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The Best Solar Animal Repellers

Get rid of gophers, snakes, moles, and unwanted rodents through these eco-friendly solar animal resellers.

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Nobody wants unwanted guests in their homes, especially those who sneak in without their permission. The list of these unwanted guests is long and includes moles, gophers, moles, voles, snakes, rodents, and many more. You cannot use traditional methods to kill them as some of these animals are poisonous and can be fatal for your pets and kids.

There is an eco-friendly way to get rid of these animals without killing them, and that method makes use of solar-powered animal repellers. These devices use ultrasonic sounds to scare away these animals. You’ll be surprised by the results if you do choose to invest in these items. We have compiled a list of the top animal repellers currently available in the market so that you can quickly take a look and find the right product for your lawn.

Editor’s Picks

Let’s quickly take a quick look at the top three products in each of their respective categories.

Thanos 8 Stakes Solar Animal Repeller Stakes Sonic Gopher Repeller
Best Overall
Thanos 8 Stakes Solar Animal Repeller Stakes Sonic Gopher Repeller

Thanos solar-powered animal repellers are undoubtedly the best of the entire lot. These products have the highest ranges, the highest efficiency, the highest durability, and last but not least, the highest customer ratings to make this product stand out from the rest of the competition. You can install them anywhere to safeguard any area from a large number of animals. These repellers will perform at the highest levels.

Livin' Well 4 Stakes Ultrasonic Solar Pest Repeller Stakes
Best Performance
Livin’ Well 4 Stakes Ultrasonic Solar Pest Repeller Stakes

Livin’ Well ultrasonic pest repellers are offered as a couple of stakes as these 2 stakes are enough to safeguard your lawn. With 5000 ft of range, you don’t have to invest in another repeller anytime soon. Their design allows them to be highly effective and their build quality makes them extremely durable. These repellers are one of the best ones for lawn and garden owners.

Thanos 4 Stakes Solar Animal Repeller Stakes Sonic Gopher Repeller
Best Price
Thanos 4 Stakes Solar Animal Repeller Stakes Sonic Gopher Repeller

Thanos offers these repellers at multiple price options to target the mass market. You can choose between three options which include 2, 4, and 8 stakes, according to your needs. Two Thanos repeller stakes are enough to safeguard a mid-sized lawn at the highest efficiency levels. However, you’ll have to wait 2-4 weeks to completely repel the animals.

Can I change the repeller frequency?

Yes, frequency can be completely regulated on all modern solar animal repellers. As they are already inaudible to us humans the main concern is them interfering with house pets such as dogs and cats.

Most people, even in rural areas tend to keep their animals indoor at night limiting any possible contact with an active repeller that is usually used at night.

As to different frequencies, the frequency range between 13.5 kHz and 19.5 kHz is the most commonly used and is used to repel smaller size animals like different types of small rodents, rabbits, bats, hares, rats, mice, moles, snakes, voles. This is the most chosen frequency as it is less likely to bother common house pets such as dogs or cats.

A frequency between 19.5 kHz to 24.5 kHz is effective against medium size animals such as racoons, possums, foxes dogs, cats, The highest frequency choice on most models reaches the range of 24.5 kHz to 45.5 kHz and can fend off even larger animals such as bears or deer.

Most models posses an intuitive control button that can be used to manually regulate output frequency of the ultrasonic waves and change it so it affects a specific size of unwanted animals.

How do Solar Animal Repellers Work?

Solar animal repellers work by emitting ultrasonic frequencies that make it unbearable for certain animals to be in their range while being completely inaudible and safe for human beings. This protects your garden and home from damage caused by animals considered pests to potentially dangerous animals for you, your family and your pets.

The device is covered (usually on the top part) by PV cells composing a small solar panel that charges the repeller by absorbing solar energy and converting it to power the device. Solar animal repellers can theoretically work non-stop in areas blessed by continuous sunlight as modern models usually have excellent energy conversion rates and charging times.

Ultrasonic emitters usually work in the range of 32 to 62 kHz making them inaudible to humans (our acoustic frequency range stops at 20 kHz). It is an environmentally sustainable and humane way (animals are deterred and not killed) alternative to much messier methods such as spraying chemicals, ointments, poison or traps which also mean having to touch and dispose of possibly disease-ridden animals.

Many models also incorporate PIR infrared sensors with stop motion technology turning both the emitter and lights on to scare away unwanted visitors. This modality also means pets can get immediately used to the device and avoid it, though as we’ve seen there are ways to regulate the frequency so that it does not affect them in the first place.

Pros and Cons of Solar Animal Repellers

Solar animal repellers are great gadgets that have the particularity of having almost no negative sides when compared to the limitations of other solar devices.

