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The Best Solar Pool Lights

Lighting your pool doesn't have to be expensive or harm the environment. Find yourself the perfect solar pool lights to match your needs, style, and budget.

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The Best Solar Pool Lights Reviewed
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When choosing the lights for your swimming pool, you want to keep the pool area safe and well-lit, to help prevent accidents, whilst also making the poolside as welcoming and attractive as possible. You may want to surround the pool area with light, or have something closer to (or indeed on) the water – depending on your safety needs and concerns.

With today’s advances in solar power and renewable energy technology, lighting your swimming pools needn’t be expensive, or require connection to the grid, either. Whatever your needs – brightness for safety, colour for ambience, adjustable brightness levels for both – and whatever your budget, we have you covered, with a selection of the market’s most popular, affordable, and effective solar powered pool lights.

In fact, why not double-up on the sustainability of your swimming pool by investing in the wider range of solar-powered pool equipment? Solar pool pumps, pool covers, ionizers, sun rings, solar pool heaters, and solar pool skimmers can all help you to move toward making your house a Zero Net Energy (ZNE) home.

Editor’s Picks

Having reviewed the market, we’ve picked our favourite solar pool lights to meet a variety of needs.

BRIGHTRIGHT Colorize Colourful Pathway Solar Lights
Best Pool Area Lighting
BRIGHTRIGHT Colorize Colourful Pathway Solar Lights

Able to be set up within minutes, after removing BRIGHTRIGHT’s pathway solar pool lights from their box, these pathway lights charge all day under the sun, and then automatically turn on when night falls. With four colours to choose from (red, green, blue, and white), you can either give your poolside a particular ambience (appropriate to your needs), or simply light it in cool, smooth white, to keep all visitors safe as they navigate the path to your pool, and the (potentially slippery) poolside. Relatively affordable, too, BRIGHTRIGHT is our choice for solar powered pool area lighting. This pack comes with 6 pieces, but BRIGHTRIGHT sell packs of 3, 6, 12, 18, or 24, so you’ve plenty choice.

LOFTEK LED Dimmable Floating Pool Lights Ball
Best Floating Solar Pool Lights
LOFTEK LED Dimmable Floating Pool Lights Ball

Unlike other floating solar pool lights, this one from LOFTEK comes with a remote control, ensuring you can set the mood with just the touch of a button (rather than your pool lights cycling through their colours automatically, as is the case with most others). Totally waterproof and weather-resistant, this floating solar pool light can stay in your pool in almost any weather condition, and provide 10-12 hours of light after just 3-4 hours of daylight charging. LOFTEK’s LED lights are the most versatile on the market, with 16 static RGB colours, 5 brightness settings, and 4 dynamic lighting modes (fade, smooth, flash, and strobe) meaning that whether you’re hosting a pool party, or a small romantic evening for two, you can’t do much better than stock up on these solar powered light balls.

GAME Underwater Show Solar Power Pool Lights
Best Budget Pool Lights
GAME Underwater Show Solar Power Pool Lights

If you’re on a budget, but want plenty of bang for your buck, then why not take a look at what GAME has to offer. Quite a unique product, GAME’s solar pool lights float on the surface of your pool, charging throughout the day (with a handy automatic on/off feature meaning no energy wasted!), and then at night give you a perfect-for-parties underwater show – projecting a multi-coloured disco-display of light into the water and across the bottom of your pool. For additional lighting, these lights also come with a white-light halo ring on top, so that you can change the mood as pleases you. With seven unique light show modes, ambience is the name of the game here, and lasting for up to 6 hours on a full charge, the party can go on late into the night!

How do Solar Pool Lights Work?

Solar Pool lights come in different shapes and sizes (our review contains floating, deck and pathway varieties) but the way they work is fundamentally the same. Each unit contains a panel, light bulb (usually LED), battery and in the case of floating solar lights, a protective spherical encasing.

Most deck lights can be placed underwater (but do make sure the model you buy is completely waterproof) and affixed to the edge of your pool with magnets, water-resistant glue or screws making installation an easy DIY operation that can be completed in very little time.

Pathway light varieties have to be placed close to but not in the pool itself as they are usually not waterproof (though they can handle a couple of splashes). Floating pool lights are the easiest to use. Just inflate, turn on and toss them in the pool as they are waterproof though often not completely submersible.

