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The Best Solar Companies In Arizona

A review on the best solar contractors in Arizona

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Arizona’s baking desert Sun might make stepping outdoors during the summer an ordeal, but it is also great for one thing: allowing solar energy systems to generate plenty of electricity. Arizona is home to four out of the top 10 US cities with the most annual sunshine, and this natural endowment has catapulted the state into fifth place among all US states when it comes to installed solar capacity. This solar boom has largely been driven by new large-scale solar farms, though residential solar has also been fast gaining popularity in the state.

But if you’re looking into installing solar for your Arizona home or business, it’s not a good idea to rush into picking a solar company. A quality solar installation can continue bringing you benefits for decades down the line, so it’s important to select the right installer for the job. That’s where we come in: we’ve collected a list of the eight most well-known solar installers in Arizona to help you start your search. You can also check out another great article of ours here where we go over the general criteria for selecting a good solar company.

Best Solar Installers in Arizona

Sunny Arizona has plenty of solar installation companies, and below we present eight of the most popular ones operating in the state. Keep in mind every property is unique: to get a true grasp of which company is able to serve you best, take advantage of the free solar consultations offered by many of these companies and entertain a few offers! That being said, our comparisons can be a helpful starting point. We’ve also picked out one solar company out of the eight listed which we think stands out. Read on to find out which!

Arizona Solar Concepts

Arizona Solar Concepts has helped more than 5,000 homeowners in the state install solar, and they’re eager to apply their 14 years of solar experience to help you with yours as well. They pride themselves on being able to provide highly-customized and long-lasting residential solar energy installations.


Arizona Solar Concepts is headquartered in Tempe, right next to the state capital of Phoenix. Their service area extends to cover the entire greater Pheonix metro area, such as the outer suburbs of Peoria, Buckeye and Goodyear.

License and Certification

Arizona Solar Concepts holds the requisite CR-11 Electrical License for Arizona. They are also a Tesla Powerwall certified installer, but do not appear to be NABCEP-certified.


Arizona Solar Concepts was founded in 2006 as a family-owned local business by Venezuelan immigrant Nora Silva, and today they still insist on completing all solar work in-house without relying on third-party contractors, unlike many other solar companies. Each of their in-house installation teams are highly experienced, with the youngest squad still boasting three years of work history in the industry.

In addition to the standard manufacturer product warranties, the company also offers a 10-year limited workmanship warranty to customers.


Arizona Solar Concepts enjoys great customer reviews online, with a 4.8-star rating on Google after 224 total reviews and a perfect 5-star rating on Facebook with 48 reviews. They also have a high 4.29-star rating on Solar Reviews from 48 customers.


The company is most often praised for their high quality customer service. Many customers were impressed by how quickly they took care of any issues both during and after the installation, as well as the patience that the Arizona Solar Concepts team has in answering their questions thoroughly.


Arizona Solar Concepts Website

Sunsolar Solutions

Sunsolar Solutions has installed over 200,000 solar panels for their residential solar customers over the past six years. The company initially set out with the goal of helping Arizona residents take ownership over their own energy supply.


Sunsolar Solutions has their main office in Peoria, Arizona. They serve customers hailing from anywhere across the state.

License and Certification

Sunsolar Solutions holds a CR-11 Electrical Contractor license for Arizona. They do not appear to be NABCEP-certified.


Sunsolar Solutions has helped over 7,000 Arizona customers to “go solar”, and the company is dedicated to helping more save on their utility bills with a solar energy installation.


In addition to designing and building customized residential solar energy systems, the company also leases out solar energy systems to customers, allowing them to purchase renewable energy at rates that may be more favorable than retail electricity rates.


Sunsolar Solutions has a 4.3-star rating on Google after 164 reviews, along with a perfect 5-star rating on Facebook with 47 reviews. The company has only 7 customers on the BBB, but it is accredited on the platform with an A+ rating from the site.