They are completely self sufficient, eco-friendly have fast charging times and excellent longevity. Many models are also extremely durable being water, debris and even snow proof and need little maintenance or savvy during installation. To top it off they have added technology such as advanced PIR infrared motion sensors, bright LED lights, strobe lights and jet sprays.

With that said they have a few limitations that must also be mentioned.


  • Solar animal repellers are an eco-friendly, highly effective, technologically advanced method of deterring any unwanted pest that has set its sights on your garden or home
  • They function as their own power source with no extra electricity or wiring needed. Just place them in the ground in your garden using their stake in a sunlit area and let them work their magic
  • They are also a humane method of deterrence as they do not harm the affected animal long-term
  • Completely inaudible to humans they can be regulated at will as to not affect your own pets
  • Most modern models are made of durable and sturdy material such as ABS plastic with high IP (waterproof) rating that can work in any climate even during adverse weather
  • They present excellent longevity both in working time and overall as they have excellent conversion rates (converting solar energy to usable energy) and charging times so long as the sun is present they will work non-stop
  • They are highly effective, with high-level models covering ranges of up to 6500 square feet!
  • They are also relatively inexpensive, considering they need no additional installation fees and require minimal maintenance, just control if the panel is obstructed every now and then and you’re good to go
  • Many models posses additional high-tech features such as: PIR infrared motion sensors, bright LED lights, strobe lights, jet sprays and more.


  • Like any solar gadget they necessitate good to perfect weather conditions and ample amounts of sun to work effectively
  • Though moderately inexpensive many models do not come with warranties
  • Even with due caution they may (though very rarely) bother some of your animals if they are kept in the yard. As we’ve seen though they can be regulated at will. Inform yourself as much as possible about different frequencies if you have pets.

The Best Solar Animal Repellers Reviewed

The Best Solar Animal Repellers In 2021

Following are the top ten solar-powered animal repellers currently available in the market. Take a look and find out the right one for yourself.

#1 Thanos 8 Stakes Solar Animal Repeller Stakes Sonic Gopher Repeller

  • Brand: Thanos
  • Solar-Powered
  • Extensive Coverage
  • Waterproof Solar Sonic Mole Chaser Spikes
Thanos 8 Stakes Solar Animal Repeller Stakes Sonic Gopher Repeller

Thanos has designed and manufactured the most effective ultrasonic animal repeller stakes. This product is offered in a pack of 8 stakes. Each stake operates in a circular pattern with a diameter of 40 feet and so collectively 12 of these items can protect an area of one acre. This item gets rid of all sorts of animals including snakes, moles, voles, squirrels, etc. Due to their waterproofing, you don’t have to worry about their operation in humid and rainy conditions. This solar animal repeller comes with a 60 days refund policy and a 2-year replacement warranty.


  • Huge coverage
  • Extremely Effective
  • 60 days refund
  • 2-year replacement warranty


  • Expensive

#2 Livin’ Well 4 Stakes Ultrasonic Solar Pest Repeller Stakes

  • Brand: Livin’ Well
  • 24-hour protection guaranteed
  • Repel rodents, moles, voles & more
  • Safe for pets & the whole family
Livin' Well 4 Stakes Ultrasonic Solar Pest Repeller Stakes

Livin’ Well is a popular brand that creates a high-quality solar animal repeller. This product is offered as a couple of stakes that can collectively safeguard an area of 5000 feet. This is enough to safeguard your lawn and a couple of other lawns in your neighborhood. These are highly effective items. Once you install them, you can forget about the moles and voles that sneak in your garden during midnight. These items are extremely weather-resistant and built to operate in harsh climate conditions. No amount of rain damages them and no thunderstorm stops their performance.


  • 5000 ft range
  • Weather-resistant
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable price


  • No warranty

#3 Thanos 4 Stakes Solar Animal Repeller Stakes Sonic Gopher Repeller

  • Brand: Thanos
  • Operated by a solar rechargeable battery
  • Extensive Coverage
  • Waterproof
  • Designed for outdoor use
Thanos 4 Stakes Solar Animal Repeller Stakes Sonic Gopher Repeller

Thanos is one of those brands that aim to dominate the market by offering their products in all shapes, sizes, and prices. This particular model comes in a pack of 4 stakes and each stake has a range of 40 ft. These items are also suitable for safeguarding large farms due to their large range.

One thing, however, you should keep in mind that no warranty is offered when you buy this product.


