10 Best Solar Security Cameras Review in 2020 – (Updated Guide)

Solar-powered products are rapidly becoming a hit in the market. We see almost all the electronic devices operating via solar energy.

Solar energy tends to be a lot more reliable and efficient.

So a majority of people rely on these products.

One such application of solar energy is solar-powered security cameras. With the help of solar-powered cameras, you can keep your house, offices, etc safe.

And the plus point is that you won’t have to pay for those hefty bills.

Benefits of Solar Security Cameras

Best Solar Security Cameras

Go Green

With buying a solar camera, you are actually contributing your part to save nature. These cameras rely on a natural, renewable source of energy; the Sun.

This ultimately means that you won’t need any electricity or other power sources. You can be nature-friendly yet use it too without causing any damage to it.


The best part of using or relying on a solar-powered camera is self-sustenance. You won’t have to check out its batteries or power connection every now and then.

Instead, these smart devices can survive on their own. The solar panels save enough energy for later usage that can even last years.

10 Best Solar Security Cameras (Reviews)

So in this article, we will share with you our best picks of 2020 for you. Apart from that, there are several beneficial aspects of these cameras jotted down.

Hence you can go through the list and pick the best-quality camera for a safe and reliable experience.

Let’s take a quick look at these products.


1- SOLIOM Solar Battery Powered Security Camera

SOLIOM Solar Battery Powered Security Camera


This first product is a wireless, battery-operated camera. The camera comes with a large solar panel that offers up to 3 times more charging efficiency.

The battery has 4000 mah power and when exposed to light, it has a self-sustaining feature. So you can say goodbye to those heavy bills and save energy.

This camera is the ultimate solution for your security concerns. As it has a wide-angle made from premium grade plastic. It can withstand harsh weather conditions like -4℉ to 140℉.

Coming with a 2-way motion detector, it has reduced the risk of false alarms. Further, the camera has a 1080p HD video quality for a clear recording.


  • Waterproof
  • Motion detector
  • Advanced vision


  • Cost

2- REOLINK Battery Powered Security Camera

REOLINK Battery Powered Security Camera


Next on the list is this amazing, efficient and reliable product. With wireless technology, you can rely on this security camera for the safety of your home.

It can work with Google Assistant, Echo Spot, Amazon Alexa, etc. So now you can keep an eye on all the activities. With the help of single voice command, you can view the live video.

This camera works on rechargeable batteries with easy installation. Even with 2.4G Wi-Fi router, this camera can work in the best way.

Hence no holes in walls and no extra connection devices required.

Moreover, the battery comes with a micro USB connector for ease of recharging. Or you can use a 5V 2A phone adapter along with solar panel to charge it.

These options save you from spending a lot of money on new batteries.


  • Google assistant
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Dual powered


  • Problem with motion detector

3- Reolink Outdoor Security Camera

Reolink Outdoor Security Camera


This product is full of astounding features that you will love. Coming with great technology and smart functionality, this security camera is optimal choice.

It can support both; 3G and 4G-LTE networks along with waterproof technology. The IP65 certified battery is rechargeable and solar-powered.

The easy installation saves you from lots of effort and time. The wire-free structure is an ideal choice for all security purposes. Either you can use a 5V 2A adapter or the solar panels for charging up the camera.

Offering you a 1080p high-definition night vision with 33ft starlight. You can sleep peacefully at night and leave it all on this camera.

It has a wide-angle of 110° to cover up the max area. Hence leaving behind no blind spots to worry about.


  • Remote access
  • Infrared LEDs
  • Daylight sensor


  • Overpriced

4- MyCommand Solar Trail Camera

MyCommand Solar Trail Camera


Coming with a solar-powered battery, this next security camera has a long battery life. The persisting battery life is due to the power pack of 2500 mAh.

Hence you would never have to worry about running out of batteries. This camera can last for at least 6 months straight.

The camera is a bundle of astounding features and durability. It has an IP66 rating for enduring harsh conditions like being shockproof, waterproof. So you can sit back and relax as the camera will be in its best condition.

