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The Best Solar Post Lights

Keep your outdoor areas illuminated with these eco-friendly solar post lights.

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How would you feel if you walk into your garden at night and see it illuminated with pleasant, ambient light? That would be great, wouldn’t it? That is the experience you get when you buy the best solar post lights. With the right solar post lights, you can light up your dark pathways, garden, yard, and outdoors without breaking the bank. Interestingly, these lights don’t just illuminate your environment. They also improve the security around your home.

Do you know the beauty of having these lights around your home? They run on an alternative, clean and renewable energy source. That means you won’t have to bother yourself with buying batteries or worry about an increase in electricity bills. And the fact that solar post lights generally perform well and are easy to install makes them quite popular.

A unit of solar post light comes with a control system, solar panel, and sometimes LED light (depending on the brand). Interestingly, some of these lights are automated. They feature light sensors which automatically turn them on at dusk and turn them off at dawn. And they can last all night when fully charged.

However, it’s a bit challenging to select from some of the best solar post lights sold out there. Of course, every brand has unique features. So, picking the perfect solar post lights that meet your requirements is sometimes very difficult. But in this post, we have come up with a detailed review and buying guide to help you make the right choice.

Kemeco ST4311AQ Solar Post Light
Best Overall
Kemeco ST4311AQ Solar Post Light

The Kemeco ST4311AQ is the overall best solar post light on this list. It features a simple setup, and you can power it with solar energy automatically. That means the solar light automatically turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn. You can charge it with 3 x Ni-mH 2300 mAh long-lasting and efficient rechargeable batteries.

These solar post cap lights are highly versatile, functional, and attractive. Additionally, you can easily maintain these solar-powered lights. They feature warm white, bright, and gentle LED lighting. Furthermore, this led light comes with four big solar panels. These panels help the solar post lights to deliver maximum power without draining batteries. And that is why when fully charged, the Kemeco St4311AQ solar post cap light can run for about six to eight hours uninterrupted.

Lastly, people love the fact that the solar lamp post features cast-aluminum metal construction. Moreover, its solar panels are built with ripple glass. So, amongst the solar post lights reviewed in this guide, it’s our overall best.

FOOYANCHO Solar Post Lights
Best Performance
FOOYANCHO Solar Post Lights

The FOOYANCHO solar post lights are the best performing solar lights out there. It features a waterproof design with corrosion-resistant materials.

Additionally, FOOYANCHO solar post cap lights are easy to assembly and it doesn’t take much effort to maintain them. They feature highly sensitive auto off and on function.

Surprisingly, these led lights’ built-in batteries can run for three to 5 days when fully charged.

KMC LIGHTING KS101X6 Solar Light
Best Price
KMC LIGHTING KS101X6 Solar Light

The KMC Lighting KS101X6 is one of the best solar post lights for affordability, ease of installation, and customer support.

Interestingly, the KMC lighting KS101X6 is just like most fence post lights out there. It doesn’t require any complicated electrical work. So, you don’t need to hire an experienced technician to help you with the installation. Furthermore, it features highly efficient rechargeable batteries. That means you can run your light for quite a few hours when fully charged without a hassle.

This security lighting brand gives adequate customer support whenever you need it. And the solar lamp comes with an easy-to-follow assembly guide for the best way to install it in your outdoor area.

How Does A Solar Post Light Work?

If you’ve ever seen a solar post light in action (maybe that’s why you’re here – you want one for yourself!), then you know just how impressive the quality and length of light delivered by them can be. What’s even more impressive is the fact that these solar lights have no external wiring, and no obvious source of power. What makes them tick? Is it magic? Not quite, though we don’t blame you for thinking so. Let’s take a quick look at exactly how these contraptions function.

Whilst solar post-fitted lights come in many different shapes and sizes, designs, colours, and styles, they are all fairly similar in construction. As with most solar lighting, it seems that at some point a while back, someone discovered the optimal way to fit lighting with solar panels, and ever since people have been manufacturing solar lights in the exact same manner.

