Solar Charging Station – How Do They Work?

To get an idea how does a Solar Charging Station work and operate, below we have collected extensive details for you. The principle of operating this charging station is pretty simple.

Most importantly, a solar-powered charging station is made designed so that the concerned devices can be charged while you are outdoor.

These stations allow you to charge your devices in an environmentally- friendly manner.

This system specifically and generally converts solar energy right to electricity. And then it stores that mode of electricity right in a battery bank of your device.

Furthermore, there is a microcontroller present in these solar charging stations.

The function of this microcontroller is to prevent and avoid the batteries from getting involved in overcharged situations.

Moreover, this part of the charging station manages to charge your batteries trouble-freely. Other details, that you can check out below:

How This Concept of Solar Charging Station Originated?Solar Charging Station

It all happened in the past couple of years that up-gradation and advancements in technology placed all gadgets and devices in our pockets.

But these devices come with pros and drawbacks. It is that they run out of battery after a short span.

This is one of the pressing issues and problems with phones and tablets, and also with laptops. For the reason that solar charging stations are developed to tackle this problem.

This is an efficient energy source that you can use to charge your devices.

It manages to get a match and fully synchronizes with the efficiency of your gadgets and devices. With the use of these charging stations, your mobile phones can get charged in a couple of hours.

This proposed solution has satisfied a large number of individuals. It seamlessly charges your devices by using the power that s generated and created from solar energy.

Working of a Solar Charging Station:Working of a Solar Charging Station

You might be wondering how a Solar Charging Station work, here is an elaborate guide and explanation for you. This kind of charging station takes and extract energy from the sun.

Moreover, the solar panels present on these stations transform this solar energy into AC voltage.

This AC voltage then powers and charge your electronic devices. Even more, high-end solar charging stations are induced with such kind of system that keeps complete track of voltage levels. It protects and secures the system from getting overcharged and overused.

Apart from that, it keeps track and checks on the aspect of solar efficiency. Top-notch charging stations, they maintain and retain the maximum quantity of solar energy by keeping in mind the current environmental conditions and weather conditions.

Any kind of solar-powered charging station, it should be able to maximize its factor of solar efficiency so that the most and highest amount of power can be generated.

You need to keep in mind that this process is largely dependent on Weather and solar condition patterns.

The kind of efficiency, as well as output, is shown by a solar-powered station, it is calculated on the basis what is the weather condition and solar condition.

Besides, the output is also dependent on climate factors like that of clouds, moisture, and haze, dust.

These climatic conditions pose a degrading and unimpressive effect on the output potential of the solar station’s panel.

What Battery Type Is Used Un a Solar Charging Station?Solar Charging Station

Regarding the battery used in a Solar Charging Station, it should be durable. The battery efficiency needs to ensure that it stores the solar energy in a hassle-free manner from the solar panels.

If that battery prevents overcharging and over-using systems, then that is great.

In addition, it is in such solar-powered stations that Deep cycle batteries are used. It is observed that they can handle and manage charging-discharging situations very well.

Look for the battery for your solar charging station that ensures and guarantees proper safety regulations. Hence, the overall structure matters and counts a lot.

Before you buy such a charging station, make sure it meets all possible building and safety codes.

System Design of Solar Charging Station:System Design of Solar Charging Station

It is obvious that any of the Solar Charging Stations work and run on a solar electrical system. Most importantly, they are composed of a source and a function, as well as an output.

Regarding source,  solar panels are used and optimized with the help of solar tracking.

On the other hand, the system consists of and injected with a microcontroller. It acts in the form of a charge controller.

This system constitutes an inverter for the sake of converting 12 Volt DC that is stored and kept in the batteries to 110 Volt AC right as the output.

You may have seen that the solar tracker is generally affixed completely to the solar panel. Its job and purpose are to relay information and required details to the microcontroller.

It is this microcontroller that sends and delivers signal information to the stepper motor so that the angle of the solar panels can be well adjusted.

