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The Best Solar Companies In Texas

A review on the best solar contractors in Texas

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Everything’s bigger in Texas, and the claim is no less true when it comes to solar power. The proud Lone Star State has the second-most installed solar power in the nation, and as of 2021 its bustling solar industry supports more than 10,000 jobs state-wide. Solar is only set to grow in the near future as well: Texas also comes first among US states when it comes to projected solar growth, with a staggering 23 GW of solar power set to come online in the next five years to replace retiring coal-power plants.

That means there’s probably no better time than right now to look into a residential solar installation for your Texas home. Its crucial, however, when shopping for solar panel kits, that you also shop for the right solar panel installer. There are more than 200 solar installers operating in the state, and we’ve pulled out eight of the most well-known ones for a detailed comparison below.

Best Solar Companies in Texas

There’s no single best solar company, and we highly encourage you to do your own research into companies operating in your area to find one which suits your unique needs. That being said, we’ve looked into some of the most popular solar companies in Texas, and present eight below which we think deserves your attention. Read on to find out which of these companies wins out after our comparisons!

Solar Centex

A leading solar company operating locally in Central Texas, Solar Centex is an expert in both residential and commercial solar installations. The company helped the city of Gainesville set up an advanced dual-axis tracking solar farm for their sewage treatment plant in 2019, which has helped save over $15,000 in electricity bills each year.


Solar CenTex is based in the Texas city of San Angelo, and most of its customers live in or around this Central Texas region.

Certificates and Licensing

Solar Centex has the required Electrical Contractor license for installing solar in Texas. The company also employs both NABCEP-certified PV Installation and PV Technical Sales Professionals.


Founded in 2012, Solar Centex has quickly made a name for itself installing uniquely-designed and high quality solar, often at very competitive prices. On top of the more standard solar energy systems, such as rooftop solar and solar carports, they also have experience designing Solar Pergolas or dual-axis tracking solar arrays for properties with wide open flat areas, such as ranches or farms. These cutting edge tracking arrays fix a set of solar panels onto a rotating axis, which slowly follows the Sun’s movement throughout the day. That makes these systems much more efficient compared to fixed rooftop solar, and are usually only used on large-scale solar utility farms.


The company stands behind their work: they offer to match prices from any other solar installer if you’re able to find a cheaper proposal, and they also have a one year power output guarantee. This means that Solar Centex would reimburse you for any shortfalls in solar power generated by your installed system during the first year.


Solar Centex is the number one highest-rated solar installer in Texas, according to Solar Reviews. They hold an extremely impressive 4.87-star rating on the platform with 132 reviews, and also enjoy a great 4.8-star rating on their Google page with 88 reviews. Many reviewers praised the company for having amazing customer service, along with very quick installation times.


Perhaps due to being a smaller, locally-focused company however, they lack a Facebook page. Solar Centex also has a mostly empty BBB profile.

Solar CenTex website

American Sentry Solar

American Sentry Solar is the residential solar arm of long-running home renovation contractors American Design and Build. The company’s roofing expertise, combined with their team of solar experts, makes American Sentry uniquely qualified for installing rooftop solar.


American Sentry Solar has their headquarters in Maryland, but the company also serves customers in Delaware and Texas. Their Texas office is located in San Antonio.

Certificates and Licensing

American Sentry Solar possesses an Electrical Contractor license for Texas. They employ NACEP-certified PV Installation Professionals.


American Sentry Solar was established in 2009 as part of Maryland renovation company American Home and Design. The company has since completed over $165 million worth of residential and commercial solar installation work, with business operations spanning the three states of Maryland, Delaware and Texas.


American Sentry Solar has been named as one of America’s Top 500 Solar Contractors for seven years running by Solar Power World magazine. They offer customers a comprehensive 25-year warranty for their installed solar energy systems.


American Sentry Solar has generally good reviews across the board online. The company has a high 4.85-star rating on Solar Reviews and a good 4.4-star rating on Google with 156 and 99 reviews respectively. However, the business only has a 3.7-star rating on Facebook based on 25 customer opinions, and a mixed 2.67-star customer rating score on the BBB with 6 reviews. They have also received three customer complaints on the BBB site, with one resolved.


While these negative ratings should be taken with a grain of salt, due to their low total review count, the company does seem to have communications issues with its customers. Some upset customers complained that certain aspects of the installation process, such as what exactly was agreed to in the signed contract, were not what was presented to them initially by the sales rep.

