The 10 Best Solar Pool Ionizers In 2021

Ionizers are used to ionize the water so that you can get the appropriate amount of minerals. But they need electricity and the amount of electricity depends upon the pool size.

If you have a large pool then you need a powerful pool ionizer to ionize the water efficiently. The drawback of this powerful ionizer is that it takes a large amount of electricity.

Due to the large consumption of electricity, your electricity bill increases and can cross your budget. To solve this electricity consumption problem, there are solar pool ionizers. They take solar energy and we all know that the only best source is the sun.

These solar pool ionizers come with a solar panel that takes energy from the sun and converts it into low voltage electricity. This electricity then hit the anode to release ions that ionize the water.

In this article, some of the best solar pool ionizers are discussed. So that you can switch to them to reduce the efforts that you put into cleaning the pool.

Best Solar Pool Ionizers Reviews:Best Solar Pool Ionizers5

Here are the top ten solar pool ionizer reviews. These reviews surely help you to select the one according to your requirements. Let’s have a look at these amazing products.

1. No More Green Technologies Original Solar Pool IonizerNo More Green Technologies Original Solar Pool Ionizer

There are many solar pool ionizers in the market but if you want to select the best one for you to clean the pool. Then you should select no more green technologies original solar pool ionizer.

It works efficiently by removing 85% of the chlorine from pool water. Also, it kills algae. So that you can easily relax in the pool for a long time.

You can find this high-quality product at a low price easily. It reduces your effort of cleaning the pool. Its solar panels are covered with a thick covering due to which it lasts for a long time.

Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Unlike other low-quality products that break down easily, high quality and durable materials are used in its construction.

This durable material makes sure that pool ionizers do not break down easily and to make them work properly you need to replace their spare parts.

If you love to swim or spend time in the water with your family then you should have a solar pool ionizer. Because pool water contains a large amount of chlorine and bacteria’s that is harmful to health.

A pool ionizer removes these bacteria and chlorine from the water efficiently. So that you can comfortably enjoy your swimming experience without getting itchy skin.

If you have a pool ionizer then there is no need to use any other chemical with it to clean the pool. Moreover, this pool ionizer gets energy from the sun that means your electricity bill will not increase.


  • Control the growth of algae
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Works efficiently by removing almost 85% chlorine
  • Batteries are not needed
  • Ideal product to clean pool


  • Stops working for sometime

2. Floatron Solar Powered Pool CleanerFloatron Solar Powered Pool Cleaner

The other best solar pool ionizer is the Floatron ionizer. It provides you with benefits by removing excess chlorine and bacteria’s in the pool water.

Moreover, it protects you from getting red eyes and itchy skin after spending a long time in pool water. This pool ionizer maintains the PH level in the pool water so that you get the right amount of chlorine and other minerals.

For a safe swimming experience with your family, you can naturally remove all the algae and harmful bacteria from the pool water. Instead of using harmful chemicals to clean the pool water.

If you think you can clean the pool using the different cleaners then you are wrong. Because you do not about the appropriate amount of chemical.

If you put a low amount then all the bacteria are not reduced. Also, if you put a large amount then it is harmful to your health. To avoid all this, you can easily use a solar pool ionizer.

It generates an appropriate number of ions to fight the bacteria and to remove algae. Moreover, it takes energy from the sun and comes with a solar panel.

This solar panel is covered with a high-quality material that increases its lifetime. You just need to place this panel under direct sunlight. So that solar pool ionizers work efficiently.

Also, the electricity bill does not increase. This pool ionizer is portable. You can place it anywhere according to your requirements.


  • Produce non-toxic ions
  • Remove algae and harmful bacteria’s in the water
  • Batteries are not needed to run the ionizer
  • Pool water is changed into the ionized water
  • Portable and durable


  • The cost is a bit high

3. Remington Solar Water PurifierRemington Solar Water Purifier

When you want to purchase a pool ionizer then must think about the Remington solar pool ionizer. It is best for people who do not like to use chemicals to clean the pool.

