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The Best Solar Wall Lights

Learn about the best energy-efficient products to lighten up your outdoors.

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Are you looking for ways to light up the outdoors of your house in a cost-efficient manner? If yes, then solar wall lights are your way to go. They are an eco-friendly solution that can light up your home. Whether you want to brighten up your porch, garden, or lawn, these lights can be a good option for any part of your house. All they need is a little bit of sunlight as a power source.

They’re easy to install, are low maintenance, and are cost-efficient. It’s a one-time investment that looks pleasing to the eye, provides good lighting, and has no wiring issues either since they rely on batteries. Since there’s not much reliance on electricity, you can also save some money as the sun’s energy is converted into electricity through this technology.

Below are all the details you need to know before installing or considering installing the outdoor solar-powered wall lights.  So without further ado, let’s discover the best outdoor solar wall lights available in the market.

Editor’s Picks

After a careful comparison between all the outdoor solar wall lights available, here are our top 3 picks.

BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 100 LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights
Best Value
BAXIA TECHNOLOGY Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 100 LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Available in a pack of 4 bright LED lights that give a brightness intensity of around 2000 lumens, these solar lights are the most economical option out there. Hence, it wins in the best value category.

How Do Outdoor Solar Wall Lights Work?

We think that one of the elements most lacking in the modern capitalist world is reliable, friendly and accessible consumer advice. It’s far too easy to be tricked into buying a product based on the marketing campaign alone, only to discover too late that it doesn’t work the way you thought it would. That’s why we here at Semprius are dedicated to providing you well-researched information on exactly how the products you’re shopping for work, and what their upsides and downsides are.

So how do outdoor solar wall lights work? Well, whilst their styles and overall aesthetics might differ quite considerably, their general construction remains pretty uniform. Generally speaking, outdoor wall lights are designed in a casing which can be easily mounted on any vertical surface (be it a house wall, patio wall, pillar, trellis, or garden shed). Inside this casing, behind a glass or clear plastic front, you’ll find housed some strong, bright LED bulbs, and behind them the battery which powers them. But this battery still needs electricity to function, right? Well, that’s where the solar panel(s) comes in. Usually built right into the solar wall light unit, but sometimes attached separately via a wire, the solar panel should be directed toward the sky and sun in order to maximise its electricity-generating potential.

Solar panels are actually made up of many more individual, small solar cells, comprised of thing films of polycrystalline or monocrystalline silicon. This silicon, when exposed to the sun, undergoes a physical and chemical reaction during which electrons are displaced from one layer to another. This process is known as the ‘photovoltaic effect’ and it is through this effect that volts of electricity are produced. These volts are generated for as long as the panel is exposed to direct sunlight, and are stored in the battery we just mentioned. Solar panels require some sunlight at least to function (monocrystalline panels can generate electricity even in overcast conditions), but generally speaking they require consistent exposure to strong direct sunlight in order to function most effectively.

Some outdoor solar wall lights come with additional features, such as motion-sensors, variable brightness settings, ON/OFF timers, or remote controls, and most feature innate and automatic ON/OFF technology (light sensors detect sunrise and sunset, turning the unit off and on respectively).

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Solar Wall Lights

As we said above, we think it’s important that you go into a purchase as informed and educated as you can be about the product technology. Thus, let us now take a look at the fundamental positives, and the flaws of outdoor solar wall light technology.


  1. Free electricity. Solar power relies on one thing and one thing only to stay charged and powered throughout the night, and that’s sunlight. The sun’s heat and light is free and infinite, and thus you’ll never have to pay to power your solar wall lights, making massive energy bill savings in the long run.
  2. Green energy. Solar power is a renewable energy, which means that using it doesn’t damage the earth like non-renewable fuels do. In an era during which our world is in climate crisis freefall, we think that it’s important to buy solar whenever you can.
  3. Easy to install. Most solar wall lights require nothing more than mounting before they start working straight away. Even those which come with a separate panel require minimal setup and should start functioning after just a single day’s full charging in the sun.
  4. Functional and aesthetic. Solar wall lights are designed to serve a functional purpose: keep your home, garden, patio, driveway and porch well-lit, safe, and secure. However, they don’t have to look bad in order to do it; with a range of styles from antique to modern, just about anyone can find an outdoor solar wall light to suit their tastes.
  5. Durable. Solar panels by their very nature have to be designed with long lifespans, and also to withstand rain, wind, UV-radiation, and even snow and ice. As such, solar wall lights are typically just as durable, and should last you for years requiring next to no maintenance.
  6. Affordable. Solar power may sound expensive (it’s a pretty remarkable technology after all), but it really doesn’t have to break the bank. With solar outdoor wall lights ranging from $15 to $40 for a pack, you can almost always find a set to suit your budget.


