10 Best Solar Posts Lights Reviewed 2021 (Guide)

Want to know the best part of these topmost recommended solar post lights, here you can know about that! These reliable to use versions are packed with professional design.

Furthermore, they run and operate on the most efficient solar-powered technology. Moreover, they are completely wireless. You are free to mount them onto your fence, patio or pole, or any outdoor lighting needs.

They are embossed with the most classical and stylish looking designs, for the reason that the front or backside of your home will get an elegant touch.

You can use thee lights to light up your driveway, patio or pillar or flowerbeds. They are quick to install and no wiring is needed to set up. So, do gear up yourself now!

Try out these outdoor solar lights for your post and save on your electricity bill as well. You can share your feedback with us if you choose solar fence post lights from our provided and mentioned list.

Benefits of Solar Posts Lights

Best Solar Posts Lights

You might be wondering what are the unending benefits given out by these solar post lights. Here you can check out that:

These solar post lights incur and carry minimal operational costs. Most importantly, they are of wireless in nature.

It is for this main reason that they need and require almost zero care and maintenance.

In addition, the absence of external wires turn out these lights do not pose any kind of risk or threat of accidents.

They do not cause incidents like that of electrocution, strangulation and also overheating.

Even more, these kinds of lights are a pure and genuine delight for environmentalists.

They manage to bring significant lowering and reduction of carbon footprint. All in all, you can call them a perfect and best of all green lighting solution.

They are a far better investment than that of conventional lights. They run all along a home’s driveway and illuminate wider areas.

What to Look Before Buying Solar Posts Light?

Before you buy solar post lights for yourself, make sure that you keep in mind these highly important and vital points.

Make sure that your purchased solar post cap lights should be able to add radiance and also a distinction to your gardens, yards. It needs to heavily lighten up your decks.

If it creates a well-lit path to any of your outdoor environment, then you have got the right set of solar post light.

If your lights are packed with bright white LED, only then you will be able to enjoy a better quality and even light distribution results.

Such lights last up to six times longer as compared to other kinds of lights. Besides, look for the option that works more efficient than that of traditional fluorescent lights of incandescent lights.

Most importantly, you need to buy those solar post lights that are 100% solar powered. It should always give you long-lasting and ambient lighting.

Premium sets no longer give you the hassle and tough time of external wiring.

If solar lights will remain to stay greatly and excessively exposed to the direct sunlight, then that solar light will be able to give longer run times all at night.

Lastly, they need to be easy to mount. And you are free to prefer those solar post camps that reinstalled and packed with unique decorative patterns.

10- Davinci Solar Post Lights

Davinci Solar Post Lights

Davinci Solar Post Lights is designed and made by real homeowners and that is the best and coolest part bout this product.

Most importantly, if you are looking for an affordable way to the upscale aesthetic look of your home, then try installing these solar post lights.

They give out warm white LED lights along with the presence of stylish and appealing modern design. You do not have to stress at all while installing these lights.

They are packed with a flexible “fuzzy fit” design. It is all due to this reason that these lights are easy to mount.

What We Like:

  • Industrial grade plastic is used in the making of it.
  • They automatically turn on at night.
  • They give a super simple installation job.

9- KMC Lighting Post Solar Fence Light

KMC Lighting Post Solar Fence Light

KMC Lighting Post Solar Fence Light gives gentle and warm light every single time.

Most noteworthy, it can make and turn out your front and back yard completely unique and matchless looking.

No trouble will be given to you while installing these solar post lights. They are easy to install. They do not need any electrical wiring.

If you are searching for fence lights that are energy-saving and money-saving, then do try out this recommendation.

As they are powered by free solar energy, that is why you are going to love them more and more.

Besides, they automatically work at dusk and turns off at dawn.

What We Like:

  • There is a light sensor included in these lights
  • They need little care and maintenance.
  • Warranty is guaranteed in material and workmanship.

8- GreenLighting 6 Pack Modern Design Solar Powered Post Cap Light

GreenLighting 6 Pack Modern Design Solar Powered Post Cap Light

Next, we have this GreenLighting 6 Pack Modern Design Solar Powered Post Cap Light for you.

Most probably, you will become the die-hard fan of these bungalow-style post cap lights as they manage to bring radiance and distinction to yards and gardens, or decks.

They are featured with 2 bright white LEDs.

