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Titan Solar Generator Review

Solar generators are all the rage for the eco-conscious today. Does Titan Solar Generator have what it takes to be the best of the lot?

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It’s an immutable fact that solar technology has shown immense potential to become the primary energy source for households, commercial and industrial spaces alike. Among the many solar solutions available today, solar generators are one of the best eco-friendly, user-friendly, safe, and reliable equipment available for home-based and outdoor applications.

Solar generators are mainly composed of four elements: a solar panel, a battery, an inverter, and a solar charge controller. These components can drastically vary in terms of build quality, power, output, etc. that also has a direct impact on the pricing.

There are a bunch of high-quality solar generators that are currently available in the market. One of these products is the Titan Solar Generator. In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at this generator and find out what it has to offer.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful Inverter
  • Huge Battery Capacity
  • Dual MPPT Charge Controller
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Highly Compatible
  • Strong and Durable
  • Fast Charging Capability
  • Multiple Charging Options


  • Heavy
  • Noisy
  • Expensive

Features of Titan Solar Generator

Following are a few of the primary and secondary features of Titan Solar Generator:


Most electrical devices are powered through AC current, while solar panels produce a DC current. An inverter solves this variation problem. It is a device that converts DC into AC, increasing the overall usage of the solar power generated by the solar system. This is why an inverter is the one of the main components of any solar generator.

The Titan Solar Generator has a 3000-watt pure sine wave inverter powerful enough to run essential electrical equipment of your house while providing continuous power output. These include microwaves, lamps, televisions, coffee machines, and refrigerators. This is one of the most powerful inverters integrated into a solar generator. This power capacity allows this product to be used with powerful solar panels and a huge-capacity battery.


The battery is yet another critical component of a solar system. It is essential for increasing the operational capability of a solar generator. In addition, it adds portability and enables the solar system to be used in the case of an emergency power outage.

Note that the solar generator can operate without the need for battery storage. You can directly use solar power without saving any power in the battery. However, if this is the case, you can only use the power station during the daytime in direct sunlight.

The Titan Solar Generator is a large solar generator and has a massive 2000 watt-hour lithium-ion battery. It saves an ample amount of solar power that can be used as a primary power source and an emergency power backup solution. In addition, this battery can charge multiple small and mid-sized electric devices simultaneously and at rapidly.

Once fully charged, this solar generator can power up your camping trips for days. Also, this battery is removable, making the whole solar system even more portable for outdoor purposes. You can attach more than one battery through an external battery port to increase the operating capacity of your system.

Fast Charging

Almost all electric devices have fast charging capability nowadays. This capability has increased the demand for fast output from a solar generator. In fact, this feature has become one of the main differences between high and low-quality products in the solar generator category.

The Titan Solar Generator can fully charge in just four hours in perfect daylight conditions. In addition, unlike many other solar-powered generators, this one has multiple input ports for charging multiple batteries simultaneously.

You can also charge this system through a wall charger and a car charger using AC power. A wall charger will be even more powerful than a solar panel, and it will take just three hours to charge your system fully. If you have access to a second charger, you’ll have about twice the capacity at your disposal. Carport charging will be the slowest charging option among these three options.

Regarding the charging output, this system can provide voltage at high speeds. Meaning that you can fast charge your devices anywhere anytime with this solar generator.

Charge Controller

Charger controller is considered an essential element in most solar generators. It saves a solar generator from different power anomalies such as short circuits, negative charging, and reverse polarity. In addition, it allows a generator to provide a wide voltage range to the connected devices without the fear of damaging their batteries.

The Titan Solar Generator has a dual MPPT charge controller. It monitors the system voltage flowing through both input and output sources. As a result, it refrains your system from drawing excessive input from an AC charger as well as a DC power source.

Cables and Outlets

The user experience of a solar generator entirely depends on its connectivity and compatibility with various battery types and electrical equipment. Cables and outlets are critical elements in this regard, and for off-grid solar array wiring. Therefore, more of these connectivity options will ultimately increase the user rating of a solar generator.

The Titan Solar Generator comes with multiple input and output ports. You can not only charge it using multiple chargers simultaneously but also power other devices at the same time. Essential cables are provided with this product that allows you to connect it with multiple battery types. However, neither a solar panel nor any solar panel wires are included in the package.

Charging Options

The user experience of a solar generator is also affected by the availability of multiple charging options as input power sources. Primarily, solar charging is employed to power up a solar generator, but a few products have additional features. These products can be charged by on-grid power sources such as a wall charger or a car charger. These features allow you to use your solar system even if you don’t have access to direct sunlight.