Sunsolar Solutions does have 4 complaints on the BBB, and only one is resolved. While most customers online were happy with Sunsolar’s installations, the few negative complaints often revolve around slow and inconsistent customer service after the installation, especially with regard to repairs.

Sunsolar Solutions Website

Arizona Solar Wave

Arizona Solar Wave was named as one of the nation’s Top 100 Solar Installers by Solar Reviews in 2020, a testimony to the company’s ability to keep their customers happy. They believe in staying local, and all of their staff are residents of the local Maricopa County.


Arizona Solar Wave is headquartered in Mesa, Arizona and primarily serves customers in the local Maricopa County region.

License and Certification

Arizona Solar Wave holds a KB-1 Dual Building contractor license in Arizona, but does not currently possess an Electrical Contractor license. This means that while they are allowed to conduct construction or repair work on your property, work related to the electrical wiring necessary for solar must be subcontracted out to another company.


They are not NABCEP-certified.


Founded in 1999 by Mesa electrician Brian McCormick, Arizona Solar Wave has had over 20 years of success as one of Maricopa County’s leading solar installers. They have experience putting together solar installations for a wide range of surfaces, such as metal and steeply-pitched roof tops which can sometimes stump other solar installers.


The company also offers ground-mounted installations in addition to the more typical rooftop systems. Their residential solar energy systems also come with a 25-year production warranty.


Arizona Solar Wave is the highest-rated solar installer in the state on Solar Reviews, with an astounding 4.94-star rating after 270 reviews. This puts them among the top 100 US Solar Installers listed on the site for both 2017 and 2020. Many customers commend them for their professional attitude and no-pressure sales approach, which stands in stark contrast to many other solar companies with aggressive sales pushes.


However, the company has received much less recognition on other platforms. They’ve only attracted 7 reviews on Google, with a 2.7-star rating. Their Facebook profile has also only received 3 reviews.

Arizona Solar Wave Website

Black Platinum Solar and Electric

Black Platinum Solar and Electric is committed to helping their customers make the switch to solar by providing a customized, turn-key approach to residential solar installation. The company is also focused on staying on top of advancements in solar technology, and offer customers the latest, most efficient solar equipment when possible.


Black Platinum Solar has their main office in Glendale, Arizona, and serve customers anywhere in a 100-mile radius around this location, which includes the entirety of Maricopa County.

License and Certification

Black Platinum Solar holds a CR-11 Electrical Contractor license for Arizona, authorizing them to install solar PV systems in the state. However, they do not appear to be NABCEP-certified.


Black Platinum Solar and Electric was founded in 2008, and true to their name, the company offers both solar installation and general electrical wiring services. They exclusively use high quality Enphase microinverters in their residential solar energy systems. Their installed systems are also monitored around the clock with the advanced Enphase Enlighten Monitoring Service, provided free of charge to all of Black Platinum’s customers.


Black Platinum Solar has a military discount offer, where they provide a $500 discount for solar PV installations on residences owned by current or former members of the US military.


Black Platinum Solar and Electric enjoys great reviews on both Google and Solar Reviews. They’re the second highest-rated Arizona solar company on Solar Reviews with a 4.92-star rating after 206 reviews, and also hold a 4.6-star rating on Google after 18 reviews. Many customers reported being happy with the company’s great prices and the high performance of their installed systems.


The company is accredited on the BBB with an A+ rating as well, though they have only received two total reviews on the platform.

Black Platinum Solar and Electric

Sun Valley Solar Solutions

Sun Valley Solar Solutions owner Joe Messner takes a hands-on approach to solar installation, and still oversees each step of the solar projects that the company carries out. This focus on quality has led to Sun Valley being named the top solar installer in the state by AZ Big Media in their annual Best of Arizona Businesses publication.


Sun Valley Solar Solutions is located in Chandler, Arizona but is able to serve customers across the entire state.

License and Certification

Sun Valley Solar Solutions possess the requisite CR-11 Electrical Contractor license for Arizona, in addition to a CR-78 Solar Plumbing license. They employ three NABCEP-certified Solar Installation professionals.