Basically, a solar post light is comprised of an LED bulb (or many LED bulbs) housed in a water and weatherproof casing of glass, plastic and/or metal. This casing is then mounted on top of a post (not included), in an area which you’ve designated to be lighted. To power the light, one or several solar panels are built into the top part of the solar light casing, facing upward toward the sky and sun. These solar panels convert sunlight into consumable electricity, which they feed into a battery contained within the unit. The solar panels generate electricity and store it in the battery all throughout the day (sunlight depending), for use come nightfall. Generally speaking, a solar post light is fitted with a light sensor which senses the change in daylight and automatically turns the unit on come evening. The LED bulb(s) is/are then powered by energy from the battery throughout the night. Come morning, the unit automatically turns back off, for the solar panel(s) to begin recharging the battery once again. This cycle repeats daily, and can last for many years before requiring maintenance or replacement.

Let’s take one last look at the most integral component of any solar lighting: the solar panel(s). Solar panels are frames comprised of many smaller individual solar cells. These cells (also known as photovoltaic cells) are made up of thin films of silicon (either polycrystalline or monocrystalline, the latter being the most efficient). When sunlight hits a solar cell, a chemical and physical reaction occurs, during which electricity is generated thanks to the displacement of electrons from one thin film of silicon to another. This reaction happens continually throughout the daylight hours. The volts (DC) of electricity produced are then sent through the panel into the battery of the solar post light, to be used to power the LED bulb(s) come night time.

Pros and Cons of a Solar Post Light

There are generally few negatives to free, renewable, clean energy products, but it’s still worth your while to spend a little time getting to grips with both the pros and cons of a solar post light.


  1. Easy installation. With no wiring, no external power source, and no fussy set-up or settings to manually adjust (especially since most of these solar lights turn on and off automatically), a solar post light can be installed straight out of the box with minimal effort. You don’t need to be a DIY queen or professional electrician. You just need to have a post ready to mount your light on, and off you go.
  2. Free electricity. Clearly the most well-beloved perk of renewable energy is the fact that it’s free. After the initial cost of the unit, you will never pay a single cent for the electricity generated by the internal solar panels, significantly reducing the overall cost of your annual electricity bills.
  3. Green energy. Replacing fossil-fuel dependent energy with renewable energy sources (like solar) is not just a cost-cutting measure, it’s also an invaluable step toward a healthier, happier planet, and a step away from climate crisis.
  4. Affordable. Whilst there are solar post light options out there for those more flush with cash, for those of us with a tighter budget there are still plenty of affordable options. This is one of the truly remarkable things about solar technology: despite it creating access to free electricity, it is not accessible only to the rich; the every day working person can also afford to install a solar post light or several around their property, with units going for as cheap as $12 a piece.
  5. Reliable and durable. Sunlight depending, you never have to worry about loss of light due to a power outage, since solar power is 100% off-grid. Thus, your solar post light can be depended on in any circumstance. Moreover, the light produced (again, sunlight depending) can be just as bright and attractive as any grid-linked light. Solar lights for posts are durable, too, since the solar panels need to be weather and waterproof in order to function, so too do the casings and bulbs. Just the occasional clean is all the maintenance your solar panel products require.


  1. Sunlight dependent. This should be a pretty obvious point, but solar power requires direct and fairly consistent exposure to sunlight in order to work. What this means to the consumer is that in order for you to enjoy the advertised luminosity and length of lighting, promised by your solar post light manufacturer, the internal solar panels will have to receive a full charge from the sun every day. If you live in an area of consistent low light, or which is often overcast, you will notice a difference in light quality and the number of hours your solar post light can shine during the night, following days during which there was little sun.
  2. Inconsistent quality. Whilst the availability of solar power technology means it has never been more affordable, this also comes with a downside. Unfortunately, there are plenty of manufacturers around the world who are able to churn our subpar products which, on the surface, look identical to genuinely quality alternatives. These inconsistencies in quality can manifest themselves in poor (or a lack of) weatherproofing, dull LED bulbs, low-wattage solar panels, and so on. We implore you to always read customer reviews, and spend time shopping around before committing to a solar post light.

Best Solar Post Lights Reviewed

The following are the top 10 solar post lights currently available in the market. Let’s find the one that’s perfect for you.

#1. Kemeco ST4311AQ Solar Post Light

  • Brand: Kemeco
  • Color: Black
  • Automatic solar powered
  • Energy saving & gentle warm white LED
  • Maintenance free & waterproof
Kemeco ST4311AQ Solar Post Light

Kemeco ST4311AQ is the best solar post light on our list. They are attractive, versatile, and highly functional. In addition, it’s easy to assemble and doesn’t require any complicated electrical work to install. And you have the option to either install the light with a mounting base or attach it to a three-inch mount post.