Moreover, this suggestion gives long-lasting and strong ambient lighting. You will come across no hassle or mess of external wiring.

You can mount and set up it to the highest point present on the railing.

What We Like:

  • It gives no hassle of installation.
  • It is easy to mount.
  • It remains to stay maintenance-free.

7- Siedinlar Solar Post Lights

Siedinlar Solar Post Lights

Have you ever come across a kind of solar post light set that is packed with a unique and stylish looking design!

If not, then do not waste any more time and try out these Siedinlar Solar Post Lights.

They are available in the form of beautiful metal lamp shades. Furthermore, they are embedded with unique decorative patterns. You can even mount them on the wooden poles or fences.

Note down that these solar lights are charged in the daytime for about a time fra,e of 6-8 hours under the sun. And then they remain to stay turn on for 8-12 hours in the nighttime.

Besides, they work for over 30000 hours. Regarding their construction, they are made by using cast aluminum, and other anti-corrosion metals.

What We Like:

  • They are IP44 waterproof.
  • They are made with the help of anti-corrosion metals.
  • You will get.1 year warranty time.

6- iGlow Solar LED Post Deck Cap Square Fence Light

iGlow Solar LED Post Deck Cap Square Fence Light

How about getting your hands on this iGlow 4 Solar LED Post Deck Cap Square Fence Light!

Most probably, this solar post light will meet your every single requirement as it is packed with Ultra Bright White LEDs and they last up to 100,000 hours.

Moreover, they have pre-installed Rechargeable AA Battery that manages to last up to 2 Years. It is its automatic sensor that fully and completely activates at dusk.

Lastly, no matter it is raining, your solar lights will remain secure and protected as they are totally and wholly weatherproof.

If you are interested in buying it, then note down its dimensions and they are 5.75” (L) x 5.75″ (W) x 4.5” (H). Its base dimensions are 4″ (L) x 4″ (W).

What We Like:

  • It is 100% weatherproof.
  • It is quick to install and mount.
  • There is no wiring needed to mount it.

5- Classy Caps SL079W 4X4 White PVC Prestige Solar Post Light

Classy Caps SL079W 4X4 White PVC Prestige Solar Post Light

Classy Caps SL079W 4X4 White PVC Prestige Solar Post Cap has got maximum love from our side.

It always gives high-performance and that is the USP of it. Most importantly, this set stays lit for up to the time frame of 12 hours.

Beyond, it lights up automatically every night. This recommendation is composed of 2 High output LED’s that gives brilliant white light.

The package is also included with 2 long-life AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

Talking about the construction side of this solar post light set, it is made of Durable White Vinyl (PVC) and it fits on 4”x4” or 3.5”x3.5” post.

What We Like:

  • It lights up automatically at night.
  • It is made of Durable White Vinyl (PVC)
  • It offers quick Do It Yourself installation job.

4- Home Zone Security Solar Post Cap Lights

Home Zone Security Solar Post Cap Lights

Another top pick we have for you, it is this Home Zone Security Solar Post Cap Lights. This product has become one of the popular versions as it is installed with long-lasting 4500K LED lights.

It is designed in a way by keeping it all paired and fused with decorative kind of rigged light housing.

It gives out the most beautiful accent lighting effect that is going to make your deck and porch posts magical looking.

Furthermore, this is the kind of solar post light that offer quick and painless installation job.

It gives hours of illumination and you will also be given with 1-year no-hassle product warranty time.

What We Like:

  • It automatically triggers and activates at night.
  • It offers hours of illumination.
  • Customers will get 1-year product warranty time.

3- Moonrays 91254 Solar LED Post Cap Light

Moonrays 91254 Solar LED Post Cap Light

Moonrays 91254 Solar LED Post Cap Light is the kind of version that comes with a durable black finish. All in all, this solar light looks quite catchy looking.

It is made with the help of long-lasting plastic and also metal. In addition, its battery is fully charged by the sun.

And the presence of Moonrays technology let and fully allow the charged battery to give light and shone up to 8 hours.

Lastly, the lens present on this post cap light is colorful. It gives the 360-degree display.

What We Like:

  • It is made of high-quality plastic and metal.
  • It gives light up to 8 hours.
  • It offers 360-degree display.