Furthermore, the microcontroller read out the battery level. It is its job to determine if the battery requires to get stopped during any moment of the time.

Solar Charging Station Runs on Solar Panel Technology:

To fully understand the working of a Solar-powered Charging Station, first, you have to understand how a solar panel work and what it is!

Most noteworthy, it is a group and a bunch of electrically connected kind of photovoltaic cells.

These cells are made of semiconductor materials. Like, they can be made of silicon. Silicon material used in photovoltaic cells is one of the most commonly used materials.

As soon as the sunlight hits and targets these photovoltaic cells, then the energy gets to be absorbed completely into these semiconductor materials. Moreover, this specific energy pushes the rest of the electrons to flow in a particular and certain direction.

These photovoltaic cells create an electric field within their own cells. Hence, this is the current and power that is going to then draw off and extract energy from the panels and charges your devices and phones.

The exact amount of power or current that solar charging station panel produces, it is dependent on a direct correlation and connection with the intensity of sunlight the solar panel is absorbing.

Besides, optimal conditions for any kind of solar panel, they are always at 0-degrees.

Or you can say that they are directly perpendicular to the sunlight rays. And the last optimal conditions for a solar-powered panel, it is at 90 degrees. In this situation, the panel becomes parallel with the sunlight rays.

Multiple Panels are Injected on Solar Charging Stations:Multiple Panels are Injected on Solar Charging Stations

There are a large number and multiple panels that are injected and connected electrically either in the form of series or in the parallel form.

If they are connected in series, then that solar charging station will let you acquire the desired amount of output voltage.

And if it is connected in a parallel version, then it will generate desired and expected current capability. Note down that a single solar cell, it generates and produces only 1/2 (.5) of a volt.

On the other side, a typical and general 12-volt panel that is composed of 25 inches by 54 inches dimensions and consist of 36 cells that are in wired in series, it manages to produce 17 volts peak output.

Most probably, if you are planning to configure your solar panel for 24-volt output, then it will generally be composed of 72 cells.

It means there will be two 12 volt groups and 36 cells will be infused in each of them. These cells are wired and connected in series with the help of a jumper so that the solar panel can produce an output 24 volts.

There is a reason and genuine justification to make use of a higher voltage output while using a solar charging station.

It is seen that smaller wire sizes, they tend to transfer and shift the electric power right from the solar panel array to the concerned charge controllers and batteries quickly.

Solar Tracker- Important Part of Solar Charging Stations:Solar Tracker

If you want your solar charging station to work properly, then what you can do is to integrate and install a solar tracker circuit into your charging station.

This tracker is going to allow and permit constant alignment exactly towards the Sun.

Moreover, it has the tendency to potentially increase and boost the production process of electricity up to 30%. It boosts the output capacity and officially permits for a decrease and reduction in its overall panel array size.

It is these solar trackers that allow the user to experience a precise and accurate tracking of the sun. It does that by tilting and moving the solar panels in the direction of sunlight.

The minute sunlight is going to strike and hit a solar panel, then this solar tracker comes in exactly at an angle that is termed as the angle of incidence.

This angle is necessary and important as it helps out the solar charging station to remain to stay in proper alignment and direction towards the sun.

For your information, solar trackers are divided and categorized into two types. You can either have a single axis solar tracker or you can have the tracker based on the dual-axis system.

In addition, these single axis accounts are made and designed for horizontal east to west directions as well as daily movement.

And these dual-axis accounts integrate and injected with vertical north and south movements.

Even more Single axis solar tracker, it gives 15% to 30% increase and boosts in terms of efficiency. And dual-axis gives an additional output and efficiency range of 6%.

Kind of Motor Installed In a Solar-Powered Charging Station:

One can have a bi-directional kind of stepper motor in its solar panel charging station. This is a common motor type that is used for this specific application.

Such a motor is known for its speed and torque. It needs low power and also shows low current consumption.

If you want to determine and know the exact amount of torque required, then what you can do is to consider two important details. First of all, you have to calculate and measure the centre of gravity point of the solar panel.

