10 Best Solar Deck Lights Review in 2021 (Buyer’s Guide)

Here we have some amazing recommendations for you in the form of solar deck lights. You can check out the updated guide from here.

To make your home environment cosy and relaxing enough, you can try out installing these lights in your garden, fence, pathways or decks.

Furthermore, these lights manage to fast absorb more free power right from the sun for about the duration of 6-8 hours.

Moreover, they are environment-friendly.

You can even use them on your stairways. As they are completely solar-powered, for the reason that it will be easy for you to save much money and thus protect your environment.

They run on auto working modes. Even more, they automatically on at night and also off during the day. Hence, try to grab any of these recommended solar deck lights.

They are 100% waterproof and durable.

These suggestions are packed with solid stainless steel construction factor. And they have the potential to withstand years of rain, snow and also ice and wind. Check out the details now:

Benefits of Solar Deck Lights

Best Solar Deck Lights

You might be wondering why there is a need to install these solar deck lights, here are the details for you:

Most importantly, people love to install these solar lights as they offer a versatile lighting mode to your home. These are self-contained units and remains to stay wireless.

You can call them as one of the simplest lighting systems that are seamless to install.

It is for your home safety that using these solar deck lights is the best and reliable option for you. Besides, these lights bring a more relaxing and also peaceful atmosphere for the rest of the people of your home

They reduce and bring down energy costs/ Apart from that, they need less maintenance and remains to stay longer lasting.

They help you make a visual kind of boundary of the deck’s edge. And you strategically place the lights near steps. This way, you can prevent tripping.

Hence, to add value to your home, do use such kind of solar lights. They enhance and amplify the overall beauty of your home.

These lights are available and made in different brightness ranges. They glow brighter and brings more depth in lighting.

Things To Consider Before Buying Solar Deck Lights

Best Solar Deck Lights

If you are planning to get a pack of solar deck lights for yourself, then you have to keep in mind a few of the important points.

Make sure to buy those kinds of solar lights that charge automatically. In other words, they need to automatically charge during daytime, so they need the optimal spot that gets them the most direct sunlight throughout the day.

Furthermore, they need to illuminate themselves when dark falls.

If your solar deck light set is injected and embedded by a high-temperature resistant battery, then is great. In addition, you need to consider the fact that your solar step lights are made of high-quality materials.

If it contains an aluminum die casting and PC, then it will remain to say hard enough to withstand and tolerate 20 tons of pressure.

It should be able to make use of sunlight more efficiently. If your chosen set charges itself in 6 hours and gives out the lighting for 6-8 hours, then it means you have got the best solar deck light pack.

Lastly, it will be great to consider and keep in mind auto on/off settings. High-quality solar lights run on light-sensing mode. You can look for the option that carries a strong exterior structure.

If your lights are made of solid stainless steel and constantly shows waterproof and dust-proof properties, then always buy such kinds of solar step lights.

TOP 10 BEST Solar Deck Lights:

10- iThird LED Solar Deck Lights

iThird LED Solar Deck Lights

You may prefer to buy these iThird LED Solar Deck Lights. They are of excellent quality. Most importantly, they are made of stainless steel and ABS.

Their charging time is up to 4 to 6 hours and working time range is up to 8 to 12 hours. The Auto ON at night and Auto OFF by day.

The unique selling point of this recommendation is that each of the lights is featured with 3 led bright chips. And they last for 30000 Hours. This way, your steps will remain safer to walk on at night time.

The presence and injection pf upgraded polycrystalline silicon solar panel gives a longer running time to these deck lights. You may love buying them as they deliver and give 8-12 hours of illumination.

What We Like:

  • No wiring is required to install them.
  • They give 8-12 hours of illumination.
  • They are best for illuminating stairs, paths and decks.

9- LEDMO Upgraded Solar Deck Lights

LEDMO Upgraded Solar Deck Lights

Then we have LEDMO Upgraded Solar Deck Lights for you. If you are looking for a set of deck lights that serve the longest running time, then try this recommendation.

Most probably, you may become the fan of these LED Solar powered deck lights because they constantly and trouble-free gives full lighting. In addition, they turn on automatically the minute the sun goes down.

And you are going to notice that these deck lights turn off as soon the sun comes up! It is in minutes that you can install these lights.

Lastly, they are composed of an aluminium alloy casting frame to withstand and tolerate all kinds of weather conditions.

What We Like:

  • They are very simple to install.
  • They are injected by an aluminium alloy casting frame.
  • You will get a 10 year warranty time.

8- Otdair LED Solar Step Lights

Otdair LED Solar Step Lights

Are you interested to try out those kinds of deck lights that carry Strong exterior structure! Here we have one such recommendation for you. It is this Otdair LED Solar Step Lights.

This is the new and latest version of Solar step lights. They offer a larger elevation angle and saves energy. Besides, these lights are wireless.

While installing them up, you no longer have to worry about the part of the wires. Simply buy them and install them in a minute. Beyond, they turn on automatically at night. And they do turn off on their own at daytime.

They are surrounded by a stainless steel construction and remains to stay robust and reliable.