  • Highly effective
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable price


  • No warranty

#4 Hoont Cobra Solar Animal Repeller Outdoor Water Blaster

  • Brand: Hoont
  • Pest control engineered to work
  • Powerful jet stream deterrent
  • Wide 30-foot motion detection
  • Solar powered & water efficient
  • Humane defender won’t kill
Hoont Cobra Solar Animal Repeller Outdoor Water Blaster

Hoont Cobra animal repeller is configured for open lawns and gardens by scaring away unwanted animals using a powerful water blaster jet spray. Like most other animal repellers on the list, you can easily stake this into the ground and the waterpipe can be conveniently hooked into a regular hose pipe using the Quick-Fit connection. It has a motion detection sensor with a range of 30ft. This range is enough for a mid-sized lawn. The 5-second intermittent spray cycle helps conserve water and electricity.

A couple of these can safeguard your entire house. It is extremely durable and comes with a 1-year warranty for further customer satisfaction.


  • Provides pest control
  • Powerful jet spray
  • Motion detection
  • 1-year warranty


  • Low durability

#5 Thanos 4 Stakes Solar Animal Repeller With Red LED Lights

  • Brand: Thanos
  • Light sensitive turning on at dusk and turning off at full daylight
  • Safe for People, Pets & Livestock
  • The unit is waterproof grade IP44, it can work normally outside
Thanos 4 Stakes Solar Animal Repeller With Red LED Lights

Again, we have another product by Thanos that has impressed us with its outstanding features. This repeller uses red LED strobe lights that flash to scare wild animals including deer, skunks, coyotes, and squirrels. Its operation is automatic as the strobe starts flashing as soon as it is dusk and switches off when the sun is completely out. The design is also such that it gives a predator-like look to it. It has an IP44 rating for water resistance and thus it can perform in humid or rainy conditions without any problem.


  • Strobe LED lights
  • Fully automatic
  • Weather-resistant
  • IP44 Rating


  • No warranty

#6 Thanos 2 Stakes Nighttime Solar Animal Repeller Bright Strobe Lights

  • Brand: Thanos
  • Maintenance Free
  • Deter Invaders
  • Waterproof Design
Thanos 2 Stakes Nighttime Solar Animal Repeller Bright Strobe Lights

Thanos nighttime solar animal repeller is designed to make sure that while you are alseep, wild animals such as wolves and coyotes don’t wander on your land. This product has bright strobe LED lights to scare the life out of coyotes, weasels, raccoons, and wolves. Thanos offers this product in a couple of strobe lights to increase their market share. These repellers come with a 60 days refund policy and a 12-month replacement warranty as well.


  • Highly effective
  • Stylish design
  • Waterproof
  • Weather-resistant
  • 12-month warranty


  • Low durability

#7 ZGWJ 4 Stakes Ultrasonic Waterproof Solar Animal Controller

  • Brand: ZGWJ
  • Solar Mole Defense
  • Wide Coverage
  • Waterproof IP65
ZGWJ 4 Stakes Ultrasonic Waterproof Solar Animal Controller

ZSWJ ultrasonic animal repeller is offered in a pack of four stakes that don’t need expert or professional installation. You can simply dig a pilot hole and insert them into the ground. No need for wires or any equipment. Once you turn them on, these items will continuously release ultrasonic sounds to keep snakes, moles, and voles at bay. These repellers take at least 2 to 4 weeks to fully repeal the animals from your garden and, therefore, you have to be a bit patient in this regard.


  • 6500 sq ft range
  • Easy to use
  • Highly durable
  • Weather-resistant


  • No warranty

#8 Winfend Ultrasonic Outdoor Solar Animal Repeller

  • Brand: Winfend
  • No Chemical, Repels Animals & Pest in A Human Way
  • Wide Motion-Activated Sensor to Drive Away the Animal Automatically
  • Solar Powered or USB Charged with Rechargeable Batteries
  • Different Frequency Modes with Ultrasonic Sound and Flashes
  • Weather Proof and Multi Options to Install
Winfend Ultrasonic Outdoor Solar Animal Repeller

Winfend has developed a great product for you if you are looking for motion detecting animal repellers. This ultrasonic animal repeller has a built-in motion detector that is so sensitive that no bird can fly over it without the repeller detecting it. Another great thing about these repellers is that you can attach external chargers to power up the batteries in case they can’t collect enough solar power. Also, they operate at five different sound frequencies to target various species of animals.


