15 Awesome Solar Powered Portable Chargers Review in 2021

Solar Powered portable charger is a great innovation that keeps you connected with your devices when you are out somewhere in the world. If you are a regular traveler then this technology will suit you the best.

Portable Charger will help you with charging your cell phone, or any mobile device, quickly if you don’t have an electricity facility available, you simply just need the power of the sun.

Solar Powered Portable Chargers are ideal and will provide you with long term use. This small and lightweight technology is going to provide you with great convenience. 

For you, in this article, we have listed out 15 Awesome Solar Powered Portable Chargers. These are one of the best Solar Powered Portable Chargers available in the market. 

15- Beswill Solar Charger 8000mAh

Beswill Solar Charger 8000mAh

On the top of the list is Beswill Solar Charger, which comes with a 8000mAh power bank. This is an ideal piece of solar charger which is suitable for outdoor trips.

This is easy to carry with its lightweight of only 7.8 ounces. You would be surprised to know that this solar charger can charge an iPhone or any smartphone 6-8 times.

This is a versatile portable charger. It includes 21 LED lights on the back of the mobile power supply. This can be very helpful for you in case of any emergency. It includes ABS construction.

It also includes 3 USB ports for charging. Thus you can charge more than one phone at a time. 

This is an ideal charger if you are going on a 3-4 day trip. It is going to keep your phones charged. And also provide you with an emergency LED light. 

What We Like The Most: 

  • Includes 21 LED lights at the back
  • ABS construction which is durable and waterproof 

14- Be-charming Portable Charger 24000mah High Capacity

Be-charming Portable Charger 24000mah High Capacity

This is one of the most powerful solar-powered portable chargers on this list. It carries a 24000 mAh of high capacity.

It can give you a working time of 3-5 days when fully charged. Another interesting feature of this portable charger is that it consists of dual LED lights. They are ideal for people who love a good camping trip. 

It may charge your phone 5-6 times. It includes 3 USB ports that allow you to charge several devices at a time. This product features a compact size and weighs just over a pound.

However, the size of the charger restricts solar features to perform fully. But, the best part is that you are secured with a customer care service.

You will be offered a warranty of 18 months with this device. Thus, no need to worry in case of any problem. 

What We Like The Most:

  • 24000 mAh high capacity 
  • Warranty of 18 months

13- F.DORLA Solar Power Bank

F.DORLA Solar Power Bank

F.Dorla is an ideal solar powered portable charger. This is going to be a great deal for you, if you encounter a harsh weather condition during your trip.

This solar power bank is water-resistant and can provide you with great help in keeping your devices charged during trips. It includes a built-in lithium polymer battery of  20000 mAh. A full charge can help you charge your phone for about 7 to 8 times.

The best part is that it includes 4 foldable solar panels. They are highly efficient and provide you with most performance. The brand claims its performance to be 4x times better than all the other  solar-powered portable chargers. 

Moreover, it also includes a bright LED light to help you at night time on your trip. Another aspect that makes this solar power bank a remarkable one is its construction. It includes ABS+Silicon material which provides protection against water. 

What We Like The Most:

  • Water-resistant construction
  • Consist of 4 foldable solar panels.

12- Bysionics Solar Charger, 10000mAh

Bysionics Solar Charger, 10000mAh

This is a QI wireless and solar-powered portable charger. It consists of 10000 mAh high capacity. This is a portable charger which is compatible with most qi-enabled devices.

iPhone and Samsung’s latest model is included in this list. Due to it being cable-free and tangle-free, you will be at great comfort. 

Other interesting features of this solar-powered portable charger are. It consists of 2 LED flashlights and a compass. That can be very helpful for you on your trip in knowing the directions.

The best part about this is that it is manufactured from  ABS+PC+Silicone. This material construction provides it protection against all sorts of weather conditions.

This is a unique portable usb solar charger. It can help you charge no just phones but also Go Pros and Apple watches. This is a light and durable solar charger, providing great value to your money. 

What We Like The Most: 

  • Compatible with most qi-enabled devices
  • Excellent portability
  • Resistant to all weather conditions

11- Ryno Tuff Solar Charger with Built-in Battery Power Bank

Ryno Tuff Solar Charger with Built-in Battery Power Bank

Much like those on the Amazon bestseller list, this product uses advanced technologies that identify which devices are attached to for fast and effective charging.

This  solar-powered portable charger has a 21W Sunpower panel rather than a power bank. The weight of this product is about a pound. Hooks and loops are provided so that anything is conveniently connected, be it your bag or RV.

The product is not only immune to corrosion but it also comes with a waterproof panel covering. Two USB ports are included and the devices can be charged at once.

This  solar-powered portable charger is built for reliability and endurance, but don’t think about what the implications are as Ryno Tuff promises a lifetime guarantee.

You are not going to get disappointed by this product. 

What We Like The Most: 

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Comes with lifetime guarantee

10- Nekteck 21W Portable Solar Panel Charger

Nekteck 21W Portable Solar Panel Charger

Nekteck solar-powered portable charger is a highly efficient and quality product. It has a 21 W SunPower panel. This increases the rate of power conversion since it does not store power. It allows you to charge two devices at a time with two USB ports.

