Wind Power Advantages and Disadvantages – Everything You Need to Know!

Today, we’re sharing a comprehensive guide on the Wind Power Advantages and Disadvantages.

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The concept of Wind Power is unknown for most people. This source of energy has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here you will get all the info that you need linking to this Wind Power energy source.

So let us have a look at the details. A large number of individuals are involved in this frequent debate about whether wind power is good for us or not. Whether it is healthy for our environment or not.

So, here we will have a constructive and productive debate on this topic. There is no doubt that wind energy is one of the important and crucial frontrunners when it comes to technological breakthroughs.

This energy source may lead to useful and efficient energy production processes. But what is the future of wind power, that we are going to discuss over here.

What Is Wind Power?

To get wind power, it is this kinetic energy coming from wind that is generally and usually used to create and generate mechanical power.

Furthermore, a generator converts and transform this source of power right into electricity.

Wind Power

This way, you can use that mode of electricity for any use of yours.

Moreover, this subjected energy source is made and generated only to give an extensive number of benefits to mankind.

As electricity is generated from different and varied sources. And the wind is also one of the important options among them.

Why Individuals Prefer Wind Power?

As we all know that Wind phenomenon is a natural occurrence. It harvests the kinetic energy zone of wind.

Besides, harvesting wind power, it always turns out to be a clean and non-polluting way to create and generate electricity.

It emits none of the air pollutants. It does not give out greenhouse gases. Beyond, it is the wind turbines that risk-free and harmlessly generate enough amount of electricity.

Individuals prefer to have Wind energy as it is eco-friendly. Instead of burning fossil fuels for the sake of the generation of electricity, one should utilize this energy source.

Advantages of Wind Power


You might be wondering what are the advantages plus points of utilizing wind power, here you can check out that.

It is seen that the plus side of wind energy, it is comparatively more apparent and clear than that of its disadvantages.

Most importantly, it is marked as an unlimited, free resource.

It is a renewable resource and packed with an economic value.

Its overall maintenance cost, as well as the installation cost of wind harvesting facilities, is less. This is an unlimited renewable resource that is free of cost.

Marked as Clean and Environmentally-Friendly Fuel Source

Wind Power

Most noteworthy, using wind power, it means you are using Environmentally-friendly Fuel source. This is one of the cleanest fuel sources that one can have in their countries.

Wind energy does not pollute your air at any cost, Unlike the rest of the power plants, it is friendly for your environment. You may have seen that this energy source does not reply and depended on the combustion of fossil fuels.

It fails to produce any of the atmospheric emissions and that is the main advantage of it. The presence of atmospheric emissions bring acid rain and also carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4)into the atmosphere. But wind power makes sure to keep your environment cleaner.

Renewable and Fully Sustainable

Next, wind power is renewable as well as fully sustainable. We are aware of this concept that winds are caused all because of the heating of the atmosphere.

This process is carried out by the sun and also earth surface irregularities. The atmosphere gets heated because of the rotation of the earth.

Furthermore, as long as the sun is shining and the wind is blowing, this wind energy is going to be produced and generated. 

These factors harness and harvest it. Moreover, this energy source never and ever runs out like the rest of the Earth’s fossil fuel sources and reserves.

It Is Budget-Friendly


Generating wind power is not at all expensive. It is one of the budget-friendly electricity generation methods that you can go for.

It does need a lot of investment. If any country is looking for cost-effective methods to generate power and electricity, then they can try out and make an initiative of implementing this method.

Most importantly, Wind energy is completely and wholly free. It is not encompassed by a market that tells is the demand and overall supply of this energy.

Its production is dependent on wind and sun and both of them are natural sources.

Lastly, this is the lowest price and immensely budget-friendly renewable technologies that are so far available today.

Wind Turbines Need a Fraction of the Land – The Installation Process Is Hassle-Free

The promising part is that these wind turbines need and require a fraction of the land.

No matter, you are installing them for industrial purpose or for domestic sake, the need a little amount of land where they can generate electricity.

Installation Process

Besides, you can build and set up these wind turbines on any of the existing farms. You can install them on ranches.