  • Built-in motion detector
  • Five frequency levels
  • Motion-activated sensors
  • Weather-resistant


  • No warranty

#9 Belidan Solar Animal Repeller Motion Sensors LED Lights

  • Brand: Belidan
  • Uses solar energy
  • Adjustable ultrasonic wave
  • Stronger flashing LED lights
  • Waterproof
Belidan Solar Animal Repeller Motion Sensors LED Lights

Belidan ultrasonic animal repeller uses an LED light along with ultrasonic alarms to scare away large size animals including dogs, raccoons, deers, and cats. It’s equally effective for small-sized animals like mice, cats, skunks, deer, etc. This repeller can also be charged by external sources and come with a data cable to quickly power up the batteries. It is a highly durable product that can be used in extreme climate conditions.


  • Upgraded model
  • External charging available
  • Easy to use
  • Highly durable


  • No warranty

#10 Lycoming 4 Stakes Solar Animal Repeller

  • Brand: Lycoming
  • Protects your yard & property
  • Protects your poultry, livestock & ponds
  • Protects garden, vineyards & orchards
  • Turn on the ON/OFF button
  • Weatherproof design
Lycoming 4 Stakes Solar Animal Repeller

Lycoming offers its animal repeller in a pack of 4 stakes. Each unit is equipped with a strobe light and an ultrasonic alarm to scare both small and large size creatures. It is a fully automatic repeller that operates without the need for any human intervention. It is made with durable materials to withstand the tough trials of time. You won’t be getting a warranty, however, at the purchase of this product.


  • Stylish design
  • High efficiency
  • Affordable price
  • Fully automatic


  • No warranty

Buyer’s Guide

All solar repellers look almost the same from the outside, it’s the inside that makes them unique. Yes, these ultrasonic animal repellers are of different types and have qualities of built-in technologies that allow a wide range of customers to buy them at the prices of their choices.


The first and foremost element of a product that signals its quality is its price. This is not always the case but it is most of the time. If you are looking at an expensive animal repeller, you are probably looking at a top-quality product.


Animal repellers are not built with heavy-duty materials, rather they are mostly built with plastic. However, certain types of plastics are more durable than others such as ABS plastic. You should prefer a better quality product for higher durability. So always check for the kind of material used in the product. It is something that the manufacturer of the product should reveal before it is purchased. Only then you’ll be able to use them in extreme weather conditions without any worry.


If one is not enough, multiple stakes are installed into the ground to protect larger spaces. You should buy a product after verifying the size of your garden and the range of the stakes that are offered in a pack. If you are looking to safeguard a farm, you’ll probably need more stakes so buy the repellers accordingly.


As most animal repellers are built with lightweight materials, the chances of their early malfunction are more probable. Warranty is what saves your sunk costs and allows you to return faulty products and get new animal repellers within the stipulated time. Thus, it’s a wise decision if you invest in a product with the longest warranty.


The range is one of the key differentiators when it comes to deciding the right animal repeller. If you are looking to safeguard your lawn invest in a repeller that is offered with a lower range and fewer stakes. Similarly, if you are looking to safeguard your farm, invest in multiple stakes with the highest range.


The battery is critical especially if you live in an area with low exposure to sunlight. Invest in an animal repeller that lasts longer once fully charged to keep the continuous cycle of ultrasonic waves going.


Reviews are great indicators when you buy a charger online. If you are not buying from physical stores and investigating the internet for the right animal repeller, check out the reviews to give yourself an idea about the quality and performance of a charger.

Final Verdict

Thanos solar-powered animal repellers are simply the best products to repel animals. The reason is that this charger competes in multiple categories and beats the competition. Whether you need a repeller for your lawn or a large-sized farm, whether you need to repel large-sized animals or short-sized animals, whether you need to use them in bright daylight or extreme weather conditions, these solar repellers will perform in any situation. Their efficiency, durability, ratings, and results, all are indicators that signal you to invest in this charger without any hesitation.


How does a solar repeller work?

Solar animal repellers use ultrasonic sound waves of extremely low frequencies to scare away moles, snakes, rodents, and similar animals. These are designed to get rid of these animals in an eco-friendly manner without the need of poisoning them in your lawn and endangering your kids and pets such as cats and dogs.

How long does a solar animal repeller take to completely repel the animals?

Solar repellers take two or three weeks before they completely repel the animals. These animals are not immediately scared as they might be coming to your lawn since a long time and feel comfortable there. Solar repellers are not as quick as, say, security dogs and thus, the entire process takes a bit of time.

How many stakes should I install on my lawn?

It depends on the size of your lawn. Normally 3 or 4 stakes would be enough if you choose the ones with the highest range and quality.

Can I connect it to mains power supply if solar power isn’t available?

As their name suggests, these devices are solar-powered and only use solar power to operate. If however, you live in an area where there is limited sunlight and you can’t get enough solar power, you’ll have to look for the repellers with batteries that can be charged with a USB cable. Though less in number, such products so exist.

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