This product has an integrated intelligence processor to increase the charging speed at which your devices are charged effectively. This is an extremely portable solar power charger.

You can fold it and it will easily fit in your backpack. The interesting feature about this product is its durability. The aspect which you need the most. 

In wet weather, the charger will not be affected in any way. The charger comes with velcro loops and can be conveniently hung on your backpack.

What We Like The Most:

  • 21 W Sunpower panel
  • Portable solar charger

9- Ezle Solar Charger 15000mAh

Ezle Solar Charger 15000mAh

Like all the other suggestions. This solar-powered portable charger also allows you to charge two devices simultaneously with dual USB ports. It has a high capacity of 15000 mAh. This is one of the best solar-powered portable chargers available. 

The best part about this product is its universal compatibility. This means that you can charge any device with this product. Other interesting features include water resistance, dustproof, and shockproof.

One disadvantage of the product is that it includes some smart technology as other prior products, meaning that the power of sunlight and the transfer rate of the panel will lead in longer charging times than normal.

But if you neglect that aspect, this product is ideal. Moreover, this product is also an affordable option. 

What We Like The Most: 

  • Water-resistant, shockproof, and dustproof
  • Durable and portable design

8- RAVPower Solar Charger 16W Solar Panel

RAVPower Solar Charger 16W Solar Panel

RavPower solar-powered portable charger provides you with a faster and better charging rate than other mentioned devices.

It includes 16 W solar charging technology. As one of the previously mentioned products, this solar charger also includes iSmart technology. This provides optimal charging current and in less time.

Moreover, it also consists of an intelligent chip which recognizes the devices connected to it. And ensures balance flow electric current to all of them. This product includes triple charging ports for simultaneous charging.

Most new iPhones and Samsung phones are compatible with this product. This solar-powered portable charger is also developed into a compact design, making it simple to store or attach to the bags.

If you read the reviews about the product, you will know that most customers are satisfied and so you will be too.

What We Like The Most: 

  • Integrated iSmart chip
  • Provides fast charging 

7- BigBlue 5V 28W Solar Charger with Digital Ammeter

BigBlue 5V 28W Solar Charger with Digital Ammeter

A built-in ammeter and an intelligence module are fitted in the BigBlue 28 wattage solar-powered portable charger. This is provided to detect when the panel is connected to ensure fast and reliable charging.

Dual USB ports for simultaneous charging are given for this device. The charger weighs 21ounces And it looks big, folds in so that it looks like some kind of magazine’s thickness.

This charger is made of PET polymers and has added rain or wet fog safety. Several users have had issues with the number of Amps sent to their phones.

Though, the product can charge as long as you set all four panels. However, it is important to note that this charger is not compatible with the latest iPhone and Samsung phone. Thus you should look for an alternative if you have one.

Overall, this is a quality product with a lightweight and compact design.

What We Like The Most: 

  • Integrated ammeter and Smart Ic chip
  • Comes with 24-months customer service

6- Dizaul Solar Charger, Portable Solar Power Bank

Dizaul Solar Charger, Portable Solar Power Bank

Here we present you with one of the most lightweight solar-powered portable chargers. It weighs only 7.5 oz. Making it the lightest charger available on Amazon top sellers.

The unique feature of this solar charger is its design. It consists of football grain design which makes it anti-skid and water-resistant. Ensuring the device provides maximum performance, even if it drops or crashes.

However, as compared to other devices, this portable solar charger includes only 1 USB cableport. A rubber cap provides protection against harmful elements.

We would suggest using the electric unit to charge this device rather than solar energy. As it does not include large size, so this might take a long time to get fully charged with this method. 

This is an ideal solar-powered portable charger for ones who are searching for a compact size product. 

What We Like The Most: 

  • Consist of football grain design
  • Lightest weight solar charger

5- GoerTek 25000mAh Battery Solar Power Bank

GoerTek 25000mAh Battery Solar Power Bank

GoerTek solar-powered portable charger has a remarkable built-in battery of 25000 mAh. It provides you with a great charging power capacity. It will charge your iPhone XS 7.4 times and iPad 1.6 times. 

Moreover, it includes 3 USB ports. Thus, if you want to charge multiple devices at a time this solar power bank .will do it for you.

This product includes ABS material which is environmentally friendly and durable. Also, it features a built-in 36 LED lights. This is going to be a great deal if no light facility is available. 

This is an ideal solar-powered portable charger for outdoor enthusiasts. And this is going to provide great comfort and value to your money.

What We Like The Most: 

  • Built-in 25, 000 mAh battery
  • 36 LED lights

4- X-DRAGON Portable Solar Chargers

X-DRAGON Portable Solar Chargers

The 40W X-Dragon solar-powered portable charger is an impressive power source for enthusiast campers or RVer.