Especially, this pool ionizer helps to reduce chlorine and algae. Chlorine can be used to remove harmful bacteria. But if a large amount of chlorine is used then it is also harmful to human health.

After sometime chlorine starts to degrade in the water. Due to this, your skin becomes itchy. Also, your eyes become red and your clothes become discolored.

But if you use a Remington Solar pool ionizer, you will get a chlorine-free solution to clean your pool water. Pool ionizer consists of an anode bar. This bar release ions that fight with bacteria to remove it.

The appropriate number of ions are produced if you wisely choose the pool ionizer. It also helps to main the PH level. So that you get the right amount of minerals.

With the pool ionizer, your efforts to clean the pool reduces and within a short time, you can make your pool comfortable and pure for swimming.

Also, by using a pool ionizer you do not need to use any cleaner to keep the pool clean. All you need to do is to place the solar panel under direct sunlight so that the ionizer gets energy easily.


  • Comes with accessories like test strips and a protective basket
  • You get a 30-days trial
  • Efficiently remove excess chlorine amount
  • Protect clothes and hair from getting bleached
  • Best to use for saltwater pools and fish ponds


  • Efficient for only small pools

4. Pool Ecologix Solar Pool IonizerPool Ecologix Solar Pool Ionizer

In the pool ionizers category, Ecologix solar pool ionizers are the most innovative. It helps to reduce bacteria and maintain a PH level with high efficiency.

Due to this reason, most of the people give this product high reviews. It is a natural cleaner. It means without producing harmful chemicals it keeps your pool clean.

Also, if you use this pool ionizer you do not have to use any external harmful chemical like chlorine. Pool ionizer keeps your pool clean for a long time so that you can easily enjoy the swimming experience.

Without using an external filter, this product ionizes the pool by generating copper ions. These ions have antimicrobial powers to fight algae and bacteria.

You get peace of mind because this pool ionizer maintains the PH level of the pool. Also, it is environmentally friendly and can remove the amount of chlorine by 80%.

To kill fungi you just have to drop the ionizer in the water. This pool ionizer has an anode that generates ions when electricity hits it. As it takes low voltages, so you can use it in tubes, and spas.

It comes with a user manual to remove all your doubts. If you still get some trouble, you can connect with the manufacturer.


  • With fresh water and saltwater, this product is compatible
  • It reduces the use of chlorine
  • Easy to set up the pool
  • The solution is chlorine-free
  • Comes with a manual that gives you a proper guide


  • Breakdown chances are high

5. BLUE WORKS Solar Powered Natural Pool Clear PurifierBLUE WORKS Solar Powered Natural Pool Clear Purifier

Blue Works manufactures the trusted solar pool ionizers in the market. They made ionizers with high-quality and durable material. The best thing about this pool ionizer is that it is natural.

Due to its copper anode, this ionizer works efficiently to clean the 45,000 gallons of water in a pool. But if you want you can ionize more amount of water.

To clean the pool, it uses natural minerals to fight the bacteria. It comes with an anode. When electricity hits the anode, it releases ions. The ions help to reduce the chlorine amount and fungi.

Only low voltages are required to hit the anode. You can get these low voltages from solar energy. To receive more amount of solar energy you need to place the solar panel under direct sunlight.

In this way, no electricity is used and your pool gets ionized. If you use this solar pool ionizer, then you do not need to use other cleaners. Only a pool ionizer is enough to keep the pool clean.


  • This brand is reliable
  • The setup process is easy
  • It is very easy and convenient to use
  • Up to 45,000 gallons of water can be covered up
  • Efficient in working


  • The metal smell remains in the pool

6. XtremepowerUS Solar Pool Purifier Pool Solar IonizerXtremepowerUS Solar Pool Purifier Pool Solar Ionizer

XtremepowerUS is one of the trusted solar pool ionizers. It helps you to get rid of algae and other different harmful bacteria that are present in the water.

It works efficiently for 32,000 gallons of water. It has an anode that releases ions in the water. These ions attract the bacteria and get attach to them to kill them.

