How to Store Solar Energy? 3 Clever New Ways!

Here you can catch up with some of the interesting and clever ways as to how to store solar energy. Below we have collected and written down some of the important information. The use of solar energy, it is trending these.

To store it, all expert professionals, as well as researchers, are coming up with more and more efficient and smart ways to store it. Furthermore, we have seen lots of budget-friendly solar panel options.

These days, engineers are building and constructing a large number of the least expensive solar panel.

They are not only pocket-friendly but also more efficient and ideal to soak up and capture more of the sun’s rays. On the other hand, we have to look for ways to store this energy when the sun is not shining.

Moreover, we have this option of batteries of storing solar energy. But this is not enough option for us. If you want to store and keep massive amounts of this solar energy, then try following any of the below-mentioned ways.

According to experts, it is one of the biggest obstacles to store and keep solar power when the sun is not shining. What you can do is to make use of fuel cells, convert solar energy into hydrogen, use thermal storage tanks or quinone flow batteries for this purpose. Rest, have a look at the details and share your feedback with us:

Use Quinone – Based Flow Batteries to Store Solar Energy!Batteries to Store Solar Energy

There is an option for you to store and keep this solar energy in quinone-based flow batteries. You might be wondering what are these fuel cells? We are talking about flow batteries.

You can go for this method as a real and genuine inspiration.

Most importantly, it is these fuel cells that power up the space capsules and also aircraft. It capitalizes on reactions and used for the sake of converting chemical energy into electricity.

This same kind of fuel cell can be crafted and remanufactured that can store solar energy. This is an inexpensive and organic fuel source option that you can go for.

It is since the time of 1980s that we are noticing and observing that inorganic and metal ion-based kind of flow batteries were used.

Most noteworthy, all of these older and previous models were made and constructed as in the form of tanks.

These tanks were generally and mainly injected with vanadium ions. Those were customized models and commonly used to deliver and give more hours of energy.

These models worked on the concept and approach of increasing and boosting the amount of vanadium.

However, vanadium is no longer cheap. Ad this model cannot be opted and preferred now. To store solar energy, you can even increase and enhance the size of the storage chemicals.

But as we have discussed with you, using fuel cells is marked and identified as a less expensive alternative.

These vanadium flow batteries, they cost 2 cents per kilowatt-hour. On the other hand, quinone-based flow batteries, cost and charge as little as 1/4 of a cent on per kilowatt-hour basis.

Storing Solar Energy – Convert Solar Energy to Hydrogen:Storing Solar Energy

The second option that you can go for is to convert solar energy to hydrogen. Apart from using the option of quinone flow batteries, this is another recent advancement that you can try out.

If you are struggling with the fact of storing sunlight, have this option to be implemented.

Regarding this new strategy, you only have to convert and transform solar energy into hydrogen, instead of converting it into electricity.

The key ingredient and component used in this process is water. In addition. you need to start this process with water.

And then you can break this main component into its elemental version form. Finally, you can collect that hydrogen right in a tank.

Burn it all night. And enjoy a composed piece of mind.

Lots of researches are taking place to further work on this concept. If more advancements will take place, we will let you know.

It is hoped and expected that this project and overall approach will like to be extending to the residential sector.

Through this method, residential users will be able to conveniently store solar energy. In addition, this concept aims to reduce and bring down carbon footprint.

Talking more about this ambitious plan, it is all about using solar energy and then converting it into carbon dioxide and later on transforming it into methanol. Besides, the power plant will be able to burn that methanol in the form of fuel.

It shall convert into carbon dioxide. The next day when the sun will come out, then the process of recycling carbon is again going to be started. Hence, this option also potentially reduce and decrease the number of harmful emissions.

Right now, this research project is in the testing plan phase. We expect to see it as a successful option.

In other words, we hope that in the coming up years, this option of storing solar energy will be knocking on your doors.

Store Solar Energy by Converting and Transforming It into Heat:Store Solar Energy

The last option that we have reviewed for you regarding storing solar energy, it is about converting the energy captured from the sun into heat.

It is in the thermal storage tanks that you can keep and store this energy. There are a few numbers of solar energy firms that are working on this concept.

Furthermore, some firms and manufacturing companies have built and made several solar plants that keep and store excess energy in the form of molten salt.

This molten salt then absorbs and withstand extremely high temperatures without ever revising and changing the molten state.

