Best Solar Porch Lights In 2021 (Complete Review)

Here is the deal for you! We have some exciting and interesting models for you in the form of solar porch light and here you can have a look at the reviews about them.

Apart from placing these solar lights on your porch, you can even mount them in your garden and back patio.

Furthermore, these lights bring a cozy, soft, and also warm glow into your surroundings. They create an inviting and promising atmosphere on your porch.

So, which recommended solar porch light do you want to try out? Do let us know.

First of all, you can read out the reviews about these top ten recommendations, and then a further updated list will be shared with you.

Best Solar Porch Lights Reviews:Best Solar Porch Lights

10. SUNTHIN Solar Porch Lights

SUNTHIN Solar Porch Lights

SUNTHIN solar porch light is an ideal recommendation that you should try out. These are genuinely solar-powered lights and offer USB charging as well.

Furthermore, they are equipped and packed with top-notch solar panels. If these lights are fully charged, then you can use them constantly for around and about 8 to 10 hours.

The unique selling point of this solar porch light is that they offer you a super long lifespan. In other words, their lifespan reaches 50,000 hours.

Apart from that, these lights have 4 modes and they are stable light mode, fast flash mode, flow flash mode and lastly, we have the pulsating light mode.

This whole package is weatherproof and designed in a way to give you long-lasting use. How amazing it is!

So, are you ready to buy these shatterproof lights, you should be! They are made of commercial-grade materials and included with 15 hanging sockets.

These lights are embedded with 16pcs of S14 LED shatterproof bulbs and also 1 spare bulb comes along with them.

Customers have loved using these solar lights as they are UL-listed and approved and ensure the aspect of safety for years and years.

What We Like:

  • It has 4 lighting modes.
  • It is water and weatherproof.
  • It has 15 hanging sockets.

9. Otdair Solar Porch Lights

Otdair Solar Porch Lights

Next, we have this Otdair solar light that is easy and fast to install. Most importantly, this solar porch light has these incredible and amazing looking solar panels on it.

If you charge them for 6 hours, then these lights can remain lit and lighten up for 10 hours.

They do not need any wiring to install and mount themselves. You can mount and set up them virtually everywhere.

You just have to make use of the included and accompanied installation brackets and set up this solar porch light all in one go.

Along with that, the auto on/off on their own. As they have a built-in sensitive light sensor, for the reason that these lights automatically turn on and turn off themselves.

Rest, regarding the construction side of these solar-powered

heights, they are injected with stainless steel and also glass housing.

They look quite modern looking and enhance your home décor side. In the package, you will get 2 Lighting Fixture and 2 Mounting Screws as well as Brackets.

You will even get 1 Instruction Manual.

What We Like:

  • You can mount it virtually anywhere.
  • It has a built-in and sensitive light sensor.
  • It is made by using high-quality material.

8. iThird Solar Porch Lights

iThird Solar Porch Lights

Have you ever got such a solar porch light that is both energy-saving and eco-friendly? We have one such option for you and it is this iThird solar light option.

These lights have 3 adjustable modes and marked as highly advanced solar security lights. Furthermore, if you use their dim light mode, then the solar porch light is going to stay completely dim when no single motion is detected.

This is an ideal option that you can keep in your garage fences garden and even set up in your yard lawn landscape.

You can put up these lights in your porch attic driveways and pathway pools. As soon as these lights detect motion, then they give out maximum brightness and illumination.

No doubt, this is a reliable light model for experiencing safety and security at your home.

Lastly, they are rustproof and waterproof. The other great quality of this motion sensor lighting is that they can withstand all weather conditions and are made of stainless steel material.

What We Like:

  • It has 3 Adjustable Modes.
  • It is Eco-friendly and also Energy-saving.
  • This one is rust-proof lighting.

7. ALOVECO Solar Porch LightsALOVECO Solar Porch Lights

The next suggestion that you can try out is this ALOVECO solar porch light. It is safety tested and proven by a large number of renowned experts and teams.