In this way, ions removed all the bacteria and fungi. After ionizing the water, pool ionizers make sure to maintain the PH level. Anode needs some low voltages to release the ions.

If you do not provide the voltages ionizer will not work. As the XtremepowerUS made solar pool ionizer, they only take solar energy. To get solar energy they come with a solar panel.

You put the panel under direct sunlight and low voltage electricity is produced to gives power to the ionizer’s anode. Also, with the help of a pool ionizer, the use of chlorine is reduced.

This is better because chlorine can make your eyes red and create itchiness in the skin. Due to this, you can not enjoy swimming for a long time. That’s why it is better to use a pool ionizer to comfortably enjoy the swimming for a long time.


  • Works efficiently for 32,000 gallons of water
  • Produce quick, visible results
  • Reduce chlorine use and saves money
  • Compatible with the pool that is above ground or with in-ground
  • Effective and efficient


  • After some time, parts need to be replaced

7. Hilltop Solar IonizerHilltop Solar Ionizer

Hilltop solar pool ionizer is another top-rated product that gives you the facility of pool cleaning. The best thing about this ionizer is that it comes with a manual or you can download it.

This manual contains FAQ’s through which you can clear all your doubts. It provides you all the facilities that you want in a solar pool ionizer.

If you have any questions you can get help by reading the manual. Also, it has an LED indicator through which you can see if the device is on or off.

Besides that, it also shows the pool PH level and indicates an empty basket. You can save your money by buying this natural pool cleaner.

It reduces your work by keeping the pool water clean for a long time. Also, due to its consumption of solar energy, you can save electricity costs.

It is very easy to install this pool ionizer because it does not need any electrical connection. It works very efficiently so that you get a clean pool in a short time.


  • If the unit is working the LED light turn on
  • Comes with two anodes and two threaded baskets
  • Remove the use of external cleaners and save your money
  • Comes with a user manual or you can download it
  • No cost is required for the installation


  • Efficient for 25,000 gallons of water

8. CopperFlo Solar Pool IonizerCopperFlo Solar Pool Ionizer

By using a CopperFlo solar pool ionizer you will get a safe and clean pool. It reduces the use of chlorine so that your health does not affect it.

As we all know chlorine dissolves in water after some time and cause different problems like itch skin and red eyes. Due to this reason, you can not enjoy for a long time in a pool.

Also, there are many other harmful bacteria present in the water that can affect you. To remove all the issues a solar pool ionizer gives its best services.

It contains an anode that releases ions. These ions kill all the germs and fungi present in the water. It works efficiently for 40,000 gallons of water.

Its manufacturer gives a 50% discount to their new clients and a new maintenance kit in incase the ionizers do not work properly. Due to no use of electricity, you can use them in spas and bathtubs.


  • Cost is saved for the electricity bill, maintenance, and chemicals
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Works efficiently for 40,000 gallons of water
  • Reduce chlorine amount by 85%
  • In the pool water, add 25% more ions


  • Have some quality issues

9. Tradeitz Solar Pool IonizerTradeitz Solar Pool Ionizer

To lower the chlorine content and attract users’ attraction you can use a Tradeitz solar pool ionizer. Due to its stylish design, many swimming lovers use it.

It efficiently controls the growth of multiple germs and algae in the water. Also, it is easy to install because not a single wire is used in the process.

You just have to left it on the water surface so that it can float and ionize all the water. It has a built-in core of copper that in ionization release the ions.

These ions then fight with the germs actively and kill them. In this way, the pool is ionized without the use of any harmful solution. It is highly efficient because it removes the 85% chlorine content in the water.


  • No increase in the electricity bills as solar energy is used
  • Provide efficient results in the range of 500 to 35,000 gallons of water
  • No extra chemical is required
  • Provides high accuracy by removing 85% of chlorine
  • Come with a return policy of 30 days


  • Not efficient for the high pools

10. Sooriyan Solar Swimming Pool IonizerSooriyan Solar Swimming Pool Ionizer

Sooriyan solar pool ionizer is the best solution to put in water to remove chlorine content. It is necessary to remove the high chlorine content from the water.

