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The Best Solar Companies In Connecticut

A review on the best solar contractors in Connecticut

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Connecticut residents pay the second-highest electricity costs out of all US states, which makes residential solar power an incredible investment in the state: Not only do you get to cut down on your high utility bills, you’re contributing to the fight against climate change at the same time! Connecticut also has some of the most generous net metering options available in the country, meaning that going solar in the state is even more of a no-brainer. With an array of solar panels, you can be generating electricity for free throughout the year.

If you’re eager to get started, we’ve listed down and compared eight of the best Connecticut solar companies below for you to get a quick rundown on some amazing solar companies operating in the state. It’s crucially important, after all, that you find a trusted, quality solar installer to carry out the work on your property. Reach out to a few of these solar companies today for free quotes on how much solar can save you on your monthly bills!

Best Solar Companies in Connecticut

Getting a solar installation is not a one-off process. Residential solar energy systems are built to last for decades, and good solar companies often have warranties in place to guarantee that any issues or faulty parts that crop up over the years get fixed. That’s why it’s important to start off on the right foot and find a reputable company who you’ll be comfortable working with in the long term. Here are eight of Connecticut’s most popular solar companies, including one which we think stands out compared to their peers.

Earthlight Technologies

Earthlight Technologies is a family-owned solar company based out of Connecticut. They work exclusively with the major US solar manufacturer Sunpower to install reliable and high-performing solar energy systems for their customers.


Earthlight Technologies is headquartered in Ellington, Connecticut, but the company also has separate office locations in Oregon and Massachusetts. They serve customers throughout all three of these states.

Licensing and Certification

Earthlight Technologies holds the required Home Improvement Contractor license for Connecticut. They also hold a Master Electrician license for the state. This allows them to install solar panels and connect them to your home electrical wiring directly without requiring the help of sub-contractors, unlike solar companies with only a Home Improvement Contractor license.


The company also employs NABCEP-certified PV Installation Professionals. They are the only Connecticut-based Sunpower Master Dealer.


Founded in 2008, Earthlight Technologies carries out both residential and commercial solar installations across the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Oregon. Its CEO and founder Timothy Schneider is a licensed electrician himself, and boasts over 30 years of experience running electrical contracting companies. In addition to installing solar, Earthlight can also help with commercial energy efficiency contracting work, renovating business locations to lower their energy use.


The company only uses high-performing Sunpower equipment for their solar installations, which carry a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Earth Technologies has received very favorable online reviews on both Google and Facebook. The company holds a 4.8-star rating on both platforms, out of a total of 83 reviews on Google and 20 on Facebook. They’re also accredited on the BBB, and have an A+ rating from the site.


They also have a good, but slightly less impressive rating on Solar Reviews, where the company has a 4.19-rating from 19 reviewers. While almost all of their customers were satisfied with the quality of their installed solar energy systems, two reviews mentioned that Earth Technologies should be doing more to keep customers informed of how things were progressing during the installation process.

Earthlight Technologies Website

Trinity Solar

Trinity Solar is a large multi-state solar company, with more than 1,600 current employees and over 65,000 completed installations across its 27-year history. The company puts a keen emphasis on offering attentive customer service and delivering individualized solar solutions to each customer.


Trinity Solar has their corporate headquarters in New Jersey, but they have office locations in seven other US states, including Cheshire in Connecticut. They serve customers in these eight states of New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Licensing and Certification

Trinity Solar holds a Home Improvement Contractor and Master Electrician license for Connecticut. They do not appear to be NABCEP-certified.



Trinity Solar was founded in 1994, and today this storied solar company is the largest privately-held solar installer in the US. While the company only expanded to Connecticut relatively recently in 2044, they have quickly become of the state’s most trusted solar installers.


Trinity Solar also works closely with local non-profit organizations in the regions where they operate. They contribute $1,000 to the cause if a member of these organizations installs solar with Trinity.


Trinity Solar enjoys overall positive reviews online, with the Google profile for its Connecticut location receiving a 4.6-star rating after 477 reviews. The company has a more mixed rating on Solar Reviews and the BBB though, where they have a 3.27 and 3.88-star customer rating respectively, though they are accredited with an A+ on the BBB.


