Solar Panel Angle Calculator: The Definitive Guide

Here we have collected the most accurate solar panel angle calculator details for you.

No doubt, with the help of this calculator, you will be able to know the optimum and correct panel angle so that you can seek and reach out to maximum benefits from your solar panel system.

Furthermore, if you want to experience the best and satisfactory use of these photovoltaic panels, then it is very important for you to angle and adjust them all towards the sun.

Moreover, it is this optimum angle that varies and differs a lot throughout the whole year. This angle varies season by season and location by location.

It is with the assistance of this calculator that you can know the difference in terms of sun height on a basis of month-by-month range.

You need to understand this fact that the sun is continually and constantly moving throughout the whole span of the day.

And if anyone of you wants to access the best benefits and amazing use from this photovoltaic system, then adjust it at the best angle.

So that it can be able to track and keeps an eye on the sun on second by second basis.

It is recommended and suggested to buy an automated solar tracker. However, the expense of a tracker comes out to be really expensive.

As an alternative, you can use this solar panel angle calculator. This is a budget-friendly option for you.

Rest of the details that you can check out below:

Factors that Alter the Best Solar Panel Tilt for Your Home:Best Solar Panel Tilt for Your Home

Talking about the factors that alter or change the best solar tilt for your home sweet home, here are the details for you regarding those important and crucial factors. 

Firstly, it is your home location or your business site location that can affect the solar panel tilt.

If you are living in the southern or northern hemisphere, then this optimal solar panel tilt angle will be dependent and based on your approximate latitude.

The second factor that can influence your solar panel tilt, it is this season of the year. It happens during summer that days tend to be longer.

Moreover, your solar panels will remain to be constantly exposed to more amount of sunlight.

And then during winter, days tend to be shorter and your solar panel has a minimum and a very short time to produce and generate power

The third important factor that can impact and affect your solar panel tilt, it is the factor of the angle of inclination linked to the sun.

The sun height changes from one season to another season. It means you have to position your solar panel accordingly.

By keeping in mind these variables and important factors, your solar panels will be able to produce and generate different levels and sets of energy.

Or you can make use of this solar panel angle calculator to make the most from your solar panel system.

It depends on your preference, that whether you want to go for fixed-tilt or you want to adjust the tilt for around and about two or four times a year for seeing and witnessing more efficiency. 

Solar Angle Calculator (Make this with Elementor)Solar Angle Calculator

Most importantly, it is during solar noon that the sun remains to stay at the highest position.

This phase occurs and happens halfway in between the sunset phase and the sunrise phase. And this happens every single day.

Moreover, it is during this solar noon time period that the irradiance coming out from the sun, they are projected at the highest spot.

This time allows your solar panel to generate and produce more and more power.

So, if you want your photovoltaic panel to generate and create more of the power, then place and angle them all facing to the optimum angle!

In this manner, the panel will receive the maximum amount of sunlight.

During summer months, position and angle your solar panel by keeping in mind the height of the sun.

Furthermore, during winter months, you can adjust the angle of your panel the way the sun is positioned and targeting at the panel.

Hence, make regular and frequent adjustments in your installed panels. Throughout the year, you can make these adjustments.

This will help you in achieving optimum performance. Through this calculator, you can calculate this angle range on a month by month terms as well.

Solar Panel Orientation:

Solar Panel Orientation

It is critical for you to understand this concept that solar panel orientation varies from location to time and season and season.

Same way, this solar panel angle, it differs and varies extensively depending on which area of the world you are presently residing and living!

Your solar panels will be able to give out the highest and maximum energy output if you will position and angle them directly facing the sun.

In addition, the sun keeps on moving all across the sky.

It will be high and low at some positions and angles and these phases are dependent on the time of the season and also on the time of the day.

The optimal and ideal solar panel angle, it is never and fixed. One cannot determine the ideal panel angle as it keeps on changing and revising.

If you want the sun rays to reach your solar panel in a maximum way and too throughout the day,

Then make sure that you exactly, precisely, and accurately determine regarding in which direction the solar panels should be directing and facing.

This is how you can calculate and known an optimal tilt angle. This concept of panel angle, it depends on two factors!

The first one is where you are living and residing and the second one, during which time of the year you are in need of most of the solar energy.

Solar Panel Angle Calculator: Fixed TiltSolar Panel Angle

In this mode of fixed-tilt, there is no need to move your solar panels throughout the year.

You only need to calculate the amount of average exposure linked to sunlight regardless of the fact whatever is the season.