Because it causes skin irritation and redness in the eyes. Due to this reason, it becomes harmful to remain in the water for a long time. But at the same time, chlorine presence is necessary.

The reason is that chlorine is very efficient in killing germs. That’s why people use pool ionizers to reduce the quantity of chlorine.

And Sooriyan ionizer does its job very well by reducing 85% of chlorine content. Moreover, it does not produce any harmful chemicals.

It has an anode that generates ions. These ions then remove fungi and other harmful bacteria to keep your pool clean.


  • Eco friendly and save electricity cost by using solar energy
  • To check if the device is on or off it has a led indicator
  • Provides high efficiency by reducing 80% of chlorine
  • Comes a copper anode of large size
  • Helps to extend the salt cells in pool water


  • Durable material is not used in construction due to which some parts wear out

What Is A Solar Pool Ionizer and Who This Is For?

Nowadays, we get a good innovation of solar products due to the rising concerns about the environment. As the name depicts, solar energy is used to run solar pool ionizers.

To collect solar energy from the sun, solar panels are used. These panels convert solar energy into low voltage electricity. This produced electricity used to charge batteries of solar pool ionizers.

To sanitize and maintain the pools, usually chlorine is used by the owners of the pool. When a large amount of chlorine is used, then it can be dangerous for the people.

To avoid this pool ionizers are made. The basic purpose of pool ionizers is to release copper and zinc ions into the water. These ions help to prevent the growth of algae and different bacteria’s in the water.

By using a pool ionizer, you can keep your pool clean easily. Solar pool ionizer also helps to remove the stains on the surface. The ions released by the pool ionizer can lessen the chlorine use or completely remove it.

Many people said that by using a solar pool ionizer, they started using the half amount of chlorine. Moreover, it is easy to maintain a pool with an ionizer rather than maintaining chlorine pools.

The reason is that minerals can control the growth of algae by fighting with it actively. Also, by using the solar pool ionizer, you can lessen your electricity bills.

Because, if you use a regular pool ionizer then it will take lots of electricity and also your electricity bill increase. But if you use the one that takes solar energy then you can freely maintain your pool.

What Are the Different Types of Solar Pool Ionizers?Types of Solar Pool Ionizers

Using ions and minerals, solar pool ionizers sanitize and keep your pool clean. Due to this reason, many people prefer ionizers to different cleaners that contain lots of chemicals.

Pool ionizers are also called mineralizers. We have two types of solar pool ionizers but both of these types use the same principle on which they work.

The main reason behind the popularity of solar pool ionizers is that they efficiently fight the bacteria’s and stop the growth of algae.

Pool ionizers have electrodes of copper or silver. The one with silver electrode acts like a bactericide which means end bacteria and control growth.

But if you use copper electrodes then they work as an algae stat. It means they kill and control the growth of algae and bloom. After releasing in the water, these minerals become cation.

These cations are attracted towards the opposite charge organisms. In this way, these minerals easily destroy the microorganisms by attaching to them.

The electric ionizer is the first type of solar pool ionizers. To get a full sanitizing effect, you need an ionizer that has two electrodes that are closely placed together.

The electricity is produced from the solar panel hits the electrodes. Due to this current, electrodes become cations by losing their charge. These ions and minerals leave their traces that last for a week.

The second type of solar pool ionizer is cartridge pool ionizer. In this type, a pack is used o store ions and minerals. These minerals and ions of copper and silver slowly erode from the cartridge instead of charging with electricity.

The lifetime of these cartridges is just 24 months. So, make sure to buy an extra cartridge when you purchase your solar pool ionizer. You can use a test kit to track the ions.

Cartridge pool ionizer releases their minerals and ions into the pool water. They remain in the water for a long time and keep it clean. By using a pool ionizer, you do not have to worry about the purity of pool water as both types are highly efficient.

Best Solar Pool Ionizers – Buyer’s Guide:

To keep your pool clean and safe from germs and algae solar pool ionizers are the best option. Firstly, it does not increase your electricity bill as it takes energy from the sun.

