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The Best Solar Pest Repellers

Safeguard your gardens from pests and other dangerous animals with these environmentally friendly solar pest repellers.

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There are a lot of ground rodents and similar animals that not only destroy your gardens but are also dangerous for your well-being. These include moles, gophers, voles, snakes, and other similar animals. Traditionally, these animals were poisoned to death which was neither safe nor environmentally friendly. However, today, solar repellents can be used as a green alternative for repelling these uninvited guests without killing them. Combined with solar powered electric fences, your property is guaranteed protection from even the biggest intruders.

As the market is filled with a bunch of products in this category, choosing the right option is an uphill task. In this article, we’ve discussed some of the critical elements of solar pest repellers that you should consider before purchasing them for the safety of your house or lawn. We’ve also reviewed some of the best products in the market to give you a better insight into these products. Let’s take a look.

Editor’s Picks

Following are the three best solar repellents in three unique categories:

Diaotec Solar Animal Repeller
Best Overall
Diaotec Solar Animal Repeller

Diaotec solar pest repellers are the best pest repellents that are currently available in the market. These repellers are offered at a highly affordable price. These repellers employ two unique methods to repel animals from your garden including ultrasonic waves and a bright LED flashlight. A PIR motion-detecting sensor automatically regulates the operation of this device. The IPX4 certification is proof that it can perform at the highest level in extreme climate conditions.

MoreStar Solar Animal Repeller
Best Performance
MoreStar Solar Animal Repeller

MoreStar has manufactured a product that has an advanced PIR motion sensor to detect intrusion in your gardens. These sensors are rarely seen in similar products in this category. Unlike other repeller stakes, these devices only emit ultrasonic rays when they detect a motion within their range of 26 feet. MoreStar has constructed this device from ABS plastic that is the most durable material for the durability of these products. Plus, this device is waterproof so that it can operate in wet or humid climate conditions without any damage.

Thanos Solar Powered Nocturnal Animals Repeller
Best Design
Thanos Solar Powered Nocturnal Animals Repeller

These animal repellers from Thanos have a special design for the nighttime security of your house. These devices have bright red LEDs that automatically start glowing at night and turn off at dawn. You neither need to manually operate these devices nor maintain them regularly. With an IP44 rating, these devices are known for performing well on wet, rainy nights. These night lights are perfect for safety as well as decoration purposes for your outdoors.

How Do Solar Pest Repellers Work?

Because we’ve all grown up surrounded by traditional methods of pest prevention – such as traps and poison – it may seem strange to suggest that we don’t need to resort to such violent and environmentally unfriendly methods of repelling. If you’re confused by these passive solar pest repellers, or just unsure of how they work, then read on. We’re here to explain for you in simple terms just exactly how solar pest repellers work.

No matter how different one solar repeller is in style and shape to another, they all tend to function more or less in the same way. Essentially, a solar panel is built into the roof of the product, angled to face the sun and thus convert sunlight into electricity, which is then stored in a battery housed in the body of the repeller. This is how the repeller is powered.

Most solar repellers use a combination of ultrasonic soundwaves and light as their primary methods of animal repulsion. There’s really no need to kill or trap animals, as most are easily frightened. Flashing strobe LED lights, for example, confuse and disorientate most creatures, who will turn back from a flashing light (which may remind them of the dangers of car headlights on the road) when they see one. If an LED light isn’t enough, the majority of solar repellers also employ low frequency ultrasonic soundwaves. In other words, the repeller emits waves of sound too low for humans to hear, but which to animals large and small is frightening enough to dissuade them from coming onto your property or land.

Some of the best solar repellers on the market are equipped with motion detectors, ensuring that they only employ their light and sound repulsion methods when they detect animals nearby. Whereas other repellers employ these methods throughout the night and/or day. Many can be set to repel particular types of animals, or be set on a timer, and still others turn on and off automatically, at dusk and dawn respectively.

Pros and Cons of Solar Pest Repellers

Whilst these inventions are pretty ingenious, there are of course some negatives to the positives. Let’s look at the pros and cons of solar power and solar pest repellers, so that you, the buyer, can continue your shopping better informed.


