How To Choose The Right Solar Lights

In recent years, the usage of the solar system is going up by the day. The solar system is now so popular because it is very efficient, cost-saving and it can be used as many purposes and some of them are portable as well.

Solar lights are one great example of solar energy in a nutshell. Solar lights are very popular in outdoor usages.

But it is very important that you find out what things to look out for when you are trying to find the right solar lights, this article will help you with that.

Before going to the details it is important to know how a solar light works.

There are these particular cells that are called “photovoltaic” which are used to absorb the light of the sun in the day and that is how it charges the batteries that end up lighting the bulbs during the night.

However, the area must be chosen where the sunlight is at its maximum exposure. This is the basic way of how a solar light system works.

There are many kinds of solar lights available. What kind will you need depends on your requirements. Usually, the solar lights are used during the night of course but also for different purposes.

Some use these solar lights as a form of decoration. It could be interior decoration and it could be an exterior decoration as well. It is used both inside and outside of the house.

So according to your needs and demands, you may choose your ideal solar light.

Solar Lights

Here are a few types of solar lights that may help you figure out which would be the right solar light for you.

1. Solar Path Lights

Solar Path Lights

These lights are usually small and often are on stake. These lights can get forced to the ground as well as a pathway warm feature of lights during the night time.

These lights are not too bright but have a great eccentric vibe to them. But if you want your paths to appear as a bright one, then be sure to use twice or maybe thrice as many lights as possible and your problem will be solved.

It is mainly used as a roadside light, but not in the actual roads or highways. These are more of a pathway glittering and twinkling lights ideal for a footpath or a garden.

These lights have a subtle vibe and light to them as they are not too bright.

2. Decorative Solar Lights

Decorative Solar Lights

The name kind of gives it away. These particular solar lights are used for decorations and have more ambiences. There are many sizes, form and of any color according to the mood of the party or the occasion or even festivals.

These lights are too not that bright as they are used as decorative lights and not as the ones we usually have. There are many kinds, such as string lights, lanterns, glass lights etcetera.

But they will give you a warm glow and add very nice value to the environment.

The decorative solar lights are mostly used in outdoor gatherings, where you can hang one of those string lights.

Or maybe inside of the house too in different mason jars on the dining table, and even during camping when you will use them as lanterns. Whatever occasion it is there will be a suitable decorative or ambient solar lights.

3. Solar Spotlights

Solar Spotlights

These particular solar lights are used for cases where you would need brighter lights because these kids are the brightest of them all.

However, they are still not as bright as a typical outdoor spotlight, so according to your need, you can fixate the output, for example, use twice or even thrice as many to match up to the kind of lighting that you would need.

Solar lights are often used in landscape features, or in your driveway.  Basically anywhere you would need a brighter light to keep on dealing with you can use these solar spotlights.

They are quite handy in terms of exposure.

4. Solar String Lights

You may have heard about the usage of these solar string lights. These are some of the energy-efficient solar light options that you can go for.

Furthermore, they look highly decorative in your home. They have the potential to illuminate and lighten up your outdoor space with ease. You can install them in your home surroundings or your workspace environment.

The best part about them is that they easy to wrap and you can hang them on your trees. Moreover, you can conveniently position them right there on your branches and shrubbery and even on your office signs.

As these lights are positioned and mounted on a string, for the reason that you can use them in the form of solar Christmas lights.

They are given the name of solar fairy lights as well. They are perfect and ideal to be used during special occasions of yours.

5. Solar Deck Lights

Then we have this solar deck that is at times given the name of solar patio lights. These lights come in an extensive range of colors, sizes, and shapes.

You can place and keep them on your stairs, walls, and even on your siding and patios. In addition, they bring a gorgeous and highly soft glow to your home.

On the other hand, you do not need any kind of wiring to mount and install them. They run on long-lasting and durable LED technology, which is why they are ideal for you.

Lastly, they improve visibility and give out great effects on your home sweet home.

6. The Hues are Important

Maximum of the solar-powered lights use LED lighting system.

Thus the light emitted is usually all shades of white, it could be bright or it could be dim as well. So if you are looking for lights that would bring out more variation or add more drama to it, try looking out for lights that come with a tinted cover on them.

In this was the super bright white light will get dispersed into a more dim white of light or even could be others as well.

All in all, all of these lights and their brightness is highly dependent on the amount of sunlight they were getting in the first place.

If the solar lights had gotten enough sunlight during the day through the solar panel, naturally the lights will appear to be brighter than the rest.

But if the day was gloomy and the sun was hardly out, or just simply if the solar panel had not gotten enough exposure to the sunlight, the solar lights will appear to be less bright but will still give warm glow light.

Now, there might be a question that what if there is no direct sunlight, what do I do then? In that case, a solar landscape light pro would be a great solution to this problem.

Because there are actually many places where it is always rainy or cold. Places like London or Seattle.

For example, This particular device will control the photovoltaic panel in a way that wherever it is located will get the maximum out of the sun. Even if this situation sustains, the solar lights will work. Just that it will not appear as bright.

These steps were your go-to guidelines for choosing the right solar lights. It is now up to you to figure out which solar light is right for you and then you can decide and choose accordingly.

What To Consider When Choosing Solar Lights?


You need to keep in mind important elements when it comes to buying these solar lights. The below-mentioned guide can help you in this regard and specific category:

Gives out brighter as well as wider lighting

First of all, look for the lights that give the brighter and also wider type of lighting. If your chosen lights are upgraded and installed with high-power LEDs, then that is great.

Moreover, your chosen option should be embedded with the latest energy management chips. On the other side, the range of one bulb needs to be able to reach up to 200 square feet.

 High-quality construction

Look for solar lights that are made of high and top-quality PC materials. If its material gives glass-like transparency, it means your solar lights will remain to stay long-lasting.

Furthermore, have those packs of solar lights are carrying the elements’ ultra-tough material makeup.

Such kinds of lights show and display superior light transmission potential and enhance their scale of brightness.


Moreover, try to keep on looking for such solar lights that are weather-resistant. Get your hands on those kinds of solar motion sensor lights that are completely heat resistant and marked to be IP65 waterproof.

An ideal solar outdoor lighting is resistant and tolerant to all kinds of weather conditions. 

These are the elements that you should remember when choosing and buying solar lights.