The only thing that you can keep in mind is to install these wind turbines on those locations and sites where the best and consistent wind comes.

So, look for the wind site before you plan to implement this electricity generation method. If you set up these wind turbines even in farms, then trust us, they will not cause and bring any trouble for the farmers or the ranchers.

What you can do is to give additional income to the farmers because you are using their land to install the wind power plants. For domestic electricity supply, you can install smaller and also less powerful wind turbines.

Job Opportunities are Created as Labour Is Needed to Make Wind Turbines

Most probably, upon opting the approach of using wind power to generate electricity, this will be going to open job avenues for unemployed individuals. It is obvious that for creating and making wind turbines, we need and require labour.

So, this scenario is going to open job opportunities for the rest of the people. Furthermore, their maintenance, as well as installation procedures, need labour too.

It is according to the stats of Wind Vision Report that wind has the genuine potential to support around and about 600,000 jobs so far in the zones of manufacturing and installation and also in maintenance, and supporting services zones by the time of 2050.

Reduces the Consumption of Fossil Fuel

Wind power manages to reduce and bring down the consumption of fossil fuels. To run these turbines, we do not need much of the content of fossil fuels.

In addition, this energy reduces carbon emissions and helps us in conserving these diminishing supplies linked to these earth’s natural resources. 

This Energy is Free

Furthermore, wind energy is completely free and remains to stay readily available. Moreover, it is free for everyone and can be availed for recreational purposes.

You can use this energy mode for sailing and also for windsurfing. We have seen that Utility companies make use of this energy to power and run their wind turbines.

They Carry a Relatively Small Land Footprint

It is generally seen that wind turbines are possessed with a relatively small land footprint. The impact that they pose on the land is quite and much minimal.

You may find their presence in fields and on hilltops and also out at sea. 

They do not pose any of the inconveniences and hassle to the surrounding land. 

You are free to farm and grow vegetation on your fields and have your livestock on these hills no matter it has wind turbines over there!

Wind Turbines Are Available in An Extensive Variety

You can have both industrial as well as domestic wind turbines, extensive models are available in the market.

Moreover, you can have them for your large wind farms, small farms. For small farms, it is suggested to go for less powerful turbines.

There are many wind turbines available that are marked as an excellent fit and suitable option for farms, factories, as well as for your large private residences.

Disadvantages of Wind Power Energy


Now, moving to the disadvantages or you can say the bad side of wind power.

All things come with pros and cons. It is observed that there are certain disadvantages associated with this energy source.

It is the initial cost and also technology immaturity. Rest of the details are written below for you:

Not Identified as a Constant Energy Source- Winds do Not Blow Regularly

Wind power is not marked and identified as a constant energy source. It is all because of the fluctuation of winds that this energy source is not constant and consistent. If your wind site is not good and stable enough, then proper wind power will not be able to get produced.

However, wind energy is completely sustainable and it does not run out, but it is not constant as well. As all of us know that winds do not blow regularly and consistently. For the reason that this factor can bring one of the serious aspects if you produce power through this source.

Winds do Not Blow Regularly

The irregular blow of winds may pose and bring serious problems and issues for all of the wind turbine developers. As they spend and invest a significant amount of time and money in using this source, that is why they cannot afford to face such issues.

Before you go for this plan, make sure that you thoroughly investigate whether that particular site is appropriate and suitable for the generation and manufacturing of wind power or not.

Wind Turbines Impact the Beauty of Nature

Furthermore, the installation of wind turbines negatively impacts the beauty of nature. In other words, it obstructs its aesthetic appeal. Lots of individuals have shown this major concern that setting up of wind turbines brings down the beautiful and awe-inspiring scenery of nature.

Wind Turbines Impact the Beauty of Nature

Moreover, the presence of giant wind turbines generally and usually distract viewers to see eye catchy and beautiful surroundings. In other words, the presence of wind turbines in an environment, they bring a blot on nature and landscape.

You can call this concept with the name of visual pollution as well. Though, some people like the presence of wind turbines. And they find its design catchy. But the rest of the huge percentage of people, they think these turbines bring down the spark of natural beauty.