  1. Environmentally-friendly and animal-friendly. Traditional methods of pest repulsion and prevention are often unnecessarily violent, as with traps and poison. Trapping wild animals is not only cruel, it also upsets the delicate balance of nature, preventing them from mating, feeding, or being fed upon! Similarly, laying poison down for animals typically has a much wider and more damaging impact upon the environment than it is effective at ridding your land of pests. Pets and other wild animals can accidentally ingest the poison, for example.
  2. Durable. By design, solar panels have to be both weatherproof and waterproof, and are built to last a long time. Thus, as a general rule, so too do the products which utilise them for power. You can therefore expect your solar pest repeller to work for years without requiring much maintenance.
  3. Versatile application. Since these repellers are off-grid and easy to install, you can use them wherever you’re experiencing rodent problems – on an orchard, front or backyard, farmland, you name it! What’s more, they can often double as intruder prevention, since the flashing lights may deter trespassers.
  4. Work on a wide range of animals. Whether it’s squirrels, deer, foxes, coyotes, raccoons, eagles, hawks, or snakes, it doesn’t matter: these pest repellers generally work on all common animals.


  1. Expensive. Generally speaking, one repeller won’t do the job. Most likely you’re going to want to surround whatever land you’re protecting with several of these devices (especially since they have a limit to their motion detection range). As such, the overall cost of equipping yourself with repulsion products can quickly mount up.
  2. Sunlight dependent. This should be pretty self-explanatory, but do remember that solar powered products need sunlight in order to charge and thus function. If you live in a low light area, or are frequently exposed to overcast conditions, be aware that your solar pest repellers may not work as advertised.

The Best Solar Pest Repellers Reviewed

These are the top solar repellers that are being sold in the market. Take a look and find out which one is the best one for you.

#1 Diaotec Solar Animal Repeller

  • Brand: Diaotec
  • Color: Dark Green
  • Infrared Sensor Angle
  • Wide Applications
  • IPX4 Waterproof
Diaotec Solar Animal Repeller

The top product on our list is a remarkable product from Diaotec. It is solar-powered that is backed up by a powerful 1800mAh rechargeable battery that you don’t need to change. This product has two unique methods to repel pests. One is by using ultrasonic waves to irritate them and the other is through a bright LED light to scare them. The former method takes a lot more time than the latter option to completely repel the animals. There is no need for manual interference as a highly intelligent PIR motion sensor is integrated into this device for automatic operation.

This pest repeller is effective against all sorts of ground rodents including chipmunks, gophers, and groundhogs. Another great feature of this product is that it is offered at an inexpensive price. Also, you can easily install it yourself. These mole repellers carry an IPX4 certification which means that they can operate in extreme climate conditions.


  • Wide Coverage
  • IPX4 Certified
  • Easy Installation
  • Affordable
  • PIR Motion Sensors


  • Expensive

#2 MoreStar Solar Animal Repeller

  • Brand: MoreStar
  • PIR Motion Sensor detects movement within a 110 degree arc
  • It combines a sophisticated PIR detection system
  • Flashing LED light
  • Waterproof & energy-saving
MoreStar Solar Animal Repeller

MoreStar has designed a high-performing animal repeller that is not only safe and reliable but also advanced in every capacity. It continuously emits powerful ultrasonic sounds that not only repel small animals such as moles, gophers, birds but also larger ones such as dogs and cats.

Unlike many other pest repellers on this list, this device has PIR motion sensors that detect movements within a range of 26 feet at 110 degrees. Therefore, it only emits ultrasonic sounds when it detects a movement in its range. You have to be careful during its installation as you will have to make sure the 110-degree angle arc is facing the most problematic area of your garden. You don’t have to worry about the weather conditions as it is made of highly durable ABS plastic. Also, it’s waterproof and, therefore, it can operate in humid and wet conditions as well.


  • Advance PIR Motion Sensors
  • Energy Efficient
  • Strong and Durable
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Waterproof


  • Expensive

#3 SEALUXE Solar Snake, Mole Repeller

  • Brand: SEALUXE
  • Snake away
  • Solar snake repellers
  • Waterproof and rain-proof
  • Each covers 6,000 square feet
  • Safe and environmental friendly
SEALUXE Solar Snake, Mole Repeller

SEALUXE is a popular brand that produces high-quality animal repellers. This specific product is a solar mole and snake repeller that is offered in a pack of 4 repeller stakes. Each stake has a wide range and continuously emits ultrasonic waves after an interval of 30 seconds. It’ll take 2-4 weeks before it completely repels the animals from your lawn. These repellers are eco-frendly and safe for kids and pets.


