Tips and Trick for Solar Powered Yard Lights Troubleshooting!!

This piece of writing will tell you about the top ten solar powered yard light options.

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These solar Lights Fixtures are one of the best ways to beautify the outdoor surroundings of your home.

Furthermore, these lights are infused with a unique crackle texture.

They run on advanced solar technology. Moreover, they activate automatically during the time of dusk. On the other hand, they light up during the night.

If you are looking for full solar-powered lights, then try these suggestions. They are excellent and best to be used in your gardens, flowerbeds.

The Best Solar Powered Yard Lights!

You can have them on your sidewalk.

Even more, they magically light your driveway. 

You can flawlessly flank your entrance by placing these solar lights over there. Apart from that, they are Energy-Saving and also Money-Saving. Check out and have a look at the details now:

10- InnoGear Solar Powered Yard Lights

InnoGear Solar Powered Yard Lights

We have these InnoGear Solar Lights for you. Want to know the best part of these solar-powered yard lights, here you are. They give improved brightness. Most importantly, they are Independently Adjustable. They provide you with enough solar absorption capacity.

You can free rotate these lights in any direction you want to! They claim and guarantee to capture solar energy in an effective way and manner. Their light head is around and about 90-degree rotatable. This set runs on 2 Working Modes. It always gives super brightness and case a focused ray of light.

Its conversion rate is up to 30%. This rate is quite and comparatively faster as compared to the old versions. Most noteworthy, this set is operated on the latest technology. It is made of premium materials. There are two ways to install these yard lights.

You can either stake them into the ground. Or you can mount them onto a wall. They are a name of showing Outstanding Durability and also Quality Guaranteed. Lastly, these solar-powered yard lights are resistant to rain, wind and burning sun.

What We Like:

  • Their conversion rate is 30%.
  • You are offered with 2 Ways of Installation.
  • They give Outstanding Durability.

9- Moonrays 91251 LED Solar Path Lights

Moonrays 91251 LED Solar Path Lights

Then we have these Moonrays 91251 LED Solar Path Lights. You might be wondering or pondering why to buy these lights, here is a reason for you. These are one of the mesmerizing looking solar stake lights. You will love them. They are available in the form of glass balls.

You can mount them outdoor. In addition, they boast and packed with an adorable shape. They are accompanied by a colour-changing feature. We recommend you try these functional and premium solar stake lights as they give out energy-efficient LED illumination.

They are extremely easy to install. Besides, they are powered and run by a solar AA battery. If you do not want to use those solar lights that come with outdoor sockets or packed with power cords, then try this cordless option that runs on solar energy.

They are designed in the form of the crystal glass globe. Their overall composition is based on thick and crackle glass. You will experience extended outdoor use. The best part is that these solar-powered lights are induced with 7 rotating colours. And you will get limited 1-year warranty time.

What We Like:

  • They give your yard a festive kind of mood.
  • It offers a limited 1-year warranty.
  • It gives a strong performance every single day.

8- SUNNEST Solar Powered Yard Lights

SUNNEST Solar Powered Yard Lights

Next, we have these SUNNEST Solar Lights. These power-packed solar lights are exclusively made to decorate your yard or patio. Besides, these are beautiful looking pathway lights. They absorb solar energy on high notes during the daytime.

Beyond, they turn on at night on automatic terms and basis. Using these solar lights is an energy-saving option for you. So, if you want to enjoy the option of having free lighting for the whole and the entire night, then order this set right now. It is in a few minutes that you can install them.

These solar-powered yard lights are weatherproof. They are made by using corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant stainless steel. This composition will ensure long-lasting durability. Apart from that, this reviewed set comes with IP44 waterproof grading.

No matter these lights are exposed to rain and snow for hours and hours, they will not get damaged. Lastly, the user is offered with wide application aspect. Upon buying this 12 piece of outdoor solar lights, you are free to place and install them everywhere.

What We Like:

  • They are of IP44 waterproof grade.
  • They are ideal for garden, lawn and villa, pathway.
  • They create a cosy mood.

7- H*Sheng TPK Solar Ground Lights

H*Sheng TPK Solar Ground Lights

H*Sheng TPK Solar Ground Lights are the name of creating a magical and beautiful scene in your home. These are disk lights and give a perfect lighting dimension to your home. You can keep them in your courtyard, gardens. Install them on sidewalks, lawns or corridors.

They do not need wiring or batteries. Most probably, you will prefer ordering these Bright Solar Path Lights as they claim to produce more light. They automatically turn on during darkness. And you can see that they turn off during the time of day. Along with that, their illuminate capacity is up to 6 to 8 hours.

If you could not find some High power efficiency solar lights for your yard, then we recommend you try out this set. They show the fastest energy conversion rate up to 14%.

Make sure that as soon as you receive the package, then you need to place the lights in some sunny place so that they can get charged. If you feel like buying these H*Sheng TPK Solar Ground Lights, then share with us your views as well.