Trinity Solar has also racked up 72 complaints on the BBB, partly due to the size of the company. Only 22 of these complaints have been resolved, though all recent complaints have been answered. Most of these negative experiences revolve around customers not seeing promised savings in their utility bills after installing solar.

Trinity Solar Website

Green Power Energy

Green Power Energy was founded in New Jersey, and have 12 years of experience designing customized residential and commercial solar energy systems.


Green Power Energy has their headquarters in New Jersey, though they also have a second office in Stamford Connecticut and a third in Massachusetts. The company has a service area which covers the five states of New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.

Licensing and Certification

Green Power Energy has a Home Improvement Contractor and Electrical Contractor license for Connecticut. They are also NABCEP-certified.


Established in 2009, Green Power Energy provides customized turn-key residential solar energy systems to its customers. They boast an average three-day installation time for residential systems, and offers a 25-year service warranty for all of their solar installations.


The company also makes it their mission to educate potential solar customers, with many articles on their website laying out the different solar incentives available to residents of each state.


Green Power Energy has an outstanding reputation on Solar Reviews, where they are the highest-rated solar company for Connecticut with a 4.84-star rating and 191 reviews. They also have a perfect 5-star rating on Google, albeit with only 15 reviews.


Additionally, the company is accredited with an A+ on the BBB and a 5-star rating from 7 reviews. Many of their satisfied customers commended Green Power Energy for having helpful and responsive customer service, even long after the installation has been complete.

Green Power Energy Website

Sunpower by New York State Farm Solar

Sunpower by New York State Solar Farm might be based out-of-state, but the company also has experience serving customers in Western Connecticut. The company exclusively installs Sunpower solar energy systems, each customized and designed for individual properties by an in-house engineering team.


Sunpower by New York State Solar Farm is headquartered in Modena, New York, with another location in Glens Fall, New York. They mainly serve customers in the Hudson Valley region of NY state, along with the Fairfield and Litchfield countries of Connecticut.

Licensing and Certification

Sunpower by New York State Solar Farms holds the necessary Home Improvement Contractor license for Connecticut. They also have a NABCEP-certified electrical team.


New York State Solar Farm (NYSSF) is a Sunpower Master Dealer, out of only 25 in the country. They exclusively install solar energy systems from the US solar manufacturer, which come with a 25-year product and labor warranty.


NYSSF also provides 24/7 customer service, standing ready to respond to your questions or issues at all hours. Potential customers who sign up for their free solar consultations are eligible for a $25 gift card.


NYSSF boasts a stellar reputation online, with a 4.9-star rating on Google based on 127 reviews. They’re also the second highest-rated solar installer for Connecticut on Solar Reviews, with a 4.58-star rating after 47 reviews. And while the company is not accredited on the BBB, it has received an A+ rating on the site.


Most of NYSSF’s customers were happy with the Sunpower systems that the company installs, praising the sleek aesthetics of their solar panels and their convenient electricity monitoring app.

Sunpower By New York State Solar Farm Website

Savkat Solar

Savkat Solar was founded in Farmington Connecticut, and have completed more than 1,300 solar installations across 23 different counties in five states as of today. In addition to traditional solar home consultations, they can give potential customers a rough solar quote online in seconds, through the use of satellite imagery of your home.


Savkat Solar is located in Farmington, Connecticut. However, the company has served customers all over the US Northeast, in the states of Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Licensing and Certification

Savkat Solar has a Home Improvement Contractor license in the state of Connecticut. They are also NABCEP-certified.


Savkat Solar has over fourteen years of experience doing business in the American Northeast. Founder Steven Salansky comes with a background in commercial and residential construction, and he has led the company to become one of the most respected solar installers in Connecticut.


Savkat Solar is a Sunpower Master Dealer, and exclusively installs complete Sunpower Equinox systems.


Savkat Solar is a relatively small solar installer compared to the other companies on our list, and they have generally received fewer online reviews. The reviews they have received are impressive, however. The company has a perfect 5-star rating on Google with 25 reviews, and a very high 4.67-star rating on Solar Reviews with 37 reviews. They also have a 5-star rating on Facebook with 5 reviews.