Secondly, ionizers release the appropriate amount of minerals and ions to fight the bacteria. They act actively to remove the bacteria. Due to this reason, they are considered highly efficient.

Also, your expense of buying bromine or chlorine to keep the pool clean reduces. Mostly, among house owners, solar pool ionizers are very popular.

Due to its popularity and multiple benefits, there are many solar pool ionizers are available in the market. These pool ionizers have different shapes and styles.

This huge variety can easily put you in trouble of selecting the best one that fits all your requirements. But no need to worry, here we discussed some important factors.

These factors help you to understand the right type of solar pool ionizer for you. Let’s have a look at these factors.

Pool Size:

The size of the pool is an important factor while buying a solar pool ionizer. A normal pool ionizer is best to clean water of 15,000 gallons.

But there are some efficient solar polar ionizers to clean the 50,000 gallons of water. Having a powerful ionizer is good but if you have a small size pool then do not go for the powerful one.

Save your money and buy the normal pool ionizer. Because for a small quantity of water normal solar pool ionizers work efficiently.

Moreover, with a powerful ionizer, you will have a large number of ions in the water. This high quantity also becomes harmful to you. To keep the amount normal, you have to keep an eye on the ionizer.

Anode Bar:

Solar pool ionizers have many components but the anode bar is the most important one. Anode bar is made up of copper and consists of zinc and silver.

These ions are then released into the water by an anode bar. Your pool size depicts the size of an anode bar. Also, notice the lifetime of this bar.

If the bar has a large size then its life-size is greater. Some anode bars last for years while some have a life of just some months. Small bars have an average lifetime of 24 months.

Sometimes, you also get an extra anode bar while purchasing the solar pool ionizer. It is better to buy a pool ionizer that gives you an additional anode bar instead of checking its lifetime and size.

Also, you can use an ionizer that has two bars. So that in a short time your pool gets clean and remains pure for a long time.


The best solar pool ionizers come with an instruction kit and have their maintenance. This kit consists of a copper tester, instruction manual, and wire brush.

With the help of these tools, you can easily use your pool ionizer. To monitor the copper ions level and other minerals that are present inside the pool a copper tester is used.

To save your ionizer from corrosion you can use a brush to clean it properly. If you regularly clean the solar pool ionizer then its lifetime increase.

Ionizer filter screen:

During the ionization process, debris is produced. To collect this, we use the ionizer filter screen. Before buying, make sure that your solar pool ionizer has one filter screen.

After seeing a bluish tint on the screen, you will know that your pool ionizer is working efficiently.


When buying a solar pool ionizer, a warranty is also an important factor. It tells you about the durability of the product. If you do not like the product you can return it and get your money back.

Make sure to get a pool ionizer that has a warranty of 3 to 5 years. Also, read the reviews about the solar pool ionizers so that you get a rough picture of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here we have some popular questions for you that most people ask. They can help you to remove your confusion. Have a look at them to know the extra things about solar pool ionizers.  

Are solar pool ionizers BPA free?

Not all the solar pool ionizers are BPA free because they use plastic with BPA during construction. So carefully compare all the products to make sure that the pool ionizer that you get is BPA free.

How to care & maintain?

There are no specific steps to follow to maintain your solar pool ionizer. The best pool ionizers come with an instruction kit that contains a wire brush, copper tester, and an instruction manual.

Moreover, if you buy a product from a trusted brand you do not need to replace its components. Because these components are made up of durable material.


It is better to switch to solar pool ionizers. Firstly, it will reduce your effort and time that you put into cleaning the pool. Also, the PH is maintained so that you get the appropriate amount of minerals.

If you are a swimming lover, then buying an affordable pool ionizer is the best option. Try to buy a small size ionizer so that you get the appropriate number of ions in the water and also your pool becomes clean on a low budget.

Moreover, make sure to keep all the factors in mind before buying an ionizer. Because this is the only way to fulfill all your requirements and you can easily select the one for you.