As discussed in the fast charging section, the Titan Solar Generator has three built-in charging options. These include both on-grid and off-grid power supplies. You can use solar panels for the former option, and for the latter option, you can use an AC wall charger or a car charger.


Expandability allows you to use your solar generator beyond its specified power capacity. It is the ability to operate while being in a surge of electrical output. It is added as an additional feature if you need to use the solar generator for heavy use. Expandability is something that you can only find in top-quality products.

The Titan Solar Generator has a peak power output capacity of 6000 watts. It means that you can add more battery packs than the ones that are provided in the package. This increases the expandability of this system and makes it extremely efficient for a heavy load power draw, such as running a small air conditioner or a washing machine.


The design of any solar generator plays a vital role in offering maximum performance. However, the design also impacts the user experience derived from the use of a solar generator. A simple design will allow you to quickly set up the solar system and attach multiple solar panels and batteries without the need for special operator skills.

The Titan Solar Generator boasts a great design. It has a ventilation system that cools down the system when it is drawing maximum output. This special modular design allows you to stack up multiple batteries safely and efficiently.


Solar generators are investments for almost a lifetime. These products and their panels are expected to operate at their full capacity for a long period of time. In addition, a warranty ensures that you have invested in a safe and reliable product.

The manufacturer does not directly supply the Titan Solar Generator. Rather, you have to purchase one from a local dealer. This is why you’ll get a local warranty as decided by the seller. Hence, you may come across different warranties on the same product.


All the specs and features of a solar generator are subject to its price. Price is the combination of several tangible and intangible features attached to a product. Sometimes, in the case of expensive and high-quality products., it justifies the features, but sometimes, it does not.

The Titan Solar Generator is an expensive product with not so many X-factors. Rather, it’s a simple product. Performance, power efficiency, safety, and strength are some of the features through which this generator justifies its high price.

Weight and Size

The weight and size of a solar generator vastly impact its portability. Lightweight products can be easily carried anywhere. Their setup and utilization are also simple, quick, and user-friendly.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with the Titan Solar Generator. It is heavy and, therefore, difficult to carry along for outdoor purposes. Also, it is a bit noisy, so it may disturb you a bit if you are enjoying a quiet, peaceful night in the wild with this product.


The Titan Solar Generator is probably the most versatile portable solar generator currently available in the market. It is not only highly compatible and user-friendly but immensely powerful as well.

It has a pure sine wave inverter with a capacity of 3000 watts that can reach up to 6000 watts in a peak power output. It comes with a powerful 2000 watt lithium battery, but you can add more lithium-ion batteries making it an immensely reliable solar backup power source.

It has multiple charging options. For example, on a sunny day, you can charge it on solar panels, and on a rainy night, you can charge it through an AC wall charger as well as a car charger.

This solar generator is strong and durable. It can perform in extreme conditions. Also, it is safe and reliable, thanks to a dual MPPT charge controller integrated into this system. It is a great product, perfect for both in-home and outdoor applications.

It is, however, a bit expensive and heavier than most other solar generators. It is slightly less portable because of these issues. Overall, it is a great product that provides tremendous value for money to its consumers.


What is the fastest charging option for the Titan Solar Generator?

The AC wall charger is the fastest charging option for the Titan Solar Generator. It can fully charge the system in just 3 hours. The second fastest source is the solar array connection operating in optimum working conditions. It can produce high amps to charge your system in four hours. Car chargers can take a bit more time than its counterparts. This charging speed can be increased even further if you connect multiple chargers simultaneously.

What is maximum continuous discharge current, and how does it affect battery life?

Maximum continuous discharge current is the maximum voltage of current that a battery can release for a prolonged period of time without overheating. This mechanism protects the system and the connected devices from overcharging, but it significantly diminishes the useful life of the main battery. Therefore, rather than maximum continuous discharge, suggested continuous discharge should be drawn from a battery to preserve its useful life.

How should you decide the maximum number of solar panels and batteries that can be attached to the solar generator?

To decide the maximum number of solar panels and batteries that can be attached to the solar generator, you’ll have to keep three things in mind. The achievable watts of the solar generator, the storage capacity of the battery pack, and the maximum input amps provided by input power sources. You have to be careful regarding the operational battery and power module. Finally, you should monitor minimum and maximum load power consumption.

What is peak surcharge, and how do solar generators deal with it?

A peak surcharge happens when a solar generator is used to draw additional energy than its normal capacity. Some solar generators have the ability to deal with such a sudden charge without incurring any damage. In such a scenario, the solar generators operate beyond their normal working capacity. However, always running a solar generator on peak surcharge can significantly reduce its shelf life.

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