After that, you have to measure and calculate the distance right from the pivot point by considering the mass of the solar panels. This is how you can know how much torque is needed for average and normal operations.

Advantages of Solar Charging Stations:


We do not doubt that solar charging stations are turning out to be quickly and immensely popular.

They are transforming themselves into a friendly fixture for our surroundings and environments.

They are identified as a renewable and also sustainable technology initiative so far.

You may see and spot them all along the highways, private parking lots. They are great for our environment and even for our wallets.

Besides, they produce and generate cheap electricity without giving out any of the emissions.

They run on the environmentally-friendly technologies and that is the best part about them.

If you count yourself as an electric vehicle owner and need to recharge your car batteries, then try out using a solar charging as it is cheaper.

They are a Cheap Energy Source:Cheap Energy Source

These charging stations are a cheap energy source for you. If you do not have an electric grid in your location and you want to charge your appliances and gadgets, then install this charging station in your home.

It can quickly charge your mobile phones in a blink of an eye.

Furthermore, it can do wonders for you. A large number of people are getting affected because of the periodic increase and rise in prices regarding kilowatt-hour. So, it is better to set up this charging station. And cut down your energy cost.

It will be great if you are living and residing in an area that receives a lot of sunlight. So, in those locations and areas, installing a solar station is recommended. This way, you can save a substantial and heavy amount of money.

The presence of a right set of accumulators and PV framework, and the arrival of the right environmental conditions, you can power an entire house and electric vehicle at no expense.

Solar Charging Stations Give No Emissions:

Individuals prefer to set up this unit in their homes or offices as it gives no emissions. It comes out as a sustainable model.

It can easily and seamlessly power your households. This method works far better as compared with using nuclear, coal power plants or gas-powered plants.

Hence, solar energy does not produce and give out emissions. It does not produce any of the toxic by-products. As it is a renewable energy source, that is why it is preferred by people.

We all know that our climate and environment is already in the suffering stage. That is why such options of power and electricity generation have to be utilized. It is because of these emissions that the earth planet temperature is rising day by day.

These emissions are destroying and putting at risk these natural habitats. Most certainly, these emissions are endangering thousands and hundreds of species. Hence, one should try this option of using solar charging stations.

By doing so, you can at least prevent these big problems and issues. You can at least minimize the damage and destruction that is already happened and done.

They Keep Your Phones Charged and thus Keeps Your Connected:Phones Charged

If one wants to achieve and experience energy independence, then try installing a solar charging station.

It is one of the crucial reasons that individuals are trending towards the use of this option. They have become more and more dependent on these units.

Like, the presence of a public solar charging station, it let and permits you to charge your mobile phones and thus helps you stay in a connection with your friends and family.

If these charging stations are present and installed in remote and wild places, then you will no longer feel difficulty in charging your phones.

No matter, you experience a natural disaster, your communication requirements are still going to be facilitated with the help of these solar charging stations. As these stations do not rely and depend on the power grid, that is why they are great.

They have Given Individuals More Freedom and Flexibility:

These charging stations have given individuals an immense amount of freedom and flexibility. Now, they are allowed to freely spend their outdoor whenever they want to without thinking about the fact that their mobile phones are charged or not.

Besides, people are relying on technology on extensive notes. And they need to keep it charged too. That is why the charging stations are introduced so that you can charge your devices any time of the day and night.

Public solar charging stations allow you to charge our phones easily and hassle-free while you are outside. No matter, you are in parks or you are having time in campgrounds, the presence of these charging stations will make your life easy.

Hence, this unit has given an immense amount of freedom and flexibility to every single person out there.

While they are spending their time in nature, they do not worry whether their phones or devices are charged or not. This is an ideal unit in which you should invest.

Kinds of Solar Powered Charging Stations:

There are various kinds of solar-powered charging stations. A few of them run and operate on proprietary technology. It means that they can be accessed by a limited number of people. And others are free for widespread extensive public use.