Many customers on Google mentioned that the company has great customer service and informative sales reps, who were polite and responsive to questions.

Savkat Solar Website

PurePoint Energy

PurePoint Energy claims to use the most environmentally-friendly solar panels in the industry, allowing customers to make a bigger impact on helping the environment. They also offer solar leasing in partnership with Sunpower, and exclusively install Sunpower’s Equinox systems.


PurePoint Energy has their headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut. The company carries out both residential and commercial solar installations throughout the state of Connecticut, and some parts of New York state.

Licensing and Certification

PurePoint Energy has the required Home Improvement Contractor license for Connecticut. They also employ NABCEP-certified solar professionals.


PurePoint Energy was founded in 2007 by Dave Neaderland, who has experience running electronics manufacturing company Sound Control Technologies. The company is able to provide a wide range of solar services, including carport solar, setting-up electric vehicle charging stations and solar panel repair.


PurePoint Energy offers a 25-year product warranty on its installed residential Sunpower Equinox systems, as well as a 10-year monitoring service.


PurePoint Energy has only 5-star reviews on both Google and Facebook, with a combined 39 reviews. They also have an impressive 4.46-star rating with 26 reviews on Solar Reviews, making them one of the top-rated residential solar installers operating in Connecticut.


Many customers appreciated how the company set clear expectations and timelines for solar work right from the start, allowing for a smooth installation process.

PurePoint Energy Website

Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar’s 2020 acquisition by Sunrun made it the single largest solar company in the United States. They’ve served close to 500,000 customers across the US, including in Connecticut.


Vivint Solar has their corporate headquarters in Utah, but the solar giant has locations throughout the 23 US states in which it does business. Their Connecticut office is located in North Haven.

Licensing and Certification

Vivint Solar holds a Home Improvement Contractor and Electrical Contractor license for Connecticut. The company is also NABCEP-certified.


Vivint Solar was founded in 2011 with the mission of bring affordable clean energy to American homeowners. The publicly-traded company has since won numerous awards from various organizations for customer service, community impact and sales and marketing excellence.


Vivint Solar is committed to using only high-quality Tier 1 solar panels. They offer a 25-year operation and monitoring warranty to residential solar customers.


Vivint Solar’s Connecticut location has an impressive 4.5-star rating on Google, based on 141 reviews. Most customers were happy with the professional sales reps and installation crews, though the few negative reviews complained about poor service after installation, especially when it came to replacing faulty parts.


The company as a whole has a more mixed reception, however. On Solar Reviews, which aggregates reviews from all of the 23 states where Vivint does business, the company only has a 2.67-star rating after 676 reviews. Their BBB profile has a 3.67-star customer rating, but they have collected over 1,000 complaints on the site, and responded to 801 of them. Again, many complaints came from customers upset over the company’s slow or lack of response to issues after installation.

Vivint Solar Website


PlugPV has only been in business for four short years, but they have already quickly built a great reputation for themselves in the US Northeast. Despite being a young company, their small in-house solar team is composed of experienced industry veterans, who boast a combined 100 years of work experience in the field.


PlugPV is headquartered in Albany, New York, and predominantly serves customers in the surrounding Capital Region of New York state. The company has also installed solar for customers in the nearby states of Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Licensing and Certification

PlugPV is licensed as a Home Improvement Contractor in Connecticut. They do not appear to be NABCEP-certified.


PlugPV offers residential solar and battery installations to homeowners across the US Northeast. Each of their installed systems comes with lifetime monitoring, allowing you to easily keep track of whether your solar panels are working efficiently.


The company also has solar leases available in some locations, allowing you to benefit from cheaper renewable energy rates without needing to install solar on your own property. Members and supporters of local charity organizations can also sign up for PlugPV’s Sunraising program –  the company pledges to contribute a $500 donation to their cause when a member gets solar installed by PlugPV.