Interestingly, this solar post light can both decorate and add a good amount of illumination to your outdoor spaces. So, you are getting great value for every dime spent. Furthermore, this solar light features 12 LEDs that emit gentle, warm, and bright light. And it comes with four huge solar panels that produce maximum power without consuming batteries. In addition, the batteries are very efficient.

For the most part, this product has one of the best constructions amongst most of the solar post cap lights out there. That is because their constructions feature cast-aluminum metal and ripple glass panels. But you have to wipe the solar panel with wet fabric regularly. It helps the panel to get the maximum amount of sunlight.

Again, the Kemeco ST4311AQ is unique for its exceptional lighting performance. And when you charge it fully, it can run for about six to eight hours.


  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Automated
  • Easy to install
  • Cast-aluminum metal and ripple glass construction
  • Easy to maintain


  • Regular cleaning needed to get maximum exposure to sunlight.
  • Not weatherproof.

#2. FOOYANCHO Solar Post Lights

  • Brand: FOOYANCHO
  • Solar Pillar Lamp
  • High Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • Solar Powered Post Cap Lights
  • Long Working Time
  • IP65 Waterproof Grade
  • Dust to Dawn Auto On/Off
FOOYANCHO Solar Post Lights

As stated earlier, FOOYANCHO solar post cap lights are the best performing LED lights that you can get right now. And you don’t need an experienced technician to help you assemble these solar lamp posts because they are beginner-friendly. Additionally, you don’t need to supervise these solar lamp posts once installed because the power on and off functions are automated. With these post lights around your home, your outdoor area will get adequate lighting.

And, if you need a solar lamp post brand that’s reasonably affordable yet very functional, you should give FOOYANCHO a shot. Generally, the FOOYANCHO solar post cap lights are low profile. Perhaps, that is why they are very popular among homeowners.

These high-performing solar post lights don’t only repel water but are also non-corrosive. That is because it has an IP65 water rating. So, you don’t need to worry about weather conditions when using them.

Like most solar lights, the FOOYANCHO LED lights are easy to maintain. It features a highly efficient built-in battery that can run for three to five days when fully charged. Note that since the FOOYANCHO solar lamp posts don’t allow a more flexible charging option, ensure that you tightly position the fixtures in a small spot so that the solar panel can face direct sunlight. Otherwise, the panels won’t get enough solar energy.


  • Automated power on and off function
  • Easy to set up.
  • Non-corrosive and weatherproof design.
  • Runtime of 3 – 5 days
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Features three light colors – warm, white, warm white.


  • Only one charging option.

#3. KMC Lighting KS101X6 Solar Light

  • Brand: KMC
  • Color: Black
  • High Performance Bright LED
  • Safe no warning required
KMC Lighting KS101X6 Solar Light

The KMC Lighting KS101X6 Solar light is exceptional in terms of functionality, ease of installation, and efficiency. If you need low-budget solar lamp posts that function effectively, the KMC Lighting KS101X6 is an excellent option.

KMC as a brand has a reputation for being exceptional in the area of customer support. And that is why people like patronizing the brand.

This model of KMC solar lamp post comes with bright LED lights that give your outdoor space gentle illumination. They also feature energy-efficient and rechargeable batteries.


  • Energy-efficient and rechargeable batteries.
  • Ease of installation
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Easy to use


  • Low illumination during cloudy days.

#4. Home Zone Security Solar Post Lights

  • Brand: Home Zone Security
  • Color: Black
  • Solar Powered
  • Decorative Housing
  • Dusk to Dawn Sensor
Home Zone Security Solar Post Lights

The Home Zone Solar Post Lights are decorative glass LED lights that illuminate the outdoor areas of your home. You can also use these solar lamp posts in your workplace to offer elegant accent lighting to the office environment.

Interestingly, you can install these solar lights easily even if you don’t have any technical experience. Furthermore, these lights are designed with weather-resistant materials. So, regardless of the weather condition, these energy-efficient lights will function very well.

You will also appreciate the fact that these solar lights are automated. They automatically turn on during dusk and turn off during dawn. And they also charge automatically during the day. Therefore, you don’t need to stress yourself about its operation.

However, you need to carry out routine maintenance on these lights once in a while. It will improve their functionality and make them more durable.


  • Automatic sensors
  • Accent lighting
  • Easy to install
  • Weatherproof.


  • Misleading product descriptions.