Founded in 2006, this highly experienced solar company has helped numerous high-profile Fortune 500 clients such as PepsiCo and Sub-Zero install solar for their Arizona facilities. In addition to these commercial installations, Sun Valley Solar Solutions also has more than 8,000 completed residential solar projects under their belt.


Despite the company’s size, they still insist on carrying out 100% of all solar installation work and use no sub-contractors. This tight quality control also allows them to offer a generous 10-year workmanship and roof-penetration warranty to customers.


Sun Valley Solar Solutions has collected over 100 reviews each on both Google and Solar Reviews, where the company holds a 4.7-star and 4.78-star rating respectively.


While the company does have a lower 3.67-star rating on the BBB, they have only received 9 reviews on the platform. Overall, Sun Valley has very positive online reviews, though a few reviewers across different platforms have mentioned slow repair times for issues that crop up after the initial installation.

Sun Valley Solar Solutions Website

Titan Solar Power

Titan Solar Power might be based out of Arizona, but they’re one of the largest residential solar installers in the country with operations across 12 US states and over 53,000 completed solar projects. The company is known for its quick and high-quality rooftop solar installations.


Titan Solar Power has close to 30 total office locations scattered across the US, but their headquarters are in Mesa, Arizona. They are able to serve customers across the states of Arizona, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Florida, California, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah and Georgia.

License and Certification

Titan Solar Power holds a CR-11 Electrical Contractor license for Arizona. They do not appear to be NABCEP-certified.


Titan Solar Power was founded in 2013 by friends David Williamson and Kyle Beddome, experienced solar professionals who wanted to create a solar company that does right by both its customers and employees. The company has won recognition from Solar Power World magazine, who named Titan Solar as the top residential solar installer in the US for 2021.


Titan Solar Power has installed close to 500 MW of solar power in just seven short years of operation, making them one of the most experienced solar companies on our list.


Titan Solar Power has a hefty online presence with generally positive reviews. They’re well regarded on Google, with their Arizona headquarters receiving 627 reviews in total and a 4.4-star rating. The company has a more mixed reception on other platforms though: they have a 3.32-star rating on the BBB with 63 reviews and 50 complaints, and a below-average 2.81-star rating on Solar Reviews.


A few negative customer reviews have complained that Titan damaged their rooftops when installing solar, while many others were centered around the contracting work which Titan carries out on behalf of other solar companies. The company has responded to every single complaint on the BBB though, and often promises to cover in full any damages caused by their work.



Titan Solar Power Website

Rooftop Solar

Rooftop Solar is a family-owned business with the mission of providing clean energy at affordable prices to its customers in Arizona and California. The community-driven company also contributes to many local charity programs and food banks, and is also a member of the Amicus Solar co-operative.


Rooftop Solar has their main headquarters in Flagstaff, Arizona, though the company also has locations in Sedona, Prescott, Pheonix and San Diego. Their service area includes the entirety of Arizona and Southern California.

License and Certification

Rooftop Solar holds the required CR-11 Electrical Contractor license for Arizona, along with a kB-1 Building Contractor license. They also employ NABCEP-certified PV Installation Professionals.


Rooftop Solar was founded in 2008 by the siblings Seth, Hadassah and Jason Holland, after being inspired by their grandfather, who undertook a solar installation on his own house back in 2002.


Rooftop Solar fields an expert, NABCEP-certified installation team to implement their customized solar designs for your property. They offer a 30-year warranty to customers, a significant upgrade compared to the standard 10-25-year warranties offered by most other solar companies.


Rooftop Solar enjoys impressive customer reviews on many platforms. They have a glowing 5-star rating on Facebook even after 32 reviews, and hold the same perfect rating for both of their Arizona locations on Google with a combined 30 reviews.


The company also has a 5-star customer rating on the BBB, and a 4.65-star rating on Solar Reviews after 67 reviews. Many clients love them for their great customer service, especially how receptive their installation team is to questions and how the company is always quickly available to handle any issues.

