How To Install a Solar Pool Cover And How Does It Work

Before we proceed to how to install a solar pool cover, we must know what a solar pool and what a solar pool cover is in the first place. A solar pool basically is a normal swimming pool but with the luxury of being able to hear it.

Because let’s face it, nobody wants to take a swim into a cold pool and about most of us would like it to keep at a minimum temperature where we would not freeze to death. That is basically what a solar pool is.

The solar pool cover is actually linked to this consent. You might be thinking how might a pool cover be related to something that will make the pool warm?

Well, that is where it gets interesting because the solar pool covers are not only used to keep your pool clean tidy and dirt-free, it is also used to keep the pool warm. Meaning, yes, it actually heats the pool as well.

Let’s see how then.

Solar pool covers work like any other solar equipped device. It generates energy from the sunlight and uses that energy directly to warm the water of the pool.

This technique may not be as efficient as a gas or electric heater, but it is more than enough to serve the purpose and will save a ton of money as well.

The water will be warm enough to make a difference or to differ itself from the freezing cold pool but it may not cause the water to evaporate, that is the main point here.

Installing the pool cover is really not rocket science. At all. It is as simple as it gets. In fact, there is not anything to install in the first place, you can pretty much set it up and leave it there and it will do its work like it is supposed to.

However, you just need to ensure that you are applying the cover on to the pool correctly. Otherwise, there will not be much of a result.

After you get the pool cover in hand, you may discover that it does not match the size of your pool. You will just have to do some work and cut it according to your pool size.

This is an extra effort, I admit, but that’s all there is to it, no more hassle. Remember that the pool cover only covers the measurement of the water of the swimming pool and not the swimming pool itself.

Meaning, the cover should match the length and width of the water.

If there is any extra material covering outside of the water and onto the ground, it will cause trouble because it will actually hamper the performance of the cover and also may hamper the main purpose of the pool cover and also may cause the water to evaporate.

So it is advised to properly and accurately cut the pool cover according to the size of the water of the pool.

There are two sides to the solar pool cover. One side is normal and the other side is bubbled. You are to ensure of the fact that the bubbled side is placed on the water in a way that it faces the water itself.

Because the bubbles are made of plastic air and these elements help the solar pool cover afloat on the water surface. If you put the normal side of the cover facing the water, it will not work at all. Nothing will happen. So be extra careful about that fact.

You can use scissors to size up your solar pool cover according to the size required. Once you have cut the right size and have applied the bubbled side of the cover on to the water, the job is basically done.

It is that easy. From the time it will be placed on water, it will work on its own and you may remove or again reapply the solar pool cover according to your need and requirement.

Now, let’s talk about how a solar pool cover works. As the pool is exposed to the direct rays of the sun, it naturally generates energy from the heat or solar heat as we would call it and this is why the pool is naturally very warm and comfortable during a sunny day.

But it is not like that for the rest of the year because the year has monsoon and winter as well. During those seasons, the water of the pool can get really cold and as a result, you might not be able to swim at ease.

Many people use many alternatives,

For example, a heat pump which can provide you with your desired temperature in no time but it will cause evaporation which is a big problem.

And that is exactly why a solar pool heater is a safer and wiser option. Because it creates a layer between the water surface and the weather or atmosphere outside.

The solar pool heater both generates the heat and generates it very fast as well.

But with the help of a solar pool cover, the swimming pool will be protected by all sort of dirt and unhygienic elements, it will keep the water warm and will sustain the temperature and will also refrain the water from evaporating. That is basically how the solar pool cover functions.

These are the basic and brief details about how a solar pool cover works and how it is installed. The installation part is very easy as you may have understood.

And once it is installed, you will not have to do or worry about a single thing as it will take care of everything on its own.

So, needless to say, that if you own a swimming pool, you must own it’s complementary product its cover as well.

And if the cover can do you multiple favours other than just covering it, then I would say a solar pool cover will be a top-notch product to invest in.