#5. Davinci Lighting Premium Outdoor Solar Post Lights

  • Brand: Davinci
  • Color: Slate Black
  • No Electricians Necessary
  • No Messy Wiring
  • Automatic Lighting at Night
  • Engineered to the Highest Standards
  • Works in Rain, Sleet, or Snow
Davinci Lighting Premium Outdoor Solar Post Lights

The Davinci Lighting DL116 Solar Post Lights don’t only illuminate your home; they also give it an appealing and glossy style. At dawn, they start charging, and at dusk, they turn on automatically.

Additionally, the lighting kit comes with glowing 25-Lumen warm white LEDs. And these LEDs can effectively illuminate your outdoor areas.

Of course, these solar lights are easy to install; you don’t need to hire a technician to help you mount them. It’s a straightforward installation process that is beginner-friendly.

With the Davinci Lighting DL116 solar lamp post, you can decorate your outdoor area without breaking the bank. And when charged fully, these solar lights can run for six to eight hours.

Lastly, these lights feature solid construction and are weatherproof. So, expect a long-lasting performance when you get any of these solar lights. And their LEDs can last for over a hundred thousand hours.


  • Automated operation and charging
  • Beginner-friendly installation process
  • Runtime of six to eight hours
  • Solid construction with weather-resistant materials.
  • The 25 Lumen LEDs last for 100000 hours.


  • Unable to work correctly for 6×6 light posts.

#6. LOHAS LED Outdoor Solar Post Lights

  • Brand: LOHAS
  • Color: Daylight White
  • 6000K Daylight White
  • Auto ON/OFF mode
  • IP65 Waterproof outdoor solar light
LOHAS LED Outdoor Solar Post Lights

The LOHAS LED outdoor solar post cap lights are ideal solar lamp posts for anybody who needs lighting for a deck post. You can use these solar lights both in your home as well as your workplace.

These units feature upgraded solar panels that charge more efficiently. And if you are looking for an eco-friendly solar lamp post, this is the perfect choice for you. Naturally, they are both harmless to the planet and efficiently save energy consumption.

In addition, the LOHAS LED outdoor solar post lights are automated. That means they automatically turn on at dusk and turn off by dawn.

Furthermore, these outdoor solar post lights are wireless and portable, so it’s easy to carry them around and store them. Since these fixtures are designed for outdoor space, they come with an IP65 waterproof rating. So, irrespective of the weather in your environment, it will still function effectively.


  • Automated operation
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Wireless operation
  • IP65 weatherproof rating


  • Unreliable mounting screws

#7. Greluna Solar Post Lights (Pack of 2)

  • Hight quality plastic and bright with 15 LUMEN LED
  • Energy saving
  • Used widely
  • Suitable for home outdoor safety/ convenience
Greluna Solar Post Lights (Pack of 2)

Greluna solar post lights are just amazing. They are portable and reliable fence post lights that you can use to brighten your outdoor areas.

Interestingly, these solar lights feature solar replaceable AA batteries. So it’s easy to assembly these solar post lights as the kit comes with all the tools and accessories you need to install it.

Furthermore, the Greluna solar post lights are energy-efficient and will help you cut down the cost of electricity drastically.

Lastly, these solar lights are very affordable and can illuminate your garden, pathways, and other outdoor areas even if you are on a tight budget.


  • Comes with replaceable solar AA batteries.
  • Wide range of applications.
  • Kit includes all the necessary tools and accessories.


  • Lights are relatively smaller.

#8. SunnyPark Solar Post Lights

  • Brand: SunnyPark
  • Post Cap Light
  • Appealing crackle glass design
  • Solar panel to generate energy from sunlight
SunnyPark Solar Post Lights

SunnyPark solar post cap lights are unique for their functionality and appeal. They are designed to make your outdoor space stand out in the neighborhood.

These solar lamp posts are easy to set up. They are made of high-quality crystal glass and features highly efficient solar panels. These panels charge effectively during the daytime.

However, always ensure that you place your solar panels so that they are exposed to direct sunlight. And when adequately exposed to sunlight during the day, they can work up to ten hours at night.


  • Easy setup
  • Features high-quality crystal glass and highly efficient solar panels
  • Runtime of about ten hours
  • Decorative in design


  • Inconsistent sizes.