For the calculation phase, you can try out following any of these below-mentioned two methods.

This is a rule of thumb that you can keep in mind that solar panels need to more vertical in position during winter months.

This way, they can gain more of the low winter sun. Besides, they should and need to be more tilted during the time of summer to maximize and boost the output.

So, for calculating and predicting an approximate solar panel angle all and completely according to your latitude, follow the details:

You can calculate and compute this optimum tilt angle by adding 15 degrees right to your latitude during the time of winter.

And then you have to subtract 15 degrees all from your latitude during the phase of summer.

We can give you an example that if your latitude comes out to be 34 degrees, then the optimum tilt solar angle during winter will come out and appear to be 34 + 15 = 49 degrees.

Beyond, the summer optimum tilt angle calculation and computation will be 34 – 15 = 19-degrees.

The second method is a bit more improved for you. We are hopeful that it will give you more better and accurate results.

During winter, you can easily compute this optimum tilt angle by multiplying the value of latitude by 0.9. Then you have to add 29 degrees.

This way, the tilt angle will be computed out to be (34 * 0.9) + 29 = 59.6degrees.

You will notice that the angle will become 10 degrees steeper but this is an effective angle range.

This angle will make sure that the solar panel gets the hottest power and energy during the time span of short winter days.

And then for summer, the tilt solar panel angle calculation is done and processed by multiplying the latitude range by 0.9.

Then you have to subtract 23.5 degrees, the final solar panel angle will appear to be (34 * 0.9) – 23.5 = 7.1 degrees.

How to Use Sun Angle Calculator for Fixed-tilt?

You might be wondering how to use this sun angle calculator for fixed-tilt, below we have explained this concept to you.

First of all, you have to select and choose your country from the provided list.

Like, if you have chosen a country America, then after that, you need to choose your desired province or state as well.

Moreover, mark and tick the correct town and city location of yours. It should be the actual location where you are currently residing.

Once you are going to put these details, then this sun angle calculator will provide you the information about the optimum angle.

It will show you the degrees all from vertical.

If you fail to make changes in the solar panel angle all throughout the year time span, then what you can do is to angle your solar panel all and completely according to the time phase of the year. 

This way you can extract and grab the best performance out there from your solar panel system.

Do keep in mind the position of sunrise as well as the position of sunset at different and varied times of the year.

This way, the user can identify and look for any of the potential obstructions at different year times.

How to Find Out the Best Solar Panel Angle by Zip Code?How to Use Sun Angle Calculator for Fixed-tilt

It is this optimal, accurate, and exact angle of your solar array that comes out and marked an important factor regarding and concerning maximizing your solar power energy production phase.

It is advised to install the solar panels by keeping in the location factor.

Only then, your panel position and sun position will show synchronization and maximum power generation output results will be experienced.

Here we will tell you as to how to find out the best and desired solar panel angle with the help of zip code.

As we know that a large number of solar arrays out there, they are installed and mounted at a tilt.

This position makes sure that your solar panel gathers and collects energy more effectively and efficiently.

Most certainly, you have to keep on verifying whether your solar panels are angled towards the sun or not. Here we are talking about the angle of incidence.

The Photovoltaic cells will be able to produce power and maximum energy if they are adjusted at the angle so that the sun’s rays can hit and aim at the solar panel surface closely.

Moreover, the ideal angle range for solar panel installation is close or you can say equal to the latitude range of your home. 

As an example, if the Austin zip code is 78701, then its solar panel angle will be 30 degrees. For Boston, its zip code is 02101 and 42 degrees is its solar angle.

For Los Angeles, 90012 is the zip code of this area and the angle will be 34 degrees in which your solar panel should be positioned.

Solar Panel Angle Calculator: Adjustable (x2)Solar Panel Angle Calculator

It is with the assistance of this sun angle calculator that can help out your solar energy system to get and experience the higher efficiencies during the time of summer and winter months.

Moreover, the angle of inclination with respect to the sun, it gradually and always gets to be changed throughout the year.

You are free to adjust and position this solar array so that it can receive and absorb more sunlight right at a perpendicular angle. 

For this adjustability and positioning part, you need to look for the details regarding the hemisphere and latitude.

Adjust and compute them in between 25 degrees and 50 degrees.

Besides, if your house is not located in any one of these coordinates, then what you can do is to get in touch with any professional and expert for carrying out more of the complex calculations.

Sun Angle Calculator for Summer:

If you are right now living in the zone of Northern Hemisphere, then you need to adjust and to position your solar panels according to the optimal summer tilt as displayed on March 30.