2- Kemeco ST4310AQ 6 LED PIR Motion Sensor Solar Post Light

Kemeco ST4310AQ 6 LED PIR Motion Sensor Solar Post Light

Kemeco ST4310AQ 6 LED PIR Motion Sensor Solar Post Light is installed with an automatic motion sensor. It lights on full brightness the minute you will walk by these lights!

Besides, it automatically turns on in low brightness range at dusk and turns off at sunrise. It offers easy assembly job and no wire is needed to set up it.

Make sure that you mount this light either on a 3-inch round post or you can fix it with the help of a mounting base.

What We Like:

  • An automatic motion sensor is present in it.
  • It gives hassle-free and easy assembly job.
  • It contains a square mounting base.

1- Greluna Solar Post Lights

Greluna Solar Post Lights

Lastly, here comes this Greluna Solar Post Lights. The best part about this recommendation is that it absorbs full and direct sunlight to charge itself for 6-8 hours.

In this way, this light will be able to give 6-8 hours of illumination. This light does not damage itself under any kind of tough weather times. It contains a waterproof rating of IP45.

You are free to install these lights in the front/ backyard or along driveway or walkway, sidewalk or around your patio or porch.

The package is included with 1 x Solar Light Outdoor and 3 x screw plastic grooves and also 3 x screws.

What We Like:

  • It has got a waterproof rating of IP45.
  • It let you feel a different decoration experience.
  • You will get friendly customer service.

Best Solar Posts Lights – Buyers Guide

Best Solar Posts Lights

Easy to Fit and Install

Most probably, you should only buy that solar post light set that is easy to fit and quick to install. It should not offer you any of the strict size tolerances.

You can search and hunt for the option that is composed of a flexible “fuzzy fit” kind of design. In this way, you will be able to mount those lights easily on top of any wooden post or PVC vinyl post.

High-Quality Construction

It is advised to look for the option that is designed and made by real homeowners. You can give your thumbs up to that set that is made of industrial-grade plastic along with UV fade protection.

It needs to be packed with hardened tempered glass to secure and protect solar panels.

Even more, if it is IP44 weatherproof and its LEDs last for approximately 100,000 hours, then it means you have got the most reliable set of solar post lights.

Solar-Powered and Gives High Brightness

Besides, it will be super great if you give your favor to that solar post light set that is embedded with full solar-powered nature.

It is observed that top-class models of solar lights, they need and require one day of direct sunlight, this way they can easily give 8 hours of power. Beyond, they need o automatically turns on at night.

Always hunt for High Brightness Solar Deck Lights, such lights are injected with 15 Lumens. And they constantly give quite gentle and also warm light.

Money-Saving and Energy-Saving

Lastly, you have to keep in mind to look for solar post lights that are truly and genuinely energy-saving and money-saving.

It needs to be guaranteed to be free from any kind of defects in material and also workmanship.

FAQ’s about Best Solar Posts Lights

Solar Posts Lights

How Long do Solar Post Caps Last?

It is for approximately one year that solar post caps last! This is the average lifespan that is inculcated in them.

As they are composed of rechargeable batteries, for the reason and main fact that their batteries last for an approximately one-year time frame.

Moreover, it is not recommended to use regular and non-rechargeable batteries in any of your solar post cap lights. One should only use rechargeable batteries in these solar lights.

If you make this mistake, then these regular batteries may destroy the solar collector.

What Is the Brightest Solar Landscape Lights?

The brightest solar landscape lights are at times called with the name of task lights or spotlights.

They give light that is roughly and approximately equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent bulb.

You may buy AMIR Solar Powered String Lights, URPOWER Solar Lights or Deneve Deluxe Solar Flag Pole Light, SolarGlow Solar Garden Lights, they mark themselves as one of the brightest solar landscape lights.


It is time to make your home lovely looking. Get hold of these solar post lights and illuminate your home in the best possible way. Furthermore, these recommendations are functional, decorative.

They are marked as classy landscape lighting that is going to instantly make your outdoor spaces shine! You can mount them on any kind of flat surface.

Feel free to install them on patio or deck tables, in an outdoor garden, or any light post that needs brightening up. The options are endless. 

Moreover, these top picks are wireless and also completely self-contained. There is a built-in photosensor present in them that is going to automatically turns on the lights at night.

Hence, do not miss the chance and get your hands on these solar post cap lights as they carry weatherproof construction. Keep connected with us.

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