Floating pool lights are a great way to effortlessly decorate your pool, taking the appearance of luminous, floating beach balls. Most models are made of quality materials such as durable plastic or vinyl.

No matter the typology, all solar pool lights possess an integrated PV module that absorbs the sun’s renewable energy during the day before manually or automatically turning at night. The LED lights come in different varieties giving off warm, cool or static white light or even changing colors and lighting effects.

The most important “how to” factors to consider are energy conversion rates, durability and waterproof resistance. Solar pool lights, need no additional wiring, very little maintenance and do not affect your electricity costs one iota.

Pros and Cons of Solar Pool Lights

As with any solar tech, there are pros and cons to pool lights. solar pool light’s defining positive feature is their complete reliance on solar energy making them perfect for off grid use. They are also super easy to install, maintain, use and are extremely versatile. With that said, even solar pool lights have a few cons that have to be considered (though for many solar tech aficionados they are almost negligible).


  • Solar pool lights are an energy efficient and eco-friendly alternative to regular electric lights that feed off the grid
  • Easy to install, maintain and use, many models are intuitive and can be remote controlled or left to automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at night
  • High conversion rates mean that most models only need around 6 hours to reach a full charge, though this rate depends greatly on the model and type
  • These devices are incredibly versatile and can double as driveway, patio, garden, pond lights and more
  • Many solar pool lights offer a slew of color variations, fluctuations and effects. They are top-notch ambient lights designed to bring an extra decorative feature to your garden and pool space.
  • Most models are made of highly resistant plastic, poly-carbonate or vinyl-based materials that can resist adverse weather within reason
  • Not only do they cut electricity bills, but most models are quite fairly priced, considering they also come in packages with multiple lights


  • Certain models may be advertised as more water-resistant than in actuality i.e not fully submersible or not waterproof at all
  • Strong winds can blow floating solar lights right out of your pool so it would be wise during storms or particularly windy days to store them inside
  • As with any solar powered device, solar pool lights depend on the sun and seldom have backup or power sources. This means that a lack of sun or prolonged bad weather can affect their performance

Best Solar Pool Lights Reviewed

The Best Solar Pool Lights In 2021

We’ve shown you our top picks on the market, but what about the rest of the solar lights the market has to offer? There are plenty of options out there if our top picks haven’t piqued your attention. So here they are, at a glance!

HAPIKAY Solar Floating Pool Lights – Pack of Two

  • Brand: HAPIKAY
  • Color: English
  • Each ball will change colors automatically
  • Solar powered
  • Durable and IP68 waterproof
HAPIKAY Solar Floating Pool Lights - Pack of Two

In this pack, HAPIKAY set you up with two large 14-inch floating pool lights in the shape of beach balls. They are designed to be totally waterproof, and good to stay out in your pool in all but the harshest of weather conditions (IP68 waterproof). If you like, you could hang them around your pool area thanks to the nifty hook on top, but if not, then they’ll float quite happily atop the water.

Requiring 6-8 hours of sunlight to fully charge, the HAPIKAY swimming pool lights come with 8 different colour changes, which they cycle through automatically every 25 seconds (from white, to pink, red, purple, blue, aqua, green, and lime). One of the more affordable floating pool light packages on the market, you could buy yourself a few of these 2-packs for the price it might cost you to buy a single light elsewhere.


  • Affordable
  • IP68 waterproof
  • 7 unique colours


  • Require a lot of charging compared to competitor products
  • No way to manually change between colours, or stick on one colour

BRIGHTRIGHT Colorize Solar Power Pathway Lights

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Solar Powered
  • Stop Tripping on Dark Pathways
  • Weather-Proof
BRIGHTRIGHT Colorize Solar Power Pathway Lights

Able to install in mere minutes, straight from the box, BRIGHTRIGHT’s pathway lights can be set to shine in either red, blue, green, or white, from their LED bulbs. With automatic on/off capabilities, these solar lights would be perfect for decorating and lighting the pool area around your swimming pool – simply stake them in the ground (or remove the stake and place them where you like), and set your colour settings (static or changing). The lights will then charge during the day (provided they are exposed to direct sunlight) and automatically come on at night.