Level 1 EV Solar-Powered Charging Station:EV Solar-Powered Charging Station

You can use this type to charge your electric vehicles. It is marked and counted as an affordable option for individuals.

Its downside or you can bad side is that it delivers and give out power through the help of a 120 V AC plug.

They take and need more time to replenish and charge your accumulators. They are quite and comparatively effective overnight.

Level 2 EV:2 EV

Next, we have this Level 2 EV solar-run charging station. It is termed as the flexible station so far at the current and present moment.

You can use it for commercial or residential purposes. They come and packed with two types and kinds of plugs.


For industrial application, the plug is of 208 V. And for domestic use, the plug is o 240 V. To install this charging station, you will be in need of professional and expert help.

Moreover, for cars, it is better to go for level 2s as they are more capable and ideal for delivering a substantial output of 10 to 60 miles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are magnetic car mounts safe for phones?

How does a solar charging system work?

The working operations of the solar charging system, it is pretty much easy to understand and simple to comprehend. You can keep in mind this basic that solar battery charger works in a way and manner likewise we have these solar photovoltaic systems and traditional sort of battery storage systems,

First of all, sunlight strikes and hits the surface of the subjected and specific device. Then the battery attached to it is going to store and save the electricity until and unless you are in a position and ready to charge any of your devices.

Are magnetic car mounts safe for phones?

How do you make a solar charging station?

There are various steps incorporated in order to make a solar charging system station. Firstly, you have to mount and set up the solar panels.

If you prefer to opt for a semi-permanent kind of structural mount, then you need to make use of a metal frame and bolts so that you can easily and conveniently attach the solar panels right to the root zone of yours.

The second step is to get the batteries. Place them in a safe and dry place. They have to be kept at the moderate temperature zone site. Moreover, while placing the batteries, make sure that they are position in a stable manner.

After that, you can place and mount the solar controller. Keep it at the position where you can easily and trouble-freely read it. Through the use of this solar controller, you can get an idea of how much energy is produced and generated.

In addition, you will get the details of how much energy content is drained out and how full your batteries are!

The last step is to connect and attach all components of your solar charging station. Connect your solar panels and solar controller and also solar power cables with each other.

You can set and fix your solar power cables either in the parallel form or in the serial wiring form. This decision is going to be based and dependent on your amperage and too on your voltage.

Are magnetic car mounts safe for phones?

What is the best solar-powered cell phone charger?

The best solar-powered cell phone charger can be from the brands like Portable E.Lumen Multi-Mode Solar Charger, Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit., X-DRAGON 20W SunPower Solar Charger.

Moreover, whenever you get a cell phone charger that is powered by a solar charger, make sure that it is durable and 100% sturdy. It should be made of premium and long-lasting ABS fireproof materials.

If that solar cell phone charger is IPX4 Splashproof and Dustproof as well as shockproof, then that is great. Look for the option that offers 100%money-back guarantee time and 100% considerate customer services.

Using such a charger is considered and marked an emergency back-up solution for you. If you are hiking and there is no power source out there, then using such an alternative is beneficial for you.


So, this is all the needed explanation on solar charging stations. What is your view on this concept? You can share it with us anytime.

No doubt, this concept of using a solar station, it will be going to work definitely. They have become something of a novelty these days.

They are the most reliable and affordable and offer one of the clean ways to produce and generate electricity. We see their great picture for the future. We are seeing that the demand for this solar technology, it will continue to grow day by day.

On the other hand, its purchase price will turn out to be even smaller. The versatility factor of these solar stations, it cannot be denied. They are real life savers from all angles.

It is time that we need to eliminate and eradicate the dependence right on fossil fuels. We have limited resources. So, we should start utilizing natural and sustainable resources. Moreover, using these solar power charging stations, it is an environmentally friendly product.

Even more, it is marked as self-sustainable. You can utilize it as an outdoor energy source. Keep connected with us as more of the details on this category line is coming up.