What We Like:

  • They automatically turn on and turn off.
  • They are waterproof and dust-proof.
  • You will get the best after-sales customer service.

7- Aootek 120 Led Solar outdoor motion sensor lights

Aootek 120 Led Solar outdoor motion sensor lights

Also, we have Aootek 120 Led Solar outdoor motion sensor lights for you. These deck lights are the name of showing wide-angle illumination. Their best part and USP is that they turn the light on and off automatically.

They are embossed with an upgraded Motion Sensor Detector and also Greater PIR sensor. It detects people up to 26 feet right within the angle of 120 agrees. Upon using them, you will see that it improves and enhances lighting utilization.

Hence, do try out this suggestion as it gives far brighter lighting as well as wider detection range as compared to other similar lights.

What We Like:

  • Its solar panel is more energy-saving.
  • It is more durable for long-term use.
  • It has got Waterproof IP65 rating.

6- URPOWER Solar Lights for Deck

URPOWER Solar Lights for Deck

If you are planning to buy these URPOWER Solar Lights, then you have made the best decision so far. This pack of deck lights contains unique and magical design in it. It gives out super bright light.

Furthermore, they are installed with 8 led lights that are way far brighter than that of 4 led lights. We have given our thumbs up to this suggestion as it has successfully got IP64 waterproof and heatproof.

They can tolerate all kinds of weathers. You are free to keep them in your garden, yard or aisle, porch or even in patio, or driveway. As soon as they detect any motion, then they turn on at night.

And automatically turn off after motion stops or disappear.

What We Like:

  • They are 100% IP64 waterproof and heatproof.
  • Their LED Life Span is 50000 hours.
  • They just take 6-8 hours to fully charge.

5- Shengsite Solar Fence Deck Lights

Shengsite Solar Fence Deck Lights

Next, we have Shengsite Solar Fence Deck Lights for you. You may turn out to be the biggest fans of these solar deck lights as they offer and give our 2 lighting modes.

This includes warm white/colour changing. It is for daily lighting that you can make use of this warm white mode. On the other hand, you can make use of the colour-changing mode for holiday decoration time.

In addition, they offer and deliver a more convenient installation process. You can install these upgraded outdoor solar lights in basic two installation ways.

Moreover, you can fully charge them in the sun for 8-10 hours. And then you will notice that they light up constantly for 10-12 hours at night.

What We Like:

  • They illuminate at dusk and then extinguish at dawn.
  • They are packed with excellent waterproof nature.
  • You will get a 60-day free replacement time.

4- Westinghouse Intelligent Solar Deck Lights

Westinghouse Intelligent Solar Deck Lights

Westinghouse Intelligent Solar Deck Lights guarantees to give continuous light and that is the highlighting part of this product.

Most importantly, it is these LED outdoor fence lights that are paired and combined with intelligent solar technology.

Even more, they have a built-in sensor that is going to seamlessly detect the battery capacity.

As these lights are made of waterproof and high-impact plastic, this way, it will be mess-free for them to withstand snow, rain or any other kind of extreme weather condition times.

This whole product is featured with a built-in solar panel and the package is included with a rechargeable AA battery as well.

What We Like:

  • These are Waterproof and Durable Deck Lights.
  • They are 100% Eco-friendly and gives continuous lighting.
  • They need Low Maintenance.

3- Davinci Solar Post Deck Lights

Davinci Solar Post Deck Lights

Another risk-free purchase we have for you, it is these Davinci Solar Post Lights. They offer real-life use. Most noteworthy, these deck lights are made of industrial-grade plastic along with UV fade protection.

They are packed with a hardened tempered glass to secure and protect solar panels. Lastly, they are IP44 weatherproof and their LEDs last for 100,000 hours.

It is their super simple installation process and excellent customer service that this product has become so popular.

What We Like:

  • They are IP44 weatherproof.
  • They automatically turn on at night.
  • You will always get excellent customer service.

2- GIGALUMI 12 Pcs Solar Deck Lights

GIGALUMI 12 Pcs Solar Deck Lights

GIGALUMI 12 Pcs Solar Deck Lights are here to give a glamorous look to your home. They are Bronze finished and each of the solar lights is installed with 3 lumens.

They have the capacity to fully illuminate your patio, yard or garden. Moreover, they give out ZERO power bills and none of the electrical wirings is needed to install them.

They turn on automatically and on their own at dusk, and turns off at dawn. You will be provided with two mounting options to install them.

What We Like:

  • No electrical wiring is required.
  • They withstand rain, wind and also snow, ice.
  • You will get 180 days of product warranty time.

1- SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights

SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights

Lastly, we have SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights for our readers. They ave a build-in sensor and also automated switch. Besides, they turn on at night and their lights go off at dawn.

To light up your garden, deck or yard, backyard, you can use these solar lights for sure. They stay intact in place and tolerate all extreme weather situations.

You will always experience a simple installation process upon mounting these solar lights on your deck. The makers have claimed to give 100% customer satisfaction and 12-month warranty time.