What We Like:

  • They illuminate and give light for 6 to 8 hours.
  • They are Easy To Install.
  • They show High power efficiency.

6- BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Powered Yard Lights

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Powered Yard Lights

These BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights are eco-friendly. You can call them as PIR Motion Lights. Their promising part is that they do not run on dim mode. The presence of No dim mode increase and extend the life of these solar-powered yard lights.

They detect motion within 3-5m. These reviewed motion sensor lights turn on themselves automatically in the time of darkness. They provide your home with maximum and enough illumination. It is for security as well as safety protection that home-owners prefer to use these lights.

Each light is packed and surrounded by 28 powerful LEDs. Talking about their motion angle, it is of 120 degrees. To turn and transform the dark space all into a bright-looking lighted space, you can mount these lights in your yard. Besides, they show a long performance life.

They serve you with High Efficiency. This set of lights is Waterproof IP65 and extremely Durable. They are water-resistant and also heat-resistant.

What We Like:

  • They have motion detecting power.
  • They are Waterproof IP65.
  • You will get a 30-Day Full Refund Policy.

5- Tysonir Solar Ground Yard Lights

Tysonir Solar Ground Yard Lights

Tysonir Solar Ground Lights consist and composed of the automatic switching function. They are highly easy and convenient to install. You can place them on multiple numbers of locations. Most importantly, these solar-powered lamp shades come with two rivets.

To make your gardens, parks magical looking, then do keep this set of lights over there. They are infused with an IP65 waterproof rating. It is all due to their IP65 high-strength and waterproof design that these lights are durable. They are made of ABS material. They can withstand rainwater and also soot layer.

During the day, these solar lights are turned off. And at night, they are turned on. They save your energy-cost on high notes. Furthermore, these solar lights are High-efficiency option for you. They give you a long lighting time.

Moreover, they are embedded with a 4.5 * 5.1-inch solar panel design. There are 8 LED lights present inside it. Their energy conversion rate is 14%. You can use them for 8 hours once they are fully charged.

What We Like:

  • These lights have a waterproof design.
  • They have an automatic switching function.
  • These solar-powered yard lights have passed through a strict inspection.

4- BEAU JARDIN Solar Powered Yard Lights

BEAU JARDIN Solar Powered Yard Lights

The next review we are talking about is on these BEAU JARDIN Solar Lights. They are compact and rustproof. Most certainly, you will love using and having these lights in your yard. They are of dimensions 16.54″ in height x 4.72″ in diameter.

They run on an auto sensor mode and made by using stainless steel. Even more, these solar lights are infused with a substantial textured touch. You will feel no problem while assembling these lights. No additional tools are needed. They offer you with a Wireless setting up process.

These are pure and genuine automatic solar-powered lights. Their working mode is simple and straight-forward, It is that these lights turn on automatically at night. You can even use them as solar Christmas lights.

They look highly attractive and a perfect addition for your yard. Hence, get your hands on these solar lights to beautify your yard zone. They are all weather-resistant and magically light up your way. These lights tolerate rain, snow and also frost or sleet situations.

What We Like:

  • They get to automatically turn on during the night.
  • They are 100% solar-powered.
  • They offer a longest-lasting life.

3- fertgo Garden Solar Powered Yard Lights

fertgo Garden Solar Powered Yard Lights

fertgo Garden Solar Lights shows Durable construction and that is the USP of it. Most noteworthy, they are powered by a solar battery. If these solar lights are fully charged, then they can run and show operations up to the time frame of 7 hours.

These lights Auto Turn on/off. They come with a garden stake stand. That is why this set of solar lights is convenient to install. You will not need any wiring or any of the external electricity to mount them. Regarding their construction, they are made of stainless steel as well as crackle glass.

They are ideal to decorate and beautify your pathway, garden. You can have them in your lawn, patio or even in your courtyard. Besides, these lights are waterproof and consistently be infused with warm white LEDs. Their measurements are 7.5” x 3” x 30.5”.

It is their weather-resistant feature that makes sure that these lights give a long-lasting performance. They are certified by the FCC and CE. ROSH has given them certification too. So, try these solar-powered lights as they are reliable and endurable.

What We Like:

  • They show premium and durable construction.
  • They are weather-resistant.
  • They consist of a high-quality design.

2- Other Solar Ground Yard Lights

Other Solar Ground Yard Lights

You may love these Otdair Solar Ground Lights as excellent customer service and extended warranty time is offered by them. These are Bright Solar Ground Yard Lights. They are packed with 8 LED lights. In addition, this set has a built-in 600 mAh battery.

If you charge these lights for 6-8 hours, then they can trouble-free illuminate themselves for 8-10 hours. They are quick to install. As these are Landscape Path Lights and powered by solar energy, for the reason that they automatically turn on during the night. And instantly turn off during dawn.

To decorate your yard, using these solar lights will be the best option for you. You can have them on your stairs, driveways. Mount them on your patios or flower beds. These solar lights make sure to bring a touch and feel of brilliance in your home.