There is this company who has made and build up a salt-based kind of 110 mega-watts solar storage plant. This solar plant has the potential to store and keep 17 hours of solar energy in reserve.

All of them are marked as one of the novels and the latest technologies that are witnessed in the area of solar energy.

As soon as these options will be made practical and operational, we will let you know. Hence, these are the three clever and smart ways regarding storing sunlight.

No doubt, the use of solar power is getting vast attention day by day. One can make use of this technology and thus reduce its dependency on fossil fuels.

We are clearly and evidently foreseeing a bright future where the use and incorporation of solar technology are going to drastically cut down our use of fossil fuels.

Solar Storage Batteries and Solar Panels – They Work GREAT Together!Solar Storage Batteries and Solar Panels

As we are seeing the heavy presence of solar panel systems. There is no doubt that they are turning out to be the fastest-growing options and sources of energy.

Moreover, this solar market, it is all expected and predicted to get double in size in the next five years.

It is all because of the popularity and intense demand for solar power that we are also seeing an immense rise and demand of another renewable technology. That we call with the name of solar batteries. They tend to store and keep extra solar power.

Lots of companies are developing such kind of solar batteries. They are installed and come along with solar panels. They are made in a way to create and make this system a “solar-plus-storage” system.

This Solar plus storage mode, it is recommended to all of you to go for this solar-plus-storage system. Install it in your home and store this solar energy in a hassle-free manner.

This is a typical kind of solar energy system that is included with solar panels and an inverter. Besides, it is accompanied by a performance monitoring system.

This system tracks and keeps an eye on electricity production. Giving you a rough idea that how solar panel works! They capture and collect energy right from the sun.

It turns and transforms it into electricity. This electricity is then passed through the inverter. It is then converted into power mode to run your home.

It is noticed that vast and immense number of residential solar energy systems, they are connected and linked to the electricity grid. Or you can say with a “grid-tied”.

As soon as your solar panels are going to be producing more electricity than that of your home needs, then this excess amount is sent and fed back right into the power grid.

And if your home is in need of more and excess electricity, then the respective solar panels draw needed power from the electric grid.

The Process of Storing Solar Energy In Batteries:Storing Solar Energy In Batteries

Here you can have an idea that how solar energy is stored in batteries. As you know that solar batteries work and operate by storing this solar energy that is mainly and generally produced by solar panels.

Furthermore, energy stored in these batteries can be later on utilized for future use.

Moreover, in some of the situations, we have seen that solar batteries have their own specific inverter. These inverters offer and give integrated energy conversion.

It is noticed that the higher your battery’s potential and capacity, it means the more solar energy it will be able to store.

As soon as you install and attach a solar battery with your solar panel system, then you will be allowed automatically and instantly to store and keep excess solar electricity. This is a great way of storing solar power instead of sending it back to the grid.

In addition, if you see that your solar panels are generating and producing more amount of electricity, then it will always be best for you to store this excess solar energy in the batteries.

In this way, if any time your solar panels are not generating electricity. Like, they do not produce electricity during night time, then during this phase, you can draw and extract electricity from those batteries.

Once your solar battery is fully and completely charged, then it will be wise to send back the electricity right to the grid.

This is a practical solution that you can go for. Besides, this is a solar-plus-storage that is widely used by many home-owners.

You can try this idea and approach of storing excess solar power when the sun is not there or not shining. You will be happy to know that these solar batteries offer a bonus as well.

They provide you with a short-term backup power solution during the time when your home experience power outage.

It is noticed that in lots of scenarios and situations, these solar batteries show the potential of improving and enhancing the economics of your solar panels. They tend to help you save and more if any of you is preferring to go solar.

Why The Demand for Storing Solar Energy Is Rising?Solar Energy

There is an extensive demand for storing solar energy. It is into these solar energy electricity ecosystem that we see a massive demand for solar grid storage.

If you want to utilize all the energy produced by a solar panel and does not feel like sending it back to the grid, then it is advised to store it in a battery.

It is true that solar batteries and the rest of the energy storage technologies, they have not made their place so far. But their demand is increasing.

It is expected that the energy storage option of keeping solar energy, it is predicted and estimated to grow at a massive and rapid rate.

Most certainly, it is these solar batteries that show and display the ability to store and keep up this renewable electricity for future and later use.

You can apply this same usage and application of solar batteries for a larger and commercial scale.