What We Like:

  • Its overall construction ensures its durability.
  • The easy installation process is offered by it
  • You will be served with 60 days money-back guarantee time.

10 Best Solar Deck Lights – Buyer’s Guide

Best Solar Deck Lights

Long-Running Time

Firstly, you can go on buying that solar deck light that offers a longer running time. It should be able to provide full lighting right to the outdoor areas of your home.

If it remains to say turn on for about eight to ten hours when fully charged, then you can freely buy that solar deck light set for yourself.

We have seen that high and premium kinds of solar deck lights, they have an upgraded kind of polycrystalline silicon solar panel.

This way, it will be easy for them to get a full charge right under sunshine in just 4-6 hours.

Automatic Switch and Durable

Moreover, you can praise that option that turns on automatically as soon as the sun goes down. And it should turn off on its own when the sun comes up.

Even more, they need to be embedded with high-quality and top-class aluminium alloy casting frame. This way, it will be trouble-free for your deck lights to withstand all tough weather conditions.

Easy to Install

In addition, you can give your thumbs up to that pack and set of solar deck lights that are easy and convenient to install.

The process of installing your chosen and selected led deck lights have to be very simple, with no wiring required.

How to Install Solar Deck Lights?

To install solar deck lights, you have to follow a simple process. Below we have penned down related details for you:

First of all, you have to mark the setout. You need to do that by positioning the solar lights completely and exactly along the deck in the board centre. Make sure that you mark out this position at equal intervals

The second step is to start cutting the hole. What you need to do is to drill a starter hole right in the deck along with an 8mm bit. Moreover, you have to along the line with the help of a jigsaw.

Do clean up any of the rough edges.

The last step is to switch on the lights. You need to push the button underneath. And then the person has to slot them exactly into the holes.

It is this sensor that will be able to turn on the lights automatically during the night time. This is all about the process as to how to install solar deck lights.

13 Solar Deck Lighting Ideas 💡

It is time to have a look at the 13 best Solar Deck Lighting Ideas. These ideas will give you a clear cut idea concerning how to make the best and great use of these lights:

  • You can go with the option of deck accent lights. They never and ever run out of style. These lights show full and extensive compatibility with a different backyard, patio, deck layouts. Furthermore, they bring a cosy atmosphere.
  • If using solar deck lights, then you can choose contemporary lights option as well. They illuminate the side section of the house and brings a fancy lighted entry right to your home.
  • If you have got an elevated deck or there are outdoor steps installed in your home, then it is always advised to set up step lights to avoid tripping or falling in the dark/
  • Besides, if you are looking for discrete lighting setup ideas, then go with the option of LED deck step lights. These are smaller LED lights and available at a convenient price.
  • The trend of wooden deck lights cannot be denied. They are marked as chic romantic and also rustic outdoor decoration ideas.
  • To turn and transform your deck into a regular kind of disco floor, you can try buying LED light strips. Their best part is that they change colour and gives extremely satisfying results.
  • Solar-powered LED lights are strategically-placed LED lights. They are here to make your home modern, cosy and intimate looking.
  • Deck rail lighting strips have the potential to intensify the overall visual effect of your home. You can mount and install them underneath the top beam section of the deck rail.
  • Solar lanterns stimulate inner peace. They do not need any of the incorporations of nasty wires. They make your home charismatic and beautiful looking.
  • Among the solar deck lights category, we have another amazing idea for you and it is this usage of concrete solar lights. They are budget-friendly and makes your home look inviting.
  • Using and installing warm stair solar lights, they manage to look aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, they look amazing and makes it hassle-free for you while you step out at night.
  • How about using Halloween solar deck lights! They transform your carnival time more amazing and exciting from all angles.
  • Lastly, we have terrace lights for you. They are here to brighten up the terrace up to an extent where no other kind of light source is required and needed.

FAQ’s about Best Solar Deck Lights

How Long do Solar Deck Lights Last?

Solar deck lights last for about 3 to 5 years. This is their average running time.

It is observed that the batteries installed in outdoor solar lights, they are expected to last around and about 3-4 years. And LEDs themselves last and survive for ten years or more.

How do Solar Deck Lights Work?

The working of solar deck lights is quiet and pretty simple. The sun shines and brightens up the lights’ solar panel. They absorb radiations coming from the sun.

The presence and injection of a small battery in each light manages to store this energy. Then these lights automatically turn on during the night and turn off themselves during dawn time.


So, what’s the bottom line? Do get hold of these solar deck lights and illuminate your home in the best way. Furthermore, they withstand years of rain and windy times.

They contain no wiring and remains to be installed with built-in batteries. Moreover, these led bulbs work and survive for 30000 hours. They auto-on at night and also auto-off by day.

As they offer a fast and easy installation process, for the reason that you are going to become an instant fan of these outdoor lighting solar step lights. You can use them on a road, fence post, path or deck post.

You can mount them on stair, fence,  wall lights, or garden. You can keep tuned with us as more of great options and recommendations in deck lights are coming up on this platform. Due to covid, home projects are on the rise and this is the simplest diy project you can do that provides instant satisfaction.

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