Moreover, you can call them 2 in 1 Solar Motion Sensor Lights as they work on the mechanism of Light-controlled induction.

The unique part of this solar porch light version is that it automatically turns and transforms itself into flickering flame lights right after 30 seconds when anyone passes.

As they are solar-powered, that is why sufficient and enough battery capacity is present in them.

They are injected with 3 high-quality and top-end solar panels design and this design is here to speed up charging.

In addition, these are the kind of solar lights that can run for more than the time frame of 10 hours.

They show an IP65 protective level and ideal to be used for extensive weather conditions. These exclusive solar lights can withstand and bear heavy rain, cloudy times, and icing or snowing.

What We Like:

  • It is inducted with UV engineer plastic.
  • It shows IP65 protective level.
  • It is safe, tested, and proven.

6. Westinghouse Solar Porch Lights

Westinghouse Solar Porch Lights

Westinghouse solar power lights are the best of all and quite catchy qualities are seen in them. So, let us jump on the review of this solar porch light model.

You can link and connect these lights wirelessly and they can fully activate and lighten up your pathway in less time.

They run on the Wireless Linkable Technology and you can link all up to 20 lights with the help of proprietary and wireless radio frequency range.

This solar porch light shows reactive lighting modes and gives you improved security time each time you use these lights. They have the tendency and capability to show multiple performance levels.

Besides, these lights manage to stay and remain on the standby mode at 20 lumens until and unless the motion is detected.

So, what have you planned so far? Do you want to get these solar-powered lights?

You can give them a try as they function on intelligent technology and gives you full night lighting mode.

What We Like:

  • It shows multiple performance levels.
  • It has an integrated motion sensor.
  • It runs on Intelligent Solar Technology.

5. MAGICTEC Solar Porch Lights

MAGICTEC Solar Porch Lights

MAGICTEC solar porch lights are great and exceptional to be set up in your outdoor premises. Most probably, you are going to love them as they are induced with energy-saving bulbs.

The selling point of this solar porch light version is that they run on automatic and warm lighting modes. Moreover, these lights are easy to install.

They do not bring any electricity costs in front of you and show solid, durable hard plastic construction.

We have seen that these are the kind of solar lights that can withstand years of rain and snow, ice time as well as wind.

This solar porch light type charges automatically, it means that it charges itself in the day and turns on during the night.

So, buy this light and keep it in your backyard, balcony or you can set up it on your stairs, dining areas.

What We Like:

  • It is an energy-efficient option.
  • It is injected with hard plastic construction.
  • It can withstand light rain.

4. ADDLON Solar Porch Lights

ADDLON Solar Porch Lights

Besides, you can order this ADDLON solar porch light as it shows and surrounded with heavy-duty construction and that is the appealing part of it.

In addition, these lights do not need the kind of socket for their operations. They are the name of flexibility and you can use them freely and conveniently anywhere.

This is the exclusive and magical kind of solar porch light that brings warm, cozy, and beautiful soft ambiance right into your outdoor premises.

If you feel like keeping these solar lights in your terrace, backyard, or in your garden, patio, and porch zone, you can do so.

They are highly energy saving and you can charge them fully and completely in just the time frame of 6 to 8 hours.

We recommend you try out these lights they are shatterproof and too waterproof, weatherproof. It is their overall insulation material that can withstand cold weather times.

What We Like:

  • You can use it constantly for 5-6 hours.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is an Ideal Outdoor Lighting option.

3. Mr. Beams Solar Porch Lights

Mr. Beams Solar Porch Lights

If you feel like buying these Mr. Beams solar lights, you can do so. Most importantly, these are LED Motion Sensor Wall Lights and they are infused with 8 LEDs.

The best part of this product is that it can give 100 lumens and also bright automatic light all around the home.

This solar porch light detects motion completely up to 26 feet away and automatically shuts off right after 20 seconds after no motion is detected.

It is installed with 3 lighting modes and all of your different lighting needs are going to be fulfilled if you specifically buy this solar porch light version.