  • Wide Range
  • Energy Efficient
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Easy to Install


  • Less Durable

#4 Broox Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller

  • Brand: Broox
Broox Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller

Broox solar repellers are one of the most advanced repellers on our list. For starters, these repellers use both ultrasonic sound waves and a bright LED light to scare away the animals. If you have any specific pests in your mind that you want to keep out of your backyard, you can adjust the frequency of the ultrasonic waves accordingly.

This device has a powerful PIR motion sensor that detects animal movements and thus emits sound waves in correspondence with this movement. It operates without the limitations of day or night. This is possible because of a powerful rechargeable battery that’s integrated into this device.

Broox has ensured that their products last longer than average products and, therefore, used strong ABS plastic in their construction. You can install these devices anywhere, in any condition and they’ll operate at the highest efficiency.


  • Strong and Durable
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Easy to Install
  • Weatherproof and UV Protected
  • User Friendly


  • Expensive

#5 Thanos Solar Powered Nocturnal Animals Repeller

  • Brand: Thanos
  • Strobe lights flash all night
  • Solar powered and light sensitive begin blinking at dusk
  • Turn off at full daylight automatically, no need to maintenance
  • The device is waterproof grade IP44
Thanos Solar Powered Nocturnal Animals Repeller

This is yet another amazing animal repeller from Thanos. It has a unique design that is not only critical for its operation but also makes it look outstanding. This device is manufactured for nighttime security purposes. Unlike ultrasonic pest repellers, it has red LED lights to scare away small and large-sized animals.

It has a light sensor that detects the absence of sunlight to activate the LEDs. At dawn, these LEDs automatically turn off saving you from the effort of manually operating these devices. Also, these devices need no maintenance. Thanos has backed this device by an IP44 rating which means that it can perform in any climate condition without incurring any damage. The only limitation of this item is that it can only operate at night making your house vulnerable to animals during the daytime.


  • Special Design
  • Light Sensors
  • Maintenance Free
  • IP44 Certified


  • No Daytime Operation

#6 Lubatis 6 Pack Mole Repellent Stakes

  • Brand: Lubaitis
  • Effective Mole Repellent
  • Easy to Install
  • Upgraded Version Groundhog Repellent
  • Safe around Children & Pets
  • Extensive Coverage
Lubatis 6 Pack Mole Repellent Stakes

This is a remarkable product from Lubatis with a unique design. This solar repeller is offered in a pack of 6 repeller stakes. These stakes have enough range to safeguard your entire house from moles, gophers, snakes, and other similar animals. You can easily install these stakes in just a few minutes. However, you have to be careful regarding their placement. Make sure that they are sufficiently placed at a distance from each other for optimum performance. You don’t have to worry about the weather conditions as these devices are weather-resistant and corrosion-resistant.


  • User Friendly
  • Easy Installation
  • Energy Efficient
  • Strong and Durable


  • No Motion Sensor

#7 ZOVENCHI Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller

  • Brand: ZOVENCHI
  • Keep Pests Away
  • Solar Powered
  • Motion Sensor
  • Practical Designs
  • Easy to Use
ZOVENCHI Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller

ZOVENCHI ultrasonic animal repeller has a unique design that is not only effective but also stylish for your garden. This repeller emits ultrasonic waves after detecting irregular movements with the help of a powerful PIR motion sensor. You can control the frequency of these waves according to your preferences. This solar repeller offers easy installation and operation features. It is environmentally friendly and safe for kids and pets in your home.


  • Unique Design
  • Safe and Reliable
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Easy Installation


  • Less Durable

#8 Careland 360° Smart Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

  • Brand: Careland
  • Color: Green
  • 360° Smart Ultrasonic Animal Repeller
  • 2 Working Version
  • Solar powered & Waterproof
  • Powerful Rechargeable Battery
Careland 360° Smart Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

Careland solar repellers have a unique 360° design that takes their operational capacity to the next level. Most products on this list need to be installed in a specific position due to the limitations of their motion sensors, but this is not the case with this unit. It can be installed in any position and it will provide a 360° service for repelling animals from your house.