  1. Sunlight dependent. This goes for all solar technology, but remember that in order for your outdoor wall lights to work, they or their panels will need to receive ample sunlight on a regular basis. Whilst many of them may be able to operate a few nights in a row on one full charge, any periods of overcast weather or low light which last much longer than a couple of days will render your solar-powered lights redundant. Try and ensure that you place them directly in the path of the sun, and keep their panels clean and free of debris.
  2. Dimmer light. Whilst not true for all solar powered outdoor wall lights, you will likely find that the luminosity of your solar light dulls over time, as the batteries begin to wear. So, too, will the luminosity vary depending on the amount of sunlight, or the season/time of year.

Best Outdoor Solar Wall Lights

The Best Solar Wall Lights In 2021

Now let’s get an in-depth understanding of the features offered by the best outdoor solar wall lights in the market.

1- Baxia Technology Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 100 Led Solar Motion Sensor Lights

  • Brand: Baxia Technology
  • Outdoor Motion Sensor Light
  • 2000 Lumens Bright Solar Light
  • Wireless Solar Motion Sensor Light
  • Waterproof Durable Outdoor Light
Baxia Technology Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 100 Led Solar Motion Sensor Lights

These bright LED solar-powered lights come in a pack of four. They are wireless and easy to install. These wall mount lights are one of the top-rated outdoor wall lights for security. The brightness intensity of Baxia Technology Solar Lights is 2000 lumens, which takes care of both lighting requirements and security necessities.

These lights can work continuously for 8 to 12 hours when charged for six to eight hours. The motion detection happens up to 125 degrees and up to a range of 10 to 16 feet.

These automatic lights tend to glow when they detect a motion (solar power source) and remain on for 30 seconds. Made up of highly durable ABS material, these lights are dustproof, frostproof, heatproof, and waterproof.


  • The energy conversion rate is around 17%
  • The Lithium-ion battery pack can work continuously for up to 12 hours
  • The motion sensor works both in darkness and at night
  • It has a highly rechargeable 2600 mAh battery pack
  • The brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 90-day limited product warranty.


  • No dim lighting mode available.

2 – Upgrade Solar Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor, Super Bright Led Lamp

  • Brand: Topmante
  • 2 Pack
  • Super Bright & 360° Rotatable Spotlights
  • 20% Conversion Rate Solar Panel & Large-capacity Battery
  • IP65 Waterproof & Easy Installation
Upgrade Solar Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor, Super Bright Led Lamp

Upgrade solar-powered motion sensor lights are considered intelligent solar security systems. This model is designed to have a 360-degree rotation for maximum absorption of sunlight. It can detect solar light up to a distance of 26 feet. Upgrade solar light can work for an entire night once it is fully charged. It is a dual-head solar light.

It automatically runs on low-light mode at night and if it detects any motion, it will switch to a strong light mode for 30 seconds. It is made of IP65 waterproof material that can withstand extreme and rough weather situations. The light intensity is around 800 lumens.  It is a good choice for outdoor lighting.


  • The energy conversion rate is 20%
  • Easy installation process
  • The brand provides a free warranty of one year
  • The battery, when fully charged, can work from dusk to dawn with a 2200 mAh built-in rechargeable battery
  • The lights have in-built solar panels for fuss-free wall mount installation.


  • Comparatively lower lumen intensity than other lights.

3 – Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor, IThird LED Solar Powered Security Lights

  • Brand: IThird
  • Color: Warm White
  • 3 Adjustable Modes Motion Activated Solar Security Light
  • Eco-friendly & Energy-saving Solar Motion Light
  • Waterproof & Rustproof Motion Sensor Lighting
Solar Motion Sensor Light Outdoor, IThird LED Solar Powered Security Lights

This revolutionary product has an in-built solar panel (photocell sensor) that is the ideal all-in-one outdoor wall light. It has three adjustable modes. Sensor and dim light mode in which when there is no movement, the dim light is on. When the motion is detected, the lights become bright. In sensor mode, the sensor stays off when there is no motion and turns on the bright light where there is. In always on mode, the dim light stays on all night in this mode.

It has highly sensitive motion sensors. It converts solar light to electricity in an efficient manner with good conversation rates. The charging time it takes is 4-6 hours. The maximum lumens it has is 330lm.

This item is designed for dusk till dawn motion sensor facility which saves a lot of energy. It is both rustproof and waterproof. It is made up of ABS and stainless-steel material that can work under disturbed weather as well.