The X-Dragon is made with SunPower, one of the market’s leading performance panels, to optimize their power production. The conversion ability of the solar cells of those monocrystalline units ranges from 22-25% under direct sun exposure.

Efficiency usually varies from 15-18 percent, indicating that such cells produce up to 50 percent more solar power than any solar cells on the market.

As mentioned in previous models, the product also has an 18 V DC power output. This enables you to charge the electronics including laptops, tablets and other 18 V batteries.

Or even 12 V batteries in your vehicle, with 5 V/2A output but to be considered a good solar camping charge.

What We Like The Most: 

  • Harsh weather-resistant
  • Prevents short circuit

3- Feelle Solar Power Bank

Feelle Solar Power Bank

Felle solar-powered portable charger includes lithium polymer battery. This includes a high capacity of 25000 mAh.

You would be surprised to know that it can charge iPhone 8 10+ times. This is one of the best options if you are planning to go for a long trip that could last for 10 days. 

The solar technology of this charger enables fast charging. It also includes LED light with three modes. Moreover, the dual USB port allows you to charge two devices simultaneously.

An amazing aspect of this product is its solar panel design. The unique design allows it to capture solar energy from different angles. 

The compact design will make it easy for you to carry it around. This solar-powered portable charger is also durable and water-resistant.

What We Like The Most: 

  • Foldable design
  • Ideal for 10 days of travel.

2- BearTwo Portable Solar Charger

BearTwo Portable Solar Charger

BearTwo is one of the best solar-powered portable chargers that you can consider buying without hesitation. This charger is famous for its durable construction and compact design.

This is not only of high quality but also one of the lightest on this list. It weighs only 7.4 oz. 

As previously mentioned products, it also includes dual USB ports for simultaneous charging. Moreover, each port is protected by a rubber cap.

This provides protection to the battery from water. You can easily attach it to your backpack, and it will be a great deal for outdoor activities.

While charging this device may take at least a few hours, it helps an iPhone8 to be charged four or five times before recharging.

What We Like The Most: 

  • Extremely convenient design
  • Ideal for outdoor use


1- Anker Portable Solar Charger


Anker Portable Solar Charger

The best and number one product on our list is the Anker Portable Solar Charger. The Anker 21W Dual USB has between 21.5 and 23.5% of solar energy conversion through power.

21W from the solar cells of SunPower provides the product with sufficient energy. To efficiently charge two devices. This makes the Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/Edge or Plus,  Pixel, HTC iPhone 7, and others suitable for charges on iPhone 7.

The Anker 21W also offers a fast-charge technology that enables up to 2.4 amps to be provided under direct sunlight via USB port. Moreover, it includes a compact design which makes it an ideal solar-powered portable charger.

It includes an ultra-thin construction of 1.1 inches making it a versatile option for campers or explorers to choose among all the other options.

This is also lightweight and comprises only 14.5 oz to your backpack weight. This is also resistant to all weather conditions. 

What We Like The Most: 

  • The best  solar-powered portable charger
  • Extremely portable and durable

Awesome Solar Powered Portable Chargers – Buyer’s Guide

Awesome Solar Powered Portable Chargers

Consider the following factors when shopping for the  solar-powered portable charger.


One of the most important factors to consider is the weight of the solar-powered portable charger. The weight might not be as important if you need a portable solar charger for outdoor activity.

For eg, a lightweight device won’t be as relevant if You’re searching for a solar charger for camping purposes.

However, extra grams count if you go hiking or climbing. Backpacking solar charger must be compact, and must also be known as the first component to consider. Otherwise, the device will do more harm than benefit.


Size is another aspect that you should take into account. If you go outside, you are more likely to have drinks, food, lanterns and something so your backpack would more likely be loaded with other items by the end of the day.

This is thus not usually possible to add a charger in the backpack. A steel loop or steel eye-holes for fast transport on the outside of the pack should be included as the perfect solar charger for hikes.

However, folded properties are also significant. They will give you an idea about the space you might need in your backpack to adjust the product.


The next aspect you have to look at is the performance. Portable products must be efficient. It is a feature that can not save money, because it can always lead to dissatisfaction.

Reasonable efficiency values can range from 19% to 25%. For this situation, it is generally a smart choice to buy products using cells made by the most successful market brand (SunPower). Since you can get extra power.

Accessories and Features

The accessories used in the product are another essential element. A factor to take into consideration in the selection stage is finding any useful additional feature or accessory offered without a major additional cost. 

Some of the features and accessories you need to look for are USB ports, built-in LED light, adapter included or other built-in features.


Ultimately, considering the nature of the events and the climate in which the chargers operate, there is no question at all that it is important to have a weather-resistant solar-powered portable charger. 

Many products are protected from PET polymers to ensure the device is safe from any unwanted moistures or declines in difficult landscapes. See this feature.

Always guarantee that the product you purchase is waterproof, while you practice rafting, fishing or sailing.


So, Ankle solar-powered portable charger tops the list. However, all the products included in this list are highly rated. They all carry their unique features. You should know what features you need when you are shopping for a solar charger.

We have included all types of products from affordable to built-in high technology.