Weatherproof to withstand rain, splashes from the swimming pool (IP65), and even winter conditions (according to customer reviews), this pack of 6 lights from BRIGHTRIGHT shine at (maximum) 10 lumens, and are our best in category for pathway/pool area lighting.


  • Easy to install
  • Attractive
  • Weatherproof


  • Not as bright as some competitor products
  • Only three colours (and white) to choose from
  • Little expensive

Esuper Floating Ball Solar Pool Light

  • Brand: Esuper
  • Solar Powered Rechargeable
  • Inflatable & Floatable
  • IP68 Waterproof & Weather Resistance
  • Universally Useful and Practical
Esuper Floating Ball Solar Pool Light

With this package from Esuper, you get 4 x 14-inch floating beachball-like solar powered pool lights, the LED lights of which change colour (RGB and white) every 15 seconds, to transform your outdoor swimming pool into an ever-changing world of colour. These pool solar lights can work for up to 8 hours after a full charge, and provide a warm glow that’s easy on the eyes.

Water and weather proof to an impressive IP68, the Esuper brand delivers versatility with balls which could be placed just about anywhere, to brighten up your life. They also come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty, which is more than can be said for many of their competitors. Due to the ever-changing nature of their light, however, we would not recommend using them for safety/guidance-lighting.


  • Super affordable 4-piece set
  • Large and warm light
  • IP68 is the highest waterproof rating on this list


  • No means of setting a static colour
  • Automatic colour change every 15 seconds is arguably too frequent if you’re looking for a calmer, more ambient option

MEIKEE Solar Waterproof Deck Lights

  • Brand: MEIKEE
  • Color: Black
  • Solar Powered
  • Resistance to Pressure
  • IP67 Waterproof
MEIKEE Solar Waterproof Deck Lights

If you’re not bothered by colour, and are here looking for simple, affordable, yet durable and bright deck lighting to place around your pool (and/or on the path to it), then we suggest you stop and take a look at the fantastic deck lights produced by MEIKEE. This four pack of deck lights was designed initially for driveways, and thus can withstand an incredible amount of pressure (up to 20 tons), however they are super versatile, and as such, are equally as useful around your above ground pools and regular swimming pools.

Easy to install (simply requiring being screwed into place), these deck lights are IP67 waterproof – more than enough to stay operable and effective no matter how much rain, hail, snow, or splashes from the pool they face. Affordable too, they offer a remarkable 12-14 hours of illumination on a full solar charge, and require no additional power sources!


  • Affordable
  • Incredibly durable and weatherproof
  • Easy to install


  • Offer no diverse colour options
  • Require screwing into place

GAME Underwater Show Solar Power Pool Lights

  • Brand: GAME
  • Color: Grey
  • Durable solar underwater pool light
  • 7 changing light modes
  • Convenient automatic on/off system
GAME Underwater Show Solar Power Pool Lights

These are, in our opinion, a really unique and interesting addition to this list. Though their potential practicality is limited – in terms of extra-pool lighting, pathway-lighting, or for use as safety guidance – what they lack in that department is more than made up for in the party department! The GAME Underwater Show pool lights have 7 different lighting modes which project a colourful swirling light show onto the floor and sides of your pool, creating a truly unique atmosphere, perfect for parties.

Able to operate for 6 hours after a full charge, the LED lights have an extended 15 foot range, and a light-up halo on top to add a little versatility. Automatically turning themselves off during the day to charge, and switching back on at night, you needn’t get wet to light your pool. The only major downside to this – our best in budget – is exactly that, they are a budget buy. You get what you pay for with GAME’s pool lights, and should not expect longevity from the product.


  • Really unique light show beneath the surface of the water
  • 7 different lighting modes
  • Super affordable


  • Not very durable, best not left pool constantly as will take on water
  • Only works for 6 hours on full charge
  • Light could be brighter (best paired with a second Underwater Show solar pool light)

LOFTEK LED Dimmable Floating Pool Lights Ball

  • Brand: LOFTEK
  • Amphibious LED pool lights with large
  • Customizable color LED glowing globe
  • Waterproof level reaches IP65
  • Rechargeable LED light ball
LOFTEK LED Dimmable Floating Pool Lights Ball

There’s a reason we chose the LOFTEK floating light ball as our best in class, for unlike other floating pool lights on the market, this one actually comes with a remote control, meaning that instead of watching your lights automatically cycle through an endless loop of colour, you can actually set the colour you want, keep it static, or put it on an automatic programme, depending on your wants. Use it as a night light, an ambience light, a guide light, whatever you like!