You can either run these lights on the Glow Mode so that you can keep on having a continuous dusk-to-dawn glow time.

Or you can run and function these lights on the dusk-to-dawn mode so that you can be given with continuous light.

What We Like:

  • It runs on 3 lighting modes based.
  • It detects motion.
  • It is marked as a weatherproof wedge light.

2. SEFON Solar Porch Lights

SEFON Solar Porch Lights

The next model of solar porch light category that you can try out is these SEFON solar lights.

These are fully solar-powered and come with solar panels. In addition, they give environmental protection and remain energy saving.

You do not need any additional and extra wires to install these lights. The auto on/off as they are embedded and infused with built-in sensitive light sensors.

If you are looking for a type of solar porch light model that shows a long working time, then you can have this product.

It is water-resistant as well and can be used under all kinds of bad weather times.

Regarding installation, you will not see any mess while installing these solar lights. The package is included with 4 mounting screws so that you can conveniently install these solar lights.

And if you have tried out and used these same solar lights, then share with us your feedback and reviews for sure, and that too on this platform.

What We Like:

  • It has these built-in and sensitive light sensors.
  • It shows a long working time.
  • It is water-resistant.


1. SUNLITEC Solar Porch Lights

SUNLITEC Solar Porch Lights


SUNLITEC solar lights offer dual charging options and that is the USP of this version.

These are highly durable indoor and also outdoor string lights. They are adorned and packed with 25 high-quality LED balls and withstand rainwater and any further breakage.

Moreover, this reviewed option of solar porch light offers you 50,000 hours of bulb lifetime.

If you think that it is tough to look for those kinds of solar lights that run on amazing lighting modes, then you can try this recommendation.

These lights have a premium and high-end 3w/5v solar panel and come with a USB charging port.

If you charge these lights from solar energy, then the charging time will be 8 hours. And if you use a USB charger, then the charging time is going to take 4 hours.

Do try these solar lights as they can enhance the beauty side of your porch zone.

What We Like:

  • It is packed with 50,000 hours of bulb lifetime.
  • It has a USB charging port.
  • This one is a perfect and ideal gift option.

What Is A Solar Porch Light And Who This Is For?Solar Porch Light

The demand for solar porch light is rising day by day. It is all because of the rising environmental pollution that the popularity of these lights is rising.

These lights bring down the environmental pollution crisis, and remain sustainable and marked as an ideal renewable energy source solution.

Furthermore, this is a reliable environmentally friendly alternative that you can use as a lighting source in your patio, backyard, and porch areas.

The main function of these lights is to perfectly and cozily light up your home premises and they do not use any of the electrical wirings to turn on themselves.

These lights only need solar energy to operate and power themselves. They bring down your energy costs and marked as an easy way to light up your patio or porch.

Best Solar Porch Lights – Buyer’s Guide:Best Solar Porch Lights3


You should buy that version of solar porch light that is shatterproof. If it has plastic material bulbs and remains to be packed with weatherproof sockets, then that is great.

Look for the solar light that gives this assurance that your string lights get to remain more and extensively durable.

In this way, such a shatterproof property will not allow your solar lights to get easily breakable.


In addition, have that solar porch light that is waterproof as well. If you manage to get IP65 waterproof backyard lights, then it means you have chosen the right solar light option for yourself.

Moreover, such solar lights withstand and tolerate snow and sun and even damp, wind times.

Easy to Install:

It is recommended to get your hands on that model and type of solar light that is quick and simple to install.

In other words, it should give you flexible mounting options and needs to be simple to mount on any of the flat surfaces or you can hang these lights from above.


Lastly, you can pick such a solar patio porch light that is ETL-approved.

It needs to be fully tested and should be able to meet all of the safety standards.


So, what’s the bottom line? These solar charging porch lights work in the best manner and amplify the cozy state of your surroundings.

In addition, the best and the top-notch solar porch light is always marked as the most energy-efficient as well as a sustainable outdoor lighting option.

You can keep tuned and in touch with us as more recommendations on solar charging lights are coming up.

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