American Sentry Solar Website

Longhorn Solar

Longhorn Solar is a certified installer of and partner with various top solar manufacturers such as Solar Edge, Tesla and LG. They have over ten years of experience installing solar in Texas, and is committed to delivering an exceptional experience to their customers.


Longhorn Solar has their corporate headquarters in the city of Austin, with separate offices in Dallas and San Antonio. They are able to serve customers in or near these three major cities.

Certificates and Licensing

Longhorn Solar holds an Electrical Contractor license for Texas. The company also employs a total of six NABCEP-certified Solar Professionals.


Longhorn Solar has a long history: while the company was initially founded in 1996 as a simple lawn care contractor, they pivoted into solar installations in 2009 and haven’t looked back since. They’ve installed over 2,100 solar energy systems to date, and have previously been recognized as the top solar company in Texas on Solar Reviews for four years in a row. All of their solar work is completed in-house, without the use of sub-contractors.


Longhorn Solar offers customers a 25-year Installation Warranty along with a 25-year Performance Guarantee Warranty, which backs up their initial estimates for the amount of power that your system will produce.


Longhorn Solar has great reviews on Google, where they hold a 4.6-star rating after 116 reviews. They also have an impressive 347 total reviews and a high 4.74-star rating on Solar Reviews. While the company only has two reviews on Facebook, both reviewers gave them a perfect 5-stars.


However, Longhorn Solar has a total of four reviews on the BBB, all of which voted the company only one-star. All four of these complaints were about the company not honoring their 25-year customer warranties, with some customers complaining that calls about replacing faulty system parts frequently go ignored. More than one customer also mentioned that the company only offered them a costly upgrade to fix broken solar components, instead of replacing the part for free.

Longhorn Solar Website


Sunlux is a relative newcomer to the Texas solar scene, but while the company has only been operating in the state for the past six years, they’ve already helped more than 7,000 happy customers go solar. The three founders of Sunlux wanted to make solar power as easy an option for customers as traditional electricity, and are determined to make the installation process as simple as possible.


Sunlux Solar is headquartered in the California city of Ontario, but they also have a Texas office located in Austin. They primarily serve customers in Southern California and Central Texas, specifically the cities of Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, New Braunfels and San Marcos in Texas.

Certificates and Licensing

Sunlux has the required Electrical Contractor license for Texas. The company’s Texas location also employs NABCEP-certified PV Installation Professionals.


Sunlux’s three founders want to make the solar installation process as simple and painless as possible for their customers. The company lays out a simple five-step process for going solar to let customers know exactly what to expect. They also only use high-quality products from leading solar brands such as Panasonic, LG and Enphase.


Sunlux has a comprehensive set of warranties, and offers 25-year equipment, maintenance and performance guarantee warranties. Not only does the company take care of all the paperwork and labor needed to get broken parts replaced by the manufacturer, they also offer to reimburse you for any shortfalls between the power that your system actually generates and what was quoted to you.


Sunlux enjoys outstanding online reviews across many different sites. They have a perfect 5-star Google rating for their Texas location with 11 reviews, and a high 4.7-star rating based on 266 reviews for their California headquarters. The company also holds a 4.69-star rating from 264 reviews on Solar Reviews, and a 4.82-star BBB customer review score with 90 reviews.

Many of their Texas customers praise Sunlux for providing a great customer experience, claiming their sales reps and installation teams to be honest and professional. Some also commend the company for offering better prices for the same high-quality components compared to competitors.


Sunlux Website

Wright-Way Solar Technologies

Wright-Way Solar Technologies, also known as Wright-Way Services, is an award-winning family-owned solar installer, real-estate and home remodeling company based locally in Texas. Owner Rudy Wright holds the honor of being one of the first 1,000 NABCEP-certified PV Installation Professionals in the entire country, along with being a Graduate Master Builder and Master Certified Green Professional.


Wright-Way Solar Technologies is located in Tyler, Texas. They mainly serve customers living in the East Texas region.

Certificates and Licensing

Wright-Way Solar Technologies has an Electrical Contractor license for Texas. Their owner Rudy Wright is a NABCEP-certified solar installation professional.


