laptops, mobile phones, and also portable TV sets.

With the help of them, you can charge any of your small applications and even lights.

However, using solar generators is not an ideal option if you want to power your washing machines and fridges.

Are Solar Generators Any Good?

To use these solar generators, it is always a good choice and a wise option for you.

They are a recommended option to power any of your boat and RV or cabin versions.


So, this is all we have on How to Build a Solar Generator! It is time that you should start working on this DIY project and share your feedback and experience with us as well.

No doubt, there are lots of high-end solar generators out there in the market, but making your own DIY generator will be great for sure.

This guide tells us that this is a simple job to do! If you want to get more concept and detailing on How to Build a Solar Generator, then stay tuned with us.

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