Rooftop Solar Website

Harmon Solar

Harmon Solar makes the process of going solar easy for their customers by providing a free customized solar evaluation for your home. The family-owned company used to be part of Harmon Electric, a 45-year old full service Arizona electrical contractor, and both companies are still run by the Harmon family today.


Harmon Solar is located in Pheonix, Arizona, and they mainly serve solar customers in the city.

License and Certification

Harmon Solar has a CR-11 Electrical Contractor license for Arizona state. The company is also NABCEP-certified.


Harmon Solar was founded in 2008 by husband and wife team Richard and Jean Harmon, who at the time also owned the electrical services company Harmon Electric. Today, the company is run by their daughter Julie and her husband Dan, and has since grown by over ten times in size to become one of Arizona’s most respected solar installers.


Harmon Solar prides themselves on their ability to help customers save money on utility bills, by designing highly-customized systems to fit individual customer needs. They also offer solar inspection services, where they can look over your existing solar installation in detail and identify any issues that might be lowering efficiency. The company’s own headquarters is powered by solar power, which is also used to charge their electric work vehicle.


Harmon Solar has received the bulk of its online reviews on Google, where the company has amassed 115 customers reviews and a 4.3-star rating. The vast majority of customers were satisfied with their solar installations, and Harmon Solar has reached out to every negative review to try and make things right. They also have good reviews on Facebook, where the company has a 4.6-star rating after 10 reviews.


Harmon Solar is accredited by the BBB and holds an A+ rating from the site along with a 4.62-star customer rating from 13 reviewers.

Harmon Solar Website

Final Verdict

Sun Valley Solar Solutions is our top recommended Arizona solar company out of this list. They’ve successfully completed over 8,000 solar installation projects across their 15 years of history operating in the state, an incredible record of success. The company also employs technicians with the highly-coveted NABCEP-certification, which many other solar installers in the state lack.


Couple this with their many glowing online reviews, and it’s apparent why the solar installer has been entrusted with solar projects from major Fortune 500 companies in Arizona. Of course, it’s best that you also do your own research into different solar companies based on your own unique solar requirements, but we highly recommend starting with a look at Sun Valley Solar Solutions.

Solar Energy in Arizona

Arizona’s state capital Pheonix is the fourth sunniest city in the entire country, and the rest of Arizona enjoys similarly scorching amounts of fierce sunshine. While this warm sunlight might drive up your air-conditioning bill in the summer, it’s also perfectly suited for generating large amounts of solar power. This makes residential solar a great choice in the state: during the hot summer months when your power bill spikes, your solar energy system would also be generating peak amounts of electricity, offsetting your total utility bill.

In fact, large utility companies have already caught on towards this incredible solar potential: a massive 4.1 GW of solar energy capacity is expected to come online in the state over the next five years, making Arizona one of the fastest-growing solar states in the nation. Arizona also has an incredible set of personal tax incentives to further encourage residential solar adoption. And in the face of recent pleas from state utilities for residents to cut power use in the summer months in order to prevent blackouts, being able to generate your own source of electricity might be more important than ever.

Laws & Regulations

Arizona is one of 31 US States which have adopted a set of Renewables Portfolio Standards (RPS), mandating that utilities operating in the state source a portion of their generated electricity from renewables sources. The state’s 2006 Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff initially required utilities to obtain 15% of their electricity from renewables by 2050, with a further requirement added in 2021 for use of 100% renewable energy by 2070. While these policies are certainly a step in the right direction, Arizona’s RPS targets still fall behind that of other nearby states such as Colorado, New Mexico and California, which all require 100% renewable energy from utilities by 2050.

Arizona also has strong residential solar laws which protect the rights of homeowners to install and use solar energy. Property deeds are not allowed to stipulate any restrictions or conditions that prevent homeowners from installing solar. Homeowner’s associations also do not have the right to prohibit the installation of such solar energy systems on private property, though they are allowed to enforce rules regarding where such devices can be placed, as long as these rules do not completely prevent the installation of solar or negatively impact its cost and efficiency.


