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The Best Solar Energy Courses For Beginners

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Robert Laswell
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So you’ve decided it’s time to kick off your journey into solar energy systems. Perhaps you’re looking to optimise your home electrical and power costs, or you want to go completely off-grid, build a sustainable, renewable-energy-powered home and become the self-sufficient master you always knew you could be. Or, maybe you’d just like to know a little bit more about solar power, renewable energy, and how it can help both you and the planet, given the current state of climate change.

But where do you start? When the field is constantly evolving, how can you get your hands on the best, most reliable and up-to-date knowledge, to help you get the basics right and ensure you avoid any pitfalls?

We know that the path to mastering solar energy can be tough. But despair not, because we’ve reviewed the top online solar energy courses available, and have compiled the very best of them for you here.

Ultimate Solar Energy Course Bundle From Zero To Hero

Course instructor: Ahmed Mahdy / Khadija Academy

Mahdy is the founder of online electrical engineering channel ‘Khadija Academy’ and has been recognised by Udemy as being in their top 10% of most engaging instructors. As an electrical power engineer himself, Ahmed is well-equipped to take you from zero knowledge to all the knowledge you need: either to begin your own career in solar power, start your own sustainable business, or apply your newly-learned skills to designing and constructing an off-grid home.

This solar energy course is inarguably one of the most in-depth available to you. With 88 lectures covering just about everything you could need to know, from the fundamentals to the nitty-gritty details, if you’re looking to become totally self-sufficient, then this is the course for you. Ahmed has even added specialised tutorials based on feedback he’s received from previous students (of whom he’s instructed over 28,000 to date).

With these classes, you will learn about solar cells, batteries, correct wiring, junction boxes, positioning of panels and peak sun hours, electrical grounding, and even how to design and install solar water pumping systems.


  1. One of the most in-depth courses on the market
  2. 11 hours of on-demand video lectures
  3. 28,000 students and counting
  4. Instructor on hand to help and support


  1. Overly detailed, if you’re only looking for a simple overview
  2. Quite complex theories, which some students have expressed difficulty understanding

See the course here

The complete SOLAR ENERGY course. Beginner to advanced level

Course instructor: Leandro Caruso

Leandro Caruso, before he began passing on his knowledge in comprehensive solar energy courses, was a professional Environmental Engineer, who was responsible for the installation of over 200 solar powered photovoltaic systems in both Australia and the US. His courses on Udemy have attracted over 10,000 students, and this one is one of the most popular on the site: especially attractive is his guarantee that all of his students go on to earn full-time roles jobs in the Solar Industry.

His complete solar energy course is designed specifically with those who have no experience whatsoever in mind, though it is also useful for professionals and experts who wish to re-familiarise themselves with the most up-to-date techniques and knowledge in the field (Leandro is constantly refreshing his course materials to ensure you get the newest information available).


  1. 10,000+ satisfied students to the teacher’s name
  2. 45 downloadable resources
  3. Course designed to fit a range of needs
  4. Taught by a professional in the field with lots of experience


  1. This course gives you the fundamentals, but doesn’t go into many extra specifics
  2. Only 1 hour 45 minutes worth of lectures overall

Link to Course

Ultimate 2021 PV Solar Energy with PVSol Premium/Excel/PVsys

Course instructor: NewWay Academy

NewWay Academy are a collective of professional and competitive electrical engineers, who now specialise in delivering video-tutorial online courses across electrical engineering, robotics, electronics, programming, and embedded systems. The real draw of this particular course is the attention paid to the calculation and designing of renewable energy off-grid and grid-tie PV systems, utilising not just one, but four different methods.

Whilst most course instructors focus on the use of the PVsyst program to calculate for the design of your system, NewWay Academy teach you how to use PVSol Premium, Excel, and manual calculation as well, meaning that at the end of this course you’ll be ready to calculate your every need, when beginning to construct your own photovoltaic system. The course can get quite complex though, so is perhaps best engaged once you’ve achieved at least a basic understanding of the fundamentals of renewable energy/have a base foundation in solar training.


  1. Four different methods for PV calculation
  2. NewWay pulls their knowledge and expertise from a wide pool of experts


  1. Course is not necessarily ideal for absolute beginners
  2. Spelling and grammar of course materials not up to native-English standards

Explore the course here

Build a Successful 2021 Solar Energy Off-Grid PV Business

Course instructor: Mohamed Lamaachi

Mohamed Lamaachi is a renewable energy engineer with a real passion for helping expand the green job economy. With real life, hands-on experience not only as a design engineer, but in actually building his own solar energy equipment, this Udemy course is intended specifically to instruct those with absolutely no prior knowledge as to the ways and means of beginning their own off-grid lifestyle.

In basic, accessible terminology, Mohamed takes you through the basics of solar training, such as sun peak hours (SPH), an overview of PV systems, and their various forms on the marketplace, through to calculating the optimal panels and systems for your specific off-grid needs, constructing your own combiner boxes from scratch, and ultimately designing a fully-functional, sustainable, and affordable off-grid system for mid- to large-sized homes. Not useful for experts, as the knowledge disseminated in these classes is fairly basic, this course is nevertheless the perfect one for those specifically looking to build off-grid.


  1. Instructor is passionate about sustainability
  2. Instructor has hands-on, real life experience in the construction of PV system materials
  3. Very basic, accessible, entry-level course


  1. Only 1.5 hours of video tutorials
  2. Does not cover grid-tie systems, or any alternative means of renewable energy
  3. Not suitable for anyone other than entry level beginners

Find out more about the course here

Final Verdict

Having taken into consideration the diversity of content covered, the experience of the instructors, their popularity and reviews on Udemy, as well as the accessibility and applicability of each course, we’ve decided that the very best solar energy course on the market is Ahmed Mahdy’s Ultimate Solar Energy Course Bundle – From Zero To Hero. With 88 lectures, and over 11 hours of video materials, Ahmed’s professional experience and the sheer detail of the content their course covers (whilst remaining engaging and accessible to beginners), makes this the best solar energy course your money can buy.

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