Despite offering a wide range of services in related to home construction, renovation and rentals, Wright-Way Solar Technologies is also a highly competent solar company. Founded in 1982, the company has since been named one of the Top 500 Solar Companies in the US by Solar Power World magazine, and has also won numerous awards for outstanding service from the Locals Love Us online survey website.


Wright-Way offers a full range of solar services, including installation of both grid-tied and off-grid systems, battery-connected systems and general repair and maintenance of solar energy systems.


Wright-Way Solar Technologies is well reviewed on Google, where they have a 4.2-star rating after 59 reviews. The company also has a 4.4-star Facebook rating based on 57 opinions. These ratings include reviews for their rental business, and the overwhelming majority of their solar business reviews were positive.


Wright-Way Solar Technologies also has a 4.69-star rating with 48 reviews on Solar Reviews, for purely their solar installation work. Many reviewers mentioned being happy with the professional service provided personally by owner Rudy, who seems to take a hands-on approach to installing solar.

Wright-Way Solar Technologies Website

Freedom Solar

Texas full-service solar company Freedom Solar specializes in residential installations. They exclusively use Sunpower-built solar energy systems, and have experience installing solar onto a wide variety of roof tiles, including hard to work with materials which some other companies might not even touch.


Freedom Solar Power is headquartered in Austin Texas, though you can also find their office locations in Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. They boast locations out-of-state in Colorado and Florida as well.


The company predominantly serves customers across Texas, as well as in parts of Colorado and Florida.

Certificates and Licensing

Freedom Solar holds an Electrical Contractor license for Texas. They employ NABCEP-certified PV Installation Professionals.


Freedom Solar was founded in 2007, and the company boasts a roster of over 350 employees today scattered across the three states of Texas, Colorado and Florida. In addition to their expertise with residential rooftop solar, they are also the solar installer of choice for local businesses and organizations such as Centerpoint Storage, Shake Shack and the University of Texas.


Freedom Solar is also the only Sunpower Master Dealer in Texas, out of less than 30 companies with this prestigious certification in the nation. The company exclusively installs complete Sunpower solar energy systems. They offer customers a set of 25-year product, workmanship and performance guarantee warranties.


Freedom Solar’s Austin headquarters has received 285 total reviews, averaging out to an impressive 4.8-star rating. They also have a great reputation on Solar Reviews, with a 4.81-star rating from 173 reviews. Many customers were happy with the service provided by their solar consultants, who guided customers one-on-one throughout the whole process from initial consultation to installation.


There are four complaints made against Freedom Solar on the BBB, however, of which one has been resolved. Freedom Solar has responded to each complaint, and in each case has offered compensation for customer issues.

Freedom Solar Website

Sunpro Solar

Sunpro Solar installs solar in more than 20 US states, including Texas. Despite the company’s size, they still insist on completing all solar work with 100% in-house teams.


Sunpro Solar has nine office locations in Texas alone, including their main Texas headquarters in Houston. They serve customers in 24 US states, with a service area which extends all the way from California to Florida.

Certificates and Licensing

Sunpro Solar holds the necessary Electrical Contractor license in Texas. They employ NABCEP-certified PV Installation professionals, though none of these certified employees are currently attached to their Texas locations.


US Army veteran Marc Jones founded Sunpro Solar in 2007, and the company has come a long way since then. With a massive service area encompassing almost half of the United States, the company installed the second-most residential solar in the US in 2021, according to Solar Power World magazine.


All solar work is conducted by in-house installation teams, and Sunpro offers customers 25-year warranties for labor and power production, in addition to the standard manufacturer product warranties.


Sunpro Solar has received well over 1,000 total Google reviews across its nine Texas locations. Their main Houston office has a high 4.6-star rating after 191 reviews, and they also have a good 4.2-star rating on Facebook from 311 reviews.


Sunpro has a slightly lower 4.0-star rating on Solar Reviews with 182 reviews. While most positive reviews spoke well of the installation process, some customers have complained about the company being slow to respond to questions or issues after the installation.



Sunpro Solar Website

Kosmos Solar

Kosmos Solar is an MBE-certified solar company operating out of Dallas. They aim to provide top-quality customer service and strive to be completely transparent to their customers and providing them with the lowest-cost solar solutions.


Kosmos Solar has their headquarters in Grand Prairie, Texas. They also have separate office locations in nearby Dallas and Fort Worth. From these locations, their service area mainly covers the Dallas and Fort Worth regions of Central Texas.