This device is powered by a 2200 mAh battery that can last the whole day and night with a full recharge. Once you install this device, you’ll never need to operate or maintain it in any way thanks to its fully automated operating facility. Careland offers a 60-day refund policy if you are not satisfied with the performance of your product. They also offer a 12-month replacement warranty with the purchase of this item.


  • 360° Operating Capability
  • Powerful Battery
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Easy Installation
  • 12-month Warranty


  • No Motion Sensor

#9 AUBNICO Ultrasonic Dog Chaser Solar Pest Repeller

  • Brand: AUBNICO
  • Harmless & Safe
  • Solar Powered & Waterproof
  • Easy use & Portable
  • PIR Motion Sensor
AUBNICO Ultrasonic Dog Chaser Solar Pest Repeller

AUBNICO solar repellers have built-in PIR motion sensors that detect movements within a range of 26ft at an angle of 110 degrees. These are safe and reliable devices and used as perfect replacements for conventional repellers. Rather than continuously emitting ultrasonic waves, these devices only operate when they sense the presence of a pest on your premises.

These devices can be installed anywhere without the need for specific tools. Also, you don’t have to worry about the weather conditions as these devices are built to endure harsh weather. However, as their motion sensors have a limited range, you have to be careful about their placements.


  • Strong and Durable
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • User Friendly
  • Easy Installation


  • Expensive

Buyers Guide

Solar animal repellers have unique features that differentiate them from each other. These devices are designed to assist a diverse range of users. This buying guide explains some of the key features that you should investigate before buying a product for yourself.

Repeller Range

One of the most important features of solar repellers is their operational range. If you are looking to safeguard your lawn, you can invest in the ones with a smaller range and if you are looking to safeguard large acres of land, you should invest in ones that are offered in complete packages and have a wider range.


Durability is yet another critical feature as solar repellers are outdoor products that need to perform in tough conditions. They must have a superior build quality along with waterproof capacity so that they can operate at maximum efficiency without any interruption.

Motion Sensors

Some of the solar repellers continuously emit ultrasonic waves at regular intervals. Others use motion sensors to detect irregular movements in their range and operate accordingly. These are a bit more expensive than the former category. You can choose the ones that you find more suitable for your house.


Prices of solar repellers can give you an overall perspective about their quality. However, identifying only the prices isn’t enough for safeguarding your investment. You should further investigate the specs of the products of your choice.


The product itself isn’t complete without the services that are attached to its purchase. Warranty is one of these services that will be beneficial if you receive a faulty product. Therefore, always look for a warranty if you want to save yourself from an unwanted experience

User Experience

Solar repellers have a unique design that allows you to install them without any hassle. Operating these devices is also easy as most of them work automatically without any additional interference. Before you purchase a solar repeller, make sure that it offers all these benefits for a great user experience.

Final Verdict

It is hard to find a product in the solar pest repellers category that is not only effective and efficient but also affordable and user-friendly. We have reviewed all products and came to the conclusion that Diaotec Solar Animal Repeller is the best product that you can currently purchase.

This product is a complete package of safety, reliability, performance, and user experience. These repellers automatically release an ultrasonic sound when they detect a motion within their range with the help of PIR motion sensors. For complete security, all you have to do is to install these stakes into the ground and they’ll be ready to operate right away. You don’t have to worry about the durability of this product as it is backed by an IPX4 certification.


How do solar pest repellers work?

Solar pest repellers operate in different ways to scare away dangerous animals. Some repellers emit ultrasonic sound waves that irritate the animals. Others have LEDs that glow at night to scare away the animals. Some repellers also have sprinklers that automatically detect animal movement and spray them to keep them out of your lawns.

Can solar repellers operate without direct sunlight?

Solar repellers need sunlight to charge their batteries. They don’t need sunlight to actually operate. This is why some repellers that have decent battery capacities can also operate at night and safeguard your house. The very best solar panels (monocrystalline ones) can, however, still generate electricity in low light conditions.

Are solar repellers safe for the environment?

Yes, solar repellers are safe and reliable for your home security. They neither kill the animals nor damage your lawn in any way. Also, they are solar-powered and operate completely on off-grid energy.

How long does it take for an ultrasonic solar repeller to completely repel gophers and other rodents from your backyard?

Ultrasonic solar repellers won’t immediately repel the animals. They will continuously emit ultrasonic sounds that’ll take one to two weeks to completely repel animals from your lawn.

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