For high-quality results, the camera comes with the ability to capture 12MP images. Along with that HD videos and crystal-clear sound quality.

This feature makes it suitable for hunters as it provides the best night vision.

The wide range of detection and brisk sensors capture even the slightest activity. It has the smallest trigger time; 0.5 seconds along with a time-lapse mode.


  • Shockproof
  • Waterproof
  • Durable battery life


  • Limited angle

5- ENSTER Security Camera

ENSTER Security Camera


With this next solar security camera installed, you can have peaceful nights. Your all security concerns have only one solution and that is the product here.

Coming with a high-grade 2500mAh battery life, this camera works for a long duration. Unlike other cameras, it does not need any wiring done instead, it is wireless.

Say goodbye to those ugly holes and welcome this steadfast camera.

This Wi-Fi camera is self-sustained all thanks to its solar light panel. Now, you can save yourself from those electricity bills. And within only 5 minutes, you can set up the camera outdoors.

Even if you want to install the camera indoors, the wireless feature makes it the best choice. So it actually has zero mess and reliable functionality.

Either you want floodlights, motion detection or quality image. You name it and this product has it all.


  • 1080P vision
  • Motion detection
  • Floodlights


  • Slow wake-up

6- Hiseeu Wireless Camera

Hiseeu Wireless Camera


Are you also concerned about the security of your house? Or those old cameras are only consuming energy? Well, here is a perfect product that you will adore.

Either it is the battery life or durability or setup. This solar camera has all the features that you need. With built-in 6000mAh batteries, it can last for least 6 years.

The whole, the charged battery can sustain for 4 months (120 days). Also, the high-grade silicone solar panel works with a conversion rate of 3.2w. All you need to provide is proper sunlight and voila!.

Moreover, this camera is a result of sturdy manufacturing to endure harsh climates. So with easy installation, the camera can sustain in -7.6℉ to 140℉.


  • Two-way audio system
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Cloud storage


  • Delay time

7- CTVISON Security Camera

CTVISON Security Camera


This wireless security camera comes with an easy installation process. So now you are not only saving money but time and effort.

You can guard your house with this stylish, solar-powered camera. No more ugly holes in the walls or messy wiring issues. The hassle-free camera comes with an IP66 weatherproof feature for ultimate durability.

It offers an image quality of 1080P and a clear night vision. Powered with a 6000mAh battery, it is rechargeable via solar panels. Also, you can now adjust the angle of these solar panels.

With high-tech motion sensors, not a single movement will be now skipped from your eyes. Another astounding feature is that it works with Google Assistant.


  • Adjustable solar panel
  • PIR sensor
  • Easy setup


  • Issues with app

8- Lemnoi Wireless Security Camera

Lemnoi Wireless Security Camera



The next product comes with the best features and functionalities in the market. With a durable, 6000mAh battery, this camera will last longer than others.

Made with monocrystalline solar panel and a lithium-ion battery. Nothing can go wrong with this product. You can charge it up and would last an eternity.

Easy installation saves you from a lot of hassle. The camera has a 1080P night vision for a clear image. Offering a wide-angle like none others, it captures 130° field.

The built-in smart motion sensor along with 850nm infrared LEDs captures every movement.


  • 2-way audio
  • PIR motion detection
  • Cloud storage


  • Surveillance issues

9- RaceTek Security Camera

RaceTek Security Camera


Next on the list is this amazing, efficient and reliable product. With wireless technology, you can rely on this security camera. This camera works on rechargeable batteries with easy installation.

With built-in 6000mAh batteries, it offers an image quality of 1080P and a clear night vision. The wire-free structure is an ideal choice for all security purposes.

The wide range of detection and brisk sensors capture even the slightest activity.  Further, the camera has a 1080p HD video quality for a clear recording.

Even if you want to install the camera indoors, the wireless feature makes it the best choice.