Certificates and Licensing

Kosmos Solar has an Electrical Contractor license for Texas. They employ NABCEP-certified PV Installation Professionals.


Kosmos Solar was founded in 2016 by Korean Texan Kevin Seok, with the goal of contributing to green energy adoption and filling residential solar demand in the state. The company prides themselves on being as transparent as possible when it comes providing solar quotes. Kosmos makes it clear to customers how much they need to pay, without confusing the real installation costs with tax breaks and incentives.


Being brand agnostic is also a huge part of Kosmos Solar’s philosophy: while they use products from a variety of top-tier solar manufacturers such as REC, LG and Panasonic, they refuse to stick exclusively to a single brand. This is so that customers can get a choice of different products to suit their specific needs.


Kosmos Solar has received the bulk of its online reviews on Google, where the company’s main Grand Prairie location has a 4.9-star rating after 97 reviews. They have similarly good ratings on Solar Reviews and Facebook, where the company has a 4.4-star and 4.8-star rating respectively, with a combined 42 reviews across both platforms.


Many customers described Kosmos Solar as having extremely polite and knowledgeable sales reps, who were quick to respond to questions and a pleasure to work with.

Kosmos Solar Website

Final Verdict

The residential solar market in Texas is extremely competitive, but we think the best company out of the eight above is Solar CenTex. The company is solely focused on serving customers in the Central Texas region, and has expertise in installing a very wide range of different solar energy systems. While almost any solar company is capable of installing the usual on-grid and off-grid rooftop solar systems, Solar CenTex is able to install more advanced axis-tracking solar energy systems if you have the space available. They can even put together a solar pergola, a shaded outdoors recreational area with mounted solar panels, for your backyard!


The company is also extremely well-certified, employing both NABCEP-certified installation and sales professionals. Their price match offer ensures that you’ll be getting the best deal possible on prices as well. On top of that, the company has a power guarantee warranty for one year, backing up their initial estimates for how much power your system will produce. We highly recommend taking a look at Solar CenTex if you’re interested in going solar in Central Texas.


Solar Power in Texas

Despite being well-known for being a major producer of crude oil, Texas also has massive renewable energy potential. Not only does the state generate the most wind power in the US, it is also home to many large-scale solar utility farms, giving it the second-highest solar power capacity among US states.

This increasing solar adoption has come about due to continuously falling solar power costs, and a focus on replacing aging coal power plants with cheaper and much more environmentally-friendly solar and wind power farms. This has also led to a rise in residential solar adoption. Lower costs, coupled with the state’s generous solar incentives, make solar a wise long-term investment in this sunny state.

Laws and Regulations

Similar to many other US states, Texas has a set of Renewable Generation Requirements mandating that the state use a certain amount of renewable energy in its electricity production. Unlike most of these states, however, Texas does not specify that a certain percentage of state-generated electricity come from renewable sources: instead, state laws require that utilities install at least 10,000 MW of renewable power capacity by 2025. Set in 1999, these requirements were surpassed more than 15 years ahead of schedule in 2009, with a staggering 23% of Texas electricity generated renewably in 2021.

Solar Rights

Texas has a strong set of Solar Rights laws, which state that homeowner associations (HOAs) cannot stop you from installing any type of solar energy device. These laws do make a set of exceptions, however. A HOA in Texas can block your proposed solar installation if it:

  • violates public health and safety regulations
  • is placed on property maintained by the association, instead of owned privately
  • does not lie flat on your roof, extends over the edge of your roofline, or does not follow the slope of your roof
  • has frames which are not black, silver or bronze in color

In addition, HOAs can also designate where your solar installation can be placed, as long as their proposed new location does not decrease the power generated by your system by more than 10%. Due to these conditions, prior approval from the HOA is usually required before you can go ahead with a residential solar installation.


Solar licensing in Texas is straightforward: like with any other type of electrical work, a state Electrical Contractor license is required to install solar. All solar companies must have this license, regardless of whether they carry out the entire installation process in-house or subcontract some electrical work to other companies.

NABCEP Certification

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners also awards a set of additional certifications to highly-qualified solar professionals. While these certifications are not legally required, they can be a helpful indicator of quality: we always recommend going with a solar company who employs NABCEP-certified employees, if possible. Proof of significant work experience in the industry, or passing a rigorous test of solar knowledge, is required to obtain one of these licenses.