Wind Turbines are Dangerous and Risky to Flying Animals

Even more, it is witnessed that wind turbines put the life of flying animals at risk. As these turbines are extremely big in size, that is why they may injure flying animals. Saving the life of birds should be our first and foremost priority.

Wind Turbines are Dangerous and Risky to Flying Animals

So, before any of you plan to install wind turbines, this factor should be kept in mind. It is included in the stats that a large number of flying animals, as well as bats, are killed because of wind turbines. They got stuck into the turbines and hence lost their lives.

There is a need to study and explore more of the effects which these wind turbines place on bats and flying animals. In addition, there is a high need to keep on researching so that effects inducted by the wind turbines on marine habitats can be studied.

Installing Wind Turbines In Desolate Areas Increases the Maintenance Cost

There is another drawback of using this energy source, wind power! It is that if you install wind turbines in any of the desolate area locations, then their maintenance and repairing cost turns out to be very high. Besides, you may need to travel a lot to check, maintain and repair these turbines.

However, it is considered and marked as a prominent and clear advantage of installing turbines in the desolate and isolated areas. But this factor comes with a cost as well.

Hence, the cost of travel, cost of repairing and maintenance, all get increased upon installing wind turbines in such locations. On the other hand, Offshore wind turbines, they need boats. This is another factor that is difficult to manage.

Wind Turbines Generate Noise Pollution

Some individuals are not in favour of installing and using energy from wind turbines as they generate and create a lot of noise. This comes as a disturbing factor.

Beyond, it is argued by people there is no need to generate power or electricity from wind turbines as they increase and amplify the aspect of noise pollution. Hence, an unpleasant factor is associated with this reason.

Wind Turbines Generate Noise Pollution

So, noise pollution is a major and one of the prime factors that do not convince people to opt for wind power energy source mode. Most importantly, the sound of a single wind turbine, it can easily and conveniently be heard from thousands and hundreds of meters away.

Now, you can well imagine how much amount of noise pollution is generated and produced by multiple numbers of wind turbines.

Wind Turbines Installed Near the Sea May Put People at Risk

Those wind turbines that are installed near the sea, they may pose a serious amount of risk or danger for people at the boat.

It is during the night that they may not see these turbines and there are chances that they experience severe accidents. 

It is for this main reason that people do not like the concept of wind power. During night or darkness, the incoming boats will fail to see the wind turbine and if it gets collide with it, then serious human life loss will be encountered.

It is Expensive To Buy Wind Turbines

Though wind energy is cheap, wind turbines are extremely expensive to purchase. We know that their costs are reducing day by day, but still, these wind turbines are super expensive to buy.

Rest, cost to carry out and proceed a site survey, measuring wind speeds, purchasing, transporting, and installing these wind turbines- all of this procedure is costly.

Wind Does Not Blow on Reliable Terms

It is not appropriate to completely rely on wind energy because this is not a reliable source. In other words, it does not blow reliably.

We have seen that wind turbines blow at approximately 30% capacity and when the weather is not sufficient, then these turbines do not run at their full capacity.

It is also because of serious storms and also high winds that may impose high damage to your turbines.

Wind Power Can Only Get Harnessed at Some of the Specific Locations Only

It is not possible to harness wind power at all locations. You can only harness this energy at only a few of the location sites.

You should set up these turbines in those locations where wind speed is usually and generally high.

These are the main cons and disadvantages that are linked to wind power. You can think of some other cons if you have them in your mind.

How Does a Wind Turbine Run and Operate?

Wind Turbine Run

It is seen that wind turbines operate on a hassle-free and simple principle.

The energy present and possessed in the wind, it moves and turns two or three propeller kind of blades all around a rotor.

Furthermore, the rotor is linked and connected right to the main shaft. It then spins and rotates a generator to generate and create electricity.

Wind Power Plant Important Parts

Most importantly, the direction of wind plays an important role that is going to determine and consider what the design of the wind turbine will be!

Like, it is these Upwind turbines that usually and commonly face and direct themselves into the wind.

On the other hand, downwind turbines face themselves away from the wind.

1- Blades

The blades of wind turbines lift as well as rotate the wind for wind power generation process.

The higher the quality of blades, the more they will be able to lift and rotate whenever the wind blows completely over them.