On the other hand, if your house is located and residing in the southern hemisphere, then you can adjust these panels as showed and exhibited on September 29.

You can make use of this formula for this specific and particular computation.

Like, you can multiply your latitude range by 0.93, then subtract it by the number of 21 degrees.

In this, you will know about the ideal panel tilt range. And it will vary right in between 2.3-degree inclination.

Solar Angle Calculations for Winter:

Now, to make use of this solar panel angle calculator for the season of winter precisely and effectively,

It is recommended and advised to adjust your panels accordingly and in synchronization to the winter angle as displayed on September 10 being part of the northern hemisphere.

You can multiple your latitude scale by 0.875, then you can add up 19.2 degrees.

Most noteworthy, these optimal solar panel tilts, they vary extensively in between the range of 41.1-degree inclination.

It is for the months of spring and autumn as well that you can carry out and process these solar panel angle calculations.

If your house is present in the northern hemisphere, then it is important and significant for you to adjust your panels according to the stats of March 5.

This date is for spring. And for the autumn season, it will be August 22.

Furthermore, if you are residing in the southern hemisphere, then you can freely adjust these panels on September 4 for the season of spring, and for autumn time, it will be February 21.

Solar Panel Angle Calculator: Adjustable (x4) for Maximal Efficiency:Solar Panel Angle Calculator

You can adjust this angle x4 times to see and get the maximum efficiency of your solar panel.

If you are utilizing and availing a calculator that determines and gives you your solar panel angle according to zip code,

This same device helps you in making four changes and revisions throughout the year so that you can experience and witness the highest possible efficiency scale.

According to this method, you can adjust and fix the inclination of your solar panels and that too for around and about four times a year.

This comes out to be an effective way of increasing and boosting the overall efficiency by 10% during the time winter season and amplifying the efficiency by 5% during the time span of summer months.

Have You Considered a Solar Tracker?Solar Tracker

How about considering a solar tracker, here we are going to give you detailed feedback about this concept.

While you are retrofitting and installing a solar panel, then make sure that you do fuse and emboss a solar tracker on it.

No matter, you have got a flexible solar panel or you have got a standard panel, it is recommended to use a solar tracker.

By doing so, you can well ensure that the panels are receiving 100% energy from the sun.

This tracker will help you in determining how much amount of sunlight is going to be well absorbed by the panel in the whole and entire day.

This is a great device that you can make use of! It increases and boosts your energy production zone. Your solar power system efficiency gets to be increased by almost 40%.

Most importantly, there are basic and largely two kinds of solar trackers. It is up to which one you want to go for.

The first type is this single-axis tracker and the second one is this dual-axis tracker.

If you prefer to use a single-axis tracker, then keep in mind that this respective tracker manages to rotate all back and forth in a seamless manner on one axis.

It can either be rotating in a horizontal direction or in a vertical direction or in a tilted direction.

Besides, those of you who prefer to use and opt a dual-axis tracker then can see their tracker moving and rotating in two different kinds of directions.

It can follow the sun direction both in a horizontal and vertical manner at one single time.

These single-axis trackers, they are comparatively more budget-friendly and cost-effective.

For utility purposes and applications, this is an ideal model for you.

And these dual-axis trackers, they are somewhat expensive. But they are accompanied by the factor of added efficiency.

For small applications like that of business and homes, this is an ideal and appropriate option for you.

Best Solar Panels Angle Takeaway:

Hence, we can now conclude this piece of information and valid discussion that the best and suitable tilt for your solar panel array, it is dependent on a large and wide number of factors.

The most and highly important factor, it is this location area of your home.

You need to position and set your solar panels by considering your home location.

You can go on preferring a fixed tilt or you can make two to four needed adjustments in the whole year by keeping in mind the season and latitude stars.

You can access these solar angle charts and also these calculators online. These sources will assist you in getting the exact solar panel angle.

This is the simplified piece of information that we have collected for you, you can now put up your queries and all questions.

And to see the best results, you can use and install a solar tracker.

Though this formula and calculation method will help you out, still it is a wise idea to mount a solar tracker with your solar panel array.


Now you have come to know and understood all of the details about this solar panel angle calculator.

So, do use this calculator and experience optimum performance from your installed panel.

In addition, this usage of a calculator will help you in determining the optimal angle according to the current season and location.

You can follow this method and share your experience with us.

Do stay tuned with us, more authentic information about solar panels, their angles and ways of adjusting them is sooner to be coming up over here.

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