With a charging time of four to six hours, it can work for 8 to 12 hours. The sensor movement can happen up to an angle of 120 degrees.


  • Long working hours with a medium charging time
  • Made up of strong and heavy material to withstand rough weather
  • The light is designed to stay off under bright surrounding areas to save energy
  • The sensor can detect motion up to a distance of 16.4 feet
  • You can save a massive amount by installing these lights in place of regular LED or CFL bulbs
  • Three adjustable modes for energy efficiency.
  • Low-price compared to other products.


  • This brand does not give warranties
  • Can only be used outdoors.

4 – Aootek 182 Led Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights Upgraded Solar Panel

  • Brand: Aootek
  • Color: Black
  • Three Optional Modes
  • Sensitive PIR Motion Inductor
  • Ultra Bright Lights
  • Waterproof IP65 and Heatproof
Aootek 182 Led Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights Upgraded Solar Panel

This motion sensor lamp is LED-based and has a lighting tone that can be adjusted to three different modes. The first one being security monitoring. It is when the sensor picks up any movement around the light and turns it on immediately. The other mode is where the light remains on throughout the night, but the light grows brighter when the sensor picks up a motion. The third mode is that the light automatically turns on in the evening and stays on throughout the night.

These lights are made up of IP65 waterproof and heatproof material. This light gives a wide coverage, hence, you don’t need to use extra CFLs or lights. This way, it saves a lot of money.


  • It can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • It can provide wide-angle coverage of around 120 degrees up to 26 feet distance
  • The conversation rate of the solar panel is 20.5%
  • It has a 2200mAH lithium-ion battery
  • Upgraded and highly sensitive PIR motion sensors are installed in this light
  • Three optional modes control lighting and function.


  • The brand doesn’t give any warranties.

5 – Baxia Technology Bx-Sl-101 Solar Lights Outdoor

  • Brand: Baxia Technology
  • PIR Motion Lights and No Dim Mode
  • 28 LED Ultra-Bright Solar Powered Lights
  • High Efficiency and Eco-Friendly
  • Waterproof IP65 and Durable
Baxia Technology Bx-Sl-101 Solar Lights Outdoor

These motion sensor lights powered by solar panels are excellent security lights. They are similar to Aootek in terms of design. The motion sensors are even more powerful and can detect movement within three to five meters.

These are made of IP65 which makes them waterproof and durable. It also means that the product is protected against heat, dust, and other environmental factors. The sunlight exposure will have to be around 8 hours for the motion sensor to function appropriately.

The LED lights are safeguarded with a lampshade that enhances the longevity and performance of these lights.


  • The motion detection range is five meters with PIR
  • Rechargeable 1200 mAh battery
  • The brand provides a 30 days money-back guarantee with around 180 days limited product warranty
  • The brightness intensity is 400 lumens
  • Available in a pack of 4 with 28 LED lights each
  • Great design.


  • A dim light mode is not available.

6 – LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights

  • Brand: LITOM
  • Color: Cold White
  • Brighter 12 LEDs with Wider 120°Lighting Angle
  • 2 Brightness Lighting Modes
  • Leading IP67 Waterproof & Heat-resistant Technology
LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights

These LED lightings are uniquely designed and a good choice for outdoor walls. They also work well as a normal wall light. Made from high-impact ABS plastic and monocrystalline silicon, these lights offer high solar lighting efficiency and come in a cold white color.

LITOM comes in a 12-LED pack and has 2 types of brightening modes – low light (12 hours) and high light(6 hours). It takes 4-5 hours to fully charge. It has an auto-detection capacity of brightness. It changes into lightning mode from energy storage mode when there’s less light. It has obtained clearance from FCC, CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3, and many more organizations which proves its top-notch quality. It comes with many products such as solar landscape lights, ground stakes, screws, wall plugs, a user manual, and a packing box.


  • Heat resistant and waterproof due to IP67 waterproof design
  • 120-degree lighting angle
  • 90-degree adjustable solar panel
  • Has a longer working time with 18650 lithium batteries
  • Has 2 installation options – can be staked in the ground or mounted on the walls with screws
  • Can be used in many places – porch, garage, driveway, pool, and more
  • Saves energy due to its dual modes.