Solar companies in Arizona are legally required to obtain a Residential (R-11), Commercial (C-11) or Dual (CR-11) Electrical Contractor license before being allowed to work on related solar projects. The state also has further solar licenses related to solar water heating, space heating or pool heating, but these are not required for installing electricity-generating solar PV systems. Each of these solar licenses are only awarded to contractors with at least four years of related work experience and after they pass a licensing examination.

Some solar companies also hire technicians with an additional NABCEP certification. These highly-coveted certifications are awarded by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners to highly-qualified professionals, and are a guarantee of expertise in the industry. We highly recommend looking out for this certification when picking out a solar company in Arizona.

Net Metering

Arizona’s old net metering scheme was changed to a net billing policy in 2016 for residential utility customers. This means that excess power exported back to the grid from your residential solar energy system no longer offsets your overall utility bill one-to-one: you pay retail rates for electricity consumed from the grid, but the electricity that you sell back is only credited to you at a lower “avoided-cost” rate, which reflects how much it would have cost your utility provider to generate that extra electricity themselves.

This change mainly hurts residential customers who are reliant on selling electricity back to the grid to pay back their solar installation costs, such as those away from home during the daytime when solar would be generating the most power. Homeowners who use up most of the electricity generated from their own systems, or have efficient battery storage attached to their solar panels, would likely feel little impact.

Tax Credits & Incentives

The residential solar incentives in Arizona have most of the country beat: The state has a Personal Tax Credit scheme which awards home solar installations with a tax credit worth 25% if your solar installation costs, capped at $1,000. Home solar energy systems are also exempt from property tax, meaning that you won’t have to pay additional tax on the value that installing solar adds to your property.

Arizona residents can double-dip on these tax incentives by applying for the federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) as well. Similar to the state tax credit scheme, the ITC gives you a federal tax credit equal to 26% of your solar installation costs, and there is no cap to this credit. Act fast though: the ITC is set to decline to 22% in 2023, and disappear for good in 2024.


Arizona’s sunny climate and generous tax incentives makes it near-perfect for residential solar. Plenty of sunlight means plenty of electricity generated by your home solar installation, and the state’s net billing scheme means that you can even sell excess power back to the grid for extra savings. We highly recommend going solar in the state and searching for a solar company which fits your energy needs. Our list of popular Arizona solar companies is a great starting point, but it’s also important to do your own research and reach out to installers directly for customized quotes specific to your property.


Does Arizona have a solar tax credit?

Yes, Arizona residents can actually claim two different solar tax credits. As a state resident, you can apply for Arizona’s own Personal Tax Credit, which reimburses you for 25% of your solar installation costs in the form of a state tax rebate, capped at $1,000. You can also apply for the uncapped federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, worth 26% of your solar costs in federal tax credit.

Is it worth going solar in Arizona?

Absolutely! Arizona receives some of the most sunlight in the country, with four of the top ten sunniest US cities located in the state. State residents also have access to two generous solar tax incentives, and utilities in the state offer a net billing scheme which pays you for any excess electricity generated by solar. There are few places where going solar is a better idea.

Can you put solar panels on your house in Arizona?

Yes, Arizona’s strong solar rights make it illegal for specifications in property deeds or rules set by homeowners associations to prevent solar installations on residential property. You should still check with your local association for rules regarding solar placement though: there can still be rules in place limiting the scale or placement of your solar energy system.

Can going solar reduce my power bill in Arizona?

Yes, but by how much would depend on both your electric usage habits and how suitable your property is for solar installation. Solar energy systems with the same capacity can generate different amounts of electricity depending on the orientation of your rooftop and surrounding shade, which directly affects how much you pay on your utility bill. Your final power bill would also depend on your usage habits: it’s more efficient to use up the electricity you generate than sell it back to the grid, due to lower rates paid for your excess power.

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