#9. Kemeco ST4224Q-A LED Cast Aluminum Solar Post

  • Brand: Kemeco
  • Color: Black
  • Automatic Solar-power
  • Used widely
  • Classic design
Kemeco ST4224Q-A LED Cast Aluminum Solar Post

Kemeco is always a brand of interest when buying solar-powered lamps for your outdoor areas. These solar lamp posts feature heavy-duty metal materials and are designed to last long. It’s easy to set up this sun-powered light; even if you are a novice, you can install the Kemeco ST4224Q light without stress.

The Kemeco ST4224Q does not only illuminates your outdoors but also makes it look elegant, classy, and sophisticated.


  • Heavy-duty metal build
  • Easy installation
  • Automated operation
  • Design


  • Runtime is dependant on weather conditions and geographical location.

#10. BlueYang Solar Post Light, Outdoor Post Cap Light Flickering Flame Light for Fence

  • Brand: BlueYang
  • Color: Black
  • Gorgeous dancing solar post cap light
  • Extreme weather resistant outdoor post cap light
  • Environmental friendly solar powered post cap light
  • Long working time and easy installation
  • Widely application
BlueYang Solar Post Light, Outdoor Post Cap Light Flickering Flame Light for Fence

The BlueYang Solar Post light is an impressive solar outdoor light to brighten your driveways. When illuminated, these solar lamp posts feature a flame-like design. These fence post lights will make your outdoor space look aesthetically beautiful at night.

Simple design means it is easy to set up; you don’t need to hire a technician to handle it for you. However, during installation, try to place the solar panels in a position to maximise absorption of sunlight. They are designed to withstand harsh weather. So, regardless of the weather condition in your environment, you don’t need to bother yourself about your lamp posts.


  • Flame-like illumination
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy Installation
  • Wide range of applications


  • Relatively small in size

Buyers Guide

As amazing as solar post cap lights seem, it can be very challenging when buying one for your home or workplace. With several brands and models out there, you may end up buying a solar lamp post that doesn’t fit your style or requirements.

So, here are some essential factors to consider before buying any solar lamp post (whether online or offline).


Before you buy any brand of solar post light, ensure that they have a durable construction. Since these lights are in the outdoor space, they are prone to harsh weather conditions like heavy rain or extreme heat. So, always consider brands or models that can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. Of course, it’s cool to check for style but always prioritize durability. Otherwise, you may end up changing your solar outdoor lighting regularly.

Runtime and Charge Time

These are two important things you shouldn’t overlook when getting a solar lamp post for your home. Always consider the lighting fixtures that can provide enough light for longer hours. The runtime of a solar post light is the number of hours it can last after sundown. And the charge time refers to the number of hours it takes for your solar post lights to charge fully. So take note of these little details when buying solar post cap lights.


The higher the output in lumens, the brighter the light is and the better it would illuminate your outdoor. So, try to get lights with higher lumens for better illumination of your outdoor space.

Ease of Installation

Most solar these lights are easy to install. But make sure to confirm this before you make the purchase. It doesn’t make any logical sense to buy complex post lights that are difficult to install. If you do, you will end up paying a technician to do the installation.


Solar post cap lights are often exposed to different weather conditions. So, it’s advisable always to prioritize lights that are waterproof and weather resistant. In addition, they are more durable and tend to operate optimally without malfunction.

Final Verdict

The Kemeco ST4311AQ Solar Post Lights are simply the best solar post cap lights out there. The reason is that they are versatile, unique, attractive, and highly functional. The kit has all the features that solar post lights require to illuminate effectively. They are easy to install and have two installation methods. Their high efficiency, four huge panels, and other unique features make it a worthy investment for anybody who needs a highly functional solar post light.


Which Brands Make the Best Solar Post Cap Lights?

There are several brands out there that produce top-notch solar cap lights. However, here are the top 4 brands that produce premium quality solar post cap lights – FOOYANCHO, DAVINCI, KEMECO and HOME ZONE SECURITY.

How to Maintain Solar Post Lights?

Solar post cap lights don’t really need much maintenance. All you need is to replace the batteries once in a while and clean the lights to enable them to function effectively.

Can I Set Up My Solar Post Cap Lights Myself?

Yes, you can set up your solar post cap lights yourself. It’s relatively easy as most of the brands are beginner-friendly. At times there may be a well-explained guide on how to install the lights in the kit. So, you don’t need to hire a technician to help you install your solar post lights.

Where Can I Buy Solar Post Lights?

You can buy your solar post cap lights anywhere, including online stores like Amazon, home depots, electrical shops, hardware shops, departmental stores, etc. However, it’s advisable you shop your solar post lights online to get better deals.

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