  • 2-way audio
  • Google Assistant
  • Audio alarm


  • Issues with app

10- Lynx Solar Camera

Lynx Solar Camera


Last but not least for sure is this another best seller camera in the market. Sleek design with a durable battery life makes it an ideal choice.

Either home, office, barn, warehouse, etc. You can depend on this sustainable option.

Unlike other regular cameras, this solar camera has a facial recognition feature. Hence you can now control the whole system via your smartphone.

Coming with an HD video quality, you can get a clear as day streaming. The smart, high-tech motion detector can capture the slight movements. And generates an instant alert for you.


  • Motion detector
  • Free cloud backup
  • Facial recognition


  • Poor support

A Complete Buying Guide to Solar Security Cameras

Best Solar Security Cameras

Below are a few guidance tips that you need to look for before buying a solar-powered camera.


Cameras are for security and what would be the purpose of the coverage is not apt? So ensure that you choose a camera that offers a wide range of coverage.

Most cameras come with a limit of angles and how far it can capture the image. Try to opt for an option with a wider visual angle.

Image Quality

There would be no use of installing a camera if the quality of the image is not clear. Or the sound quality is not crisp enough.

Especially for the night vision, you need a camera with a 1080P vision. So the recordings of day and night are clear enough.


Any product that works on solar energy is more durable than others. The same is the case with solar-powered cameras, they are in for the long-term.

But they are often installed outdoors and have to bear the harsh weather and so on.

It would always be a smart choice if you invest in something strong and durable. So look for a camera that can withstand dust, rain, shock, etc. It must be either made from metal or robust plastic.

Additional Features

Apart from the above mentioned basic aspects, there are other features too. Make sure that your security camera offers easy accessibility.

Like it’s connected to your Wi-Fi network and you can access it anytime. Or can view the image/video from your phone.

Next, try to look for something that has floodlights, 2-way talk, and alarm. These features enhance the level of security provided.

How to Install Solar Security Cameras?

You can follow these easy steps to install your brand new solar security camera:

  • First, you need to place the camera at a certain spot. So choose a spot you think is the centre of interest for max security.
  • Try to install the camera at such a place where you get a wider view. And avoid leaving any blind spots.
  • You must keep the camera at least 9ft off the ground. And close to a power source for easy accessibility.
  • Next, mark the spot where you will drill the hole or install the camera. And then drill holes for the wires that need to run through the wall (if required).
  • Pass the wire through that hole to the power source. And mount your camera at a marked place with available hardware.
  • Adjust the angles afterwards and connect the camera to the nearby power source. If it is wireless than provide the required connection and voila!

FAQ’s about Best Solar Security Cameras

Solar Security Cameras

Are All Outdoor Solar Security Cameras Waterproof?

The market has a lot of options to offer when it comes to solar security cameras.

So all these cameras are made from sturdy material for durability.

As the outdoor cameras have to face the climatic conditions so they are weatherproof. They can survive shocks and are waterproof.

Is There a Difference in Performance Between Regular and Solar Security Camera Systems?

The regular and solar cameras might not differ when it comes to a few features. Like the video quality, night visions, motion detection, etc.

But there are other aspects that create a difference.

The solar cameras, as we know, rely on sunlight. So they need installation in a place with an open-source of light. They tend to last longer and comes with wire-free connections.

Whereas the regular cameras work on AC power and need a wired connection. They consume a lot more electric energy.

Yet their one plus point is the stable connection they offer. As they do not rely on Wi-Fi networks which might have low signals sometimes.

What Additional Equipment is needed for Installation and Can You Install Them Yourself?

This is the best part about solar-powered security cameras. As they are wireless, they won’t require any extra effort. You can install them yourself without calling a technician.

These cameras come with 2 mounting options; screw and magnet type. So in short, you won’t need extra equipment and can install it by yourself.


We hope that after reading this article you will have all the necessary info. Solar-powered security cameras are a far better approach than the regular ones.

So why waste time?

Hurry up and get one for your house too. For further queries, you can contact us anytime.

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