It is these energy storage technologies like we have solar batteries, they are giving a wide number of electric utilities and flexibility to the users to generate and store electricity that is specifically and particularly sourced from solar.

Another reason to store solar energy is that we need to maintain a careful and wise balance of supply and demand while using this solar panel system. Though, it is a renewable resource. But it is not available to us during night time.

Solar panels produce and generate electricity when the sun is on top and also shining. The overall output of solar panels, it cannot be drastically and quickly increased to meet our needs and demands. It is impossible to force the sun to appear and come out at nighttime.

The Benefits of Using These Solar Energy Storage Technologies!Solar Energy Storage Technologies

There is a need to install and make use of more of these energy storage technologies if one wants to power their homes with solar energy.

Like, they can use solar batteries or electric utilities. Or they can be utilizing grid operators.

By using this technology, it will be easy and trouble-free for you to manage the flow of power and electricity from this specific renewable resource.

If more of these renewable energy resources are going to be integrated and infused into this category of the electricity mix, then we may see a more heavy presence of solar panel systems.

More Ways of Storing Solar Energy:Solar Energy

Below you can check out rest of the ways and methods of storing solar energy right from the solar panels other than opting the option of storing it in a battery.

These methods are currently being utilized and implemented in some parts of the world.

More these methods will be availed, better you will be in a position to store solar energy. As we have told you that electricity that is generated from solar PV, it can be directed and moved to water electrolyzers. This way, it can generate and make hydrogen gas.

Most importantly, hydrogen is marked and termed as a  promising energy carrier. You can store it and utilize it as and when needed. You can use it in the form of feedstock for any of the PEM fuel cells to generate and create electricity.

Most probably, you can store this energy grabbed from the sun in supercapacitors. These supercapacitors will automatically help you to generate electricity whenever you need and require it.

It is in the form and version of the potential energy of water that you can keep and retain this solar energy. Keep in mind that this stored potential can, later on, be converted and shifted to kinetic energy.

This factor and process drive turbines and thus generate electricity. Besides, this is the pumped hydropower concept that we are talking about and discussing.

Lastly, you can store this energy in latent heat form. In this concept, you need to allow and let the molten PCM to freeze. It will then give out its latent heat.

That heat can be used and availed for space heating.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Solar Energy Tough to Keep and Store?

It is a little bit tough to store solar energy for a long time. As we all know that solar power and wind power, both of them are great and ideal sources of low-carbon energy, But they have their cons and downsides s well.

Solar energy is not a constant source. Its storing aspect does not always come out to be surprisingly easy and cheap. Moreover, storing this solar energy, it is comparatively hard and also expensive

How Many Solar Batteries are Required and Needed to Power any House?

It is observed that the average household makes use of roughly and approximately 30 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of solar energy on a per-day basis. On the other hand, a typical kind of solar battery, it has the potential to deliver 10 kWh of capacity.

It means that if you have got three solar batteries, then they will be able to run and power your home for whole and entire day.

What are the Downsides of Solar Energy?

Though, solar energy is a remarkable option to be used. Still, it has some downsides. This energy is dependent on location availability as well as sunlight availability.

To determine and overall efficiency of solar power, one needs to keep in mind the latitude factor which is a pretty tough thing to do.

Moreover, this energy source needs a massive installation area. It is marked as an expensive energy storage option and incorporated with a high initial cost.

Is It Possible to Run a House Only On Solar Power?

If you want to run your house only on solar power, then you have to look for ways of storing and keeping solar energy.

It is seen that a typical looking modern house, it has the capacity to run exclusively and completely on solar if it manages to store the power during the time when the sun is not at all shining.

Besides, some storage options are available in the market. But they are extremely expensive. They just store 5 to 10 hours worth of power and that is not sufficient to run and power a whole home.

Is Solar Energy the Future In the Coming Up Years?

It can be said that the future of solar energy is bright and promising. In the coming up years, we hope to see immense growth in this area.

This energy source has the potential to satisfy our energy needs and demands. As this energy is readily available and readily renewable, that is why it is counted as an attractive and useful source of energy.


Now, you have understood the discussion on storing solar energy. We have mentioned to you about the three important ways. If you have some other opinion on storing and keeping solar energy, then share that with us. 

Moreover, one cannot doubt that this is useful and might come out as a trending energy source.

Let us all see when more and more homes and commercial zones will be using solar energy to power and run their areas.

Keep connected with us. More informative details on storing this solar energy are coming sooner, do not go anywhere.