Requiring only 3-4 hours of sunlight, this product from trusted brand LOFTEK can keep your swimming pools bright and inviting throughout the night (for up to 10-12 hours). Waterproof to IP65, these dimmable, remote-controlled floating solar pool lights have 16 static RGB colours, 5 brightness adjustment settings, and 4 dynamic lighting modes (fade, smooth, flash, or strobe), meaning that whatever the occasion, LOFTEK is a solid choice for your swimming pool.


  • Remotely controllable
  • Largest variety of light and colour settings on the market
  • Most durable floating solar pool light on the market
  • 10-12 hours of light from only 3-4 hours of charging


  • Most expensive product on our list

Buyers Guide

What questions should you be asking when looking to buy solar pool lights?


Whenever you’re looking to enter the world of solar power, the first thing you need to think about is placement. Where are you planning on placing your solar pool lights? If directly in the pool, then probably you don’t need to worry too much about them getting enough sunlight to charge. However, if you’re looking to line a pathway or pool area with solar lights, you’ll need to make sure there’s nothing in the way of them getting the sunlight they need to charge during the day.


It might not seem like a big deal at first, when your nice new floating pool lights cycle through their pleasantly warm colours, basking you in a rainbow of light. But after a few nights, when you’ve swam beneath that same automatic rotation of colour every 15-25 seconds, you might find the inability to control your new lights quite grating. Maybe not, but still, if you think you would, we’d recommend you look for a solar pool light you can either set to a static colour, or control via a remote control.


It goes without saying, but there are plenty of products out their that prioritise aesthetic over longevity. When you’re exposing anything electronic to moisture – especially the constant water-contact of a floating pool light, or the splash-factor of pool area lighting – you’ve got to take durability into consideration. Look for an ‘IP’ rating of 65 or higher, and always read the customer reviews.


And finally, functionality. Decide what you want to use solar pool lights for before buying. If you want to light your pathway for safety purposes, you’re going to need something very different than what you’d be looking for if you want to light up your pool in preparation for a crazy college pool party. Similarly, if you want a mix of safety-lighting and mood-lighting, you’re going to want a product which you can set a static colour with, rather than one which automatically changes.

Final Verdict

Taking into account price, versatility of use, durability, practicality, and overall look, our final verdict is that the BRIGHTRIGHT Colorize Solar Powered Pathway Pool Lights are the best product available on the market today. These lights are really quite attractive, and so easy to install – straight out of the box. You can set their colours to static, or changing, according to your needs, and can use them to light your pathway or poolside, flitting between the illuminating safety of white, and the ambient mood-enhancers of red, blue, and green. Affordable too, we say BRIGHTRIGHT are worth checking out.

Pinterest Board

Check out our updated Pinterest board with the best solar pool lights:


Are floating solar lights on pools dangerous?

Not at all. These lights are designed to work on the water, and you’ll find most of them are rated IP65-IP68, meaning they’re totally sealed against water ingress.

How bright are solar pool lights?

Given that these products are relatively inexpensive, and the solar powers built into them relatively small, it’s fair to say that most solar pool lights are designed for ambience first, luminosity second. If you’re looking for brightness, then going with some good deck lights, path lights, or pole lights is your best bet. Otherwise, stock up on several floating lights to achieve your desire brightness.

How much sunlight do solar lights need?

This depends on the quality of the solar panels installed in the products. Top market products sometimes require as little as 3-4 hours of charge to shine for a full 10-12 at night, whereas others demand 8 hours charge for a similar or shorter duration of night-time shine. Having said that, it really depends on whether you want solar pool lights for a night time swim, or for property-illumination. If the former, you’ll rarely need to worry about length of charge (unless you plan to go swimming in the late hours of morning!)

How many solar lights do I need for my pathway?

Again, this depends on the length of your pathway. The packages of deck and pathway lighting we’ve included above supply between 4 and 6 lights, which should be just fine for most average back yards. However, if you’ve a lot of ground to cover, it’s certainly worth investing in more, and checking out the luminosity of your chosen product. And again, always read the customer reviews.

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