7 – BEAU JARDIN 8 Pack Solar Lights

  • Brand: Beau Jardin Store
  • Color: Silver
  • Rustproof substantial glass / stainless steel
  • Auto on/off energy saving & white decor
  • High efficiency & eco-friendly
  • Waterproof IP65
BEAU JARDIN 8 Pack Solar Lights

Made of stainless steel, these solar-powered lights come in a modern style. Beau Jardin’s lampshade material is glass. Its dimensions are 6.54″ in height x 4.72 in diameter. They are wireless and comprise a sensor that can easily detect sunlight. It is easy to assemble and use and doesn’t require additional equipment to fix this item, hence, it becomes a good choice for the home. It uses solar-powered batteries (AA Ni-MH) as a power source. These products have an automatic setting where the lights turn on at night automatically and turn off in the daytime.

They are diamond-shaped and can be put up on the outdoor wall, backyard, and more places as such. It can last up to 8-12 hours with a full charging of 6-8 hours.


  • Heat and water-resistant
  • Stainless steel and abs plastic makes it long-lasting
  • Environment friendly
  • Quick installation process due to it being wireless
  • One year warranty
  • Good customer service
  • Bright lights.


8 – TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded

  • Brand: TomCare
  • Color: Black
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Gorgeous dancing flames design
  • Waterproof and Durable
TomCare Solar Lights Upgraded

It comes with a very beautiful flames design which works great as ambient lighting. It also works as coach lights, porch lights, or as a wall mount application. They give a soft illumination. The height of this solar-powered product is 43 inches. It can work up to 12 hours after getting charged for 8 hours. The process of installation is quick and easy since there is no hassle of wiring. Since the power source is the sun, it is made from materials that are resistant to all weather situations. This solar lighting’s dimensions are 4.7 x 4.7 x 32.67 inches.


  • Optimal lighting
  • Long working time
  • Easy installation and no requirement of additional tools
  • Energy-saving and comes at an affordable price range
  • Made from IP65 waterproof grade
  • Highly rated.


  • The battery can’t be changed.

9 – Brightech Ambience Pro – Waterproof, Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights

  • Brand:Brightech Store
  • Color: Soft White
  • Warm and cozy lighting all year round
  • Energy-efficient lighting for years to come
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Weatherproof bistro lights with shatterproof s14 bulbs
Brightech Ambience Pro - Waterproof, Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights

This solar light is the perfect choice for outdoor solar lighting. They come in a pack of 12 light bulbs. These lights give a soft white light and have a height of 27 feet. They work great as ambient lighting for a home and are best suited for a porch or a gazebo. They are bright and can look beautiful especially if you’re looking to throw a party and get glowing LED lighting.

They work for up to 6 hours and work the best when they are under direct solar lighting. This product is waterproof and gives a bistro feel at home. It is also wrapped in silicone for protection.


  • Can withstand high winds, rain, and snow
  • Easy installation and can be placed anywhere
  • The light bulbs are replaceable
  • Has an on/off switch on the back of the panels
  • Doesn’t need direct sunlight but works better in it
  • 3 years warranty
  • Highly durable
  • Rechargeable battery.


  • The switch has to be on for the batteries to be charged
  • The price is a little high.

10 – InnoGear Solar Lights Outdoor

  • Brand: InnoGear Store
  • Color: White
  • Independently Adjustable Light & Panel
  • Improved Brightness & 2 Working Modes
  • Advanced 1.5W Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel
  • Outstanding Durability & Quality Guaranteed
InnoGear Solar Lights Outdoor

These are two-in-one wall lights and are best suited for gardens, walls, porch lights, and more. It has two working modes – high and dim and has two ways of installation. It can last from 6-12 hours based upon usage. The light bulbs it uses give bright illumination and is white in color. It comes with spotlight, screws, and pillar hinges for easy installation. The height of this LED light is 9.4 inches and the width is 7.4 inches. It operates at 0.5W. Its solar spotlight can easily detect light and it has a smooth surface that is easy to clean.


  • Good and unique design
  • Made from ABS plastic and monocrystalline silicon which is highly efficient
  • Fuss-free wall-mount installation
  • Tool-free installation
  • Uses solar lighting efficiently for better conversion rate (30%)
  • Adjustable panel and lights
  • 180 degree up and down rotation possible and light head rotatable up to 90 degrees
  • Resistant to all weather types and comes at good prices.


  • Housing made of plastic.

Outdoor Solar Wall Lights Buyer’s Guide

What features to look for in outdoor solar wall lights?

Type of Bulb

As mentioned earlier, solar wall lights can be of different shapes and sizes. You must choose your product depending upon your needs and the place you need to fix the light. For a softer and aesthetic outdoors, you can use solar LED string lights. They also give away a festive feel. For other purposes, you can go for solar lamps or other normal outdoor lights.