PlugPV has is well-reviewed on Google, where they have a 4.8-star rating following 81 reviews. They also enjoy great reviews on Facebook, where they hold a perfect 5-star rating from 31 reviewers.


The company has a similarly positive 4.18-stars on Solar Reviews from 9 reviewers, but have only received 2.33-stars on the BBB. PlugPV is also only rated C on the platform. While some negative reviews are expected for even the best solar installer, unlike most other companies PlugPV does not appear to address any of their negative online reviews or complaints across the four platforms mentioned above.

PlugPV Website

Final Verdict

We believe Earthlight Technologies to be the most reliable solar company on our Connecticut list. Like many other companies operating in the American Northeast, they exclusively install premium Sunpower Equinox solar energy systems. However, Earthlight is the only installer headquartered in Connecticut which has been invited by Sunpower to become one of its Master Dealers. There are only a total of 25 Sunpower Master Dealers in the country, despite the many solar companies carrying their products, and Sunpower puts each Master Dealer through a rigorous certification process to make sure that their installation quality is up to the task of representing its brand.


Earthlight Technologies also employs a full team of state-licensed, NABCEP-certified electricians. Unlike a few other solar companies lacking an electrical license, this means that Earthlight is fully capable of carrying out all solar work without the help of an electrical sub-contractor. While sub-contracting is common in the industry, and does not necessarily lead to poor installations, doing everything in-house affords solar companies more quality control over their work. When you run into an issue, there’s also no risk of being ping-ponged between your solar contractor and electrical contractor, as each side tries to avoid taking responsibility for your problem.

Solar Power in Connecticut

Connecticut is firmly middle of the pack when it comes to installed solar power capacity, coming in 21st out of all US states. This statistic is deceptive when it comes to residential solar, however: many other US states see the majority of their solar power capacity come from large-scale solar utility farms, but Connecticut’s residential solar growth has outpaced that of large-scale utilities since 2012. In fact, an incredible 75% of all solar power generated in Connecticut come from residential sources!

This growth has partly come about due to Connecticut’s very high electricity costs. State residents pay the most for electricity in Connecticut compared to any other state apart from Hawaii. This also means that solar power in Connecticut has great potential for generating huge savings on your utility bills. More than 19,000 Connecticut homes have already installed solar power, and the government-run Connecticut Green Bank estimates that going solar can help local households save an average of $11,000 in utility bills. Here’s a closer look at the laws, incentives and net metering options available to Connecticut residents.

Laws and Regulations

Connecticut was one of the first US states to pass a formal set of Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) into law in 1998, which are regulations mandating state utilities to source a minimum portion of their electricity from renewable sources. The requirements have been continuously updated over the years, and right now Connecticut requires all investor-owned and local government utilities to use 48% renewable energy by 2030. In addition, the majority of this renewable energy has to be generated from Class 1 sources, which includes solar power and wind power.

When it comes to the rights of homeowners for installing solar, however, Connecticut falls behind many other states. Connecticut has no formal solar easement laws, which are laws that prevent homeowner associations from forbidding solar installations on residential property. Homeowners also do not have a “right to sunlight”, which means owners of neighboring property are allowed to carry out property renovations that reduce the amount of direct sunlight that your house receives.


Connecticut does issue specific solar contracting licenses, namely the PV-1 and PV-2 Limited Solar Electric Contractor and Journeyman licenses. However, these licenses only allow the contractor to perform work strictly related to the solar energy system itself. A further Electrical Contractor license is needed to connect this system to the electrical wiring of a property. Since an Electrical Contractor license on its own also allows a Connecticut contractor to install solar energy, many solar companies in the state forego a specific Solar Electric license in favor of simply obtaining an Electrical Contractor license.

In addition to this Electrical license, a Home Improvement Contractor license is also required for any contractor doing paid work on residential properties, which includes solar installation. Some solar companies in the state may only possess this Home Improvement Contractor license without an Electrical license. This still gives them the legal ability to sell solar installation services to homeowners, but they must subcontract the required electrical work to another company with a valid Electrical license.