There are various different solar-related certifications offered by NABCEP, though the most common ones are the PV Installation Professional and PV Technical Sales Professional certificates. One easy way to check if a solar company employs certified employees is through NABCEP’s own license lookup website, where you can search by company name to verify if any of their staff are listed as licensed.

Net Metering

Texas lacks a state-wide net metering policy, but most utilities operating in the state offer their own individual net metering schemes to residential solar customers. Green Mountain Energy Company, the City of Brenham utility, El Paso Electric and CPS Energy all offer net metering where the solar energy you produce can be used to offset your utility bill. If you should export more energy back to the grid (via gird-tie inverters) compared to what you used, this excess electricity is credited to you at a lower rate. Green Mountain Energy Company uses a special “renewable rewards” rate, while the other three utilities mentioned use an avoided-cost rate, equal to what it would have cost the utility to generate that excess electricity itself.

Tax Credits and Incentives

Like its separate net metering schemes, there is no state-wide Texas solar incentive. Instead, many Texas utilities and smaller regional governments offer their own solar incentives. Here is a list of some regional state benefits that residents might qualify for:

  • Solar Rebates from Utilities: Some Texas utilities such as Austin Energy, CPS Energy and Oncor offer rebates on your residential solar installation costs, often worth thousands of dollars. Austin Energy also offers a Value of Solar credit to your electricity bill worth 9.7 cents/kWh of solar energy that you generate.
  • Local government solar rebates: Some regional governments, such as the City of Sunset Valley, also offer rebates for installing solar on top of existing rebates from utility companies.

Check here for a comprehensive list of all existing solar incentive programs in Texas. You can also ask solar companies operating in your neighborhood – they would likely be up to date on all of the solar incentives that you can qualify for.

Outside of these state incentives, Texas residents also qualify for the federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This credit comes in the form of a federal tax credit equal to 26% of your solar installation costs. This benefit falls to only 22% for systems installed in 2023, before disappearing for good in 2024.


Texas produces by far the most electricity out of all US states, and due to the state’s notoriously sunny climate, major solar utility farms are quickly taking root in the state. Residential solar has also been picking up pace, and with all of the generous solar incentives being offered it’s an increasingly good idea to invest in a solar energy installation for your Texas home. Cutting down on your utility payments and reducing your carbon footprint aren’t the only benefits either: having a residential solar system can also provide you with energy independence, making sure that disastrous power outages like the ones suffered by the state in February 2021 don’t leave you helpless.


How much does solar cost in Texas?

The cost would vary depending on which region of Texas you’re in, the company that’s installing solar for you and, of course, the capacity of your system. However, it’s estimated that an average-sized 5-6kW system costs between $13,600 and $16,000 in Texas, before accounting for any rebates you might be eligible for. The federal Solar Investment Tax Credit would cut costs by up to 26% alone!

Is Texas suitable for solar?

Yes! Texas ticks all of the boxes for a perfect solar environment: numerous regional solar rebates, widely available net metering schemes and many sunny days each year. Having your very own residential solar energy system in Texas allows you to cut down on your power bill, contribute to saving the climate and provide you with energy independence in case the local grid goes under. Check out our list above for some great Texas solar companies who can help you go solar!

Is there net metering in Texas?

Yes, many Texas utilities offer net metering plans to customers who install residential solar, allowing you to offset your electricity use directly with the power generated from your home solar energy system. If you produce more electricity than you use in a month, these utilities would also credit you for the extra power at an avoided-cost rate, which is lower than the retail rate. Check with your local utility for more specific details on how net metering works in your region of Texas!

Will solar panels still work during a blackout in Texas?

Yes and no, depending on what type of solar energy system you have. Purely grid-tied residential systems, without any battery backup of their own, will not work during a blackout since your solar panels are tied to the grid. When the grid goes down, the electricity you generate cannot reach your home either.

However, a battery-connected solar energy system can still operate during a blackout, since a solar battery stores the electricity that your panels produce, allowing you to use your own electricity even during a blackout. This means that if it’s energy independence that you’re interested in, it might be worth it to invest a bit more into a battery backup for your system. Most solar companies are capable of installing one for their customers, albeit at a higher cost.

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