Even more, these blades cause and let the rotor to spin in a hassle-free manner.

It is noticed that the maximum number of wind turbine models, they either have two blades or three blades.

2- Rotor

Regarding the rotor part, it is these blades and hub together that create and form the rotor.

The user is allowed to turn and move the low-speed shaft all at 30-60 pm.

3- Gear Box

Besides, this gearbox connects and link the low-speed shaft and high-speed shaft.

Its main and important function is to increase and boost the rotational speed.

This speed can get increased all up to 30-60 rotations per minute to 1,000-1,800 rotations per minute.

For wind power generation, this is the maximum and needed rotational speed that should be shown by your wind power generators to produce and make electricity.

Beyond, the gearbox is costly and expensive equipment. It is one of the heavy parts and sections of wind turbines.

Right now, engineers are making efforts to explore and look for other “direct-drive” generators that manage to operate and run at lower rotational speeds. And also do not require and need gearboxes.

4- High-Speed Shaft and Generator

To drive the generator for producing wind power, you will always be in need of high-speed shaft.

And high-quality generators, they produce and come up with 60-cycle of AC electricity range.

It is in these wind turbines that off-the-shelf sort of induction generators are installed.

5- Anemometer and Controller

To set up a wind power plant, you do need an anemometer and controller. It is this device that measures the speed of wind on exact and accurate notes.

Most certainly, it transmits and transfers wind speed data right to the controller.


You may have seen that the controller starts up the running process of a wind power plant.

When the speed of wind becomes 8 to 16 miles per hour, then it is the job of the controller to start the operations of the wind turbine.

Later on, this same controller shuts off the wind turbine or you can say wind power plant machine when wind speed gets 55 mph.

There is this rule that wind turbines do not run and operate at the speed of wind above about 55 mph. This happens because they might get damaged because of the high winds.

6- Brake and Wind Vane

You should know that brake stops the functioning and operations of the rotor mechanically and electrically, or even hydraulically during messy times and emergencies.

You need to regularly maintain this brake part and keep an eye whether it is working correctly or not And wind vane measures and assess the wind direction.

It communicates these measurements with the help of a yaw drive. It is with the functioning of these parts that any wind power plant can run properly.

7- Yaw Drive and Yaw Motor

Yaw Drive function and purpose is to orient upwind turbines. This part allows the wind power plant to keep on facing the wind constantly and consistently as soon as the direction of wind changes.

For downwind turbines, they do not need and require a yaw drive. It is due to the reason that these wind power plants manually blows and runs the rotor. And to power yaw drive, you need and have to install a yaw motor.

8- Tower

The tower of a wind power plant is generally made of tubular steel. At times, this tower made is constructed by using concrete material or steel lattice material.

This is the main part of the power plant that gives thorough support to the whole wind turbine.


In other words, the tower extensively supports the entire structure of the wind turbine.

As the speed of the wind increases with respect to height, then you might notice that the taller towers allow those wind turbines to grab and capture more amount of energy and thus be able to generate more amount of electricity.

9- Nacelle

The last part of the wind power plant, it is this nacelle. It sits and located atop the tower. This part is composed of the gearbox and also low- and high-speed shafts. It consists of a generator and controller as well as brake.

It is witnessed that a few of the nacelles are quite large enough that even a helicopter can land on them.

Conclusion! – Wrapping it up!

So, what’s the bottom line? Wind power does offer and give a large number of advantages. Furthermore, it is marked as the fastest-growing and popular in demand energy source so far in the world.

On the other hand, the current research, extensive studies and efforts are totally and completely aimed at pondering and addressing the disadvantages and challenges linked to wind energy.

You can share with us what is your verdict on wind power. We are eager to hear your opinion on this concept of generating electricity by the wind.

One does not doubt this point that wind power is quite cost-effective.

It creates jobs and enables industry growth as well as the competitiveness. It is termed as a clean fuel source and identified as a domestic source of energy.

Apart from that, wind power is sustainable and their installation process can easily be carried on existing farms and ranches.

But is their bad side and certain disadvantages that make the management reluctant to practically implement this electricity generation concept.