Lastly, they have a stainless steel lamp shell. And withstand the times of rain, snow and even frost. Upon purchasing it, you will get quality and top after-sales customer service.

What We Like:

  • They are highly Waterproof.
  • They are best for outdoor use.
  • You will get ideal after-sales customer service.

1- MagicPro Solar Powered Yard Lights

MagicPro Solar Powered Yard Lights

The last recommendation is of MagicPro Solar Lights. They show high-temperature resistance trait and that is the unique selling point of it. You do not need wire or electric to operate these lights. Simply expose them to the sunlight and they will be turned on during the night.

You can place them on your doorways, gate or backyard. They are made by using high-impact ABS material. It is in the lamp body that these lights are available. Beyond, they are anti-corrosion as well as waterproof. They are constructed of polycrystal and shows high efficiency all up to 17%.

These are 136 LED solar garden lights. They are installed with an advanced PIR motion sensor and gives solid brightness. Their wide illuminating angle light up your home space up to 120-degree angle. This set runs and works on the dual-sensing modes.

It detects motion and ensures security and safety for your home. We suggest you buy these weather-friendly solar-powered lights. They can bear wet or rainy days. For outdoor light, they are a perfect and ideal choice for you. 

What We Like:

  • It automatically turns on during the dark time.
  • These solar lights are weather-friendly.
  • They run on Waterproof IP65 technology.

Solar Powered Yard Lights – Buyer’s Guide!

Solar Powered Yard Lights

Gives Full Illumination

Look for the solar-powered yard light that gives full illumination. It needs to give bright and focus light. If your selected solar light set runs on the high light mode, then it will be able to give full illumination.

The presence of the focused beam of light draw lots of attention right to your backyard.

Automatic Settings

Order those solar-powered yard lights that automatically work. They should be turned off during the day and turned on during the night. These automatic settings will make your operations hassle-free.

All in all, try to purchase that set of solar light that is trouble-free to use and offer energy-saving illumination.


You need to avoid buying those solar lights that are not weather-resistant. Premium solar lights, they show weather-proof properties. If your ordered solar light set is packed with Waterproof IP44 rating, then that is great.

Such a solar light can withstand all weather conditions. These high-quality lights will remain in working condition during rain, frost or during the time of sleet, or snow.

Easy Installation Job

Instead of buying those solar-powered yard lights whose installation job is tough! You can prefer buying that set that is quick to install. Top-end solar lights, they are always convenient to install. They need a limited number of installation steps.

Wide and Extensive Application

Give your thumbs up to those solar lights that offer wide application. They need to be marked as economic and ideal decoration outdoor light option for your home. If that set can light up everywhere, then that is super amazing.

Like, high and top-notch solar lights, they give you the option to be placed on your landscape, garden. And even on sidewalk, road. And even in your lawn, deck.

Working Time

Before you solar lights for your home, you have to keep in mind the aspect of working time. It needs to run and offer at least two working modes. 

Upon setting these lights on low light mode, then you will see that they are going to last up to 12 hours. And setting them on high light mode, they will last for around and about 6 hours.

Premium Durability

Lastly, your solar lights have to be extremely durable. It will be best if they are fully and completely resistant to harsh weather.

Your selected solar lights should show complete resistant and tolerance to jets of water. Hence, that set has to e particularly durable.

In this way, your solar lights will be able to work for a long period of time.

FAQ’s – Solar Powered Yard Lights

Solar Powered Yard Lights

What to do If Your Solar Powered Light Is Not Working?

If your solar-powered light is not working, then what you can do is to ensure whether your solar panel is clean or not. Your solar panel has to be positioned correctly.

You can further test it with the help of regular batteries. You can switch it off and then allow it to charge for 72 hours. These tips may start to run your solar lights.

Why do Solar Lights Flash?

Solar lights do flash! At times, they are accompanied by a blinking problem. This happens because dirt and dust present on the solar panel affect their working. It is seen especially during winters when the snow gets stuck on your solar lights.

Or windy times makes them covered with dirt and debris. You need to clean your solar panels regularly. This way, your solar lights will not blink or flash.

The other option is to replace your batteries or you can give them a proper and thorough recharge.

How to Extend the Life of Solar Light?

To extend the lifespan of solar lights, you can replace the batteries as soon as you see that they have started to get weak or falter.

Moreover, keep your batteries at a place where they can conveniently receive six hours of sun every single day.

You need to clean and maintain your solar panels occasionally. Besides, avoid placing your solar lights at sites where any of the artificial lights are going to hit them.


This is all useful and fruitful discussion on the solar-powered yard lights. What other things you want to know, share that with us.

No doubt, these solar lights are available in the form of great looking LED lighting products.

They are an innovative device and enhance the appeal of your yard or sidewalk. All in all, they boost the appeal and beauty part of your home.

To showcase and display your beautiful garden, do buy these solar lights and install them.

Their catchy part is that these lights are heatproof and waterproof. Keep in touch with us as more of the suggestions specifically related to solar-powered yard lights are coming up.