NABCEP Certification

In addition to these required state licenses, some solar companies also employ NABCEP-certified PV Professionals. These are solar technicians and electricians who have received certification by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners after either showing proof of their solar industry experience, or passing a rigorous examination. These certificates are highly regarded in the industry, and we recommend going with a solar company who’s employees have been certified.

Net Metering

Connecticut’s net metering rules received a major overhaul in early 2021, following new plans brought forward and passed by the state’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority. Currently, residential solar owners in the state are able to sell back their excess generated electricity to the grid, via grid-tie inverters, at full retail rates measured in kilowatt-hours. These kilowatt-hours are rolled over at the end of each month to offset future electricity consumption. At the end of the billing year, any leftover kilowatt-hours are credited to the homeowner in cash, but at lower avoided-cost rates instead of full retail rates.

The new net metering rules, set to take effect from 2022 onwards, gives customers a choice between two net metering plans. They can choose to stay on the original plan described above, which remains unchanged except that excess credits are rolled over indefinitely instead of turned into cash at the end of the year. Or, they can participate in a buy-all/sell-all tariff plan, where the customer sells all solar power generated back to the grid at a fixed tariff rate, decided in the year that their solar energy system connects to the grid and fixed for 20 years. They then purchase the electricity they use from the grid normally at retail rates.

Tax Credits and Incentives

Connecticut’s Green Bank Residential Solar Investment Program (RSIP) provides a direct rebate of $0.358 per watt of solar installed up to 10kW, and $0.207 for each watt between 10 and 20kW. To be eligible, your home needs to be connected to the Eversource or UI utilities, and the property needs to be a “good” location for a solar installation. This program is currently capped at 382 MW, and is set to expire after the limit has been reached.

There is another separate Solar For All program, also funded by the state’s Green Bank. Primarily targeting low and middle-income households, the program is a partnership between the state and solar provider Posigen. The provider leases solar energy systems to these disadvantaged households at a special low rate supported by the state, allowing more Connecticut residents to use affordable solar power.

In addition to these state programs, homeowners in Connecticut are also eligible for the federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This program grants a direct federal tax rebate equal to 26% of the cost of your solar installation. There is a time limit, however: this credit is set to decrease to 22% for solar energy systems installed in 2023, before disappearing altogether in 2024.


Going solar is an excellent way to avoid paying the high electricity rates in Connecticut, and there has never been a better time to do so. Both state and federal solar incentives are available for state residents, and it’s definitely a good idea to look into a residential solar installation before these generous programs expire. We highly recommend using our list of Connecticut solar companies above as a starting point for your search, but you should always ask around and compare a few quotes from different companies before committing to installing a system.


Is solar power suitable for Connecticut?

Yes, solar power is a great addition to your home or business in Connecticut. Not only are residential solar installations exempt from property tax in the state, going solar allows you to avoid paying the higher electricity rates in Connecticut. Check out our list above for some great solar companies operating in Connecticut!

Is net metering going away in Connecticut?

Net metering in Connecticut is set to change in January of 2022 following a newly approved state plan, but it will not be going away. The current net metering scheme will still be available, albeit with electricity credits for excess power generation being rolled over indefinitely instead of reimbursed to you at the end of the year. In addition, a new buy-all/sell-all option will be accessible, where you sell all electricity generated by your solar power installation back to the grid at a fixed rate, and purchase all electricity you use at fluctuating retail rates. Read our net metering section above for more details!

What solar incentives are there for Connecticut?

Connecticut residents have access to the Green Bank Residential Solar Investment Program (RSIP), which provides a direct rebate of between $0.358 and $0.207 for each watt of solar power you install, up to 20kW per individual. The program is set to expire when 382 MW of capacity has been reached, however.

The federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is also available, which provides a federal tax incentive worth 26% of what you paid to install solar.

Is it harder to sell a house with solar panels?

No, in fact solar panels are often able to boost your home resale value! Real estate listing company Zillow estimates that installing residential solar can increase your property value by up to 4.1%. These findings are backed up by a US Department of Energy study, which also found that residential solar energy systems add an average of $4 per watt to your house prices. This works out to around a $15,000 boost in home value for a typically-sized solar installation.

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