Light Color

Solar LED panels come in various light colors. However, most solar lights work similarly, with an equal amount of brightness, irrespective of the color. 

If you are looking for sharp, bright light, you could choose a white light bulb. If you want a cozier and a softer ambiance, you can choose the yellow light. 


One of the essential factors to consider is brightness. For solar lights, the intensity of brightness is often measured in lumens. 

There is a wide range of solar lights available that produce different lumen output. It can range between 12 to 1500 lumens and sometimes above that. For instance, step solar lights produce 12 to 100 lumens. 

Pond or pool solar lights produce 200 to 400 lumens. And solar flood lights can produce 700 to 1300 lumens. 

Installation Type

Many types of solar wall lights require a little DIY wall mount installation. Some LED solar lights can be set up without a fuss. But in the case of brighter and bigger setups, you will need complicated installation. However, all solar wall lights are usually not very difficult to install.

These systems are designed to work self-sufficiently using solar power. Therefore, wall mount installation is easy. 

Battery Type and Capacity

Usually, solar lights can have four types of batteries- NiCAD, lead-acid, NiMH, lithium-ion. Depending on the battery type, the power of the solar light is determined. 

For low-power light, you can choose the NiMH battery light, as it has longer working hours. If you want high-power solar lights, lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries are the best. 

Battery capacity is something you should also consider. It is the measure of energy stored in the batteries. This stored energy is often measured in ampere-hour (Ah) or milliampere-hour (mAh). NiCAD batteries usually come with a 600 mAH capacity. Lead-acid batteries can have 4000 to 6000 mAh capacity. 


As mentioned earlier, the solar wall light serves more than just one purpose. Depending on your requirement, you may have to get a light installed. 

For instance, if you want a light for security, these lights should have motion sensors installed. Depending upon the illumination level, size of the bulb, and light color, you can decide upon the lights you want for your outdoors. 

Energy Efficiency

There can be three types of solar panels, depending on the design and material used on the panel- monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous solar panels. Each kind of panel has a separate energy efficiency range

For monocrystalline panels, the energy efficiency ranges between 15% and 21%. For polycrystalline, the energy efficiency ranges are around 16%, and for amorphous, it is around 10% or sometimes lower. 

A fully charged solar light will last for 10-12 hours. You must keep a watch on the light’s longevity despite it being charged the whole day. If it lasts lower than 8 hours, you may want to get it checked, as the energy is not being used efficiently. 


As mentioned in some of the products, there are two types of settings available in solar lights. One is automatic, where the light turns off and on at appropriate times during the night and day. The other type is manual, where you will have to manually activate or deactivate the light switches. There are a few solar lights available with additional brightness adjustment.

Size of Solar Panel and Quality

To use solar energy as electricity, you will need to install solar panels. There is no need for large solar panels for a solar wall light. Manufactures may deceive you by saying you need a larger panel to produce energy. But in reality, you will need a small yet efficient solar panel system. 


As these solar lights are designed to be kept outdoors, they must be equipped to handle all types of extreme weather conditions.

Cheaper solar light products may stop working after getting soaked in the rain. A few lights can also stop working in extreme heat, cold, or wind. You must get your hands on the lights that can work through all the weather conditions. 

Final Verdict

As per our assessment, the best outdoor solar wall light product is the Upgrade Solar Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor, Super Bright LED Lamp. It gives complete security to your outdoors with highly sensitive motion sensors and bright luminous LED lights. Considering the complete package, the lights are affordable. It is a classic investment in the overall aesthetics of your house.

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Do solar wall lights work under shade?

Ideally, solar wall lights can work under shade. The only drawback is that the panel will not absorb enough sunlight in the shade as compared to under proper sunlight.

How to charge solar lights without sunlight?

Most solar lights come with an external charging system in case of cloudy days. They can be charged by an external household lighting system. For this, the source of the sun needs to be replaced with a light source in your house. The light will be converted into energy and stored in the system for later use. 

How to maintain and clean solar lights?

Most solar lights available in the market come with IP 65 water-resistant material that can withstand heavy dust and weather conditions. You can clean them with a damp cloth or any damp paper towel. You can also clean the panels with dish soap or warm water.

What do F and S mean on solar lights?

In solar lights, the letter F means flashing light, and S means static light. Both these lights serve the mentioned purposes.

How long do solar wall lights last?

If you allow your outdoor solar wall lights to recharge periodically and take care of them well, the batteries will last for more than two years. 

6.) Are outdoor solar wall lights waterproof?

Solar lights are manufactured to endure all kinds of weather and temperatures. But models which use glass should not be left outside during rain, snow or extreme storm.

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